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Wednesday Night Warfare - 03/28/2018
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03-29-2018 06:19 AM



Tank Hammet
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
Richard Dweck
Fatal Fourway!

Chris Valley
- vs -
Standard Match!

- vs -
Finn Kühn
Singapore Cane Match!

Each competitor will have use of a Singapore Cane!

Jackie Peppers
- vs -
Glisten's Game Match!

There will be a four post bed in the ring with silk scarves on very post. Winner tis his opponent down to the bed with all four... and is awarded FIVE MINUTES TO DO AS HE PLEASES!

- vs -
- vs -
Peter F'n Gilmour BAYBAY

Winner is decided when BOTH other opponents are hoisted in the air by meathooks!

Chris Chaos
- vs -
Jenny Myst
Who Loves Who More Match!

Which one will say enough is enough and draw the line when it comes to harming their loved one???

- vs -
Mandii Rider
Standard Match!

Robert "The Omega" Main
- vs -
Muddy Waters
Towel Match!

Each man will reveal who will b in his corner in the first promo.

Match ends when one corner man throws in the towel!


Tank Hammet
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
Richard Dweck
Fatal Fourway!

The arena goes completely black for a moment, then the lights start to pulsate as the music starts to blare through the PA system. As soon as the pyro goes off the lights turn on, the people in the arena turn silent, the people are at awe and shock on how massive he is. He starts walking down the ramp, he yells out...IT'S GO TIME!, then he stops at the end of the ramp to take a deep breath. He approaches the ring, then he grabs the rope ring rope gets unto the ring aparon goes over the top rope then walks towards the middle of the ring. He raises his left hand as the pyro goes off.

"For once in his life, Drezdin actually looks like he's going to win."

"That remains to be seen Luca, but between us... I kind of believe you."

The bell rings, and Drezdin EXPLODES out of his corner, driving his shoulder into Tank Hammet with a massive SPEAR! Tank crumples immediately like a little bitch, and it looks like he's coughing up blood.

Drezdin then turns his attention to Echo and Dick, who are trying to play connect the dots with some poor kid's pimply face. Drezdin takes both of their heads and SMASHES them together, Three Stooges Style! Both Echo and Dick are on wobbly feet, and Drezdin gives Dick a HARD uppercut, and sends Echo packing with a Big Boot!

"I don't think I've ever seen Drezdin act so dominantly before!"

"Looks like his one win is about to become two, Pip."

Tank is trying to crawl back up to his feet, but Drezdin is right there behind him! He locks his arms in between Tank's into a full nelson position-- THE EQUALIZER DRAGON SUPLEX HITS! And Drezdin is chaining it! He's not letting go as he brings up Tank, still in position-- ANOTHER EQUALIZER! Tank's blood can be seen violently spurting from his mouth now, which doesn't help matters as Drezdin hits ANOTHER Equalizer, and--



The impact of skull against mat sent Tank Hammet's head flying clean off his body, rolling out of the ring and landing right on the barricade, scaring a poor woman for life! Drezdin laughs as he turns his attention back to Echo and Dick, who are just now starting to climb back to their feet. Drezdin gets a wicked smile on their face, as he kicks both of them in the gut-- SUPLEX POSITION AS HE RAISES BOTH MEN AT ONCE!

"There is no fucking way."

"It looks like there IS a fucking way, Pip!"

DOUBLE REALITY DESTROYER TO ECHO AND DICK RIGHT ON TOP OF TANK HAMMET! Drezdin has all three of them in a pile, in which he snarls as he places a boot on the pile, the ref counting.




"And Drezdin with a dominating victory! What a message has been sent here tonight!!"

"Good shit from Drez, now let's see if he can make something out of killing a man and probably sending the other two to the infirmary for the night."

Winner: DREZDIN!

Chris Valley
- vs -
Standard Match!

Our next match is scheduled for one fall...Introducing first..From New Bedford Massachusetts.Weighing 235lbs standing 6'1" Chris Valley...

As the hustling and bustling of breaths hit the PA Speaker, this signals the entrance of the most deprived and nastiest men too step up too the plate today. Out from the back comes Chris Valley, too the old familar sound of hate towards him. No smile on his face, no swagger too his step, just a crack of the knuckles and the neck as he walks down the entrance ramp. In his hand is a bag of his signature thumbtacks, and as he makes his way down the apron of the ring, he sets them into the corner, hops up and into the ring, and spreads his arms too shout: "MAD, DOG, VALLEY." The fans boo even louder, and he only brushes his arms off and backs into the corner, brushing his hair out of his face as he waits.

Introducing next his opponent..From Cincinnati Ohio, Weighing in at 230lbs standing 6'1" ...Mezzzziiiaaannnn.
The lights go aout and the wordsYOUR...END.....IS......NIGH!!!! scrolls across the screen.

The lights come back on and Mezian is standing outside the ring smiling at Chris Valley. He climbs into the ring and climbs the corner while facing Valley he Screams Nigh!!!

The two stand chest to chest. The ref seperates the twoa nd signals for the bell. Valley charges Mezian throwing right hands at Mezian's head. Each one making the vet reel back more and more. Once pushed in to the corner Valley switches to kicks.The young up and comer is relentless. The ref pulls valley back away from Mezian. Valley holds his hands up pleading his case to the ref.
Mezian comes out of the corner and begins his own assault. Striking valley over and over again.Mezian hip tosses Valley on to his back, he mounts him and begins to drop fists.The crowd begins to count.





Mezian stops for a moment smiling. You can here him say " This could be you Chaos!"He begins to pummle Valley again.Mezian stands up and walks away form Valley and moves around the ring. Valley gets to his feet, Mezian moves back to wards him. Valley goes to kick him, landing it square in the gut of Mezian.Valley grabs Mezian and spikes Mezian's head into the mat.


Valley rolls over Mezian and goes for the cover.




Mezian get the shoulder up just in time. Valley seems livid by the resiliance of Mezian. He pleads his case to the ref once again. Valley get Mezian to his feet, Valley again kicks Mezian in the gut and hits Mezian with a Cutter. Rolling Mezian over again.




Mezian once again gets his shoulder up right at three. Valley sits up again and this time he gets in the face of the ref. Yelling and screaming at him. Valley is beyond livid he pokes the Ref in the chest. The ref warns him of his DQ if he does it again, Valley turns arouns to grab Mezian but he is no there. Valley cant fins Mezian anywhere. Mezian slides into the ring from behind him and spins him around. Catching Valley with a chop to the chest. Mezian contiues to chop him in the chest each one knocking backwards towards the corner. Once in the corner Mezian grabs Valley by the hair and screams at Valley "NIGH".

Mezian grabs Valley and starts to move him up the turn buckle. Valley tries to block whatever Mezian is trying to do.But Mezian continues to move Valley up the turnbuckle. Mezian and Valley get to the top and Valley starts to fight back again. This time he is a sucsesful,he knocks Mezian off the turnbuckle and back to the mat. Mezian lands on his feet and runs back up the turnbuckle. Once to the top Mezian grabs Valley and flips both of them backwards.

