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{Part 2} Preparation: Betrayal
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04-16-2018 09:58 AM

Hadassa and I left Teakin's house and managed to easily sneak into the Veil without anyone noticing. From the moment I stepped foot back under the veil I could see that the death of Blair caused many of the Sirens to leave and most likely join Ashba. He was getting what he wanted even without the battle but I knew his real exasperation was toward Serena and Helen, the last of the originals that exiled him.

Even with few people around Hadassa and I made sure to conceal ourselves so word would not get back to Serena that I was back. Once we reached a tent like structure Hadassa motioned for me to come in. Once inside I could see that nothing had been touched aside from the bed. Hadassa looked around the room then caught sight of me look at the bed. She walked over to me before placing her hand on the bed spread.

Serena sleeps in here all the time. She says it makes her feel closer to Blair.

I feel like I broke her.

You didn't.

Hadassa's words were stern as though she was mad at me for taking on the blame of Blair's death.

Blair took her own life, we know that even if Serena doesn't want to believe it. Blair broke Serena, you didn't.

Hadassa looked back at me before walking toward the opening of the tent but stopping mid way there. She turned around to look at me.

I'm going to keep a look out while you search. When you find everything let me know.


Hadassa stood outside of the tent while I began rummaging through Blair's things. She had an abundance of crystals and books about them. Candles were strew through the tent as well as different pendants. Blair seemed to have an obsession with her clairvoyance and trying to master her gift. It was, afterall, the only difference she had from her other sisters.

I looked through the bookshelf until stumbling upon a leather bound book. I opened it to see that it had writing from Blair it in. I began to skim the pages before realizing it was her memories. I stopped when I saw something about the grimoire and began to read.

Suddenly, it was as though I was seeing Blair's room through her eyes. It was almost as though a mist was covering my peripheral vision and my sight was faded with blue and grey. I watched as my body led me over to a small desk located at the back of the tent. What seemed like my hand picked up a book that seemed to be bound by skin and hair and had an eye in the middle. I opened it to reveal the necklace inside before snapping back to the moment I had left.

I gripped the leather bound book in my hand before walking over to the desk. A book with the same skin and hair binding as well as the eye laid on the desk in front of me. I picked it up but no necklace was inside of it. I sighed and placed the book in my hand with the leather bound one. It was at this point that I noticed something else on the desk. A emerald crystal sat close to the book. Something about it told me to keep it so I gripped it in my hand before placing it in my pocket.

[Image: HocusPocusBook-550x550.jpg]

Before I could turn around a hand gripped my mouth and pulled me to the ground. Hadassa placed her finger over her lips with a shh. A males voice spoke with heavy breath right outside of the tent. I couldn't make a out a word before I heard Serena's voice. My eyes shot open and I felt a sharp chill bull rush my spine.

The voices lowered before seemingly disappearing altogether. Hadassa removed her hand from my mouth before grabbing a cloth that was hung from the back of a chair nearby. She pulled the cloth over us and began talking.

Do you have everything?

No, what is this?

Invisibility cloak. Serena will be back soon so we need to hurry and get the hell out of here.

Before another word was murmured we could hear Serena's voice ring out in the tent. Hadassa promptly removed herself from under the cloak and stood on her feet. I muttered shit under my breath while looking up to see her locking eyes with something.

Might I ask what you are doing in here, Hadassa?

I thought I heard someone come in and I wanted to make sure the tent was secure. I was making sure Mandii wasn't back.

My breath hung in my throat. Was Hadassa going to blow our cover? I was starting to see what Nero had said about her being different since me being forced to leave.

Did you find anything?

I thought I saw a book missing.

I growled under my breath now realizing this was a trap. Hadassah's hand slowly lowered and touched the top of the cloak causing me to flinch slightly.

What book?

Oh, wait here it is.

Hadassa walked over to the desk and pulled a paperback book from the desk. Serena walked over and stood inches from me. While she looked over the book in Hadassa's hand I caught sight of the necklace. It was laying on a night stand near Blair's bed just out of reach.

I need you and your sister for briefing tomorrow...

Serena's words faded out in my mind as I tried to inch over to the night stand. I reached up to grab the necklace and as soon as I touched it I felt the cloak leave my back. I turned to see Serena's foot on the tip of the cloak but she hadn't noticed me. In a moment of panic I gripped the cloak out from under her foot and grabbed the necklace. I placed it around my neck before climbing over the bed and leaving the tent.

