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Coming Home.
04-14-2018, 11:13 PM
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Tokyo in April. Tokyo period.

It definitely wasn't what she was expecting. Her breathing started to pick up as she looked around, the realization of her setting taking place, and stealing her breath along with her imagination. She has to use the nearby park bench to steady herself, trying to put one foot under the other, her body shaking as her anxiety starts to roar it's ugly head. The confusion of the land was strikingly similar to when she woke up after her kidnapping as a child, but that's a story for another time...

Japan wasn't anything like she anticipated. With Japan being the birth place to so many legendary things, trading card games, cars, video game systems, televisions, radio towers, power rangers, slanty eyes... wait, ignore that last one. With that being said though, Chelsea expected big city action with lots of lights, sounds, samurais, ninjas, evil corporations hell bent on taking over the world, that sort of thing. And of course, who could forget Godzilla! The creature standing taller than any building, carving out a path of destruction and chaos as it went through the city, building by building, multitude of people by multitude of people. Nothing could stop him.

But there was nothing.

No ninjas, samurais, or any other deadly hidden creatures.

No evil corporations (that she could see) that were sneaking around her, tailing her every move.

No big city action.

And of course, no Godzilla. No chaos, no destruction, no running away and screaming, nothing. Which, out of all the losses she considered, this would be the easiest one to forgo. She'd be completely fine if she never had to see any Chaos or Destruction again. But there WAS, people. A bunch of people walking around her, speaking languages she could barely afford to figure out the name of, let alone what they were actually saying.

She had been here for 5 months wrestling for the Japanese Fighting and Wrestling Federation (JFWF), but she hadn't traveled out of her hotel and little section of the city much. This wasn't her FIRST time out by any means, but it most certainly was her most extensive. And all for him.

The only reason she had decided to come out this way, into Tokyo, was because he rang. If it wasn't for him, if it wasn't for his call, she would have been perfectly content finishing up her last month in Japan in her hotel. After all, she was finished with her final match, she was the Women's Champion already, and she was ready to go home. But after all he did for her, she couldn't ignore his call. However, I think we're jumping the gun a little bit.

The Japanese people were one of the kindest, most egoless people she's ever met. They were nice, big hearted, and more than willing to help her out whenever she needed help. However, this day she's in hiding. Her baseball cap, sunglasses, and stereotypical baggy clothes that looks like she's out of a hip hop magazine kind of give that away. She's hoping nobody recognizes her from the JFWF, but being Tokyo, that was a slim chance. She had to try anyway.

As if on cue, she captures the attention of a couple young fans who locked their eyes in with hers. Don't you hate it when that happens? One seemed older than the other, and it was that one that took his younger brother by the hand and led him toward them, her anxiety growing as she watches them by the step. They reach her position, and start unloading line after line in a language she doesn't understand. She reaches a hand out to stop them.

Chelsea: I'm sorry! I don't know what you're saying!

As Chelsea stared at the boys, confusion spreading across her face, they looked at each other and the older one became more bold in his tone. He started repeating himself a little louder, mentioning something about JFWF. However, he gets silent along with his brother, as their eyes glide past Chelsea and onto a target right behind her head. Before she could turn to look, a hand is placed on her shoulder. At first she freezes up, concerned at who may be touching her, but when the hand squeezes her shoulder and runs the thumb across the blade of her shoulder, she immediately realizes the touch without even having to turn around. She nods to the person standing behind her as the two boys run off into the distance. It's time.

She stood in the hotel room, knowing it was going to be her last day there. Looking around and seeing what she called home over the last few months, it was a bitter sweet farewell. She looked at the dresser, the big scratch down the center of it from when she was running late and tripped over it, her belt scratching the surface as she fell. It's the little things like that, that make big movements like this seem even bigger.

But she knew, when he called she had to answer. After their brief conversation she knew exactly what she had to do. She continued to kneel on her bed, or the hotel's bed that she was sleeping on temporarily, and looked at the briefcase as she continued to pack her things. She looked at her outfits that she wore for JFWF, and she looked at the empty spot on the inside flap of her briefcase where she used to store her "Playbook of Moves" she called it, when she first started out. She smiled, reminiscing of when she first got there and how incredible it was that she didn't even need to look at the book anymore. She remembers throwing it away clearly, the day after she won that championship gold.

She finished up packing the suitcase and closed it shut, figuratively and literally as she thought about this chapter in her life, the JFWF, being closed shut as well. She brings the zipper and runs it along the side of the suitcase zipping it up, before turning it onto it's side off the bed and onto the wheels on the bottom. She rolls it over to the door and turns back to the room. She looks down on the dresser again and next to the big long scratch was the plane ticket. She looked over at the destination as it said "Hobart, Tasmania". Next to it was the envelope it came in, and peeking out was a bold lettered invitation that said "XWF". She took a deep sigh and pulled out her cell phone. She dialed a number and waited.

