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04-15-2018 05:06 PM

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A loud noise jolts Vanessa from her sleep. She wakes up with a start, opens her eyes and glances around the room, waiting for them to adjust to the bitter darkness. She looks over to the her nightstand, and notices the bright red numbers on her alarm clock glaring back at her. She squints her eyes, throws her head back in disgust and gets up. It's been the only decent night sleep she has got in awhile so it came as a surprise when her alarm went off.

Well, shit. Guess I had better get up if I want to get a start on today

Vanessa slinks out of bed, goes to the closet and stares blankly at her clothes. Although she has quite the extensive wardrobe, thanks to someone who she refuses to think about, she still feels as though she has nothing to wear. She pulls out a slinky, red off the shoulder one piece and throws it on the bed. She ruffles through her hanging clothes and decides on a sleek pair of dark black yoga pants and a Chicago Cubs baseball tee. It was just a workout after all, so naturally the clothes would become sweaty and sticky by the time she was done. Although Pilates and PiYo were her recent favorites, that didn't mean that they were any less extensive than a normal weight lifting workout. Today was leg day, after all. Her favorite day of the week when it came to her workout. She was still suffering a little jet lag from her plane ride so she didn't want to overdo it too much on this windy morning. She wanted to be in prime physical shape for her debut match on Wednesday at Wednesday Night Warfare.

Here we go! Leg day!

Some time later, Vanessa steps out of the shower. She slides into her clothes. The pants accentuate every curve of her legs and buttocks. Her shirt glides over her generous long, torso while you can still see beads of water slipping down her arms, leaving small luminescent trails that almost glitter through the suns rays coming through the window. She finishes getting dressed and heads out of her hotel room. Although she's only here for a bit, this hotel room isn't too bad. It's roomy and has ample closet space for her things, something that is apprently hard to find in a decent hotel

Vanessa arrives at the arena just in time to shoo away the cleaning crew. She sits her duffle bag down on the chair and hears her name in the background. Anticipating an attack, she braces herself for impact. After a few seconds pass, she realizes she is overreacting and relaxes. She glances around the room and starts inspecting as to where her name came from. A TV hanging up in the right hand corner of the room shows someone doing a promo for the upcoming battle royal against her and nine other women.

Is this idiot serious? Like, is she for real?

Vanessa starts to chuckle and rushes out of the locker room to bump into a cameraman

You.. dickhead.. with the camera.. yeah, you.. get over here!


Just put the camera on me, shut the fuck up, take notes and listen to what I have to say!

Yes, miss, right away!

So, I walk into my dressing room and start to get comfortable when all of a sudden I hear the most annoying sound in the world, the voice of Chelsea Storm. Seriously, I was almost brought to my knees just by the screechy sound of her voice. Eeek.

Yes, it was quite annoying, if I may put my two cents in

See, even your voice annoys the twatsicles here too, now that's a talent! I find it so loving and cute that you think in that pea sized brain of yours, that you, YOU, can beat me. Honey, I admire the ferocity you seem to possess, its a great skill but only if you can back it up and honestly, I don't even think you can back up a car correctly let alone defeat me. I mean, its obvious you are fighting some type of battle within yourself and I desperately urge you to seek mental help. There are many qualified psychiatrists that can help you! Admitting you have a problem is the first step, sweetie!!

Vanessa chuckles, takes a deep breath and continues]

Now, I really just wanna find out where you are and come beat the living shit out of you, so bad that your own parents won't recognize your pitiful, sad face but I wouldn't want to improve your looks any so with that being said, I'll settle for this. You can try and get into my head as much as you want, it's not much of a battle coming from you. I mean, seriously, you are like the woman they use to create a blueprint on how to build an idiot, so you don't phase me. Say all you want about my father, it just goes to show how much you really don't know about me, unlike you claim. And as far as you being a storm, your the kind of storm that little kids are afraid one, the one who has small bursts of thunder and maybe a little lightning, that causes kids to run to their parents. I, on the other hand, am the kind that worries meteorlogists, the kind that pops up out of nowhere and leaves a path of destruction a mile wide. The one that no one wants to endure, the one that leaves bodies in my way and moves onto my next victim

The cameraman shifts his feet around, getting obvious uncomfortable at this point

It's obvious Mc Twizzlestick over here is getting uncomfortable, which is understable being in the presence of someone so awesome such as myself, so I'll make this quicker than I had originally intended. You are correct on one thing, you're definitely one of a kind. But the thing with that is, I've seen people like you but normally, I'd have to pay admission fees to see things like you.

Vanessa shudders

After all is said and done, you won't be anywhere near having your hand raised. You'll be in the back of an ambulance, on your way out of the arena because I'm going to mutilate you. I could care less about the other girls. They didn't create a stir like you. At this point, my hand will be the one raised in that ring while your in the fetal position, crying because I crushed your dreams of anything remotely positive happening for you. I suggest you have a psych on call and at the hospital waiting for you because I already have the ambulance on standby, right outside the arena just waiting for the minute that first drop of blood leaves that sweet face of yours. A paper bag will become your best friend after I am done with you, along with several gauze pads and tape to wrap up all the bruises that are going to cover your entire body. I'm going to take you to the limit, to see exactly what you can handle and what you can't. As I said when I stated I can adapt, that isn't a threat sweetheart, it's a promise. XWF just got a whole lot more interesting because originally I thought they let anybody in with a heartbeat because I mean, it's pretty clear brains aren't everything because in your case, they're nothing. But, all that aside, I do want to offer you a small piece of advice because I honestly feel sorry for your pitiful self. Read your Bible and start praying, honey because once that bell rings, its you I'm after. If it's not my hand raised in the middle of the squared circle, thats perfectly okay to me because as long as I beat your ever loving ass up one side of this arena and down the other, than I could lose the match and STILL walk away happy. You, my sweet, won't even be walking away let alone walking away a winner.

Uh, thank you, Miss Navarro

Vanessa looks at the cameraman, squints her eyes, glances back at the camera and points to it, with one perfectly manicured finger

YOU. Dear one. I urge you to sleep sweet the next few nights because it's going to be the last time you'll have peaceful sleep in a LONG time, I guarantee it. You never know where I'm going to be, when I'll be watching you, what I'll be doing until the time when it's too late and by when I'm done with you, you'll be begging for mercy.

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