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BADASS workhorse: Book me ANYTIME on ANY show! Steve Wolf
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04-25-2018 06:54 PM


In-Ring Name:Steve Wolf

Wrestler's Real Name: Steven Homes

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: New

Wrestler Date of Birth: 12/29/1990

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 236 lbs

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Personality: Wild, random, party animal who doesn’t mind putting his body on the line and laugh about it.

Looks Description: Physically fit, covered in tattoos. He wears a tall mohawk to match his wild personality.

Ethnicity: White

Pic Base, if any: Jesse Neal

Strengths: His unpredictable nature which always keeps the opponent guessing.

Weaknesses: His wrecklesness which has landed him in the hospital on a few occasions.

Entrance Theme Music: “Coming in Hot” by Hollywood Undesd

Special Entrance (if any):

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves: Calf Kick, Diving Headbutt, Dragon Sleeper Suplex, Snap DDT, European Uppercut.

Trademark Move(s):
Crotch Rocket
Spanish Fly
Crotch Rocket - 3 back to back manhattan drop
Cannonball - Summersault senton into corner
Spanish Fly - Moonsault Side Slam

Finishing Move(s):
Mark Of The Beast
Swinging Certical Suplex

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: Hitting the Mark Of The Beast on a pile of broken glass.

Additional notes: Even though Steve Wolf is a fun loving maniac there is a side of him that isn’t quite right.

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