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A Fresh Start (triple threat rp)
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05-28-2013 08:06 PM

Darkness. The absence of light. Black. Night. These are many words that describe the opening of our scene. We open to a black screen. We cannot see anything but it seems we are in a room though the cameraman cannot tell where he is. Suddenly, we see a light flicker in the distance. The cameraman tries his best to follow the light but it keeps going on and off. We can make out a man in a old, broken down chair. The light flickers some more and the cameraman stops dead in his tracks, trying to get a good shot. The cameraman moves a step closer and is almost engulfed in flames as the flame from the lighter grows larger and this time stays open. We ear wicked laughter and then the man points the lighter to his face and we see that it is none other than that sick, crazy lunatic Peter Gilmour. It seems Peter is missing something since he lost the tag team titles at HIGH STAKES. He almost feels naked without that title. However, we see the TRIOS Tag Title around his right shoulder. Peter picks up a candle that somehow is on the floor and lights it. He flicks the lighter off and puts it in his pocket. We can now see what Peter is wearing. He is in a black shirt, blue jeans and a black jacket with a hood. The hood is barely hiding his eyes. Peter smiles wickedly as he tells the cameraman to get a good close shot of him. He then begins to speak.

Peter: I hope I didn't scare you. But if I did well.. TOO FUC*IN BAD! If you can't handle my appearance and the way I conduct myself in my promos, then don't watch! Now, this past Saturday night was HIGH STAKES and how fitting the stakes were high for the XWF Tag Team Title match pitting myself and Mister Mystery, Bryce and Vance Vyper and the Crimson Snakes consisting of Cobra and Knightmask. This match was contested in my own creation, the ever dangerous HOUSE OF HELL! But this match was more sadistic than the other HOUSE OF HELL matches. There was another cage surrounding the original cage and it made it difficult to escape since there were spikes along the top. I won't lie to you people. This match was an epic, brutal war. Everyone involved in this match put their bodies on the line and bled for the right to be the XWF Tag Team Champions. Me and Mystery did all we could to retain our titles. But in the end, it wasn't enough as those cheating snakes Crimson Cobra and Knightmask defeated us and are now the champs.

I have to congratulate you Cobra and Knightmask. You took me and Mystery to our limits. However, the way you won was utter bullcrap! Cobra, you think you're so slick don't you? Having a live cobra come in to distract us just so you can climb into the second cage and get the advantage. Then your idiotic partner had to tie me up like a pretzel and weaken my legs so bad that I couldn't walk. My legs still hurt from that submission! But thank god for acupuncture and my lovely fiance who gives one hot massage. Sadly, you virgins in the audience can't or will ever get a massage from the Queen of Xtreme Rose Smith. So go back home, go on your computers and continue to wack off to pictures of my lovely fiance because that's as close as you're going to get to touching her. But back to Cobra and Knightmask, boys you are now the hunted and as God as my witness, I want a rematch! I know you will accept our offer and I promise, NO I GUARANTEE YOU that we will come back at full force and destroy you and make your title reign as short as Amanda Bynes sobriety. You will wish you didn't take our titles. So enjoy your moment in the sun gentlemen. Very soon, your whole world will be eclipsed by the PUREBRED KILLERS in myself Peter Gilmour and Mister Mystery. Those belts are coming back home to us.. COUNT ON IT!

Peter takes a moment to collect his thoughts before speaking again.

Peter: Now, let me get to my next match. This week on Warfare, I am put in a triple threat match with two young guys who want to make a name for themselves at my expense. Sadly, these two youngsters are in for a world of pain because I am in a very pissed off mood and you all should know that when I am in that kind of mood, nobody is safe. This week on Warfare, I face a former champion in Franklyn Fresh and a newcomer named Heironeous. Boys, I hate to say this, but the both of you don't stand a chance against me. Like I said before, I am very pissed off with losing the Tag Titles at HIGH STAKES to a bunch of snakes so don't start with me. Because if you do, I am going to take out all my anger out on both of you jabronis. Let me get to you first Franklin.

Franklyn Fresh, what a name. Frankie, can I call you Frankie? You have been here for a little while and you've done some good things here. Not as great as me, but still you have done killing machine that could rip your arm off and beat you with it if I so choose to. I have done more in this business than you wil ever do in your pathetic life. You put on a good showing at HIGH STAKES in that ladder match for the Xtreme Title. But sadly your punk ass got beat by my good friend SOLDIER who I would like to thank on winning the Xtreme Belt. Dude, you truly deserve it. But Franklin, if you thought getting a fireball in your face was something, just wait until you face me in the ring this Wednesday night. I am going to hurt you so bad that your mother won't recognize you. Not that she does now because that fireball that Soldier gave you was well deserved. You look like a fruitcake. But don't you worry Frankie, I'm got a degree in cosmetology and I will make your face look beautiful again. I'm gonna use this little baby to fix your nose.

