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Someone Tell Engy His Time Is Up
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04-28-2018 08:54 PM

Ooc: did this rp on my phone. Hated doing it cuz it's not my best. I'm burnt out from work and glad I'm off for the ppv. I'll come back stronger than ever. Bet u.

We open the scene to a shot of a nursing home somewhere in Australia. It is a sunny day, not too cold as the sun shines high above the clear blue sky. Cars and buses go down the roads at a normal pace as people of all ages do likewise. A GLORIOUS day it is. But we digress.

We switch back to the nursing home where we see old timers playing shuffleboard outside and a few others sitting and watching tv. We then see Peter gilmour enter the building still in a black shirt and pants. His hot ass wife Mari a is there in a sexy white dress showing off her amazing figure. They head to the front desk and see a young lady behind the desk.

Woman: Ahh Mr. Gilmour glad you could come. Please come this way.

The demonic duo follows the last to the activity room where a few seniors are sitting down. Peter looks at them and cringes.

Peter: Ugh. If this is what my future looks like then kill me now.

Maria: Hush! You'll still look good when you're 90.

Peter: Heh. True. My super dick will still be hard by then. I'll prob bang all those old bags with wrinkled up pussy. But I digress. I'll still be a GOD regardless.

Peter chuckles a bit as the woman gets into the center of the room.

Woman: Everyone this is Peter Gilmour and his wife Maria Brink. They are from the XWF. They're here to talk to you all. Please make them feel right at home.

Old Man: You're a bum!

Peter flips the old man off as we see other men try to see up Maria's dress. Perverts. Maria screams as Peter gets in their way and wags his finger.

Peter: No.. no.. noooo. Keep your hands to yourself you old perverts. You can only wish you could get a hot chick like this. Keep ya dentures in your mouth.

Now we're here today to talk about a man named The Engineer or Engy for short. This guy dreams of taking my spot on a top 50 list but likes to talk about gay men and tell lies about beating me. What you all think of him??

The seniors don't say much as most of them are sleeping. Peter gets agitated but we then hear someone speak up.

Old Man: He's a bum like you!

Peter is taken back by the old geezers comment. But then he smiles wickedly and claps his hands.

Peter: Correct sir! Engy is a bum! And after I beat him, he'll end up right here with you old farts. Sounds like fun huh?

The old farts just stare at Peter who rolls his eyes. He looks over at his wife and whispers in her ear. Maria giggles as she kisses her man.

Peter: We're so bad. Well then I hope you all had fun. I'll make sure to bring Mr. Bright to you all after I end his career. Now I bid you all good day and.. mwah.. good bye!

Peter winks wickedly as Maria blows them all a sexy kiss which could kill all the old men. The woman leads them out of the room and we see the demonic duo walking hand in hand to a waiting limo. The scene begins to FADE TO BLACK!


Peter: So Engy, you put out another boring as fuck promo. This time talking to a bunch of kids about my last EPIC promo all the while making yourself look like a paedophile. You brainwashed those kids into believing you. What a piece of shit you are dude. I can't wait to cripple you and put you out of the XWF forever.

So let's break this boring promo down shall we? You talk about my 2nd promo called "Come to Gilmania" and how I should've praised it as it's own country. Perhaps I could've but I'll praise the land of xtreme which is where you're going. Continue to mock me Engy. I'm just gonna keep on burying you and make your ass kicking that more pleasurable.

You ask if I consider myself a laughing stock. No I do not. I just perceive that I am because everybody here loves to talk shit about me. But it's ok their words are the fuel that drives me to better than them. But I'm no laughing stock. I'm a winner damnit!! But keep thinking what you will about me see if I care.

I didn't get put on the top 50 list because of my epic promo skills. It's all due to my matches I've had and how I put the XWF on the map and my accolades. And I'm not about to give up my spot to a lame duck, paedophile who talks out of his add all the time. You're not going to get my spot that easily. I'm going to make you work for it. And like I said before, you can't beat me 1 on 1. So accept the fact that I'm going to beat you and end your career.

You ask me why I will win. Well it's easy. I'm just a better wrestler than you and because I want to get rid of you. You're a worthless champ dude. You're reign hasn't been that special. You still hear me and Jim Cadeus. That's a fact.

Continue to mock me Engy. My reigns as champ may not have gone the way I wanted to. But I've still won titles engy. And I'll keep doing it until I retire. And I'll assure you that when I win the Universal title for the 2nd time that I will hold it for a longer time than my first was.

The fact of the matter is I am still going to beat you and take your title. You ask me to deal with reality since you think everything I say is fantasy. No sir. You may be better than me but you still can't beat me. You couldn't beat me in our first match. You didn't pin me in that tag match and you sure as hell won't beat me in our next encounter. You may have had a great start to your xwf career. But it all ends real soon. It all ends when I got you with a Gilmour cutter and a Deathstrike. Soon as the ref counts to 3, reality sets in for you. And that reality is that your career ends and mine keeps getting better. I'm coming for that belt and I'm coming to end you for good.

You say mediocrity is not excellence. Perhaps but after I beat you, I want you to say excellence is not mediocrity is going to trump your excellence and you will now down and respect me whether you want to or not.

Shine that belt up nicely for me. Your title reign and career.. ends. See you soon champ.


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3X Star of the Month
Former 3x Hart Champion
Former 13X Xtreme Champion
Former 5X Tag Champion
Former 2X Trios Champion
Former 2x Heavy Metal Weight Champion
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