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Clear as Mud!
03-21-2018, 11:18 PM
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Clear As Mud

[shadow=orange]You know ever since buying this strip club right before Turning Point, I find it amazing that we find crazy shit all over the place every single night! We check every single horny person willing to drop every dime in their bank account at the door and still, we find guns, bullets, condoms, drugs and everything else in-between! I found a sex toy just last night Just look at all these drugs I found tonight after closing![/shadow]

Bob, the place is on the Las Vegas strip what do you expect? This area has more lights than Chris Chaos does STD's. Oh and by the way I can't take these shades off. The light gives me headaches the size of Jenny Myst's thunder thighs. These concussions have to stop or I am going to end up with permanent brain damage. I could end up an invalid like Erik Black.

[shadow=orange]Permanate brain damage? Though that was already a thing?[/shadow]

Do you always have to be an asshole?

[shadow=orange]Why yes, yes I do! So are you confined to darkness or something? It's kind of creepy, but hey, maybe I'll get you a blind man's cane?[/shadow]

You know Robert, there is no "I" in team but there is one in dickhead!

[shadow=orange]You act like Erik Black beat you within inches of your life. You've taken worse Drew![/shadow]

The Doctor said until the symptoms stop I need to stay out of the light. Bright lights give me brain cramps! I'm becoming my greatest fear...A Vampire!

[shadow=orange]You and Vampires! Speaking of an overrated punch drunk prick, Erik Black, what a load of hot smoldering shit![/shadow]

Real tough guy jumping me from behind. Can you believe for a second he joined up with Chris Chaos and his STD riddled cum dumpster what a joke!

[shadow=orange]Empire will implode under the utter weight of APEX we'll make damn sure of it! Don't worry about Black either. I thumped him around real good after I made him tap out! A great fighter? I think not! You'll get another shot at the brash slugger! Since running into APEX the kid is batting a big fat goose egg![/shadow]

Robert slides an enormous bowl down the bar towards Drew filled to the brim with various drugs Robert found throughout the strip club. Drew fumbles around for a moment finding the bowl

[Image: giphy.gif]

Holy shit!

[shadow=orange]Right! Now take all these drugs I found and put them in that aspirin bottle so we can flush those freaking things! I still cannot believe we find random pills all over the place! Over the past month, I bet I have found a pound of weed! I don't want anyone taking them by accident! God knows what would happen taking a hand full of this shit! Get that shit and get rid of it! Make yourself useful for once! I'm going to go behind the bar light a cigar and count greenbacks![/shadow]

Robert slides an aspirin bottle down towards Drew then hops over the bar pulling up a huge bag

[shadow=orange]Drew speaking of all that weed where is it going? I've been stashing it in the office! It's legal here in Vegas! We could resell the shit and make even more money![/shadow]

Drew grimaces dropping pills from the bowl into the aspirin container

Uh...... I'm not sure I'll look into it!

[shadow=orange]Hey when you get all those pills in there grab me the aspirin bottle out of the office if you would![/shadow]

Drew nods continuing to drop the drugs into the aspirin bottle, Robert grins placing the Hart Championship over the bar hanging it gently from a nail! Robert then waste no time in pouring the mountain of cash from the bag out onto the bar

That everything from the entire night? Or just the bar?

[shadow=orange]This is just cash from the bar and tips! I haven't counted all the girl's cash yet or the credit card and debit card transactions! Got to get on the ball man, these ladies will want to be paid tomorrow as soon as they step foot in the place![/shadow]

Well we do have the finest strippers from all over the world working here! What do you expect? I'd want to be paid too if I were stripping!

[shadow=orange]There is a thought I want to quickly leave my mind! The day you strip in here is the day I close the doors![/shadow]

No here me out Robert! Listen I don't care what women say, but they are just as horny as men! If we built onto the place we could have a side for the ladies! We double the money!

[shadow=orange]You might be on to something there! It sounds like a great idea! But who in the hell is going to try these guys out and do the interviews? I sure as hell won't![/shadow]

Robert looks down the bar towards Drew.

Bob I can feel you looking down here and I'll just say right now I will not do it either! That would be terrible watching all that man meat, it would be like working at Oscar Meyer! No.... Just No! We need to hire help for that!


