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{Part 1} Preparation: History
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04-16-2018 07:54 AM

Background: Weeks had past and the loss of of Blair still hung over my head. She believed the best way to save the Sirens was to take her own life and in hopes take the life of my father, Ashba. Sadly, due to my dreams and the still heavy attachment Ashba had on me, I knew her death was in vein and he was still out for revenge against the Sirens that had wronged him. Serena and Helen seemed to still be dealing with the death of their fellow original sister as Sage still had not sent for me. While the Sirens held on to the demise of one of their leaders I held onto the information given to me by not only her but Ashba. I now had the information of Nero being the product of not only my father but also Blair along with direct directions of what to do after the falling of Blair. I still needed to attain her necklace, grimoire, and book but I had to find a way back into the veil without Serena finding out or I would surely be exiled on the spot.


Wrestling gave me so much. It gave me something to focus on as I grew up. It gave me drive and showed me what motivation and persistence could do in a person's life. It gave me not only my brother back but also gave me my daughter. Wrestle was always something to fall back on and from day one it seemed like it just came natural to me. After all, I had been fighting since the day I was born so I was used it. Above all, I learned so many lessons from being in the ring such as you have to lose before you can win. You have to be willing to put the time and energy into something even if things don't turn out your way. I could have given up, there were times I almost did, But even with blood and sweat pouring down my face I knew this was where I belonged.

There comes a point in every wrestlers life that you feel the need to pay back what you were given in some manner. For many, this means training a new generation of wrestlers while to others it is working behind the scenes while also doing your job in the ring. For me it is building up the XWF women's division because if not for divisions like this I would never have stepped foot in a ring.

Darkness drenched my hotel room in New Zealand. The sun had recently set and I decided it was the best time to pack my things and get ready for my next destination. The past few weeks had been refreshing, so refreshing in fact a part of me wanted to leave my double life behind for this simple one. I woke in the mornings to hit the gym and spent the rest of my day doing whatever I felt like. However, I knew at some point I was going to have to leave this life for my reality. In my reality, I still needed to kill my father and hope it's enough to stop the anguish he has imposed upon the Sirens. Although I knew it was a matter of time before I was exiled, I still felt obligated to stop the suffering Ashba wanted to bring them. Above all else, however, I had to make sure Sage and Nero were safe from his resentment.

It did unnerve me that it was taking Sage so long to contact me, however, I tried to make the best of things while I did wait. To start, I got in contact with an old friend who is a hoarder when it comes to wrestling; old memorabilia, matches on VHS's to Blue Ray's, even old wrestling belts from companies that closed their doors. I asked that he try to find a few matches of mine just to take my mind off the wait and give me something more to do with my time. He didn't disappoint.

I heard the sound of my email receiving a message on my laptop. I promptly stopped packing and opened the email. Inside were three attachments along with the message "I hope you enjoy watching these as much as I did. I'll be watching your match at Warfare." A smile crossed my face as I plugged my laptop into the back of the television and flipped the screen on. The first attachment was loaded and began playing the moment the T.V. was turned on.

playing out on the television was the first match I was ever booked in. I was sixteen just about to turn seventeen when I lied on my wrestling application and was welcomed into the women's division with a match against Victoria López, at least I think that was her name. Jeremy was furious but refused to say anything as long as I was able to stay in school and finish with B's or above. I won this match and was put on the Women's roster immediately after. This company was one that separated people based on sex, size, and weight so I was stuck in the women's division, something I still think to this day Jeremy was thankful for.

After the first attachment finished I moved on to the next one. Shortly after clicking on the attachment it loaded my first ever championship match. The champion was Blaze Inferno and back at this time she was a pretty scary individual. It took me six months alone to get a match where I would qualify for a contendership for the women's championship just to have it first end in a disqualification from Blaze. Lucky for me management wasn't having it and forced the bell to be rung again resulting in me pinning Blaze for the win. This was a memory I held dear because it was in this moment that I knew my hard work paid off. I cried in the middle of the ring while holding the championship over my head. I also started to change after this match.