Chelsea: Hi, yes! I'm Chelsea Storm! I just wanted to let you know I was ready, I'll be heading down any minute with my things. So this XWF thing, you said you'll be representing me? Unh hunh. Already? A Battle Royal? Who's Mandy Rider? Two I's? Interesting. I'll be down in a sec, but it appears on this long flight, I'll have a lot of catching up to do. No, I wouldn't say nervous, more excited. Haha you're absolutely right, Mandii won't know what's coming. Neither will the girls in the royal. See you in a sec.

It was a bright afternoon, which was interesting seeing as how the sun was shining similarly to the time of day it was when Chelsea left Tokyo in the first place. It was almost as if time had stood still, stopped to pay it's respect and final regards to Chelsea's place in the JFWF. Now however, time was going to have to catch up. We're off to a new adventure, featuring the XWF, Chelsea Storm, and a new component to this story. At least for the beginning. Mandii Rider.

Chelsea had done a lot of research on her, and she definitely seemed like a more formidable opponent, but also she didn't see anything out of the usual list of suspects she would expect to face in the ring. Mandii may hold the championship that Chelsea will soon have, but besides that difference in the two, the pendulum swings in favor of Chelsea not Mandii. Chelsea has the upper hand here though specifically, as she knows Mandii but Mandii can't say the same. No worries though, Chelsea knows Mandii will soon know who she is. She'll know all about Chelsea, all about her capitalizations on others mistakes. All about Chelsea's dominance in the JFWF and the soon to be dominance in the XWF, the streak of chaos and destruction that is coming into these doors. She'll know soon, but by then, it'll be too late. It'll be Chelsea's hand raised, and it'll be Chelsea's belt around her waist.

Chelsea was caught off guard however, as she was walking through the airport escorted by her newly aquired manager and the three big men in suits surrounding them, which Chels never asked but would assume would be their body guards. She was stopped suddenly, as a group of people rushed up to ask her a bunch of questions. She wasn't sure how they had gotten word that she would be arriving, or what they were wanting to ask, because the body guards had a very "convincing" way of keeping people out of her bubble. She definitely could get used to this treatment. They continued walking past the crowds, and down the long stretch of hallway to a car outside, waiting. As she entered the car, her agent began the conversation.

Agent: So Chelsea, can I call you Chels? Anyways Chels, I was telling you on the phone, you're booked in a Battle Royal match coming up relatively soon, on the...

The Agent stumbled over his words, pulling his phone out of his side jacket pocket and pulling up the calendar. However before he could answer, Chelsea who was staring out the window as she was along for the ride, quickly chirped up not giving any attention to the agent.

Chelsea: Twenty-fifth. It's the twenty-fifth of April. It's against 9 other women, at least for now. Supposedly it is subject to change, so anything is possible. I've studied those women though, some more intensely than others. Jenny Myst, who just dominated Rain in the ring which I can't blame her, Rain wasn't much of a competitor to begin with, and yet when faced with real competition like that triple threat for a shot at the championship, she came up short. Expectedly. Remi Skyfire, the one-eyed pirate who believes more in tattooing her body than she does in preparing for matches. The only dangerous thing about her is her name, Remington named about a gun, or in some cases, a razor. Well at least she's compensating in some way for her obvious lack of actual competiveness.

The car hits a bump that sends Chelsea's voice back into her throat, and causes the Agent to knock down the pad and pen he was writing frantically on, trying to take down the notes that he's getting from Chelsea. Chelsea mumbles under her breath about the driver's ability to drive, but turns her attention back outside the car through the window. As she stares, she continues on mindlessly.

Chelsea: Amber Dawn, the neighborhood alcoholic smoker that nobody actually likes being around because her stench is absolutely repulsive. If she can even make it to the ring, then sure she might be some what competitive. Her goal in this match is to please some indecent has-been like Mandii or Robert to seduce them into some kind of sick, twisted three way. Gross. However, I heard she has a killer instinct. Unfortunately for her, she's never stepped for into the ring with me. Hell I heard she's never even step foot into a ring before, and this is a lot different than her wild goose chases she seems to enjoy. This is a ring, rules, organized chaos, and I... am Godzilla.

Chelsea turns to the agent, and for the first time she realizes he's writing down everything she is saying. Chelsea laughs, a glimpse of what almost seemed like pity shined through her looks that she sent toward the agent. She shakes her head, turning her attention however back to the outside. Chelsea never liked car rides, especially long ones. Especially in cities she has never visited. Especially with people she didn't know. Especially....

