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05-03-2018 09:28 AM

[Image: Abandoned-Building-in-Model-Colorado-Ghost-Town-01.jpg]

I know what you're thinking.

And you're wrong.

This isn't some hidden hide out, or super hero training ground. It's not an extra setting to be used in a movie, and it's not anything to be found in secret. It's literally pronounced "Gojira no ie" or in English, "the house of Godzilla." In it stood a monster, hidden by the darkness, surrounded by greatness and standing of legendary accord. Next to it?

Was Chelsea Storm.

This person stood almost twice as tall as Chelsea, it's width similar to those dimensions as well. There was a random wrestling ring put in the middle of the place, it's appearance there obviously not a usual occurrence. Chelsea was standing next to the ring, looking at it in it's size, and smiling. She slides into the ring and runs to the opposing ropes, bouncing off of them before skipping to a stop in the middle of the ring.

The ring was exactly what she was expecting, almost identical to what she had experienced in Japan. The mat was a little softer than she remembered but besides that, she felt home. She turned toward the mysterious person and smiled, nodding her approval. As she continued to bounce around in the ring, she thought back to those moments in Japan.

Her hand held raised.

Her name called through the big speaker.

The title around her waist.

The fans... chanting and cheering as she walked out.

While that was normal, almost natural even for Chelsea to experience in the JFWF, it wouldn't be here in America. Here in America, she had to be reminded, she was an unknown. A nobody. A nothing. She had nothing promised and everything to earn, to prove. Chelsea was, in a sense, starting over to everybody but the most dedicated wrestling fans that would have experience in Japan's #1 promotion.

And the reporters.

She's already had a run in or two with those story hungry, interview starved reporters that work for different wrestling magazines, companies, and outlets, hell even those that work for the XWF have approached her, wanting an interview. They sought a message, they wanted to be the first to bring it to light. Chelsea however, had other plans.

Successfully avoiding them wasn't easy, but definitely do-able. Chelsea has always made a point to avoid hearing the media, the promos that are shot by other wrestlers, and the talk. It's always the talk. Chelsea knows better than to trust talk. In the end, the only thing that matters, is what you walk. Chelsea was under the impression she has proven that she can walk the walk, but as she was rudely awakened over the past week, she was wrong.

Chelsea has gone out of her way to avoid the media, but it wasn't possible when her twitter fans, and all of her social media outlets, were pushing what some of the members of the Battle Royal were saying. Both about her, her competition in the ring, and some other people outside of the ring. Chelsea, through her own studies, has come to know Mandii Rider real well but she was shocked at how much Mandii was talked about by the others.

Don't get her wrong, Chelsea wants Mandii's belt as much as the next lady, but Chelsea isn't a fool. She knows that to turn her attention, any percent of it, off of what's in front of her will cause her to miss the stumbling block and front of her and fall flat right on her face. From what Chelsea has heard from these other girls though....

They should prepare to fall.

Mystery Man: I see you've learned a lot from our conversations. I also see you're as ignorant as your mother was. Or would the term be arrogant? What you talked about with your agent, went global. Everybody heard your words, and now, you look like a raging fool. I taught you better than that.

His voice snaps her out of her thoughts, and the shivers that were sent down her spine were not that of fear, but of respect, adoration, and honor. As he spoke, his words broke down the walls that she has spent so much time building to protect herself. His breath was like calculated arrows breaking through her armor, finding every crack, crink, and crumble in it and exploiting it.

She lowered her head in shame, she also had come to the realization that her agent was recording her, and had shared it with the entire XWF organization. Her agent was trying to get her fame and recognition, he was trying to do good by her, but instead he wound up not only embarrassing her, but also putting her in a very awkward position. She isn't that girl, and there are no excuses for the way she talked. The pride, the arrogance, the disrespect.... she can't let that person out again.

That's the person that lost the JFWF Diva's Championship, and it wasn't the person that won the JFWF Championship near the end of her stay there. It was the person that cost her countless of friendships, not the one that brought more than 70 people to her going away surprise party that they threw for her. It was the person that brought her to one of the lowest places she's ever found herself, not the person that crawled out of that hole.

