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Engy is a Stupid Idiot
04-27-2018, 11:41 PM
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ooc: Last rp since i wont be near a computer tomorrow. Engy, had fun with you.. we'll do this again soon I hope.

We open the scene to another undisclosed location somewhere in Tanzania. Man, why does every scene have to be at an undisclosed location? Why must be left in the dark about where people are? We digress as usual. But once again we're somewhere in Tanzania. The camera shows cars and buses going down the roads at a moderate pace as the sun shines high in the sky. Seems like it's going to be a great day in the country of Tanzania.

The scene now shows Peter Gilmour walking down the street at a fast pace. He is walking right towards us and does not look happy. But when IS he happy? We digress as usual. Peter is wearing a black shirt and pants and he looks real pissed. Wonder why he is so pissed. Peter points at the camera crew and begins to yell at them.

Peter: Hey, you stupid idiots! Are you guys recording? Ah, good. Get over here right now!

The camera crew goes over to where Peter is standing which is a brick wall. They got brick walls in Tanzania? WHO KNEW! Anyways, Peter gets ready to talk and waits for the camera crew to get ready.

Peter: Hurry up you idiots. I got somewhere to be and I want to get this promo out quickly. You idiots ready?

The cameraman nods and we see Peter put his hands together, almost like he's praying. He then puts them down, lets out a deep sigh and begins to speak to us.

Peter: Well Engy, you seem to be pretty confident going into our match aren't ya? You put out another "exciting" promo. But like always it's boring as fuck and meant to make fun of my sexuality. Engy, we all know that YOU are a HOMO so why do you constantly have to talk about my super dick? You know you want it don't you big boy? Come on don't be shy. It won't bite.

Anyways, Engy, you're really beginning to bore me and piss me off at the same time. You still think you're taking my spot on the Top 50? I DON'T THINK SO! I am going to beat you and put you out of the XWF forever and I'll do anything to do it. It sucks I can't cheat but I did agree to play by the rules just for this match. I hope you do the same or you'll be marked as a hypocrite.

But me dissect this AWFUL promo of yours. First off you have the nerve to be in a car with the next President of the United States Mike Pence and then try to use my last EPIC promo against me? Wow, you sir are running out of ideas on how to suck. First off me and Mike Pence are good friends. Hell, me and Donald Fuckin' Trump are great friends. Remember how me, Dim and Trump were a stable and how we handled niggers? Yeah, those were the days. And did you see how Mr. Trump handled those stupid idiot Koreans? Now they're at peace and he succesfully stopped a potential World War 3. Such a man he is. But for you to turn Mike Pence against me is so retarded much like yourself.

And then you mock me meeting the Tazmanian Devil by meeting some idiot dressed in a dick costume. Real original there Engy, you stupid idiot. I mean really, do you want to fight me or make an ass out of yourself? Seems like the latter to me.

You then go on to say you own me. HA! You wish you owned me Mr. Bright. You couldn't own a bone dude. And you say I basically handed you my legacy on a silver platter and exposed myself? I doubt that very much and besides the only exposing I would do is to that little lass of yours. She knows she wants that Vitamin D, if you get my drift.

Peter winks sadistically as he chuckles in the same manner.

Peter: Engy, you think that by me taking my time to do promos and talking to the Tazmanian Devil makes me not take this match seriously? Motherfucker, I AM TAKING THIS MATCH SERIOUSLY! YOU ARE NOT! You come out here flapping your gums talking about my super dick, have pictures of gay men, go out with Mike Pence and have him say shit about me which isn't true. You sir are making this a joke right now and I thought I'd at least have a challenge. Some Uni Champ you are. A fuckin pussy who's afraid of Jim Cadeus. Sure, you beat him twice but you had help didn't ya? You had to hire my tag partner and co-champ Chris Chaos and Erik Black to do your handywork and then murder him. That's not what a champ does. A champion fights all comers even if they are better than him. That's what's called competition Engy. I may not be competition in your eyes, but I am giving you a run for your money. You can't beat me and it makes you mad. Good! Maybe now, I'll actually get a challenge and have to work to get that belt you hold instead of a asshole flapping his gums and salivating over my SUPER DICK. You disgust me and the fans Engy.

And by the way, when Maria cums in her panties, she changes them right away. Something I bet even your little WHORE doesn't do. How is she by the way? Tell her my super dick is ready whenever she wants her love canal rammed until she cums like a river. But I digress.

And don't even mention my sexuality dude. When I get out of the shower after a fierce workout, I don't look at other guys penises and think, "oh my I'd love to suck that." or "Oh man I'd love for HIM to suck MY cock." I'm fuckin married to the most amazing woman in the world. I don't fantasize about men like you and John Madison do ok? Big difference there pal. Oh, and I'll admit I do watch a lot of lesbian porn. Nothing wrong with that. Maria even watches it and gets all wet. She's had sex with women too. We've had the best three ways ever with the likes of Kelly Osbourne, Jessica Alba, and even my mentor Max Masterson's girlfriend Rebecca. I am the king of 3 ways. The only 3 way you would get is John Madison, yourself and probably Eric Black. You 3 faggots would have a great time playing reach around. Oh wait, you killed Erik Black didn't you? Heh, fuckin pussy. But I digress. Engy, I'm not gay. YOU ARE!

