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Part Time/Floater: ONLY book me when/where I opt in Azrael Erebus
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Your friendly neighborhood spaceman

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Hardcore, psycho fans

(cheered for breaking rules and bones; excessively violent; creative with weapons)

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03-19-2018 11:48 AM


Name: Azrael Erebus

Aliases: Mr. Satellite, Mr. Supernova, Lux Lyden

Nicknames: Mr. Amazing, Scourge of Darkness, Captain Awesome, Savior of the Universe, Destroyer of Worlds, Big D (yes, it's true... he's been called that)

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: Returning

Wrestler Date of Birth: Sunday, April 09, 0590

True Height: 7ft

True Weight: 220lbs

Hometown: Moonspire
Home Planet: Ozuul

Personality: Daring and highly impulsive, Azrael will leap into any feat or challenge with both feet forward. He's brave and fearless in the face of danger, almost in a mocking, sometimes provoking way as if he taunts chance and the risk of impending hazard. Azrael is also a ridiculous juxtapose of mannerisms, going from incredibly charming, to a fierce deadly force few would be capable to reckon with, to a sort of carefree wit. Laughing and joking in the face of adversity. Yet, he is also clever and brilliant beyond humanly or otherworldly known capacity. In short he is an amazing wonder and a true sight to behold or experience. Never backing down, surrendering or turning away from the word - help.

Looks Description: Tall and slender with a build that is neither small or largely overbuilt. His muscle tone is present but not overbearing. Carrying himself in an almost sort of dance with the wind most of the time, he appears at one with all that is around him. However, this could change immediately if he feels threatened and then he is a reckoning force of nature. Almost overpowering. Still he keeps himself very uniquely put together. Always wearing something that fits him completely as a being, regardless of appearing in his true form or human facade. Attractive to most, he has a certain allure or mystique to his presence. Which he uses to his advantage, at an alarmingly high rate. Unless you've pissed him off or wronged him, then to view him would strike fear into most beings within the universe.

Ethnicity: Dareikar Navaar

Pic Base, if any:

[Image: jgDGtW8.jpg]
Vincent Valentine

Strengths: Agile and fast on his feet, Azrael is a highly adaptable fighter. Willing to make the attack; save the risk, he will do whatever it takes to put his opponent down.

Powers/Abilities: Super strength, life renewal (can return to life after death), healing/ regeneration factor, total control of time/space/reality/physics, gravitational/sound/temporal/biological/light/darkness manipulation, ability to control the forces of nature, teleportation, thermal/cold resistance, enhanced senses and lung capacity, immunity to all earthly diseases (both known and as of yet, unknown), night vision, extrasensory perception, fire, water, fog and smoke generation, supernatural leap, cyber, botanical and animal communication, telekinesis, plant growth, metal, fire, water, ice and electricity manipulation, energy emission and creation (pulling something from thin air)

Weaknesses: Doesn't often think things completely through/ doesn't look before leaping(literally sometimes), engages in combat without understanding the true potential of damage or danger, speaks without consequence of his words, fear of snakes (oddly enough, lol)

Entrance Theme Music: Gemini Syndrome - Stardust

Special Entrance (if any): No, just keep it unusual sometimes. Dropping from the ceiling, popping up from the floorboards, lights go dark and when they come back on he's in the ring. Have fun with it if possible. Otherwise, just the music comes to life within the speakers, Azrael appears and walks to the ring confidently, with a dead set, determined look in his eyes. Eyes that smolder with a touch of fire.

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves:

Leg Sweep
Roundhouse//Mule/Drop/Side/Calf Kick
STO Backbreak followed by a Neckbreaker
Leg/Fist Drop
Shooting Star Plancha
Tilt-A-Whirl DDT
Big Boot
Sunset Flip Powerbomb
Gutwrench Neckbreaker
Walls Of Jericho
Front Powerslam

Trademark Move(s): Seeing Stars, End Transmission, When Worlds Colide
Description(s): RKO, STO Backbreaker followed by a Side Russian Leg Sweep, Swanton Bomb

Finishing Move(s): Darkest Light, Devastar
Description(s): Cross Rhodes, Gorilla Press into a Backbreaker

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: Random use of his spaceman powers

[Image: gJ1Wjd0.jpg]

2x Universal Champion (First reign was less than a day though, lol. Due to Sebastian Duke cashing in his briefcase.)
2x Tag Team Champion
3x Triple Tag Team Champion
1x Television Champion
2x US Champion (Title retired during my second reign as champ.)
2x X-Treme Champion
1x Bombshell Champion
2x HMW Champion
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