Fall From Grace form the top rope!!!The crowd begins to chant in amazment..




Mezian and Valley both remain prone and motionless in the ring. The ref begins to count.







Meizan and Valley both start to make their way to their feet. Valley picks Mezian up by his hair and stand him up. Once Mezian is back to his feet Valley lifts Mezian up on to his shoulders.But Mezian begins to wiggle out. Mezian lands on his feet and spins a Valley around. Kick to the gut, mezian hoists Valley on to his shoulders the time...he lifts him....


Valley's head is nearly knocked clean off as Mezian goes for the cover.




Winner - Mezian

- vs -
Finn Kühn
Singapore Cane Match!
Each competitor will have use of a Singapore Cane!

Wraith walks to the ring. Get's in the ring and waits.

As the heavy riffs of No Resolve's Kill Us echo their way through the arena, the fans begin to litter the stage and arena with boos as they know who's coming out. As the main riff starts to play, Finn Kühn makes his way out from the back in a long, black jacket, and his head bowed and in a hood, walking slowly towards the ring, allowing all the noise from the fans to go in one ear, and out the other.

As the lyrics began playing, Finn removes his hood, looking ready, determined, and walks to the ring with purpose. Once in the ring, he poses on the turnbuckles as fans continue to boo the Kaiser. After a few seconds, he hops down, and waits for the match to begin.


The two competitors circle each other, each wielding their Singapore cane as though it were a sword. Finn Kuhn swings first, trying to catch Wraith in the ribs but the masked marvel parries the strike expertly and plants a boot into Finn's chest that sends the youngster stumbling backwards. Wraith tries to follow the front kick with a few short swings of his own cane, but Finn recovers and manages to block each one. Wraith throws another heavy kick but Finn sees it coming this time and spins out of the way and drives his cane hard into the back of Wraiths thigh, dropping him to his knees.


"A very clean shot to the hamstring of Wraith! Nice job, Finn!"


Finn drops his cane to the mat and dropkicks the kneeling Wraith in the spine, sending him crashing to the mat face first. Finn pops back to his feet and grabs his cane, lifting it high over his head and bringing it down like a tomahawk on Wraiths feet and calves. The crowd gasps in horror as Finn lifts the cane and proceeds to bring three more heavy shots down on the lower limbs of Wraith before the masked mystery manages to grab the bottom rope and pull himself away from the beating and out to the safety of the ring apron. Finn Kuhn gives him no chance to recover, dropping his cane again and running off the ropes, rebounding across the ring and throwing a low drop kick that sends Wraith flying from the apron to the floor below!

Wraith just took a heavy shot there, and an even heavier landing! He looks like his entire body is in pain right now! His legs took the cane shots, he got dropkicked in the body, and he landed head first on the floor! Wraith is writhing in agony, but he doesn't even know which body part to grab! Finn celebrates in the ring, posing triumphantly before picking up his cane again and venturing over to the ropes to look down at Wraith. He realizes he may have an opportunity to do some more damage, so once more drops his cane and sprints across the ring to the ropes, rebounding back and leaping over the top rope with a suicide dive!

"Wraith is on his feet!"


"GOOD GOD! Wraith timed that perfectly, and popped back to his feet just in time to rip a baseball swing at Finn's skull!"

Kuhn crashes to the floor, blood immediately pouring from his forehead after that surgically precise strike! He groans in agony, but Wraith is already on him with stomps and kicks, driving him into the fan barrier! He's stunned, he's bloodied, and he's cornered! This is not a good spot for the young lion! Wraith lands about six consecutive kicks, but finally Kuhn manages to grab a hold of his leg and take him down, retreating quickly from the downed Wraith to try and recover. He lifts his hand to his split forehead, looking at his blood stained fingertips in horror. He quickly rolls back into the ring, holding his face and trying to show the referee. The referee shrugs his shoulders, unsure what Finn expects him to do.

"Is he trying to get this match stopped because of blood?"

"It's a Singapore cane match! BUT OF COURSE you were going to get wrecked, sir!"

Wraith is up, and rolls into the ring after Finn. Finn sees him coming and dives for the cane he left on the mat earlier, but it's too late. Wraith kicks the cane across the canvas and under the bottom rope, leaving himself as the only man armed! Kunn scrambles out of the way of one cane strike, then drops under another! He punches Wraith with a stiff left, then hooks his head! DDT! Finn hits the DDT! Both men get to their feet, Wraith a bit slower than Finn, and Kuhn rushes forward with a running high knee! Wraith eats the full power of the shot to the jaw, going limp for a second as Finn shifts his grip and hits a bull dog! Finn scrambles around Wraiths body, rolling him onto his back and hooking the leg for a cover!



Wraith kicks out! Finn sits up and throws a few hammer fists at Wraith trying to keep him down! Wraith shoves Finn off of him and rolls to his feet, rolling his neck and bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet. Finn rushes at Wraith again, but Wraith is up to the task this time and counters with a spinning axe kick! Wraith picks up his Singapore cane, Finn woozy on his feet...

"Wraith is teeing him up!"


Finn eats another sickening cane shot to the head, and collapses in a heap on the canvas! He's got to be concussed! He's got to be out cold! Wraith is a mad man, he's going to decapitate this young superstar if he's not careful! Wraith drops to his knees, rolling Finn over on his back and hooking his leg for a cover!





Wraith turns to the referee, then decides to just put the final nail in Finn's coffin himself. He stands and grabs Kuhn by the hair, dragging him to his feet as well. Wraith hoist Kuhn onto his shoulders, setting up for The Absolution!

"Wraith looks to be setting up for his variation of the Burning HAmmer! If he lands it, this match is likely over!"

Finn, desperate to break free, begins to struggle as he pulls at Wraiths mask.

"Finn Kuhn is using this as an opportunity to unmask Wraith!"

"Wraith is off balance. He doesn't know what to do!"

Wraith releases his grip on Finn and allows him to roll off his his shoulders, but as he does, Finn manages to rip the mask off of Wraith's face on the way down! rips


Wraith with a look of shock by his sudden and unexpected unmasking, pats at his face, ensuring that the mask has indeed been removed.


"I knew it all along Pip, Mike and I are tight like that!"

"Sure you did!"

Finn, back to his feet, runs up behind Wraith and tries to grab him from behind!





Finn Kuhn lands the Knife in the Back on Wraith... or is it Michael Graves? I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA! It looks like it took everything Finn had left in the tank though, as the effort and blood loss have combined to leave the young star passed out on the mat... WITH WRAITH ON TOP OF HIM!

Both men are out, but Finn literally pulled his opponent onto him!

The referee drops down for the cover!





Both men lay motionless in the ring, the referee attempting to revive them as medical professionals rush to ringside. The fans cheer this display by both men, and cheer even louder at the swerve by kooky ass Michael Graves... or Wraith? WE'RE STILL CONFUSED! Wraith begins to move, and when he's notified that he won he holds a fist up in the air before Finn Kuhn jumps on him like a monkey with rabbies.

Graves and Finn are going back and forth now at a breakneck pace, trading forearms with each other! For every hit each of the competitors give each other, they receive one at full force!