She could blame it on the long flight, the lack of sleep, the anxiety, the problems she was facing in her personal life.... but none the less, the only thing to blame, was herself. She knew that. She faced that. Her talk should be through her actions, her wrestling ability when she steps into the ring, and she knows that. She's done that her entire life, she did that to push through the JFWF and do the impossible, capturing the World Championship and being the first female to do so in JFWF history. She had history, but if she let herself lose control, she'd have no future.

Mystery Man: I see you understand me. Here in America, they wrestle very differently then you're used to. They use underhanded tactics to get advantages, they punch, kick, scratch, and slap a lot here, a lot more than you're used to. They aren't as good at wrestling, but what they lack in pure wrestling skill, they more than make up for in brawling ability and showmen's style wrestling. They are arrogant. They are prideful. You, must not be.

The Mystery Man now positions himself into a sitting position, resting on the ground as he watches Chelsea closely in the ring. She could see his eyes, staring in a way that she wasn't used to. Nobody has ever seen her the way that he sees, just when he looks at her. Somehow he is able to see the Chelsea that she hid away for years, the Chelsea she was ashamed to show, and he called her out. He molded her, perfected her, and while she was disrespectful to her opponents it was even worse than that... she was disrespectful to him.

To his training and his time that he spent on her. She vowed to do better, to train harder, to become everything he sees in her, everything she has seen glimpses of in herself.

She has to be better.

She is.

Chelsea: I have watched a lot of their matches, a lot of what the girls can bring to the table, and a lot of what people in the XWF already did. They can be intense, and extreme, in ways I've never experienced before. I was wrong in a lot of the first glimpses that I had taken of the girls, they aren't to be taken lightly, and they aren't to be underestimated. I understand that now.

Mystery Man: That's good to hear, but tell me, what do you know of them now?

She took a deep breath, closing her eyes and leaning against the front ropes directly in front of where he was sitting. In her mind, she starts going over all of the things she had studied and watched closely about each of the girls. Then with a smile, as if she remembered a test answer just in time, she recited her information.

Chelsea: Oh man, I can literally tell you about each and every one of them individually, their quirks, their standards, their weaknesses, their strengths, what makes them tick, and I can literally show you....

Chelsea was caught off guard when the Mystery Man groaned. He snaps his fingers and all of a sudden, two female people rush into the room. They slide into the ring with Chelsea and catching her off guard, they rush her. Chelsea tries to turn but she wasn't fast enough as one of the girls catches her back, jumping and hitting her hard with a knee. Chelsea stumbles forward in pain, right into the second girl's jumping clothesline. Chelsea is taken down hard, and the Mystery Man speaks from the shadow that he is currently hidden in.

Mystery Man: Then you've missed everything I've been trying to teach you. The most important thing you can learn about your opponents, is information that reveals yourself and helps you get to know you better. You have to learn where your weaknesses are, where the areas are that you're not fast enough in, like just now. Taken off guard, you couldn't capitalize on them rushing you and using their momentum against them. Instead you tried to combat them in their own arena, in their own style of fighting, and you lost. You may have been a champion of previous times, but now, you're in their arena fighting their styles, and having to adjust to their wrestling abilities. You don't have the pleasure of being the veteran here, and having experience in the style. You don't have the position of them coming into your ring, now, you're the visitor. You're going to have to fight...

The Mystery Man nods toward the other two, as Chelsea was getting back to a standing position, and they rush her again. This time Chelsea times it so that when they approach her, she rolls backwards just as they are going out for a double boot, and their boots wind up connecting with each other and bouncing off, each limping in pain from the shot. Chelsea hops to her feet and charges the first girl that's close to her, jumping on her back and forcing her to the ground with her weight.

She does this perfectly, using her wrestling ability to wrap her legs around the girls head and lock her into a Scissors Hold, pushing down on her calves and tightening the space between her thighs forcing the hold in tighter and causing the breath to leave the first girl. Unfortunately as she has this locked in, the second girl has gotten her wits together and rushes Chelsea who is on the ground holding the submission, and nails a sliding drop kick forcing Chelsea to release the hold. As Chelsea does, the second girl hops back to her feet, slow on one because of the previous impact, and reaches down to grab Chelsea.