I was the first one to leave the Veil and as soon as Hadassa saw I was gone she also left and met up with me near Teakin's house. I gripped the cloak tightly in my hand and stomped on the leafs and twigs as I made my way to Teakin's house. The only thing that had stopped me was hearing Hadassa's loud breathing from running and her gripping my wrist. I spun around and pulled my wrist from her hand before shoving her back.

What the fuck was that?

What do you mean what the fuck was that, did you not get everything?

I got everything you but you almost ruined everything for the both of us! If Serena had caught me in that fucking room I would have been exiled and Ashab would have been one step closer to killing all of us. Do you not realize how stupid that was?

Hadassa didn't say a word. I grunted before pulling my arm back and sending my first into her jaw. Hadassa fell to the ground holding her jaw.

What the hell?

What's your problem? Nero is saying you are acting differently and I can definitely see it.

It's nothing...

Nothing? You could have had me exiled!

Why does that matter?

Because if I get exiled before this shit is done I'm going to turn into another Ashba!

What do you mean?

I grunted once again and turned away from Hadassa.

If I'm excited, I'm going to be on the same revenge kick he's on. I'm not going to care about anyone or anything because Sirens were made to stay together or some shit.

...Aren't you worried about what happens after this war if you are exiled?

Not really, I'm trying to focus on one fucking apocalypse at a time.

I could hear hadassa sigh before pulling herself up back onto her feet.

All I've ever wanted was to be apart of the guard under the veil. Because I tried to get Serena to understand, because I went against I direct order, she threatened to strip me of my duties.

I turned to face Hadass wearing a snarl. I fought back the urge to send my fist into her face as I crossed my arms over my chest.

Alright, that explains the change in behavior, now what about what just fucking went on?

I thought about turning you in...

Before Hadassa could say another word I stopped fighting and sent my fist into her jaw again. She was sent to the ground, however, this time she didn't bother sitting up.

I'm trying to help you! All of you! I'm trying to get rid of Ashba and all anyone wants to do is fucking stab me of all people in the back?! I would much rather say fuck it and let you all deal with him on your own. Serena made her bed now it's time for her to lay in it. But I don't turn my back on any of you even if you do it me. I would much rather be sitting in my hotel room or going to the gym instead of doing this shit. The reason I don't mind being exiled after this crap with Ashba is because I'll be long gone.

Hadassa propped herself up using her elbows and locked eyes with me.

I'm sorry, it was selfish and why I didn't follow through. I know we need you if we are going to get through this...

So how much do you know from playing double agent and how much have you told Serena?

Nothing, I haven't told her anything. She's on the lookout for you because instead of exiling you she wants you to pay the price for the actions you took. She doesn't just want you to leave the Veil, she wants you dead because of every life you've taken whether you did it directly or the death had something to do with you.

I sarcastically smiled and shook my head. I started to turn around but before I did I sent my boot into Hadassa's face. Her body went limp as she fell back and her eyes slowly shut. I picked her up from the ground and put her on my back to take her back to Teakin's house.

Once we reached Teakin's house I laid Hadassa on the couch. Blood had gushed from her nose and her right eye began to swell slightly. I crossed my arms over my chest as Teakin looked down and did the same.

Sorry...I haven't been in a great mood lately and this kind of just pushed me over the edge.

We've all thought about it these past couple of weeks. I just can't believe she would even consider turning on you or us.

She had her reasons.

Teakin turned to me and placed her hands on my shoulders causing me to turn to her.

Doesn't mean you deserve it. You go get ready for that promo thing you have to do, I can take care of her.

You sure?

She'll be out for awhile and everyone else is busy doing something. I don't have much to do and your daughter is going to be going to bed soon so I have time to get her cleaned up. Besides, you have those friends to talk to about helping us. It might be a good idea to talk to your partner as well.


Teakin smiled and pulled me into a hug.

She'll be fine, we all will be.


The aroma of cigarettes and leather filled my darkened hotel room. The sun had not yet made its presence causing my hotel room to be filled with darkness. The moon barely shown through my open window as a small breeze picked up the white curtains handing. My bags were packed and leaning against a nearby wall with my possessions, all but one. On a small rolling luggage bag sat the Bombshell Championship. The little light from the moon shown off the gold plated name tag that read "Mandii Rider".