Graves is finally getting the advantage here! His forearms just keep coming as he DRIVES them into Finn's skull, harder and harder and harder! Finn slumps to the canvas on one knee as Wraith bounces off the ropes--


"Finn Kühn just drove that Singapore Cane right into Grave's knee!"

"Y'know, Pip, he had to do it to 'em!"

Graveslands in a heap, clutching his leg and screaming. Finn smiles sadistically, knowing this was the opening he needed. Raising the Singapore cane again... he drives it into Grave's knee once more as the masked assassin is writhing in pain! Finn raises the kendo stick once more!






Finn's hitting Graves with the kendo stick so hard it snaps in two! Finn then shrugs, tossing the broken weapon aside and continuing the assault.

Jackie Peppers
- vs -
Glisten's Game Match!
There will be a four post bed in the ring with silk scarves on very post. Winner tis his opponent down to the bed with all four... and is awarded FIVE MINUTES TO DO AS HE PLEASES!

The opening drum beat of Arrows in the Dark erupts throughout the arena as spews of flames shoot from the sides of the ramp. As the flames subside Jackie Peppers steps out through the entrance way and heads towards the ring, his gaze set on it. Jackie climbs onto the apron and onto the turnbuckle, raising his fist in the air and grinning, showing his deep red mouthguard.

Picture Goldust walking to the ring. That's what Glisten does but gayer.

Before the bell even sounds Glisten grabs all four of the silk scarves, ties both of his feet down and his left arm. He motions over towards Jackie who had been standing patiently in the corner.

Come on over fella, let's not delay the inevitable any further. Take me! Ring that bell you sexy bald bell man.

The scared longing bald man fearing for his life and possibly the sanctity of his anus rings the bell. DING DING DING!!

Jackie Peppers walks over to the right hand side of the bed, grabs the last silk scarf and quickly ties Glisten's right wrist to the bed post ending the match.

The bell rings for a second time as the ref raises Jackie's arm. Glisten licks his lips and mentally prepares himself to be ravaged but instead of being taken to pound town Jackie rolls out of the ring and runs to the back like a black man being chased by the police.

Winner - Jackie Peppers

- vs -
- vs -
Peter F'n Gilmour BAYBAY
Winner is decided when BOTH other opponents are hoisted in the air by meathooks!

Our next match is, and it gives me so very much joy to say this, a MEATHOOK MATCH! The only way to win is to hang both your opponents from meathooks! How exactly is this going to work?

I'm glad you asked, because until it was explained to me, I didn't want to believe it. For those of you who have never been inside of a butcher shop, you're in for a treat. Outside the ring are two large, moveable meat hanging racks. They've been factory-tested to support at least two hundred pounds per hook. Both racks have four meathooks each attached to the top of the rack.

It's up to the crazy bastards taking part in this match to decide how many hooks they want to use on their opponent, so long as they're able to keep their opponent fully suspended in the air with nothing but the meathooks keeping them aloft. The winner of this match is determined when both his opponents are attached to and suspended in the air by the meathooks and he's the lone man standing... literally.

It's grisly, it's brutal, it's barbaric, and it's going to be a fucking beauty of a match. And let's not forget! As an added bonus, additional weapons have been placed on several tables around the ring! It's like a hardcore Christmas in this bitch! I see baseball bats, staple guns, scissors, chairs, sledgehammers, panes of glass, nail boards, and more barbed wire than a federal supermax prison!

Let's get right to it!

The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then hear the eerie sounds of a bell being tolled and then an explosion of fire emitting from the entrance ramp. The beginning of DADDY'S FALLEN ANGEL by IN THIS MOMENT begins as the heavy guitar riffs kick in and red strobes dance around the stage. As soon as the verse kicks in, we see Peter Gilmour and his wife Maria Brink come out to the ramp. They smile at each other before going down the ramp hand in hand. Peter bobs his head to the song. They get in the ring together and Peter gets on the turnbuckle and throws up an "X" sign as pyro goes off above the ring. Peter hops down and kisses Maria as they wait his next victim.

The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL-

Likely due to the grisly barbarism they know is about to go down right in front of their eyes, this time only a few fans chant "ONE FALL".

And is a triple threat MEATHOOK MATCH! The only way to win is to hoist both your opponents up in the air and suspend them on the meathooks placed outside the ring! Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, standing 6'5'' and weighing 260 pounds... PETER! F'N! GILMOUR!

And the second man in this triple threat match... from Chicago, Illinois, standing 6'8'' and weighing 384 pounds of pure muscle... GHOST TANK!!!!!!

Ghost Tank walks out wrists and ankles seemingly bound in solid steel manacles. The sound of the chains scraping along the entrance way. As the song hits its slowest part, he throws his arms out in a t pose, ripping the chains away, freeing himself. He then rips the chains off of his ankles before making his way to the ring before he is stopped momentarily...

The lights dim to a sickly green color as a dark yellow smoke billows from the ramp in a peculiar fashion. The sound of thunder fills the arena and a dazzling array of spirits appear scattered throughout the crowd. In unison, thier voices come together....


The smoke clears, and the yellow dye in the smoke stained the ramp in a shape Ghost Tank is familiar with.

The letter......Z.

Tank looks around confused by what just happens but then proceeds to the ring.

"Who Are You" by the Who hits the arena speakers and the enigmatic Random comes out to the ring, riding, of all things, a Silverback Gorilla named Jones Sampson. Flanked by several animal handlers, Random rides down to the ring and gets in as if none of what had just happened was unusual. He smiles impishly as the trained staff escort Jones Sampson back up the entrance ramp. Thankfully Sampson doesn't feel the inclination to grab any pretty ladies and/or climb any gigantic skyscrapers, or else those animal handlers would've been in for a rough night.

And introducing last but certainly not least... from Who-Knows-Where, standing at Who-Knows-How-Tall, and weighing in at the scale-tipping weight of Unknown, HE! IS! RANDOM!

The bell rings to start the match, and all three men spend the first few seconds of the encounter eyeing each other up. Then a strange look, a mutual understanding, flashes across the faces of both Gilmour and Tank. Both men charge Random, and proceed to beat him down and pummel him. Both men whip Random towards the ropes, and on his return, Gilmour grabs Random and slams him down in a Sidewalk Slam while Ghost Tank whips him hard to the mat with a neck breaker! It's a combination maneuver that hits Random in tandem! But they're not done! Random is quickly brought back up to his feet and hauled up in a Powerbomb position! Ghost Tank jumps upward and catches Random by the neck on his way down while Gilmour falls forward! It's a Powerbomb/Lungblower combo!

It looks like Ghost Tank and Gilmour have put their enmity aside for the briefest of moments in order to put Random down hard and put him down fast!

They're not done either! I think it's about to get even worse for that poor Random bastard!