So what's the place pull on a good night?

[shadow=orange]A good night we pull $70,000 grand! Getting in the door the bar the three main stages private rooms and gaming![/shadow]

With a women's side we could double that! Hey, where did you say the aspirin was in your office?


Alright Bobby I'll go get them and dump these! I'll be back in a few!

Robert pulls a Maker's Mark cigar from his shirt pocket placing it in between his teeth looking towards the camera

[Image: miNBSZ1.jpg]

[shadow=orange]In every immense and boundless thing we do in life, there are always psychopaths hiding, wolves among the many sheep. Chris Chaos, Jenny Myst and the runt of the group Erik Black! You believe you are the wolves hunting prey! Keep assuming your wolves! You three yellow-bellied complainers! Quick to blame the world last to accept the truth! You three assault people from behind, their backs turned. You want to push these acts of violence! You will reap what you have sown tenfold! As I watched the flames burn knowing you killed our dear friend Jim Caedus, Empire declared war on APEX, and while we might be a man down we are far from wiped out! I will admit, the three of you are wolves among lions and eventually, we will outnumber each and every one of you devouring you alive! You started this war now APEX will finish it!

I'm certain there will be more onslaughts in the future when our backs are turned! Drew and I get it, we are the targets! Funny how the muggings continue and you three play the victims! All the while pretending to be one of the good guys, misleading the misinformed. No longer will we let the three of you retreat into the night! The three of you crave power, wealth, money and take it while others starve to death. No more! Mark my words the time will come and APEX will strike down Empire, watching it crumble much like The Mother Fuckers did underneath the pressure of APEX This is a fight you will not win![/shadow]

[Image: giphy.gif]

Robert casually pulls a silver Zippo lighter from his jeans pocket lighting his cigar and begins going through the pile of cash on the bar top one bill at a time


Where did Robert say that aspirin was in this office? I can't see anything it's so damn dark!

Drew flips on the light falling over into the desk in the office dropping the pill bottle filled with drugs on the floor. He fumbles around for a few moments locating the aspirin before turning the light back off

Jesus the light! Got um! Now, where did the drugs go?

Drew feels around under the desk finding the drugs standing back up

Okay drugs that could kill someone, right hand, drugs that will help with Robert's ailments left hand! What could go wrong with two identical pill bottles one filled with drugs and the other normal medicine? Nothing! Oh shit!

Drew trips over the trash can dropping both bottles to the floor not knowing which one is which now. Drew frantically opens the bottles and notices all of the pills look the same

Houston we have a problem! Uh.....Shitski!

Drew grabs both bottles shakes them both to see if there is a distinct difference

Damn it! Wait.... Idea...... No..... Yeah...... No..... Light-bulb!

Drew opens each pill bottle dumping half of each bottle into the trash can behind him pouring all of the pills into one bottle. He shrugs

Meh.... What's the worst that can happen here? He's got a 50, 50 shot at getting what he's looking for!

Drew screws the child-proof cap back on the pill bottle and shakes them up heading back down the hallway towards Robert who is at the bar.

Here ya go, Bob!

[shadow=orange]Thanks, why are you sweating? You look nervous![/shadow]

It's just hot in here!

Drew slides the pill bottle down the bar towards Robert who catches them in this hand! Robert waste no time in pulling the top off the bottle and slugging back two pills. Robert takes another long draw from his cigar before continuing on

What about Muddy Waters?

[shadow=orange]What about um?[/shadow]

You do have a match with him on Warfare!

Robert turns his nose up

[shadow=orange]Muddy Waters, the redneck father of Dolly Waters, a man who had limited success as part of The Black Hand! Waters if you don't mind your manners you'll be meeting the back of my hand! Fighting out of Pikeville, KY![/shadow]

[Image: OUqdyyd.jpg]