While she reaches down, Chelsea refocuses herself and throws her hands up, wrapping them around the back of the second girl's head. As she's grabbing her head, she brings herself onto her knees and then higher, coming almost to a standing position before diving back down, using the momentum to cause the second girl's head to bounce off of the top of Chelsea's, nailing her with a jaw breaker! The second girl immediately stumbles backwards and falls onto her back, the shooting pain rushing through her body from the impact sustained on her jaw, head, and neck. Chelsea hops back up to her feet and smiles, taunting the two girls. She then looks back toward where the Mystery Man was, but to her astonishment there was a third girl that had snuck in and was facing her, face to face.

Unfortunately the surprise was only one sided, as the other girl swung hard with double axe handle fists, connecting with the jaw of Chelsea and dropping her instantly. Chelsea holds her jaw in pain, as the first girl had gotten back to her feet and joined the side of the third one. It wasn't long before the second was together as well, and it was effectively a 3 on 1, which Chelsea knew with those odds, she had no chance.

Nobody really had a chance.

It was his voice that alerted them and demanded the attention.

Mystery Man: What do you do now? You had a chance to dismantle the two before the third joined, but now you're out numbered and they are in full power. You want to piss all of the girls off and have them all focus on you, coming after you in the match? You'll be defeated before the bell even rings to start the match. You can't beat them by studying each of them individually, the only chance you have is figuring out your own weaknesses and using them to your advantage, strengthening them and avoiding those that are glaring at you. Dismantle the girls, just like you would your weaknesses, one by one. But do it, by using your own weaknesses against them.

The Mystery Man, who has appeared in the darkness on the opposite side of the ring, snaps his fingers again and calls off the girls. Chelsea slowly rises to her feet, holding her jaw and flexing it, making sure nothing is broken. After a quick body check, she turns her attention back to the Mystery Man, who seemed to have no trouble continuing.

Mystery Man: Figure out how you would be stuck in this position, figure out how you would be stuck getting lifted and tossed out of the ring, or falling to the outside on your own accord and having your two feet land, successfully eliminating you. Figure out how you lose this match, the countless ways you won't win, and the countless effort of the others to eliminate you, and by doing that, then you will succeed. Only when you see yourself fail, can you successfully defend against it and find yourself with your hand being raised.

Chelsea lowers her head, thinking deeply about what he was saying. She kneels down onto one knee, and places her hand onto the mat, her fingers spread wide. She starts thinking about 5 of the girls, and 5 of them with their hands raised, each one individually winning the match in their own right. She places her other hand on mat, spreading her fingers out the same, now resting on her hands and knees. She starts thinking about the other girls, their hands raised, their names announced in victory. Chelsea looses this match 9 times, in 9 different ways, and feels the pain of defeat each time getting worse as she continued on in her thoughts.

However liberation starts to seep into her thinking and into her mindset, and she starts to feel free as she starts thinking about reversing the spots, the moments, that cost her the match in each and every one of the individual scenarios she runs through her head. Flipped over the ropes, she grabs the bottom and rolls in. Clothesline? Ducked under. Drop kick? Ducked, using the ropes for cover. Flipped? Stablizing herself and sticking the landing, or just avoiding getting flipped altogether. The numerous scenarios in her head, are slowly but surely, and individually, getting solved one by one by one. She nods her head in approval, and stands back to her feet to turn her attention back to the Mystery Man, letting him know she finally understood.

Chelsea: I understand! I get it now, all I needed to do was refocus myself and...

But he was gone. The Mystery Man had disappeared from his position and Chelsea didn't realize it while she was in deep thought. She sighs, chuckling to herself and yet she still finds herself overwhelmingly thankful for the time he just spent with her, knowing how busy he is. Chelsea finishes her statement anyways, as her voice fades out into a whisper.

Chelsea: Lose. Feeling the pain of loss, caused me to find out how to win. How to avoid feeling that hurt. And I will win, no matter the cost, no matter the sacrifice needed. This is my time to shine, and this is the time of the Storm. He's right. The Storm is brewing...

End Scene.

The lights were fading fast, her vision was becoming more and more blurry with each agonizing second sluggishly moving by, her body dwindling into it's sedated position. Her opponents arm locked around her neck, her own arm flailing, reaching for anything to be it's salvation. The sleeper hold slowly getting more and more in sync with her own breathing, slowing it down almost to a stand-still. She could hear the mocking coming from behind her, "I'm the first lady of the XWF damnitt! You will respect me!" Her voice echoing, sounding miles and miles away. Chelsea has to move fast and she does exactly that, somehow twisting her body so that her stomach can align with Jenny Myst's side. Chelsea's energy however was fading faster than she could keep up with, and as she slowly starts to slide out of the Sleeper Hold, she feels a release.