You're making this too easy for me dude. It's going to be a pleasure ripping that title from your waist and putting it on a much more sexier waist where it rightfully belongs.

You talk about me not being in the main event. I've been in a lot of main events lately and it's not because champions like Robert Main are trying to put me over. It's because I'm the star of this show. I am who the fans came to see. I bring in the revenue. I put butts in seats. I'm the man all the girls want to fuck. What are you? Some murderer who has a little 10 pound belt? You aren't anything special Engy. You aren't even on my level. Sure, you may have been in a few main events lately but still you didn't impress anyone. Surely, not me. But I'll tell you this. Our match will be the greatest main event of all time. Bigger than Raven versus Lane. We'll definitely top that match. But it depends on you brother. Are you going to actually fight me? Or continue to claim that I'm gay and show pictures of gay movies and people? Choice is yours buddy. I'm ready to fight and I'm ready to do whatever it takes to get that belt back around my waist. I'm not going to fight some fake champion. Show me why you have that belt. Show me why you've held it for so long. Show me the real Mr. Bright. Not some cartoon character that flaps his gums. I want the real Engineer!

You got nothing to prove huh? Perhaps, but I got something to prove to you and everyone in the XWF. WHEN, not IF I beat you, I surely will move up the XWF Top 50, not that I would even IF I lost. But people will start respecting me since I beat a so called LEGEND like yourself. Your accolades are impressive I will admit. Winning the King of the Ring, taking all that shit from Vincent Lane and company. Winning the Xtreme Belt and holding it for so long. Then cashing in and winning the Uni Belt and holding it for the time you've had it. I'll tip my hat to you for that man. But my accolades trump yours. I was the first man in XWF history to win the tag belts BY MYSELF! I was the first guy to win the Trios Belt. I'm the longest reigning Hart Champion in history with 5 reigns. Hell, my 13 time Xtreme TItle reigns is 2nd only to Zach Rizza with 16 or whatever many he has. He's still my bitch by the way. I have done it all here. Main events, title wins, fuck all the girls. I'm the Ric Flair of this company. WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Heh, I digress.

The fact is Engy, even with our accolades, we're still different aren't we? You've won titles, I've gotten title shots and failed at most of them. And by the way, Chris Chaos did NOT carry me my 5th Tag Title Reign. I did most of the work. He only stole the spotlight from me when I had you beat. Don't deny it dude. I had you beat and I knew you wouldn't kick out after that sick Gilmour Cutter I gave you. Fact is Engy, you know I can beat you. You just can't handle the fact you can't or won't beat me. You say you were "toying" with me in our Deathmatch? You fuckin' knew you would get beat because I am the KING of the Deathmatch. Sure, I've lost a few here and there but I'm still the motherfuckin GOD OF XTREME! I got nothing to prove to you, BUT I will prove that I am the better man and the better Uni Champion this company sorely needs. It doesn't deserve a murderer as champion. That's a fuckin' fact!

So our deal is still on I assume. Personally, I could care less if I lose my spot, dog spot, liver spot but MY SPOT on the top 50. I earned that shit! You have not! You might be on the updated list whenever that comes out but I'll still be on that list and probably, no, I WILL BE AHEAD OF YOU AGAIN! I proved that I can hang with legends like Raven, like Vinnie Lane, even guys like Doc D'Ville, Duke, and even Morbid Angel. I may have lost to them, and dick punched Doc D'Ville clear off the planet, but I still proved to them that I can go toe to toe with them and never gave up. Beating you will put me near the top of the top 50 and prove to the world that Peter Gilmour is not some "mid-carder" who flaps his gums, fucks his hot ass wife on the daily, and is the laughing stock of the XWF. I will prove to the world that I am the greatest champion of all time and I will damn sure prove I'm the sexiest man alive and the GOD OF XTREME! The only thing you'll prove is how stupid you really are and prove without a shadow of a doubt, that YOU CANNOT BEAT A GOD!

So WHEN I win, I will go get the mic, hand it to you and make you say Peter Gilmour, I RESPECT YOU! And if you don't mean it, I will drop you where you stand and have the EMT's cart your rotting corpse out of the arena and out of the XWF for good. But then again, I could just have you arrested for the murder of Jim Cadeus. But we'll see how this plays out.

So Engy, as we head into this fight, I ask you this question. ARE YOU READY? ARE YOU FUCKIN' READY? I hope you're ready to have your career ended by a GOD. I'm going to enjoy ripping you to shreds and then watching you cry like the BITCH you truly when you tell me that you respect me. After I hear that, I'll pick your limp ass up and drop you on your neck with a DEATHSTRIKE and enjoy hearing the bones in your neck snap and then I'll enjoy watching you get carted out of the arena. Oh how fun this will be. First I take your title, then I end your career. That's how it's going to go down. Hope you got other plans for after you leave the XWF. Maybe your whore can get you a job sucking dick for money. But I digress.

Long story short Engy, that belt will be mine and your career will be taken.... TO THE XTREEEEEEEME! See you soon. YOU STUPID IDIOT!

And with that Peter smiles wickedly as he winks in the same manner. He pushes the cameraman down but we're lucky the camera didn't break. He quickly gets back up but we don't see Peter around. The scene then quickly fades to CHRIS JERICHO!


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