Now operating in unison, Ghost Tank scales the top rope while Peter Gilmour drags Random out of the ring and towards a nearby table. These table has several panes of plexiglass on it, and using extreme care, Gilmour climbs atop it and drags Random up on top of the table with him. Gilmour signals Ghost Tank and then hoists Random up for the Deathstrike! Ghost Tank leaps from the top rope and executes a Double Foot Stop onto Random! Gilmour uses the added momentum to drive Random all the way through several panes of plexiglass and the table below it with a devastating Deathstrike! The sound of glass breaking is completely eclipsed by the roars of "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" erupting from the crowd.

Good lord look at the carnage! Random is as random as his namesake but I don't know what he did to deserve such a devastating maneuver!

He signed up for this match, didn't he? You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes!

Peter Gilmour is slow to rise, having taken a few bumps and cuts on his way down through the plexiglass. Ghost Tank seizes the opportunity and grabs a chair from a nearby table. As Gilmour gets to a kneeling position, Tank wallops him hard across the back with the steel chair! Gilmour quickly gets up, wincing in pain, only to take a second shot! And a third! He turns around, only to have Ghost Tank bring the chair crashing down right on his head, busting him wide open and throwing him for a loop!

Not even close to being done with doling out punishment, Ghost Tank doesn't give Gilmour a moment to recover. He eyes a nearby table that has several nail boards seated on top of it and gives the crowd a wide, sadistic grin. He hauls Peter Gilmour up, bleeding heavily and likely concussed, and executes a devastating running powerslam, through the boards, through the nails, and through the table! The crowd again erupts in chants of "HOLY SHIT!"

What inhuman brutality! I love this place!

Ghost Tank gets up as quickly as he can given what he just went through, and laughs as he realizes he didn't come out of that maneuver unscathed: almost a dozen nails are sticking into the back of his right hand. With a grunt he rips them all out in one motion, and his hand quickly becomes covered in blood. Paying no attention to his injury, Tank grabs up Gilmour and drags him to one of the meat hanging racks! The crowd screams in anticipation, and then in horror, as Ghost Tank lifts Gilmour up and pierces his right shoulder all the way through with a meathook! Gilmour screams in agony as he dangles in midair, but when Ghost Tank goes to grab Gilmour's other shoulder and foist it on top of another meathook, he loses his grip from all the blood that is pouring from his hand!

This gives just enough time for... Random! Random, barely standing, manages to hit Ghost Tank in the back of the head with a baseball bat before collapsing to the floor once more! Without a second meathook to support his weight, Gilmour's shoulder is ripped wide open as the meathook he had been pinned to comes loose and breaks off! Gilmour yells in pain as he rips what little is left of the meathook off of what little is left of the top of his shoulder.

All three men are down and hurt like hell! Whoever gets to their feet first just might win this match!

Bleeding badly from the back of his head, Ghost Tank lets out a roar of anger, gets to his feet, and he grabs both Random and Gilmour, smacking their skulls together to daze them, and began to bring them out to the ring. As they got back to their senses, they both tried to punch Tank, trying to stop him, only for them to be tossed into the ring apron, then thrown, one at a time, into the ring via under bottom ropes.

He the climbed the side of the ring, climbed over the top rope, before letting out another roar of anger, which filled the arena over the chants. He grabs Peter, tossing him into the ropes, and as he comes back to GT, the monstrous man moves aside a bit and then runs with him, only to grab him by the waistband and neck, only to fling him, much like trash, up over the top rope and sent flying into the fans, breaking his fall. Random tries to attack Tank from behind. Kicking his legs, punching his ribs. GT turns around, looking at him with fire in his eyes, and if he could, he was so angered by the attacks he'd probably set Random aflame with that look. Random goes for a nut kick, only to have the Beastly man throw a kick of his own, sending Random off-balance, and flat onto their back. Ghost Tank then jumped up and he came crashing down onto Random with both feet. If Random's ribs weren't broken by that double stomp, then they'd definitely feel it for weeks to come.

As Peter was recovering, and seemingly attempting to climb over the barricades, GT then picked Random up and threw them into a corner, only to rush after them and spear Random into the corner, and using the momentum of that spear, Tank went through the middle ropes and his charge resumed as he jumped up and Gilmour would feel gigantic boots absolutely CRASHING into his skull, causing Gilly to fly up and over the barricade, as he is essentially flung by the blow.

Ghost Tank felt beer, popcorn and sticky beverages thrown at him and on top of him. This made the Monster look towards who was throwing all of it, and he saw several fans wearing Gilmour shirts. To see Gilly fans assaulting him, was punishable by death. Or a light maiming. He saw one of the fans were wearing glasses, so he hopped the barricade, took them forcefully, then broke the ear piece, exposing the metal underneath and went straight into carving the forehead, just underneath the hairline, of the fan. He continued to carve his skin, tracing along his face as the fan screamed in horror. Once the entire face has been carved from one point to the other, he gripped the loose skin, and yanked it, pulling the fan's face off, revealing only muscle underneath.

Ghost Tank then placed the face onto his, and the Gilmour fans that hadn't fled yet, would meet a fate less painless, technically. One would live with constant pain, and as GT used the metal in the glasses, he'd stab the others in their necks before leaving the fans and hopped over the barricade, to deal with both Gilly and Random once more, feeling like the ending was coming, and wanted to destroy both of them on their way to the Meat hook area.

That man is a monster made real! Look at what he did! I'll be seeing that visual in my nightmares tonight!

Fuck your nightmares, I'll be seeing that visual on YouTube on repeat! I can't wait for the ten-hour looping version!

As Ghost Tank closes in on his competitors, he reaches his first victim: Random. He hauls Random up to his feet... but gets blindsided! Random was playing possum and had grabbed a handful of thumbtacks! Dozens of thumbtacks are sticking through Random's hand due to the risky maneuver, but dozens more are sticking to Ghost Tanks face! Ghost Tank bellows in anger... only to eat a sledgehammer to the back, courtesy of Peter Gilmour! Not one to be outdone, Random uses his good hand to grab a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire! Peter Gilmour and Random take turns assaulting Ghost Tank with their weapons! They beat the big man down! Ghost Tank isn't moving! Peter Gilmour and Random look at each other... and begin dueling with their weapons!

It's like Star Wars on crack! Or a modern-day hardcore swordfight!

Both men attempt to hit the other with their weapons, only for the other to block with his weapon and begin the dance again. Both men are in the fight for their lives, and their adrenaline kicks into overdrive as they dodge, parry, thrust, lunge, riposte, and counter. With a roar of fury and a surge of power, Peter Gilmour strikes Random's barbed wire 2x4 with all the strength he can muster, breaking it in half and leaving Random defenseless! Random is so surprised by this that he is caught completely unaware by Gilmour's backswing, which catches Random flush on the face, knocking him out cold!

Good lord! He's done! That man needs an ambulance!

With that kind of shot, fuck an ambulance! He probably needs a good mortician!