[Image: 300px-Shinai.jpg]

Peter: Then I'll use this to fix the fat underneath your chin.

[Image: FN63059-2T.jpg?1332441817]

Peter: And for the final touch. I got an old friend.

Peter pulls out something from under the chair. What could it be? Oh no.. not that.. It's.. It's.. IT'S THAT DAMNED BARBED WIRE BAT BARBIE! Peter looks at it and smiles wickedly.

Peter: I am going to inflict so much punishment on you that it will look like a homicide. Frankie, you don't belong in the XWF and you sure as hell don't belong in my ring. You see Frankie, while Soldier loves to drink the blood of his victims, I love to inflict it. You see I am not afraid to bleed. Shall I give you a demonstration? I think I shall.

Peter takes that damned barbed wire bat he loves so much and begins to smash his head repeatedly with the bat. This man is truly sick. Either he loves to see himself bleed or he really needs to see a doctor because I think Peter is having a Mick Foley moment. Thinking he's two people at the same time that is. But we digress. Blood begins to pour down Peter's face like a faucet and almost covers his whole face in the proverbial crimson mask. Peter begins to lick the blood with his tongue! SICK! He then begins to rub the blood all over his face almost as if he was bathing in it. Ladies and gentlemen, Peter Gilmour has truly gone psycho! Peter begins to laugh wickedly as he licks some more blood off his face. He looks back into the camera and begins to speak again.

Peter: See that Franklin? DO YOU FUC*IN' SEE THIS? This is what's in store for you and Heironous this week on Warfare. You will taste your own blood and your bodies will be broken. Nobody is going to help you from the beating I will inflict on you. You call yourself Franklin Fresh right? Well after I beat you into the ground, they will call you Franklin DEAD. Don't mess with me boy! I will kill you if I have to.

Now let's get to this guy called Heinous, Highness, what the hell is your name boy? Oh right, Heironeous! What the fuc* kind of name is that? Is that German? Swedish? Whatever it is, it's a stupid name for a joke like yourself. You actually think that you can beat me? A guy who has more titles than you have had girlfriends? Though I doubt with a name like Heironeous had any girlfriends. But I digress. Heironeous, I've seen some of your work and I am slightly impressed. You could be a star in the XWF, but you're facing the biggest star in this federation. A former Tag Team Champion. Former 8 time Xtreme Champion. Former Hart Champion, among my other accolades. I have bled for this business and I will DIE for this business. You're just a rookie trying to make a name for himself. But it will NOT happen on my watch buddy. You will not beat me because I am not letting some rookies get over on me. I am pissed off and I want blood! And I will get it this Wednesday night on WARFARE. Heironeous, I saw your little promo for our match and I was very confused. You said that you were going to lose to me? Well, that's not the way to approach a match. Why in the hell would you say that? I would never in my life come out and say, well I'm going to lose to so and so. I got no chance in hell of winning. What kind of shi* is that? Do you really want to be here? Do you want to be a champion? I mean good GOD man that was the weakest promo I've ever seen! And I've seen a lot. But maybe it's a ploy. Maybe it's a trick you're trying to pull. Believe me dude, I know all the tricks in the book and more than you will ever know. But again, why would you say you are going to lose to me or Franklyn? I just don't get it. But it doesn't really matter to me dude. I am going to hurt you real bad and when all is said and done, you will be taken to the hospital with multiple injuries. Don't believe me? Just wait until this Wednesday.

And that goes for the rest of you losers here in the XWF. I am an angry monster and I am out to destroy everybody on Warfare, Madness and Shove It Saturday Night. I don't care who you are, what belt you hold. I am going to fuc*in' kill you until I get what is mine, and that is being KING OF THE XWF, along with RESPECT! So to Franklyn Fresh and Heironeous, I wish you both good luck because you are surely going to be needing it. This Wednesday night, you will need all the LUCK (no pun intended) in the world to beat the KING OF WRESTLING Peter Gilmour. Come Wednesday night gentlemen, you both will be taken......

Peter laughs wickedly as he flicks the lighter once more. But this time he doesn't hold it to his face. He.. oh don't tell me.. he lights Barbie on fire! That sick son of a bitch! That damned barbed wire bat is on fire. Peter holds it close to his face. He's going to burn his face off. But I don't think Peter cares what happens to him. Fortunately, Peter holds it far away from his face before the flames burn his face off. And we wouldn't want that right ladies? Peter gives a slow look back to the camera before speaking in a soft, yet evil whisper.

Peter: TO THE XTREEEEEEEEEEME! See you bitches in the ring. If you dare to show up!

Peter laughs more wickedly than before as he throws down Barbie as we watch the flames grow larger. We slowly begin to pan back and fade to black with a shot of the still burning barbed wire bat. FADE TO BLACK!


[Image: CEIz0Jc.jpg]


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