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Do me a favour?
04-14-2018, 04:00 AM
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[NOTE: all media used in this post are purely to set the tone for the reader, emotions in gifs are similar to what Danny would be showing, though the characters in the gif themselves are unrelated.]





He hadn’t been back in months, not since Danny had his merger with the voice in his head… Mr Imperial. That was to be a turning point, bringing the bloodlust that was Danny with the boy himself, a turning point for our hero to claim his rightful place atop the XWF masses. Alas… It was not meant to be. Mr. Imperial demanded entertainment, demanded fresh blood and that was simply not what he was getting, he got bored, impatient… He lost his hunger.

Yet, the merger had taken place, and when he lost his hunger so did Danny as a whole. He stopped trying, like those he had complained about. He just rolled over and let that faggot Kuhn walk all over him… And then he got kidnapped.

A masked men blindsided him, drugged him and stuck him in dark basement with no company but his tormentor. Chained and drug, Danny was put through tortures and abuses that he’d only seen in the darkest corners of the dark web. He was living a nightmare, at least to anyone else, but he just shut off… Let the crimes be committed and cowered in a corner of his mind. Two voices, speaking to each other, unfeeling of what was happening to their host body.

Until an opportunity presented itself. The tormentor had allowed an accomplice to feed him that day. An accomplice that was not quite as careful, not quite as strong, not quite as intelligent.

The smell of fear had wafted through the air as the new masked man walked in, Danny’s eyes snapping open at the familiar sweet scent. Danny’s eyes no longer had to adjust to the dark lighting of the basement, something the poor, new fool did not have the privilege of.

Danny braced himself, muscle dystrophy having weakened him but not overcome him. The man stumbled towards Danny, a stale sandwich in his hand. He lifted it to Danny’s mouth, but Danny did not react. Keeping his head slumped, as if he was unconscious, Danny’s breathing slowed. The man came closer, putting his handphone between his lips and using his spare hand to lift Danny by the head. Still, Danny did not move. The man got visibly annoyed, shaking Danny and slamming the back of his head against the cold cement wall. That was what he needed, a man unhinged.

Danny’s eyes snap open, his veins boiling with emotion. His pupils are dilated, not because of the darkness or exhaustion but a beautiful punch of oxytocin. The “love-hormone” rushes through his fail body as a silent scream tears its way through Danny’s vocal chords. Cracks ring through the room as the rusted chains break free from the wall, Danny’s hands following through with the motion and clamping tightly around the man’s head.

The first sound Danny’s made in weeks is…

[Image: Killing-Joke-GIF-4.gif]


Danny brings the man’s skull against his own, cracking both open to a torrent of blood. He brings the head to his shoulder, almost as if he’s hugging the man, before slamming the head repeatedly into the wall behind him.

With a grunt, the man slumps to the floor in a pool of his own blood, Danny breaks the chains around his ankles, freeing himself finally. The adrenaline still running through him, he grabs at the blood-covered phone, stumbling up the flight of stairs towards freedom.

The door swings open, revealing the long-unseen face of Jackson Turi, Danny’s butler, trainer, bodyguard and final guardian. He’s dressed in his usual, a pressed white shirt, perfectly tailored pants, soft white gloves and a beautifully decorated waistcoat, boasting intricate Indian embroidery. In contrast, Danny looked like he’d come straight out of a comic book. Albeit having escaped from his prison for over a week now, the cuffs of the chains he’d been imprisoned with were still around his arms. He seemed to have gotten rid of the ones by his ankles, but the bruising they had caused were still clear against his olive skin.

His shirt was a bloodied mess, ripped by the sleeves, none of the buttons it once had still present. Thus, it hung open to reveal a much smaller body, the edges of his ribs just barely visible under his skin, a shell of his former muscled-self.

“Well, you look like shit.”

[Image: landscape-1467733706-jared-leto-joker-suicide-squad.gif]

[shadow=red] “Well hello cunts.

I’ve missed you, and I’m sure you’ve missed me too.

How could you not, hm? These glorious locks, these stunningly beautiful eyes, the velvety sound of my voice as it caresses your cheeks… I get it, really.

But alas, life had it’s plans, plans that did not include entertaining you… But rather a sick fuck and his fantasies.

Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit it, I won’t pretend it didn’t happen, no-no-no.

I was kidnapped.

Kidnapped, chained and abused.

Raped and pillaged.

Yes, yes I was.

By whom, you ask?

Well, if I knew, I wouldn’t be here talking to you now, would I?

Of course not.

That would be ridiculous.

I, of all people, am not ridiculous.


Not. Ridiculous.

But I am one thing. Yes, one thing. Thing, ring, wing, sing, bring.... King.

I am one thing.

I am back.

So, fret not! Your screens shall welcome me once more.

Your hearts shall throb for me once again. Again, disdain, insane, unchain.

The 25th of April, on nothing but the XWF Network…. I will return.

Not only to show my face, no-no-no.

I will fight! I will face new blood… One of our many new faces since my disappearance. A lucky lil’ fella named Jon Willis.

Bad-ass Jon. Bounty-Hunter Jon. Deadpool-Willis. Ex-con Jon.

Ooh, he sends shivers down my spine… But wait!

Before we set off on our promotion tour! A few rules, for Jon to adhere to.

I saw this past week that you have a tendency to do something quite heinous… Refer to Mr. Valley as… Brother. That just will not do. I am not your brother, and you’ll remember that. You see, I’m royalty.

1. You will not call me your brother.

You also seem to be under the delusion that you’re… What’s the word… Rehabilitated? Out of the game? Whatever you call it…. No-no-no… That will not do. You are a criminal, with criminal tendencies of kidnapping and hurting, I will not let you pretend you are not.

2. You will embrace who you truly are, you cess-pool freak.

You live by the Montana rule? Named adorably after Tony Montana? Well fuck you. No-no-no, that will just not do. People don’t live their lives based on movies. What is this, a fucking game? “I never fucked nobody over in this life that didn’t have it coming to them.” Who is it that decides who has it coming to them… You, right? You might have some rules you think you follow, but get this in your head, you live in chaos and by impulse like all of us… I abhor your self-righteous bullshit.

3. You have no code, none of us do.

I’m not going to go on about how you’re some rookie and hence beyond my concern. That’s foolish, and I’m not fool, no-no-no. I will respect you as a wrestler, one who has come to make his name, and I appreciate that. I was getting bored with the ongoing complacency of this federation and it tickles my testicles to see so many new faces, so much new blood to spill. However, you will give me the same respect, you do not scare me and you do not have the right to put one of your disgusting little fingers on me until we face each other in the ring. Our fight will be for the world to see, and if you think it a good idea to show your face anywhere near me before that happens… I will break you.

4. Do not touch me till the 25th.

Four simple rules, you think an imbecile like yourself can follow that much?

Oh, where have my manners gone?

I am newly-unchained.

I am as hungry as ever.

I am Danny Imperial, and you’re my next endeavour.”

[Image: joker-laugh-gif-7.gif]
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