The last attachment loaded on the screen, a video of my first championship outside of the women's division. I had moved to another company after about a year in a half because the women's division was dying due to the lack of new faces that came into the company. I, along with other women, were tired of facing the same women over and over week after week and decided to find companies that were allowing females to compete with the men. It was in this federation I took my first glimpse at Marcus Haven before he left a month later without us ever speaking. It was also in this company Jason and I won the tag team championships. The match playing, however, showed me winning the continental championship after working toward it for eight months. I had already held one half of the tag team titles and held the women's championship twice previous to this match but something about this match stuck with me. In this company I changed, drastically. I was older and had been in the business longer so I was stronger emotionally and physically. I was that bitch everyone hated because not only was I good in the ring I was also no longer worried about makeing friends. At the end of this match I dropped to my knees, blood dripping from my head thanks to Novacane, and I held the championship to my chest as tightly as I could while my hand was raised.

As soon as the last attached video ended I turned the T.V. off and placed the remote down in front of me on the bed. I had accomplished so much in my wrestling career. I had been the youngest Women's champion ever in on company and the youngest female to win the continental championship in another. I had won matches and championships, titles similar to superstar of the month and Queen of the Ring, I was even the GM for two separate companies. Still, I wanted more and to be specific I wanted to earn more here in XWF. Championships are nice, you can't deny it is a magnificent feeling to have your name be one that brings in fans and goes down in history. However, rebuilding a division and being the reason a championship is worth something again, that is something I haven't done yet. I've ruined companies and divisions but I've never rebuilt one, led one. That would and already was changing here in XWF.


I folded and placed the last of my gym clothes in my luggage before sitting down on the bed. It was now midnight as the moon shone into the hotel room and onto my bed. I let out a sigh and laid back closing my eyes only for a few moments before my mind drifted into slumber.

The ground around me was singed from fire. Trees were burnt to a deep black giving the appearance that one tap would send them down into ash. I looked around for a sign of life but was only met with with the aftermath of some type of forest fire. The life that once trudged this forest now laid on the ground in skeletal form dyed black from the flames, smoke, and ash. It was surprising they were not ash like the trees around them.


Sage's voice called out to me as she walked into view, her smile wide and bright. She ran to me full force before wrapping her arms around me. Her brown, almost black hair, settled behind her as she looked up at me with those big blue grey eyes. I had started to forget what she looked like, she looked so much like me.

Is this you or just me wanting you to be here?

I used Teakin's sight but she can't see in here without touching you still. We've been learning a lot about what she can do and even what I can do. I can project now and that's why can be here without really being here.

Sage took a step away from me as her head hung down in distress.

They are keeping Blair's body inside of a tomb somewhere. Amaryllis is still trying to find out more but Serena isn't even telling Helen what she has planned. All we know is that Serena was saying something about finding the Siren and putting it back into Blairs body so Blair could come back.

Like Ashba?

I think so.

I need to come back, now. Before Blair died there are a few things she told me to get and I need everyone in on a plan to get them. Serena isn't going to just let me walk back into the veil.

What's the rush?

You mean you don't know that Ashba is still alive?

Sage wore confusion and shock on her face as she shook her head. I sighed and grunted under my breath.

Great, I get to be the bearer of bad news again.

Teakin's house is safe for now, Serena hasn't even considered leaving the Veil since we brought Blairs body back.

Then that's where I'll meet you all. Make sure that everyone shows up, I need you all on board.

Just before I could wake myself up I felt Sage's hand wrap around my wrist. I looked at her, her lips making a frown.

Before you leave I need to talk to you.


If you are exiled, if you can never come under the Veil again, I need you to know I'll be ok.


No, I like it here and I belong here. I've never fit in anywhere but I do with Teakin, Nero, and Amaryllis. If you have to leave I want to stay and keep practicing with Teakin. She's shown me a lot and I like being around all of them.

I sighed with a smile and ran my hand across Sage's face. Not only did she look like me she was like me in every other way. I know I hadn't given her the home she deserved, one where I was always there no matter what Marcus had done. I nodded my head and brushed a piece of her hair from her face.

I told you I would never leave you again. Don’t worry, I have a plan.

I kissed Sage's forehead before my eyes opened and I was laying on the hotel bed. The morning sun was shining in the window as I wiped the sleep from my eyes and lifted my arms over my head to stretch. I guess I was back in my reality.