Just long enough for Jenny to move Chelsea's awkward position back into a better position, one that fit Jenny perfectly. She pulls Chelsea into the hold, Chelsea's head against her side as she stared at the ground. Jenny blows a kiss to the crowd, waving to them and mocking them, before using it as momentum. She spins her arm forward up and under Chelsea and in one twisting motion, she nails the twist of fate, her Pink Perfection! As Chelsea hits the mat, the fading scene faded for good and everything became black.

As she comes to it, she finds herself in another awkward position, being hoisted up into the air. She tries to quickly figure out where she is, just being able to open her eyes enough to see the body of Jenny Myst on the ground near her. Stunned, she tries to move to figure out who's picking her up but she can't find the energy to. She heard the faint whisper from her attacker "I'm not ending this match, I'm ending your career." As quickly as the voice appeared, it disappeared just the same as Chelsea was left dangling, almost lifeless, with just enough energy to see the face of Amber Dawn holding her upside down. Unfortunately, that scene fades just as quick as she felt Amber drop down, and Chelsea's head bounced off the mat at a sickening point, falling prey to the murderous Tombstone Piledriver or what Amber calls, her One Time 69.

The scene is on repeat though, as Chelsea somehow finds herself opening her eyes again, what seemed like ages after it all happened. Again, she spots Jenny Myst on the ground, but this time next to that body, was another familiar one... Amber Dawn. She can't find the strength to even lift her head off the mat, so she tries to twist her body so she can gain the advantage in her position. All she sees is a flash of blonde hair as this woman quickly moves over her lifeless body and onto her back, picking her up by the back of her head. Chelsea can't even fight her attacker off, the damage done, as she hears the mocking words "storm? You're just a little drizzle with a chance of PAIN!"

Her arm is involuntarily lifted in front of her, and onto the shoulder of this blonde woman, and it's not long before her voice is recognized by Chelsea as Vanessa Navarro. Chelsea can't figure out if it took so long to uncover that because of the amount of intense pain her mind isn't allowing her to feel, and the lack of blood is causing a slow response time, or if it's because the fear that she will more than likely not be getting up after this is starting to sink in. In slow motion, she's hoisted up above the head of Vanessa, her feet dangling in the air, before all of her weight comes crashing down from the suplex, what Vanessa calls the Blonde Bombshell.

Stunned, she watches as Amber gets to her feet, walking next to Jenny who has also gotten to her feet, and they lock arms with Vanessa. They slowly move toward the now absolutely lifeless body that was once Chelsea Storm, and they hoist her up together. Taunting, laughing, and mocking, together they unite as they toss her body up and over the top rope, nothing even remotely flashing as a sign of defense from Chelsea. As Chelsea lands hard on the outside, her body can't help but to convulse from the damage, as her head hits with no protection being able to support it. Chelsea starts to fade but this time it's eerily peaceful... as if... it's the end.

Chelsea: What the...

Chelsea feels her whole body shake, as she opens her hands wide and plants them next to her feeling the cushion of the bed. She pushes herself up into a sitting position, the movement so rapid that it almost forced her to keep going but she was able to flex her core and stabilize herself to mount herself in that sitting posture. Her eyes begin to sting, the sweat beads that have formed around her head like a halo have slowly migrated down and are now infiltrating her sight. She dares not even attempt at standing yet, trying to regroup her senses to work together as a unit. There it goes again, a faint knocking coming from outside of her room.

Chelsea: Who could that be?

She eyes her phone sitting suspiciously close to the edge of the bed, and again using her core strength to make sure she doesn't go sliding off, she reaches across her King Size bed and grabs the phone at the other end. Pulling it back to her, she brings it to life from it's sleep mode, and reads the time on the lock screen that reads "10am". Chelsea was shocked that she was able to sleep in so late, and then the realization sets in that someone is actually at her door. She rolls out of bed, again trying to bring her body to a stable position, before walking out of her room. Realizing she's only in a sports bra and short shorts, she tosses on a nearby T-Shirt that she had, it read "JFWF" on it. She really needs to get some XWF gear.

Chelsea: What do you want?

