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Same book...different page
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03-27-2018 11:52 PM

Papua, New Guinea
Tuesday, March 27, 2018
7:55pm Papua New Guinea Time

We see Pestalance sitting at a back corner table in the lavish lounge within Airways Hotel. A server walks into the shot carrying a glass containing a dark liquid, and we follow her to his table.

One double Courvoisier, neat.

The server sits the glass down in front of Pest.

Thank you very much.

The server walks out of the shot as Pest picks up the glass, swirling the liquid around.

I’ve got to be honest, getting all that shit off my chest felt great. Like, I feel like I’m me again.

Pest drinks half of his drink before continuing.

Pretty fucking dope feeling. Sucks that it took this long for me to talk about it as openly as I did; but at the end of the day, it is what it is. What’s important is that I’ve got a clear head for the first time since hearing about this match.

Pest drinks the rest of his drink and places the glass on the far end of the table.

Now Mandii, I know what you’re thinking.

Pest wags his head back and forth in stereotypical black woman fashion.

Here Pest goes again flopping back and forth…I don’t even know who the real Pestalance is anymore.

Pest chuckles.

Naw, I’m not flip flopping, I just feel better…much better. People way smarter than you and I say that talking about traumatic shit can sometimes be the best medicine. I guess in some cases, they’re right. I mean, I’m still gonna use all the bullshit that Erica put me through as fuel to kick the shit out of you, I just think that I’m gonna be a little more clear headed as I do it.

Think of it as like the professional wrestling version of Bobby Boucher.

Pest makes a bit of an unsatisfied look as he continues.

Well Bobby Boucher without the over-bearing Mama, strange cartoonish hallucinations, and pseudo- crippling retardation. But visualize and attack, none the less.

Pest stares at the camera with a slight smirk.

You get the reference right?

Pest shakes his head.


See Mandii, as similar as we are, we are even more different. You took that whole “The only person I’m gonna see in that ring is Erica!” shit literally because that’s what you did with your ex. That’s not quite what I mean, but I can understand the confusion. I mean, I did say that your body is a vessel for Erica and that it didn’t matter what kind of apparel you chose to wear. And all of that is still true, but I’m not so wrapped up in beating the “Ghost of bad bitch past” that I’ve forgotten that this is a competition.

I know what’s at stake here. I know that if I lose to you it’s one step farther away from my ultimate goal of being a champion.

It’s funny, cause you keep reminding me of how awesome of a wrestler you are as if I forgot. Like you have to convince you, me, the whole fucking world of how great you are.

Pest shakes his head.

Save your breath Mandii…we all know. We all know that you are an ass kicker…we’ve all seen how dangerous you can be. So give it a rest. Chill back, shorty…we got it. You’re a bad bitch in more ways than just looks. The Femme Fetal of the XWF. The queen of the Bombshell division.

Pest looks up thinking for a moment.

By the way when I said that it was super wack to tout about being the dominant force in a three person division, I actually meant that. That shit’s lame as fuck.

Pest holds his hands up to the camera.

I’m just sayin. That doesn’t take away how dope you are in the ring, it’s just not something you should be screaming at the hilltops about.

And another thing…I don’t have to try to be some tough ass motherfucker as you put it. Just because I wasn’t completely honest about my motivations for this match doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m the realist nigga you’ll ever meet.

Hell you said it yourself that you like the fact that I’m real through and though (those where your words). Although now you’ll probably backpedal on some “I don’t know what’s the truth and a lie” bullshit….wait what am I saying, you just said that dumb shit in your last promo.

Don’t get it twisted shorty, you already know what I can do in that ring. So don’t even start with that tryin to act tough bullshit. Otherwise, we’ll have to start questioning what’s truth and a lie with YOU.

You say that you are gonna give me your all in this match…Great, me too. You’ll find out first had what I can do and we can dispel this telephone tough guys bullshit you just tried to drop on me. You’ll see that I too am willing to lay it all on the line to win. Cause at the end of the day, I’m stepping in that ring to win. The goal is to get my hand raised and move past you to bigger and better opportunity. The personal shit that I shared is just an added bonus.

So here’s the deal. This back and forth thing that we’ve been doing…it’s been fun. It’s been interesting. It’s been therapeutic. And I appreciate you for that.

But I’m done talking. I’m ready to punch you in the face now. So I’ll see you tomorrow night.

Holla at cha late….

Wait a minute…

Did you call me a snitch? For real Shorty. You think I’d air your dirty laundry out to the fans. Come one now girl, I’m better than that.

I mean, Knocks told me in confidence that he caught a serious case of crabs from fuckin that old bitch he living with…and I aint never told nobody.

Pest lets out a chuckle as a huge cheesy smile grows across his face. He flashes the peace sign as the scene fades.
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