Somehow, Peter Gilmour finds the strength to grab Random and drag his lifeless shell to one of the meat hanging racks, and successfully hooks Random through both shoulders with the meathooks! With one opponent down, Gilmour turns to face Ghost Tank... only for Ghost Tank to stab him in the face with a pair of scissors! Gilmour goes down as blood pours from his head! The fans are treated to a gruesome sight, to true brutality, as Ghost Tank kneels, grabs Gilmour's head in one hand, and uses the other to continually stab Gilmour's head, again and again, over and over, with the scissors! Gilmour's face is a free-flowing fountain of crimson as Ghost Tank drags him to the only remaining meat hanging rack, easily ignoring Gilmour's feeble attempts to get free of Tank's grasp. Ghost Tank attempts to hook Gilmour onto one of the meathooks... but Gilmour slides off! His shoulder was too badly sliced open and the meathook can find no purchase! Thinking quickly, Ghost Tank runs to a nearby table and grabs a staple gun!

Oh my god! Ghost Tank is going to use the nails as sutures! He's going to staple Gilmour's wound closed so he can win this match!

And that's just what he does! Ghost Tank laughs hideously as Gilmour cries out in pain while Ghost Tank jams staple after staple into Gilmour's wounded shoulder, trying to seal it closed! By the time Ghost Tank is done, Gilmour is unable to put up any further resistance! Ghost Tank hangs Peter Gilmour up by the meathook, and Gilmour's shoulder holds! He's on the first hook! Not wanting to waste any time, Ghost Tank quickly shoves Gilmour's other shoulder onto a second meathook! Both opponents are suspended in mid-air! GHOST TANK WINS!

Winner - Ghost Tank

Chris Chaos
- vs -
Jenny Myst
Who Loves Who More Match!
Which one will say enough is enough and draw the line when it comes to harming their loved one???

[shadow=white]"FOLLOW ME"[/shadow] comes up on the screen in blue stays on the screen until it melts in pink letters, reading [shadow=white]"PERFECTION"[/shadow]. After about 5 seconds, in half blue and half pink letters, "POWER" comes up on the X-Tron as Aramanthe's drums and guitar riff begin. At the 10 second mark, Chris and Jenny step through the smoke at the rampway. Jenny bends and twists, blowing a kiss (WWE Maria) and Chris stands behind her, throwing up an X with his arms (symbolizing him killing AX3). When the pose is finished, he twirls her around, bends her back, they kiss, then walk to the ring. When they get to the ring he holds the ropes open for and she enters slowly, Velvet Sky style with a step through and a little ass shake.

Here we go! The Power Couple is in the house!

I've already disinfected.

They came out together, however. What does that mean?!

Tig O' Bitties:This next match is set for one fall and is a who loves who more match! Introducing, the XWF Powe Couple, Jenny Myst and Chris Chaos!

Chris is in the ring with a mic.

Chaos: Before this match begins, I would like to address the comments of Finn Kuhn last week. You see, Finn has all of the sudden grown some balls. Finn has gotten too big for his own head and it is going to get him in a world of trouble. Finn, we don't hate you, we don't. We wanted to help you, we wanted to help to elevate your career, because we saw so much talent falling to the wayside and another promising career about to be ruined here in the graveyard of champions. We wanted to push you to the very edge, Finn, and see how you would react. Now look at you, Universal Title shots, Shove It appearances, Pay Per View matches that aren't could say we......made Finn Kuhn relevant again?

Oh come on! He can't be serious! Is he serious?!

He's got a point.

Chaos: Our one mistake is that we didn't reel in the beast when we had him on the line, and now he is beginning to get away. The monster WE created is beginning to develop of mind of his own and has waged this little miniature "war" against us. Finn Kuhn, we are going to be here, no matter what, and we are always open to hash this out. Come find us, because we are not going to run------

Jenny grabs the mic.

Jenny: Chris......stop being the spokesperson for "us".

Wow, didn't see this coming.


Jenny: I am the one who saw the potential in Finn and wanted to see if we could make him matter. I am the one who saw potential in the broken down, truck-stop has been that you became as well.


Jenny: I am the one who brought you back to where you are and made YOU matter again......but you've always held me down, haven't you, Chris? This has always been about you. Even when I was Bombshell Champion--the longest reigning ever, by the way--it was Chris this and Chris that. Now, I have a chance to win Shove It and go for the Universal belt and you're stuck being a champion you never would have been if I hadn't made you----

Chris grabs the mic back.

Chaos: You have always been my sidekick, Jenny. That is all. My girlfriend, and my sidekick. But you remember when we were going for the Tag Titles? Remember when I was in the KOTR tournament? YOU cost us that, cost me that. You have been trying to stick your nose in business not your own for some time now........

She grabs the mic back.

You feel this tension? You can cut this with a knife.

Jenny: And you aren't inserting yourself in my beef with Mandii? You have to be the center of everything, you have to have your name attached to everything. I ran this place while you were "down".......but lets tell the truth...shall came crying to me one day and asked me fix you.........

He grabbed the mic back.

Chaos: I just wanted a blowjo-----

She slaps him.

The crowd responds with an "ooooohhhh"

Mayde signals for the men to go to the ring, and Chris and Jenny look at themselves and brace for the conflict, standing back to back in fighting stances.

This is going to be a rumble!

This is soooo 1998.

The security guards surround the ring, getting up on the apron. Chris and Jenny prepare for the fight as the men step into the ring.

Taylor gives the order and the men charge. Chris and Jenny begin taking them down systematically. One after another. Equalizer to one, Pink Perfection to another. They clear the ring until there are only three left. Chris is crouched in the corner, waiting for a spear. Chris then feels a security guard grab his leg, and turns around. Jenny drops another and goes over to help Chris. The other guard is on him now, and he is fighting him off and just as he throws the man off...........

Jenny sprays Chris in the face with her pepper spray.

Oh no! Jenny hit Chaos with the mace!

She did that on purpose! It was pay back from Savage!

Jenny dropped the other two guards with two swift kicks as Chris rolled around, grabbing his eyes.

Jenny looks down at him, and ...........grins.

What the hell?!

So who loves who more now?

If these two love each other, they have a weird way of showing it!

Jenny backs up a few steps and turns towards the ropes when suddenly...

"Oh no..."

"Oh HELL yeah!"

"This could turn out very bad for Chris Chaos."

After a few minutes, Finn Kühn can already be seen walking out from the back, twirling around a lead pipe in his hands, a sadistic smile on his face. Chris and Jenny's faces go white, and Finn saunters down to the ring, not breaking eye contact with the Power Couple. As the camera zooms in on the Kaiser, he can be heard muttering, [shadow=purple]"Engy took out one member of Empire, now it's my turn..."[/shadow]

Chaos and Jenny are trying to flee out the back of the ring, but Finn is quicker as he runs into the ring, blasting Chaos from behind with the lead pipe as he falls in a heap. Jenny screams in the corner in shock, before Finn silences her as well with another lead pipe shot to the dome.

"This is SICKENING! Not even these two assholes deserve this punishment!"

"They were warned, Pip! This is Finn delivering his revenge!"

Finn raises the lead pipe...

Another hard shot to the back of Chaos with a THUD!

Finn raises the pipe once more...

Another back shot with a THUD!, this one to Jenny!

Finn raises the pipe for a third time...

"Is that SCULLY?!"