I sat in the corner of my room in a dingy green hotel chair looking at my bags and the championship on top of them with a lite cigarette in my hand. With one swift motion I was on my feet and flicking my cigarette butt out of the open window. I walked over to the championship and gripped it in both my hands before sitting on the bed with my legs crossed.

This championship meant so little to many in this company, so did this division. Upon my return to XWF there were only two women in the division fighting for the right to call themselves the better women wrestler. Due to this sad fact, many saw this division as a waste of time and energy. It was in shambles, that was true, but it held so much potential in it that no one seemed to see. Even the woman who held the championship believed it was useless to a degree.

So why do I fight for it? After all this time of being told that building this division would never happen, why not give it up and move on to my over all goal here in XWF? Why take the time to build a broken division that had no promise of becoming more? Why fight for a championship that isn’t exactly my “style”? The answer, simple.

I saw this divisions potential even when everyone was blind to it. No one cared so no one took the time to build on the broken foundation. When I first stepped foot in an arena women were looked down on still. We were not allowed to wrestle for championships that consisted of the male part of the roster. We were eye candy, valets, the ones who would give out a blow job or show a little side boob to progress in this bussiness. Our matches were either a softcore porn show or the perfect time to get concessions while waiting for the men to take center ring once again. Over time, with the help of women who demanded respect, the women's division wasn't so different from the mens. They merged and with the merge women were held as high as men in the ring. If it had not been for those women, if they had just given up and decided not to put in the work, there would still be a line drawn between gender and talent.

Call me a fool, I probably am one, but I won't give up on a division that has given me everything I have in my life today. Although my start was not here in XWF I refuse to watch the breed of women wrestlers die here. For now I have to set my goal of winning the Universal Championship aside in order to rebuild a division that was slain because of fear and jealousy. I am more than willing to put time into this division if it means more women step between the ropes to keep women’s wrestling alive. I am more than willing to put my plans on hold if it means a better future for this division because I owe it that much. That is why I hold this championship, that is why I fight and will continue to fight for it. This division deserves to have a champion that gives a shit, a champion that is willing to do what it takes to motivate and push the rest of the division. This division doesn't need another dictator and it doesn't need a hero, it needs a leader...I am that leader.

I look up to a camera sitting only a few feet in front of me. The sound of birds chirping signaling that day break is near. For now, the room has a hint of blue shining in through the window.

With that being said, Snow, you should know that I will fight tooth and nail in order to keep this championship until I feel this division is at a point that I am able to pass the torch and move on to the Universal Championship. I've already decided I am going to pour my body and soul into this championship and division. So, when the time comes to pass this championship on to someone else you've probably already guessed I'm going to be pretty picky with who gets it. I can't hold on to it forever and honestly I don't want to but I'll be damned to send it off with someone who is going to destroy this division. I'm not going to let anyone near it unless they have what it takes to actually call themselves the best. With that being said, you just aren't that person.

First of all, as cliche as it sounds, you haven't even earned this shot at my championship nor has your brother earned even a match with Main. This match was given to you both out of kindness, remember that. I know you were watching Warfare last week, after all, you were floating on your brothers behalf. You saw what Ms. Hyde, Jenny Myst, and Azrael Erebus had to go through with each other in order to earn even a contendership for my championship, yet, you got lucky enough to not even have to have a returning match previous to this one. The only reason you are even stepping foot in the ring with me is out of pure luck. While luck gets you the match it won't get you the win.

If you paid close enough attention to that three way match on Warfare you will also notice that I don't put up with bullshit in this division. Jenny wanted to try to pull some shit and you saw where it got her. What I'm really trying to say here is don't think you, nor your brother, can get by on pulling crap in the ring because I'll make what Azrael did to Jenny look like child's play.

I lean back on the bed while resting the belt on my waist propped up.

Just so we're clear here, bumpkin, just because you call yourselves Snow and Rain doesn't make you the perfect storm. Matter of fact, you both seem to suck almost as bad as "yer" grammar. I mean, your brother doesn't even have the balls to say anything to Jenny Myst when he asked for the fucking match. If he's that scared of Jenny I'm probably going to make him hide underneath the bunkbed you two fuck on. As for you, I didn't have anything current to go off of so I had to do a little bit of digging. What I found was actually pretty boring. You hangout backstage waiting for a champion who has to defend their championship 24 7 so you even have a chance to win. It’s actually sorta smart but very lazy on your part. Someone who constantly is being beaten up for their championship has to deal with a lazy hick like yourself because your ability in the ring is nonexistent. I know what it’s like to hold one of those championships, I held the X-treme Championship long enough to earn a briefcase. I know what it’s like to have spineless wimps like yourself constantly on my back day in and out trying to take advantage of the fact that I never got a break. The biggest similarity in all of the people who tried and failed at pinning me for that championship was that they couldn’t make it in the ring, they played off others ability and the hope that I would get tired and sloppy. You’re one of those people, Snow.

