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Art or banner request Hi boos, could somebody help me out?
04-18-2018, 02:03 AM
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Would love a new signature for Danny, a picbase of Tama Tonga with dark tints and maybe some joker-esque themes? Go crazy Smile

Pink, white and red are my main colors.

Tag: The Unchained Prince

I'll pay 10,000 xbux for anyone nice enough to do it for me and I use it, 5,000 if I don't use it but still think it's great.

Just some pictures I've found, but feel free to use others if you prefer them.

[Image: tama_tonga_by_rnr_editions_2_by_realrock...bfsgoq.png]

[Image: tama-tonga-1492894069-800.jpg]

[Image: b1c7c65550c033423385d47b6429c634.jpg]

The Unchained Prince

[Image: werwolves-eyes-for-Jason-Momoa.gif]
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