Scully is in the ring! The former Universal Champion takes the lead pipe from behind Finn and starts mouthing off to the Kaiser as he turns to face him! The two are in a heated argument now as they both point to Chaos, both men clearly disgruntled with him and trying to figure out who has dibs!

"Haha, this is great Pip! They're lining up to try and figure out who kills him first!"

"Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting."

"You say disgusting, I say joyous."

Speaking of Chaos, he himself is starting to stir, trying to shake Jenny up as Chaos is able to grab onto the ropes and pull himself to his knees. He's trying to get out of here with his girlfriend... But he freezes as Scully diverts Finn's attention to him, pointing the lead pipe at him. All three conscious figures stare daggers at each other, waiting for someone to make the first move.

"It's like a Mexican standoff right now, Pip."

Finn and Scully look back at each other... and grin.


Finn and Scully pounce on Chaos and begin attacking him with vicious boots to the sternum! Chaos is wheezing as he gets laid out, trying to cover himself to protect him from the onslaught! Finn and Scully are laughing as they're continuing to put on the pressure! Finn also notices the stirring Jenny as he takes Scully's lead pipe and knocks her out again!

"Was THIS who Finn meant when he said he had a partner in mind for the Tag Team Champions?"

"It... it seems so, Luca."

Finn wags a finger at Scully, who is eager to oblige, throwing Chaos to the Kaiser. Finn lifts up Chaos, in Lion's Den position...

[Image: vYtEWge.gif]

"Holy shit! I'm never gonna get enough of that move!"

"That's the same move he used against Micheal Graves!"

Chaos is out. Jenny's out. Both members of the Power Couple aren't moving.

"I think they're dead, Pip."

"Oh would you hush, Luca?! This is a sickening display, and both Finn Kühn and Scully should be ashamed of themselves!"

"Oh, stop acting so holier-than-thou, Pip! These guys have both been screwed! Scully got his Television title chance STOLEN from him by Chaos! Finn has been getting attacked by these two for MONTHS, and they tampered with his Universal Tournament match!"

Finn, that trademark shit-eating grin not leaving his face, motions for a microphone. After a few seconds, one of the ring boys on the outside toss the Kaiser a microphone.

[shadow=purple]"Well, well, well... it looks like my partner's been outed, huh?"[/shadow] the crowd boos at Finn and Scully, who merely ignore the crowd as they get on. [shadow=purple]"And really, it's only academic I'd choose Scully of all people to team with me. Former three-time Tag Team Champion, former Xtreme Champion, former Universal Champion..."[/shadow] Finn's smile only grows bigger after bringing up that last point.

[shadow=purple]"But... let's be real here. For all of Scully's accomplishments... has he been getting the respect he deserves? Has he been truly been being seen as elite? Hell, have I been getting my so rightfully-deserved respect around here now that I've cemented myself among the best here today?"[/shadow]

"He has a point."

"Shut up, Luca."

[shadow=purple]"To that, I say no more. Starting today, a... shall we say 'changing of the guard' shall take place? No longer while myself or my tag partner be seen at the back of the line. Scully is #Made4TV. I'm the fucking Kaiser and the ace of this federation. And by my count, we're still missing, oh, two more members?"[/shadow]

"Wait, there's going to be MORE people?!"

"Oh shit, I can't wait!"

[shadow=purple]"So. Engy. Graves. You guys are needing challengers for the Tag Titles next Warfare. So, we're doing this. Me. Scully. You two. Next Warfare. Main event, and, oh..."[/shadow] Finn is in mock pondering for a moment, placing a finger on his chin. [shadow=purple]"Why don't we take this to the extreme a bit? Why don't we make this a... Ladder match?"[/shadow]

The crowd pop off in excitement as they're so tantalizingly close to this exciting prospect as Finn smiles back. [shadow=purple]"Glad to see the crowd are in approval with me, and to be honest I do need to redeem that special prize from Turning Point on something since I'm winning at the Shove It... But let's be real here, people. Does anyone expect Engy and Graves to retain their tag titles?"[/shadow]

Some of the crowd shake their heads no vigorously, but some are left to ponder on the question for a bit.

[shadow=purple]"Next Warfare, those tag titles will be the property of the model of wrestling excellence. Those tag titles will become the property of..."


Finn's words hang in the air as he tosses the mic aside. EMTs are now - finally - swarming the ring en masse to take away the injured Chris Chaos and Jenny Myst. The tag team - now called Paragon - snicker at their fallen enemies as they walk to the back, the message sent very clearly.

- vs -
Mandii Rider
Standard Match!

Next up is sure to be a wild one: it's Pestalence going up against Mandii Rider.

There's been an intense buildup heading into this match, and yet only the match itself will answer the big question on everyone's mind: how on earth is Mandii Rider going to deal with an opponent that is a full nine inches taller than her and an incredible one hundred and thirty-five pounds heavier?

I don't know how she's going to do it, or even if she can, all I know is that I can't wait to find out. Let's head ringside!

The scene cuts to Jenny and Chris being lifted into separate ambulances and then the scene shifts to Taylor Mayde on the entrance ramp

Taylor: Chris Chais made a vow to be at ringside in this match, in Pestalance's corner, but that will not be happening tonight as both Chris Chaos and Jenny Myst are being taken to the hospital due to the injuries they recently sustained. Pestalance will be on his own.

She brings the mic down as his music hits.

As "Black Jesus" by Camp Lo begins to play throughout the arena, the lights slowly switch between white and red, with the same slow cadence of the first sixteen second of the song. Once the beat hits the lights turn red and a white spotlight hits arena entrance as Pestalance makes his way to the ramp. The spotlight follows Pest to the ring as he switches between rapping along with the song and talking smack into the camera. Once Pest enters the ring he heads to a corner and hops on his toes waiting for the match to begin.

The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL-

The crowd gladly and loudly chants "ONE FALL" along with the announcer.

And is a standard match with no set time limit. Introducing first, from Plainfield, New Jersey... standing 6'4'' and weighing 265 pounds... he is Rande Johnson, but inside the XWF ring we all know him as the one and only PESTALENCE!!!!

As Pestalence begins warming up in the ring, "Wreak Havoc" by Skylar Grey blares out through the speaker system to a mixed reaction. The enigma wrapped in the body of a bombshell known as Mandii Rider sprints to the ring, wasting no time. She slides under the bottom rope quickly, and lightning-fast leaps up to her feet, instantly locking eyes with her opponent as she is introduced.

And his opponent, from Jacksonville, Florida, standing 5'7'' and weighing 130 pounds... MANDII RIDER!!!!!

The bell rings to signal the start of the match.

And here we go! It's put up or shut up time for both these two XWF stars.

After spending a few seconds sizing each other up, Pestalence and Rider lock up in a standard collar-and-elbow tie-up. The tie-up lasts only a few seconds before Pestalence brute-forces Mandi backwards and downwards, forcing her down to the ground in an impromptu slam-like maneuver, an impressive display of force. Rider kip-ups, instantly getting back to her feet, and smirks. Pestalence gives her a classic "just bring it" taunt, wanting more.

Pestalence strikes first, but it looks like Rider barely felt that.