Robert laughs out loud

[shadow=orange]The shit stain of the XWF! The intoxicated redneck wrestler too loaded up off of cheap gas station booze to get his legless ass to the ring! Now before you go bragging about beating Erik Black I'd just like to tell you this! Don't brag! Facing the kid is almost as bad as losing a match! You wind up with a blemish either way! I'm honestly surprised you weren't completely blitzed during your match! Nothing like a soused-up deadbeat wanting to fight you in the middle of the ring! From the outside looking in it would appear that you've been on quite a winning streak as of late if you'd like to call it that! A complete career resurgence if you will! This very moment in time has to be your highest point in a very checkered wrestling career! You made every single one of those doubters eat crow and I applaud you for that! I tip my hat to you Muddy! I like a man who can hush is doubters! But that being said even a blind squirrel can find a nut every now and then! Waters I want you to relish this moment in time because soon it all will undoubtedly come to a screeching halt! These so-called wrestlers that you have faced over the past few weeks have been nothing more than layups, easy wins, you decided to sneak up on Vinny and got yourself a Championship! Nicely done! But now you have rolled snake eyes! Lady luck has turned her back on you, forgetting you even exist!

Now the yardstick of wrestling will be applied in James Raven and Robert " The Omega" Main! Muddy now come's the real trials and tribulations! The litmus test of wrestling is at hand! Now we will truly see what Muddy Waters is made of! Can you walk the walk? Or will you crash and burn like the world expects? Only time will tell! Now before I go any further I want to lay out a challenge of sorts! If somehow some way you get past James Raven and are still Champion when our match comes, which we all know that will not happen! Even a blind man can see this one from a mile away! But let's say you keep that Championship until our match! An act of God, Guardian Angel or everyone else gets struck by lightning at the same time and dies a horrible death! All that aside if you are still Champion! I want to add a little rule to our match, that is if you are man enough to accept the challenge! If you are a fighting Champion like myself! Let's make this match Title - vs -Title winner takes all! That's if you have the balls to do it! Let's see if you can demonstrate the intestinal fortitude to match up with "The Omega" and walk out victorious! So do me a huge favor and I know it's a lot to ask of an alcoholic drugged out dipshit like yourself! I want you at your very best in the ring when we face off! I don't want you buzzed in any way! No flying high or low in your case, snookered, hammered or as the kids say and I hate it LIT! I don't want you seeing double, I want you to look me right in my eyes knowing what the true face of an aggressive warmongering Champion looks like! I want you to feel every second of this physical suffering and pure torture!

I want the throbbing you feel to be from me out wrestling you, putting on a wrestling clinic, not from the bottle you so tightly hold on to! The tingle will gradually turn into a sting, I'm the agony you'll never recover from! You'll have a hangover, but nothing like one you have ever experienced before in your miserable trailer trash of a life! Once you blackout the "OMEGA" hangover will take full effect![/shadow]

Robert drops his cigar on the bar top and stops counting money. He squints his eyes for a moment shaking his head.

Bob you alright?

[shadow=orange]Yeah Drew I'm fine! Just feel a little funny! Waters there will be no three sheets to the wind come Warfare! I want you to know that Robert Main is the superior athlete in the ring, I want you to understand your place in the pecking order and that place is nowhere near the top where I reside! You are not on my level! Now I want you to know before you drop a promo on me, I'm not fluent in idiot, so please speak as slowly and clearly as possible. Understanding a cousin fucker isn't easy at times but I'll try to do my very best! It's truly a shame stupidity isn't painful if it were you Muddy Waters would not be able to move a single muscle! Don't get me wrong everyone and I mean everyone including myself has a right to do a stupid thing or two from time to time but you Muddy and abusing that privilege! The fact that no one can seem to understand you doesn't mean you're an artist by any means! But don't go blaming yourself, let me do that for you! I bet when you walk down the street and the clouds look down at you You Muddy they say there's a moron! Soon you'll realize you should have never signed on that dotted line! A wise man should know just where his courage ends and his stupidity begins! Jesus Christ, what in the hell is going on?[/shadow]

[Image: giphy.gif]

Robert drops to one knee as his eyesight began to become blurred, his eyes weren't filled with tears Robert stares at the floor, as Drew leans over the bar checking on Robert! Everything slowly is becoming fuzzier! Robert tries reaching towards the bar to pull himself up to no avail!

[shadow=orange]Drew what in the hell is going on?[/shadow]

So..... Uh...... There was a slight mix up!

[shadow=orange]What in the hell do you mean a slight mix up? Tell me you didn't mix the drugs up with the aspirin I asked you for![/shadow]

I didn't!