Chelsea: Then you got the obsessed with dead daddy girl, Vanessa. Not a has-been wrestler, but a never-will-be chick who thinks she has some shot at this royal because she can... adapt? No sorry, because she "learns quickly." The only thing she's going to be learning, is what it's like on the other side of this Storm Cloud feels like. She related herself to a storm, that made me laugh. She's only been in light rain, but at Warfare she'll feel what a real storm feels like. She'll learn quick, that's for damn sure. But make no mistake about it, and make sure this gets back to that pretty little thing. Let Vanessa know not to worry, or be "intimidated" which I know she assured us that she's not, but whatever. Foolish or not, assure her of this. Soon, and very soon, she will be reunited with her father in the grave, and at Warfare, I'll make sure of it. Tell Papi I said hey.

Chelsea laughs to herself as she says that, the agent feeling an overwhelming sense of morbidity and diseased, but shaking it off to continue trying to stay focused. He's never seen such distaste and abhorrence for a group of people as he's seeing from Chelsea concerning this group of girls in the ring. It's almost not like her, as her normal cheerful innocent child-like persona has become this person lazer focused on winning the match, or even more, dominating.

Chelsea: Decima I'm surprised even knows how to spell her name. I legitimately have nothing to say to her, seeing as how she appeared around 2 months ago and then that was the last anyone had even heard from her. Being 4'whatever she may be, I wouldn't be surprised if somebody sat on her. Judging by the roster the XWF has signed, that would be the least surprising thing I'd hear actually. Poor girl, wasting her talents and life away on the end of some chubby, oversized ass. Now that description ironically sums up my next competitors whole career, Claire Lloyd. Chubby, oversized ass would be a pretty accurate description to use for Claire's sad attempt at a wrestling career. Trying to get out from under her families shadow I understand, but when you realize you're not even the scum on the end of your daddy's shoe? Well, perhaps it'd be better to stay in the shadows of the "what if" then come to the sad realization of the "what is"... in this case, what is that thing you call a career?

Chelsea shakes her head. It's apparent she's done her research on these people, as even the agent who thought he had done more research in his weeks of studying before Chelsea was ever even alerted to the deals going down for her, and yet he had no idea some of this stuff! He continues listening, half for his agent side of things, the other half of his own personal inquisitive nature.

Chelsea: Erica Rosso? Last time that chick stepped into the ring, was with that Ghost Tank fello. Not sure what his deal is, but he got lucky he had to fight someone like Rosso. Anyone who can just lay down, is fine by me. It'll be nice to not have to fight someone in the Royal, so I would actually push for Erica to be in more of my matches! Hell, maybe we could get her to bring us drinks? Juni, well I can't say anything to her. No really, she doesn't speak any english I don't believe. Or perhaps she does, she's just been missing in action the past year she's irrelevant. If she'd like to show back up this time around, I'd be more than happy to send her back missing for another year.

The car pulls up to nearby location as the driver gets out. Chelsea turns toward the door but the agent stops her, pointing at the driver. As she turns her attention to the driver, she realizes they aren't at her destination yet, the driver just needed to get more gas. Long car rides are the worst, did she mention that already? As the driver gets back in after pumping it, Chelsea continues on talking to the agent or rather, past the agent and out the glass again.

Chelsea: Kim Anderson. You already lost to the joke that is Jenny Myst. Then you had your title shot and not only lost it, but for one of the few times in the history of wrestling, you tapped out to TWO DIFFERENT competitors at the same time. You basically lost twice in one go. That's terrible. And yet again, it was to Myst. So then they put you up against a ******, Dr. Emo so that you could get an easy win... yet you couldn't even be bothered to show up, yet again losing. Another triple threat up? Another loss down to Skully this time. I got so tired of seeing you lose, I almost wanted to pay someone to give you a win, but you'd probably find a way to lose that too! To be frank, I'd be surprised if you even decided to show up. All in all, this whole Royal won't be a very difficult match. It sure as hell isn't proving anything to Mandii Rider. However, watch carefully Mandii. Because it will show you a little of who I am. Not enough to really help you, but just enough to show you who will be taking that pretty little title off of your pretty little hands. Get ready... get set.... and Here. I. Come.

Chelsea laughs, smiling as she taunts inside the car, just as it pulls up to her destination. The agent and the driver both get out, grabbing her stuff from the back and the trunk and loading it up the drive way for her. She smiles as she thinks about Mandii Rider, and the Bombshell Championship. It wasn't so much about just winning the belt or some semi-attractive piece of jewelry. There was a certain enjoyment, lure if you will, that comes from dethroning someone like Mandii. To hold the belt high over her head, the victory being paraded around Mandii Rider, laying broken in the ring. Watching Mandii Rider fall from her pedestal high up in the air, planted by her own effort and work, only to be taken down by one of the newest members of the XWF. Chelsea new this was her time. This is her new start. Her new battle. Her new fight. Her new... home.
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