I'm thinking it's mind games. Pestalence wants Rider to know right off the bat that she's dealing with one hell of a tall order in terms of the size and power of her opponent.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Rider once again locks up with Pestalence. Unfortunately for her, once again Pestalence brute-force slams her downward, this time with authority. Rider is slower to get up and rolls her shoulder a few times. Pestalence grins and once again urges Rider forward. With a fiery, determined look on her face, Rider locks up with Pestalence again. Once again Pestalence attempts to slam her to the mat, but this time, Rider rolls with the forward momentum and executes an improvised judo throw! Pestalence quickly springs up to his feet, embarrassed, and charges at Rider, giving Rider the opportunity to dropkick Pestalence right on the left knee! Pestalence is forced into a kneeling position, and Rider quickly springs up and leaps off of one of Pestalence's knees, hitting a Shining Wizard Snap DDT! Rider quickly rolls Pestalence over for the pin!



Pestalence kicks out with such authority that he actually press-slams Rider into the air, but with blazing-fast speed Rider twists in the air and positions herself for an armbar! Pestalence quickly realizes the dire straits he's managed to put himself in and immediately attempts to block the hold. The referee gets in close to inspect the action as Rider and Pestalence struggle for every inch. With an impressive display of raw strength and power, Pestalence gets to his feet while still maintaining his block on the hold. However, he's not out of the woods just yet. Rider maintains her grip, but this ends up being her undoing, as Pestalence deadlifts her into the air and slams her down in a modified powerbomb! Rider is momentarily dazed and Pestalence uses the time to make sure his shoulder isn't dislocated and his arm isn't broken. He then hauls Rider up to her feet and slams her right back down with authority via a powerful belly-to-belly Suplex! Yet Pestalence maintains his hold around Rider's waist, deadlifting her back up and then immediately transitioning and hitting her with a T-Bone Suplex! He then hauls her back to her feet and sets her up for a German Suplex! Rider plants her feet and attempts to block the maneuver, but in another uncanny display of power, Pestalence deadweight lifts her and sends her flying with a Release German Suplex!

Good Lord, look at the power! That man is a force to be reckoned with and Mandii Rider is down!

Pestalence quickly runs over to Rider and pins her!



Kickout! Kickout at two! Rider's been thrown around this ring like a ragdoll but she's still got plenty of fight left in her!

Pestalence mutters a curse at Rider's resilience and hauls her back up to her feet. Pestalence positions Rider for a Chokeslam... and Rider tilts, swerves, and reverses it into a Crossface! The Crossface is locked in tight and Pestalence is in the center of the ring! But he's still got plenty of fight left in him, and plenty of power too, as once again he deadlifts Rider into the air, with the submission hold still applied, and then slams himself backward, sending all his weight crashing on top of Rider, breaking the hold! But the fight remains on the ground, and Rider is like a spider, a whirling mish-mash of arms and legs! In the scramble for positioning, Rider transitions into an Omoplata submission hold!

That arm is going to pop out of its socket! That's the brilliance and the beauty of Brazilian Jui Jitsu folks: it doesn't matter how big you are, how tall you are, how powerful, if you're a human being, those bones break apart no matter how much muscle you have protecting them!

The evidence supporting that statement is written across Pestalence's face as he winces and grunts, no doubt in intense pain, but still trying to find a way to break the hold. He rolls forward, putting Rider off-balance and breaking the hold... but leaving himself vulnerable to a chain-submission counter! Rider rolls backward and chains the Omoplata into an Armbar! It's locked in tight and Pestalence is feeling it in a bad way! But Pestalence had been slowly making his way towards the ropes while defending, and uses his position to quickly force a rope break! Pestalence hastily slides out of the ring and loudly curses, holding his arm, but the action isn't over yet! When he turns around he's greeted by the sight of Mandii Rider flying towards him! Rider leaps over the top rope towards Pestalence and catches him in a Tornado DDT on the outside! The fans cheer loudly at the explosive maneuver and both man and woman are down!

What a move! He's going to be feeling that one tomorrow!

He just got planted right on his head and neck, and meanwhile Rider's been targeting that arm like it owes her money!

Rider knows she can't take Pestalence one-on-one in terms of size and power, so she's breaking the big man down inch by inch! It's the classic striker vs. submissionist match-up!

On the outside, Rider is having trouble getting the big man back up on his feet and back into the ring. She attempts to facelock Pestalence in order to get him back up... but Pestalence darts forward while in the headlock and slams Rider back-first into the side of the ring! He gets up angrily and elbows Rider right in the side of the jaw! But he's not finished yet! He then swings that same elbow back around and catches her with a back-elbow strike to the side of the head! He then begins hammering down on her with punches! Rider is assaulted with furious blows to the head and the body! He then locks his arms around Rider's shoulder and hip tosses her over the guardrail and into the crowd! Several fans go down as Rider's body crashes into them!

Pestalence is playing no games! He knows how serious of a threat Rider is and he's not holding back!

Pestalence retrieves Rider from the crowd quickly in order to avoid getting counted out, and rolls her back into the ring. He hauls her back up to her feet, but she is quickly brought crashing back down to earth as Pestalence powerbombs her! Pestalence covers her for the pin!



Two and a half! Kickout by Mandii Rider!

I don't know what deity decided to pack that much heart and that much guts into that small a frame but I guarantee you Pestalence is cursing their name right now! Rider is still in this match!

But maybe not for long! Pestalence is going for another powerbomb! If at first you don't succeed...

Pestalence once again hauls Rider up for a powerbomb... but it's reversed! Spinning facebuster! Both man and woman are down! Misty gets up to her feet, powering through the pain, and locks Pestalence into an Armlock STF! Pestalence's legs are trapped in the STF position while Rider torques and grinds that arm to the breaking point! Pestalence can no longer hide the pain and noticeably cries out! Rider responds by yelling at him to tap! As Pestalence grunts and groans in pain and Rider continues yelling at him to tap, Pestalence summons up more of his considerable strength and literally claws his way to the ropes with his one free hand! Now it's Rider's turn to loudly curse, and for a few brief seconds she even refuses to release the hold! But in the end she does, not wanting to run the risk of being disqualified.

These two are pushing each other to their limits but no one's broken yet! This is a hell of a match!

Pestalence crawls away from Rider and towards the nearby turnbuckles as Rider positions herself near the center of the ring. Pestalence uses the ring ropes and his one good arm to get back to a standing position, but when he turns around, Rider dives at him and slams into him! It's a Cannonball Senton right into the corner! Pestalence nearly goes down but manages to instinctively reach out at the nearby ropes to keep himself standing, although he has to awkwardly adjust his positioning or else risk losing his footing anyway. Unfortunately, this gives Mandii Rider enough time to run back to the center of the ring and charge back at Pestalence, hitting him once again with a Cannonball Senton, every pound of her crashing into Pestalence's chest! This time the big man goes down! Mandii is slow to rise, it's true, but Pestalence is slower. Mandii makes her way back to the center of the ring and once again goes for the Cannonball Senton!

