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04-28-2018 04:26 PM

The following are a series of videos from Pestalance’s Instagram account:


Replay:As the video clip begins we see Pestalance’s face as he holds his cell phone out in front of him.

A’ight…I only got 60 seconds per video so Imma make dis as quick as possible so ya’ll don’t have to watch a million of these. Obviously the site’s still all fuck up…apparently the only thing that pops up when you go to it is an image of half of Dean Malenko’s face or something. Don’t know what dat’s about, but whatever. Got word that Christian Andrews cut a promo and it was posted on the site prior to these issues…couldn’t watch it. But I got sent a transcript of it and I checked it out. Now I’m not aware of the stipulation of his title being on the line. If that’s the case then cool…I’ll take it. I’m here for championships right? If this is an opportunity to get one, I’m all about it. Kinda makes sense now that I think about it; that title is supposed to be defended 24-7. Bet…Let’s get it. Seems like dude doesn’t want to be the X-Treme Champion to begin with, so I guess I’ll be doing him a favor. Kinda dig the hardcore shit anyway…seems like a fun time to me! So Christian you’re welcome in advance…I’ll take that title off your hands and you can get back to whatever mission you’re on that involves not being a champion in this company. Who the fuck doesn’t want to be a champion in this company…What the hell are you doing here then? You know what…not my problem…I’m here for championships; flat out. As many as I can get, as many times as I can hold them.
PestalanceOfficial Site's still down, but that won't shut me up! #Hollaatchalaterbitch! #Cantbestopped #Slapyouindamouth #makeyoumybitch


Replay:Our other two opponents haven’t said shit to promote this match; also not my problem. Don’t know where they’re at, don’t know what they’re doing, don’t…give a…shit. Don’t worry about it. I got tons of social media followers, the people know about this match. The people are excited about this match…that’s mostly cause of me, but excited none the less. So again, you’re welcome. You’ll get to expand your visibility and carry out your mission of limited championship accolades. It’s a win win! Don’t say I never did anything for ya, pimpin. Now, here’s the thing. I could be nervous…worried about this match being that I’ve never done anything like this before. I could be concerned about three separate cats tryin to beat the shit outta me at the same time. But I’m honestly not. Real talk, I feel confident, cause I know that no matter how good these guys are (and trust me, they are good) I’m better. And this is just another opportunity to prove it. Like I said I’m keepin this quick so I’m done talking for now. Holla at cha later bitches.

PestalanceOfficial Site's still down, but that won't shut me up! (cont.) #Hollaatchalaterbitch! #Cantbestopped #Slapyouindamouth #makeyoumybitch
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