From the few matches I did watch of yours I saw only one where you actually walked out with something. Wild Card Weekend ring a bell? There was a lot of passing back and forth between you and St. Diabolicus and not surprisingly you walked out with the Federweight championship. The only reason I say it wasn't surprising is because you seem obsessed with championships similar to it since any other championship where the champion gets a rest and is reinvigorated ready to defend you end up getting your ass kicked, hard. For example, your match with Chris Chaos where you had a chance to be the number one contender for the Universal Title. Instead of earning that contendership you had to follow Jenny Myst around and do what she said.

If I'm going to be honest I feel no threat from you Snow, matter of fact, I didn't even know you existed up until the point your brother signed you up for this match. This is actually saying something because I keep a pretty close eye on my division and what goes on in it. Normally I would blame this on me being careless and just not paying close enough attention but you are a special case. You see, XWF has a lot of people who are a little off their rocker and when I saw your face for the first time I thought you were maybe 12 at the oldest. I just assumed you were Pest, Frodo, or Michael Graves's new girlfriend, not a contender.

I sit up on the bed as the sun begins to shine dimly in the room.

Now, as for Rain, I bet you use that name because you cry a lot or you have a constant black cloud over your head. 20 years and nothing to show for it? You either have no idea what you are doing in the ring or you don't know how to use your time wisely, it's sad. I'm guessing this comeback to the ring is supposed to be a way to get something out of those wasted years. You probably took this match with high hopes of actually accomplishing something. What this is going to end up being for you and you sister is a bigger disappointment than when your mother found out she had conceived you, offence intended.

I’m not going to lie, I thought Azrael being apart of a match with the possibility of facing me for the bombshell championship was a joke. I mean, I would love to face the man again because he is talented in the ring but it’s clear he isn’t a woman. Rain on the other hand, well, is it you or your sister that wants my championship? I know I’ve been using masculine terms this whole time but with the amount of makeup you wear and how tight your skinny jeans are, maybe Peter Gaymore needs to check to make sure you have a dick. If you could bitch out on Jenny maybe you should be in that bombshell battle royal and not this match. At least there you might have a chance of winning if you don’t run screaming the moment Jenny looks at you funny.

With a smirk on my face I shake my head from side to side.

Just encase either of you does your research I need to address the elephant in the room. I was put into a tag team match even after deliberately saying I don't work well with others my returning week here. I've admitted it in the past that I stopped trying at a certain point because I was carrying around dead weight in my match. This time around things are a little different. The reason I had a little speech to start things off is because I want you and your sister to understand to a T that this Bombshell Championship means a lot to me and I will bleed for it if I have to. So considering if I or Main loses the match for both of us it will cost me my championship, one I am just not willing to part with yet, you can bet your trailer I will break both of you in half on my own if I have to. Luckily for me this time around my tag team partner isn't going to rely on me alone to carry the both of us so I shouldn't have to be the only reason you two are left crying over each other.

Now if I’m going to be completely honest I pity the two of you. I mean, I thought Jenny and Chris were two halves of a whole idiot but you and your brother proved me wrong. I bet even when you put both your heads together it only makes up one fourth of a brain. You both speak like you’ve never heard real english in your whole lives, you both have accomplished nothing in this business, and you decided to take this match knowing you stand no chance in it. I’ve watched Main when it comes to matches, when it comes to his championship. I know for a fact when he lays his championship on the line he isn’t going to fuck around and just because I pity the two of you for not having anything past a grade school education, I’m not fucking around either.

The note I am going to end on is this was a very stupid move on Rain's part. Neither of you stand a chance against Main and me. I'm honestly disappointed because you two are the ones I will have my first title defense against. Not only have neither of you proven you deserve this opportunity both of you are underqualified to even be in this match. This whole match is two hicks being lead to the slaughter house and at the end of it, when both of you are in the hospital, you can thank Rain for his extreme stupidity in accepting this little challenge. All I hope for now is that I dumped this down enough for you two simpletons to understand the predicament your in.

(Since 2018 Return)
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