And she hits it! Three straight Cannonball Sentons into the corner! Pestalence is almost done for! Mandii grabs him by the head and somhow manages to bring the big man to his feet! She puts her head between his legs and, using the ropes for leverage, manages to seat Pestalance on the top rope! She grabs his arm, spins, and Judo Throws Pestalence from the top turnbuckle right onto his injured arm, with the force of the throw sending Pestalence rolling towards the center of the ring! Mandii quickly runs towards the prone Pestalence and locks in the Arm Ripper! Pestalence is trapped in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go! The last of his strength fades as Mandii screams in fury and tries to pull Pestalence's arm apart! He's forced to tap! Pestalence taps!

Winner - Mandii Rider

Robert "The Omega" Main
- vs -
Muddy Waters
Towel Match!

Each man will reveal who will b in his corner in the first promo.
Match ends when one corner man throws in the towel!

Muddy Waters makes his way to the ring, six pack and confederate flag in hand. Trailing him a few paces behind is his promo narrator and tonight's corner man Brian Cawood.

And Muddy's opponent for the match, the XWF's Hart Champion Robert Main. Robert makes his way out from the back, Hart title around his waist. Accompanying him to the ring as his corner man for the night is fellow Apex member Drew Archyle.


The bell finally sounds but Main is already in the process of lifting Waters up to his feet and whips him into the ropes and on the rebound plants Waters with a Tiger Suplex.

Main yanks Waters’s head up and hits Waters with a few elbows to the temple. Main yanks Waters to his feet. With Waters a little wobbly Main goes for a spinning leg kick by Waters catches the foot mid motion and counters with a clothesline that sends Main straight down to the mat. Waters climbs on top of Main and uses his knees to pin Main’s arms down. With no way to defend himself Waters punches Main in the face repeatedly…






Five punches to Main’s face and Main is busted open above the eye. Waters climbs off of Main and grabs at his right hand in obvious pain from delivering the blows. Waters slowly gets Main up and with a big boot to the face sends Main stumbling backwards into the ropes.

With Main resting on the ropes Waters moves in and with a clothesline sends Main toppling over the ropes and onto the floor. Waters rolls under the bottom rope and immediately gets Main to his feet and whips him into the announcers table, another punch to the face and Main drops to one knee. Waters grabs Main by the head, pulls him in....


Waters suplexes Main through the announcers table, which collapses from the impact. Waters grabs Main and tosses him into the ring and then follows suit.

Waters grabs Main by the legs and attempts a figure four lock but Main smashes his fist into Waters’s groin which causes him to immediately release the hold. Waters grabs at his cash and prizes while Main uses the ropes to pull himself up. Once up Main grabs Waters and with a massive belly to belly sends Waters through the air only to be stopped by the metal and padding of the turnbuckles.

With Waters hunched over in the corner Main charges and flattens Waters with a knee to the face. Main lifts up Waters and places him atop the turnbuckle. Main climbs to the second turnbuckle and DDT’s Waters down to the mat. Main looks down at the fallen Waters and grins.

Main grabs Waters by the legs and puts him into a Sharpshooter. Waters’s face lights up, the color beginning to drain from it as Main wretches back even harder. Waters starts clawing at the ring, trying to get to the ropes but to no avail.

Eventually Main breaks the hold and looks over towards Archyle who is standing in the corner playing the roll of cheerleader.

Waters slowly gets back to his feet, he tries to pull Main in for a lockup but Main counters with an eye rake. Pissed off Muddy lunges at Main and goes for a clothesline but Main just pushes him out of the way. Waters lunges again and this time is able to get a hold of Main’s long and greasy hair, he knees Main in the face and then plants him with the Pike County Plunge-Stump puller piledriver.

Waters rolls Main onto his stomach, walks over to Main’s foot applies a toe hold with his other hand. Main screams out in pain, Waters has him and he has him good but Main manages to somehow roll out of the toe hold. Waters reaches down to grab Main by the head but Main pulls him down and catches him with a knee to the face.

Both men are down in the ring with labored breathing.

Waters is the first of the two to get to his feet. He moves in for a quick strike move but Main counters with an elbow to Waters’s temple. Main then lifts Waters up and whips him to the ropes, a strong clothesliner followed by an elbow drop and Main is showing a little bit of momentum here. He grabs and puts him into a Sharp Shooter. Again he yanks back which causes Waters to scream out in pain. The more he screams the harder Main pulls back, again laughing wickedly as he does so. Waters claws as hard as he can towards the ropes…



Waters reaches out and finally he grabs a hold of the bottom rope. The ref moves in and tells Main to break the hold which he reluctantly does a few seconds later. Main drops Waters’s legs and paces around the ring again contemplating his next move as Archyle gets up on the ring apron and motions for Main to make his way over.

Main does so and the two exchange a few words as Muddy get’s back to his feet. He quickly moves in on Main but Main senses it coming and takes Waters down with the Omega Bomb.

Main yells to Muddy’s corner man to toss in the towel but Cawood refuses. Instead he gets onto the apron and starts mouthing off which of course draws Main over to him. The two men exchange some pleasantries that can not be broadcasted on XWF television because this is a family program right? Right?

Muddy pulls himself up and stealthily approaches Main from behind. Main is still distracted by Cawood and it’s that distraction that allows Muddy to take Main down with the three amigos(triple suplex)

Waters then ascends the top turnbuckle, motions to his corner man Cawood and then over to Archyle and then jumps off hitting Main in the stomach with both feet which he calls the Mud Stomp!

The Redneck Renagade yells over to Archyle to throw in the towel but Archyle just smiles and instead uses the towel to fan himself. Muddy Waters grabs Main, he can sense the Hart title is within his grasp. He pulls his opponent up to his feet and tosses him into the corner. Muddy signals to the crowd that the 10 head punch is coming and with both hands pushes Waters back a few feet, creating enough of an opening for him to damn near kick Muddy’s head off with a well placed Super Kick to the dome piece.

Waters stumbles around as Main walks out of the corner and before Muddy even realizes what is happening he gets taken down with the Dead Man’s Hand, an inverted Death Valley Driver.

Muddy Waters is down in the center of the ring and he’s ain't moving. Cawood grabs the towel off the ring apron. He looks over at Muddy who still isn’t moving, he yells a few things to Muddy who turns his head to the side, looks at Cawood and shakes his head No! He’s not ready for the towel to be thrown in just yet.

Growing impatient and sensing that he might miss his late dinner reservations Robert Main grabs Water’s left arm while laying down on Waters back. He yanks the arm back putting Waters in the The Begger’s Lock(Rings of Saturn)! Main yanks and yanks. Waters head and body shake violently as he tries to fight out of it but each violent motion only results in Main increasing the pressure he puts on Waters shoulder until a POP can be heard! Waters screams out before passing out from the searing pain in his shoulder.

Cawood throws the towel into the ring and the ref rings the bell ending the match.


Main releases the hold as Archyle rolls into the ring and hands the Hart Title over to his Apex mate. Archyle raises Main's hand in victory as the show goes off the air.
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03-29-2018 08:08 AM

Figured is lose since had bad week. But GT we will dance soon. Btw shoulder healed nicely

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