After waking up and leaving the bed I pulled on a ripped pair of black jeans and a oversized white shirt that was cut short enough to show off my midsection as well as cut low enough to show off part of my chest. I pulled my jet black hair up into a ponytail and pulled my signature leather jacket over my shoulders. After pulling on a pair of worn boots I made sure I had everything and exited my hotel room.

As I walked down the hall of the hotel I heard someone call my name. Stopping dead in my tracks I turned to see a younger man with a black shirt in his hand. He ran up to me and held out a silver sharpie.

Will you sign this for me?

I sighed and grabbed the sharpy. His smile stretched ear to ear as he handed me a shirt that was obviously my merch.

Turn around.

He did as I said and I placed the shirt on his back before signing my name on the top of it. When he turned around I could tell the excitement he was feeling by the smile he wore. I was just about to leave when he spoke up again.

Wait, what do you think of the bombshell battle royal? Will you be in it?

Uh, no.

That was kind of a stupid question I guess since you have that match with Robert Main against Snow and Rain you have other things to focus on. I know you talked about rebuilding the division I just didn't think you would be able to get it started so soon. What do you think about the women who are in that match so far?

I mean, I'm glad Roxy decided to do this battle royal, it gives me and idea of my competition.

Have you been watching any of the promotionals from the women?

That's kind of my job, besides, my ears were burning and I was curious what was being said about me.

Heh, ya but you keep avoiding my question. What do you think of the women?

By now I was feeling slightly irritable and it showed with how I placed my hands on my hips.

If you pay attention you already know what I think of Jenny Myst. Amber Dawn just seems like she has an obsession with me and apparently Robert so if she really wants to get anything done she should probably focus on the women she'll be facing. I guess you could say that about all the women but I can understand why they all want to get my attention, after all, I do hold the championship in this division and they all want it. Vanessa Navarro seems to really want this win and I could see myself facing her for the bombshell championship but her winning is only going to happen in her dreams. Part of me rebuilding this division has to do with making sure when it's built someone worthy of holding a championship I made relevant again gets the torch. Now as for Chelsea Storm, she's got her head in a storm cloud and needs to pay some dues before she starts talking shit on someone who knows what they are doing in the ring. I think the real thing you are asking is if I feel imitated by them and the answer is no. Until I see something worth my time in the ring I don't give a shit what is said about me. Honestly, everyone of those females needs to pull their head out of their ass and focus on the match at hand because none of them are promised a shot at me or my championship. Well, aside from Jenny but that's only because she was lucky enough to hold this championship when no one cared about it.

What about Azrael? Have you given any thought to having to face, uh, it?

"Him" and from my understanding he's going to be giving his contendership to Ms.Hyde unless he decides he actually wants the women's championship.

Shouldn't you know who your contender is?

I do, this week it's snow and her brother Rain. Like I said, he said he would but it doesn't mean he will or management will allow him.

Isn't that part of knowing what's going on in your division.

I started to grit my teeth and held a growl in the back of my throat. My irritability was getting worse by this point but I tried to keep it under control.

I know what's going on in the division, thanks, but I can't read minds or tell the future so I guess we all will have to see where that goes.

Well, what about your match with Robert? I thought you worked better alone? Actually, don't you only tag team with Jason? Is he coming back to XWF?

A sudden numbness rushed over my body at the mention of Jason's name. I had forgotten that no one was aware he was dead. I dropped my hands from my hips and crossed them over my chest.

Main is the exception to me working in a tag team. He has just as much riding on this match as I do and he would be stupid to run the risk of losing his championship. Besides, he's a big boy and is capable of taking care of himself so I don't have an issue being his partner this week. It's not like I've never teamed up with anyone other than Jason before even though I preferred being his partner. As for him returning...

I sighed and let my arms drop to the side.

He's not into wrestling anymore. He had to retire thanks to injuries. Are we done?

Ya, I guess. Sorry for bothering you.

I nodded my head and hummed under my breath as the man turned and started to walk down the all away from me. I spun around on my heels and bit my bottom lip before walking down the hall.