She calls out approaching the door, stopping just feet from it. Waiting for a response, she struggles to hear anyone on the other end. The knocking begins again, and now her voice comes across more annoyed than she'd have liked it to be.

Chelsea: Who is there?

Agent: It's me...

At first Chelsea is annoyed with the response, "Me" could be any number of people, but the sound of the familiar voice does click on in her mind and quickly her agent's face crosses her mind. Sighing, she recognizes his voice almost as instant as his picture flashed across her mind, and she opens the door.

Chelsea: What's up?

The Agent is obviously taken aback from her tone, not used to Chelsea yet. Last time he was with her, she was... rude, to say the least. He's not used to seeing the nice version of Chelsea that has sleep and rest on her, the one that isn't suffering from jet lag. Carefully he treads, continuing the conversation.

Agent: So we never really got to have a.... conversation about your match. Last time you just, well... talked.

Chelsea lowers her head, his words becoming more and more painfully true the more times she repeats them in her head. She didn't mean to come across the way she did, and she let her own pride get in the way of truth and respect, and more importantly, integrity. All of the things she'd prided her career on, she's slowly forming herself into the opposite. She knows if she wants to continue the success she's had previously, she's going to have to build on her character not destroy it.

Chelsea: About that... listen I'm really sorry about my attitude. I wasn't very respectful to you, to them, or even to myself by upholding myself in that manner. Maybe we can get off on the right foot this time around, and restart everything?

Agent: That sounds good to me. But before we start discussing things, do you mind if I come in?

Chelsea just realized she'd been talking to him with the door cracked. Apologetically she nods, backing up and opening the door. As he walks in, she motions her hand over to the table in the living room and he follows her suggestion, taking a seat there. He pulls out a binder from his briefcase that he was carrying and props the binder on the table. Chelsea has a seat next to him, looking over the paper work.

Agent: There's a couple signatures that I need, and the XWF need from you before Warfare. Waivers, disclaimers, all of that fun stuff. You know the drill, I'm sure.

Chelsea nods, as she begins to start filling things out based on where he points his finger at and which places to sign. As she does, he clears his throat, obviously nervously debating on discussing something. Chelsea senses this and smiles, a warm and heart felt smile that eased not only his tension, but the tensions of the viewers at home as well.

Chelsea: What's up?

Agent: Well, I was actually wondering what your plan was for the battle royal? You know it's not going to be an easy match to win, and with your insults from previous, you know you planted a target on your back.

Chelsea stops signing briefly, looking up and making eye contact with her agent. A silence befalls both of them as she contemplates how to respond. She sighs, and then smiles breaking the silence momentarily as she addresses his (and quite honestly, hers too) concern.

Chelsea: In the words of a wise man, let them come. You see, I've lost to each and every one of them already. Through visions, dreams, practice, and feeling the loss, I've already lost. I've come to be familiar with the pain of defeat, the horror of seeing the match fly out from under you and nobody left in your corner to cheer as they announce your name, the name of defeat.

Chelsea stares past the agent and looks frozen in time for a minute, before coming to and looking down, continuing to sign the papers. As she does, her voice carries as she continues to address her agent.

Chelsea: That's what he taught me. The art of defeat. Envision your mistake before you make it, as to avoid it altogether. Now, I'm not new to the game, although I am new to the way you all do it in America. I'm sure the XWF Administration is pushing you to get something from me to formally address the girls I'll be stepping into the ring with on Wednesday night. To officially release a statement that they can use for their own purposes. That's fine.

This time Chelsea finishes signing and closes the packet of paperwork, and then the binder itself. She slides it over to her agent with a smile in tow. She stands up and walks over to the door, opening it inviting the agent to take his leave. As he does, she grabs his arm before he's out the door and nods, giving him exactly what he wanted.

Chelsea: You can let them know, I'm coming. The Storm is coming. I'm prepared for battle, I've prepared for a war. I've heard their words, and listened to them underestimate and under prepare themselves for the battle a hundred times over. They haven't take the time to see my success, and to know the level of challenge in front of them. They don't see the mountain that stands in their way, they don't recognize the storm clouds that are coming in, the sky is getting dark... and soon it will rain. Blood. Eliminations. Bodies. It Will Rain. I'm prepared, are you?

As she closes the door ending her statement, the scene fades out as well.

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