Okay, okay, okay, okay! I did! I dropped both bottles when I tripped in the back office! They were identical, that's on you, Bob!

[shadow=orange]Great! So let me guess knowing you for as long as I have. You shook them noticed they sounded the same! You poured half of each out mixed one bottle, shook it up and said there is a 50, 50 chance Robert will get the right pills! Am I right?[/shadow]

Now Robert I put more scientific effort into it than that! I checked the pills, they looked similar! So I went with the odds! You'll be fine after all this wears off! Or kills you because of a deadly mixture! Either way, it will stop!


Robert gazed at the hardwood floor as the darkness seeped up through the joints in the floorboards. He frantically looked around the bar seeing snakes of all different neon colors crawl out from every dark corner and crevice in the bar towards him!

[shadow=orange]Why are there snakes in here?[/shadow]

Yep you took acid!

[shadow=orange]Drew you'll be my corner guy right? Whatever happens don't you throw in the towel![/shadow]

I will be there for you, and I'd never throw in the towel! And he's out!

The blackness swirled around Robert forming a form of primeval hatred, and the collective the despair of all those it’s taken before him, as the darkness closes in on him, bleeding into his shadow cast by the bar lights from above! Suddenly Robert collapsed to the floor seeing nothing at all. His consciousness was floating about through an empty space filled with a thick static. Throughout the inky space, his heartbeats pounded loudly, echoing in his ears, alongside his fading pleas for whatever help he could find! The Feeling in his body slowly drained away until finally, everything was was black.

The murkiness engulfed Robert's point of view his thoughts scattered like broken glass on a wooden floor. The vast hopelessness stretched out in front of him like a map, to nowhere! An ocean of oil, the unknown investigated Robert's deepest apprehensions, as the uneasiness circled like sharks! A somberness quickly rushed over him checking his determination and knowledge. There was no life here in the charcoal darkness. It was simple, no thriving population of the masses, no signs of past living. No signs of the future just darkness! The darkness had overcome any sense of purity Robert had left, consuming all hope of cleanliness and had wiped out all his desire.

As the threatening onyx came with such completeness it obliterated Robert's memory of the day that had just been. There was nothing! Drew was gone the strip club had now evaporated into thin air! It was the kind of blackness that could throw a mind into free-fall if only one more sense were to be removed.

[shadow=orange]What in the hell is going on. I'm floating in total darkness! Yep, Drew gave me acid by mistake![/shadow]

His body was transmitting slower than normal sending his brain strange signals. Robert noticed he was sweating as the balance of his inner ear had suddenly gone away. His bones began to hurt, taking a deep breath he felt his back begin to ache because of the elongation of his spine. He felt like he was being stretched by his arms and legs at the same time. Inside of his stomach, his guts were floating helplessly, and because of the shift in his fluid, Robert felt a desperate urge to vomit. Robert found himself floating in complete nothingness. Either he was falling very slowly or he wasn't moving at all. He couldn't tell at this point! Out of nowhere, Robert was dropped into a deep forest


[shadow=orange]Where in the hell am I?[/shadow]

[Image: giphy.gif]

Robert sat there in the deep darkness gazing into the darkness of the forest, as two aqua blue eyes appeared, glowing like the sun on the ocean. Even in the dim light, Robert seemed to be able to make out the form of the animal it was cat like, but not quite not quite right. Beneath it's two glowing emerald eyes, appeared an over-sized grin that split the animals face with its rows of vicious teeth.

It stood off in the distance hunched not moving a muscle. Staring into Robert's very being! It was strange to say the least! The bizarre and twisted proportions were reminiscent of a human but there was something incomprehensible about it, like the rest of the extraordinary forest. Robert stands up dusting himself off as he looks down he notices that there is a purple path beneath him! Robert begins making his way towards the animal coming to a stop when he sees the crescent nails curved into an alienating imitation of a smile! Then the creature leaps out!

[Image: giphy.gif]

Robert leaps back watching the cat glow quickly changing its color to many different shades of vibrant neon

[shadow=orange]Hole LEE FUK! I'm so messed up it isn't funny![/shadow]

To Be Continued

[Image: 1RxPPRE.jpg]

The Omega

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