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BADASS workhorse: Book me ANYTIME on ANY show! Jonathan Willis
03-27-2018, 01:01 AM
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In-Ring Name: Jonathan Willis

Wrestler's Real Name: Jonathan Willis

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: Technically New (I've RP'd before as Jonathan Willis but for my return I am "rebooting" the character with an entirely new and different origin and alignment)

Wrestler Date of Birth: 10/19/1988

Height: 6'5''

Weight: 253 lbs.

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Personality: Violent, Narcissistic Sociopath

Looks Description: Very tall and muscular, covered in head-to-toe black form-fitting clothing, wearing an elaborate dragon mask. Pic base is indy wrestler/legend Super Dragon. I decided to use his look for my character since he's one of my favorite wrestlers.

Ethnicity: Unknown (Face hidden behind a mask, no visible skin showing through his black clothing)

Pic Base, if any: Super Dragon, from Pro Wrestling Guerrilla

Strengths: Jonathan has an incredible penchant for ultra-violence and complete disregard for his own safety. He seems to not only delight in inflicting pain on others but also to get just as much delight when pain is inflicted on him.

Weaknesses: Jonathan is narcissistic in the extreme. He believes he is the best at what he does, and when that's not the case, he would rather rush at the problem and try to blunt force his way through it rather than figure out a way to overcome his opponent's advantages. This mentality usually results in him actually increasing the speed of his own downward spiral towards defeat.

Entrance Theme Music: "Needles" by Seether

Special Entrance (if any): Nothing particularly special. Jonathan walks down the ramp, slides into the ring, and begins warming up in the corner, shadow-boxing and stretching, getting his body primed and ready to inflict as much damage as possible.

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves:

1. Belly-to-Belly Suplex

2. Sidewalk Slam

3. Running Lariat/Clothesline

4. Discus Lariat/Clothesline

5. Big Boot

6. Backbody Drop

7. German Suplex

8. Delayed Vertical Suplex

9. Spinebuster

10. Dropkick

Trademark Move 1: Psycho Driver 1
Description: A Torture Rack lift spun out into a Piledriver

Trademark Move 2: Psycho Driver 2
Description: A Pumphandle Slam spun out into a Piledriver

Trademark Move 3: Psycho Driver 3
Description: A Gory Special submission hold flipped forward into a Piledriver

Trademark Move 4: The Violence Party
Description: A sequence of violent kicks, chops, punches, and headbutts to a standing opponent in the corner, ending with Jonathan grabbing the opponent in a Muay Thai Clinch and kneeing his opponent several times in the head and chest.

Trademark Move 5: Psycho Bomb
Description(s): A double Powerbomb with the second Powerbomb being a pinning Liger Bomb.

Finishing Move: The End Times
Description: A Straitjacket Lungblower rolled over into a Straitjacket Camel Clutch

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: Jonathan considers himself a "Jack of All Trades" and loves using all varieties of weapons. Whatever crazy spot you can come up for him, just go with it. The crazier the better. He's a sadistic fuck.

Additional notes: Jon loves inflicting violence and will take ample time to taunt his opponent with douchebag heel moves: breaking up his own pin, laying on the top rope resting while waiting for his opponent to get up, even clapping along with the fans as they try to get the good guy to get back up. Jonathan has a perverse end-match ritual if his opponent is incapacitated: he grabs their lifeless hand, shakes it, and slams it back down on the mat in a mock sign of respect. In another mocking display of respect, he then claps for his beaten opponent and urges the audience to give his opponent a standing ovation.
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