It didn't take me long to make it to Teakin's. Afterall, I didn't want to waste time when it came to seeing everyone as well as talking about our next move when it comes to Ashba. I stood on Teakin's doorstep with my hands in my pockets. Once again I had to break the bad news to everyone. I had to tell them Ashba was still alive and we would all have to fight in order to live. I finally decided to pull my hand from my pocket and knock on the door.

The door swung open and behind it was Nero, a smile stretched from ear to ear. She pulled me into the house as well as into her arms and gripped me tightly. I felt her body wench as though she was in pain so I pulled away slightly.

Still rotting?

She sighed and nodded her head before lifting her shirt only so I could see. A large blue bruise covered her midsection as well as her right rib cage. Her left rib area had a dark brown color to it that stuck out from the rest of her skin. As she lowered her shirt she pulled me into another hug.

We missed you.

Well let her come in here will you?

I heard Teakin's voice call out from behind Nero. She stepped aside, a smile still on her lips, to reveal Miranda, Hadassa, Amaryllis, Teakin, and Sage. I stepped into the main room of the house and placed my arms crossed over my chest.

There's something you all need to know before anyone says or does anything.

All eyes were locked on me. I could feel the tension in the room rise as a I paused and took a deep breath in.

Ashba is still alive. He visited me in my sleep to let me know Blair died for nothing. He said he separated himself from her just in time before she killed herself...There is still going to be a battle and I'm afraid the Sirens that have gone with him are still going to stand by him, no matter the consequences.

I watched as Amaryllis slowly leaned over and rested her head on Miranda's shoulder. Tears formed in her eyes but I could tell she was fighting them back.

Great, more of a reason for Serena to ban you from the Veil.

We can't think about Mandii being exiled right now, no offense. If Ashba is still living we have to find a way to tell Serena and Helen so they can be prepared for anything. We still are short handed on people and resources when it comes to a battle with him. He's probably building a army while we are still dealing with the loss of Blair. There's no tellings who or what he has following him at this point and we are just wasting time.

Before Blair died she told me about a few things she said would help. She wanted me to retrieve them from her room but that's easier said than done considering the circumstances.

What did she ask you to get?

A necklace with a blue stone, a book, and grimoire. She made it pretty clear that the witches name in the grimoire can help us when it comes to defeating Ashba. I don't know what the other things are for but if she wanted me to have them so I think it's safe to say they are pretty important.

Then we sneak you in.

Hadassa locked eyes with me. Her demeanor was serious, more serious than anyone in the room and more serious than I had ever seen her.

I know how to get you into the veil without Serena or Helen noticing you. I had to learn where the weak spots were in the veil and what areas could go unseen if you weren't paying attention. We'll sneak you in so you can get what Blair told you to get and go from there.

What about us just sitting on our hands waiting for Ashba to basically kill us all?

Miranda had fear in her voice. She was young with a full life ahead of her and so many dreams to accomplish. I understood her fear probably better than anyone else in the room.

I know some people who would most likely be willing to help us. I can talk to them, explain the situation, and we can make our own army. They can provide us with bodies and resources as well as ways to make sure no one dies. Amaryllis, you need to be the one to tell your mother Ashba is still alive. As much as I want to cover my ass they need to know so there are no casualties before this happens. I also need you to keep researching and asking around for information. We need as much as we can get.

Do we know what Blair possessions do?

I plan to test them out when I get them.

Then I guess we better get to this.

Wait, what about me?

I looked over at Sage sitting next to amaryllis.

You stay here, you don't need to risk getting caught with the rest of us. We can get in and out.

I mean, what do I contribute?

You'll stay here and work with Teakin. The two of you need to study and make sure you are ready when the time comes that we face Ashba. He's already broken free from Blair it's only a matter of time before he starts this. Hadassa and I will sneak in on our own and grab what I need. You all stay here, no need to bring a whole group.

Then are we ready?

Hadassa stood on her feet, her posture radiating confidence. I nodded as she walked toward the door. I was just about to exit with her when Nero pulled me back into the room.

Be Careful, she hasn't been acting herself since you were made to leave the Vail.

I'll be fine. I trust her.

To Be Continued....

(Since 2018 Return)
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