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PlaceMarker Werewolf in Chicago Pt3: DNA Doesn't Lie (rp3)
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04-13-2018 11:58 PM

DNA Testing: Complete

Nathaniel had been staring at those words for the better part of ten minutes. Doing anything further, would mean he'd have the answer to a question that he wasn't sure he wanted the answer for because then, it made everything all the more real. He'd have to face the facts about what happened in Germany and admit to himself that it wasn't simply some nightmare that his sub-conscious manifested. That the events during his brief visit to the fatherland, actually took place and henceforth, altered his very sense of being. He was changed. His DNA was compromised yet, not in a way that made him feel weaker or less than his previous self. The truth was, he felt great. Better than great, he felt fantastic. Like a new man and at the same time, way beyond even that. His senses were heightened. Keen and advanced. Not to mention, he was stronger than ever before. Though this didn't mean that he was weak or fragile to begin with. No. That was very much, not the case. However, after the incident, he quickly came into the realization that his strength had most definitely increased. Although, pulling your own refrigerator door off its hinges at 3am, tends to shine a pretty bold light on that sort of thing.

It was remarkable. Extraordinary. A quality that would no doubt, aid him in his quest for world domination. The only issue was the price of this modification. An adjustment that he hadn't quite learned to accept. It was one thing to speak about slaughter and plan out mass genocide. However, it was a totally different thing to not have control. To be overtaken by an urge so immense, it forced you to act without thinking. That was an issue that Nathaniel, couldn't embrace. How could he wrest sovereignty into his command, if he had no composure or self-restraint? Only cool, calculated thinking would win the battle ahead. Not reckless, extemporaneous actions committed without a thought given edgewise to the outcome.

Hitler ruled with emotions and extreme passion and in the end, he let it get the better of him and look what happened. Long ago, Nathaniel vowed to never allow a similar fate, befall him. That he would learn from his predecessor's mistakes and do better. Be better. Where Hitler failed, Nathaniel would succeed. He would rule with a mixture of an iron fist ,unflappable nerve and clear-headed logic.. With plans prepared for every possible outcome. He'd be ready for anything. Nathaniel's reign wouldn't merely be remembered. It would be experienced and accepted as the new way of life for generations. It was his destiny, after all. Fate. The future of the new order would be determined by his actions, which meant they couldn't be spontaneous decisions supported by hasty judgments and rash choices. Sure, that's how you could pull in people's attention and maybe even start a revolution but in the long run, the structures built on that type of impetuous formula, would always eventually cave in upon themselves. Crumble far before becoming concrete and Nathaniel, was in for the long haul. He wanted to live a long life, lived through the criteria of his designs for an improved future and die knowing, that those standards were forever set in stone. Was that really too much to ask for?

This also meant he couldn't hide from the truth either. He had to know and understand all the variables that were in play. No matter what they were, he had to face that shit, head on. A pure blooded, German would do no less. That is what he kept telling himself anyway, despite what happened in Germany. What occurred may have altered his DNA and changed him in ways that he couldn't completely accept or explain, but that didn't erase his birthright or his heritage and it didn't obliterate the direct bloodline that he shared, with the Einsatzgruppen. If anything it gave him the power to proceed in ways that couldn't have been accomplished otherwise. It was an enhancement. A modification that would benefit his cause not dismantle it. With that in mind, Nathaniel sighed and proceeded to read the results of the DNA test. Much to his dismay, it was an absolute match.

Cornelius Holland was ripped to shreds by an exceptionally, large animal. Nathaniel Adolph Zachary Idenhaus, was that animal. The only problem with this revelation, was that he didn't recall ever committing the act. The night in question. The moment when Mr. Holland was brutally torn apart. Was a complete and total blank for Nathaniel. An endless darkness from which no memories stirred. And for the first time in a very long time, Nathaniel experienced a sensation that hadn't overtaken him, since he was a small boy... he was afraid.
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