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Wednesday Night Warfare - 03/14/2018
03-14-2018, 02:40 PM
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Chris Valley
- vs -
Benny Vendetti
Standard Match

Sebasstian Dyke and Bilbo Baggins
- vs -
Pestalance and Wraith
Standard Match

Jackie Peppers
- vs -
Muddy Waters
Drunken Monkey Brawl!

Both men will have to imbibe to the point of drunkenness prior to the match!

- vs -
Peter F'n Gilmour BAYBAY
X-Treme Rules!

Mandii Rider
- vs -
Jenny Myst
Standard Match

Hail to the King fades out as the Warfare audience looks to get settled in with the first match of the evening. However, before that happens, No Resolve's Kill Us blares throughout the speakers as the audience automatically knows who's coming out first thing to start the show.

Is that Finn Kühn I see making his way down to the ring?

The Sauerkraut Krusader does not look happy.

It's hard to blame him, Luca! His match against Danny Imperial didn't exactly go as planned, despite getting a win. And with the drastic changes happening in the main event currently, it looks like he wants to retain his position!

As the heavy riffs of No Resolve's Kill Us echo their way through the arena, the fans begin to litter the stage and arena with boos as they know who's coming out. As the main riff starts to play, Finn Kühn makes his way out from the back in a long, black jacket, and his head bowed and in a hood, walking slowly towards the ring, allowing all the noise from the fans to go in one ear, and out the other.

As the lyrics began playing, Finn removes his hood, looking ready, determined, and walks to the ring with purpose, grabbing a microphone once inside.

Ignoring the fans' scattered boos, Finn starts speaking. "Yes, yes, I don't want to be in an area where flying cockroaches are a thing, or live in an area where I perpetually have to have a rugby team worse than England-" the boos are raining down now after the Australians had their rugby team dissed on as Finn is in mock surprise, "-and if I were to live here, I'd probably kill myself."

"I can go on about this shitty continent... but I won't. There's more important things to discuss here."
The crowd start to quiet down as Finn gets on with talking.

"Those of you who have been keeping up with the official XWF web site, and with Turning Point last night may have noticed an... odd little discrepancy. Tech monkeys back there! Show the advertised match between myself and Danny Imperial on the card for Turning Point on the XWF site!"

After a short delay, the X-Tron flares to life, showing the match in question.


[Image: descenso-steel-cage-o.gif]

The runners-up from the tournament meet for a special prize!

"The Kaiser" Finn Kühn
- vs -
Danny Imperial

Inside an enclosed steel cage!

Finn nods as he sees the spot in question, scratching his chin before speaking again. "Now then, maggots, stop sticking your didgeridoos up each other's asses" - moderate amount of boos from the crowd as Finn continues speaking - "And pay close attention. Notice every. Little. Word. There."

"Monkeys in the back! Show how the match was advertised at the actual event."

Another brief pause before the X-Tron shows a similar, yet different image-- this was from Turning Point.


[Image: descenso-steel-cage-o.gif]

"The Kaiser" Finn Kühn
- vs -
Danny Imperial

Inside an enclosed steel cage!

Finn nods again, going on after a brief pause. "Now, to the naked eye, you might not notice anything too different, sans a few aesthetic changes, and that's fine. But to the people with astute minds, you'd notice something... very different with the second image. Monkeys, refer back to the card on the website, and please zoom in on that part."

Once more, a brief delay as the X-Tron vomits back out the image.

The runners-up from the tournament meet for a special prize!

The crowd become surprised as they realize Finn does have a point.

Well I'll be damned! What the hell happened there?

I'm sure management must have had their reasons, Luca! For all we know, the prize would have been the Xtreme title - which would have been stripped no matter what the outcome was in the Main Event - which that plan was ruined after James Raven won the belt!

Don't be a fuckin' sheep, Pip. I'd be pissed if I was Finn too right now.

Finn's eyes return to the cameras in the crowd, clearing his throat and beginning to speak again. "Now, as you can plainly see, this is a huge discrepancy, and I for one am not pleased. So here's how this is going to go, management, and I do hope you listen, because I won't repeat myself, and I will be VERY pissed if I find otherwise."

"Don't book me to face Chris Chaos for the Television title."

"Don't book me to face Robert Main for the Hart title."

"I don't want to be in the title hunt for any title right now."

"But, that will change eventually. I will be expecting reparations for this crime soon enough in terms of a Universal title shot, and after the fiasco that went down this weekend, dare I say the Engineer will be needing a new challenger."

Murmurs of appreciation can be heard throughout the audience as they consider the possibility of a Finn/Engy match up for the title, which surely would tear the roof down, however Finn quiets them with his next lines. "If management wishes to continue bumbling about and deny me my rightful reparations, my lawsuit team is prepared to file a lawsuit over the clear false advertising on display, and cost the XWF trillions of dollars fighting it. But nobody wants that, right? Lot of time, money and energy lost on both sides. No, better to just give me my title shot when I ask for it and not get into a legal battle."

"I'll let the big shots chew on that for a bit. In the interim, however... I have unfinished business to attend to."

"Chris Chaos. Jenny Myst. And I suppose now, Erik Black."

"You call yourselves Empire? Empire?! I suppose it's time you maggots learn, the XWF is my empire, and I made it my goal to bring the XWF to the promised land, and ensure that this federation would be the #1 in terms of every category, and I intend to make true on that claim. I'm going to purge these insects, these vile scum that hang on this federation's coattails and try and believe that they actually matter in life. So here's how this is going to go."

"Chris Chaos."

"You got involved with my business one too many times starting with last Warfare. I don't care who I have to go through."

"I don't care how I go through them."

"I don't care how many people you have to duck behind."

"I will get to you. I will beat you in that ring, but most certainly not for the Television Championship, I'm not bothering with that like I said. I will make you regret crossing paths with me, just like the last time we faced off. I will put an end to your special brand of idiocy."

"The truth is, Chaos? Your empire is crashing down to rubble before it even began. And my empire?"

"Is only rising. Get on your knees and hail to your Kaiser, bitch."
Finn smiles as he tosses the microphone aside, rolling out of the ring as his music plays. The audience gives him a mixed reaction in response as Finn doesn't bother with the fans.

Well Luca, it seems Finn Kühn and Chris Chaos seem destined for a rematch, and what a contest that will be!

Yawn, Chaos. The Sauerkraut Krusader's gonna beat him, easily. I don't wanna see anymore of that Nyquil after Finn's done with him.

Well, Finn may beat him, but it remains to be seen. With Jenny Myst and now Erik Black by his side, Chris Chaos looks to be virtually untouchable so far.

Chris Valley
- vs -
Benny Vendetti
Standard Match

The camera cuts to ringside where Benny Vendetti is already waiting in the ring.

”The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Awaiting in the ring, BENNY VEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNDETTI!!!”

Benny Vendetti raises his right arm as the crowd yawns.

”Coming to the ring at this time, CHRIIIIIIS VAAAAAAAAALLEEEEEEY!”

As the hustling and bustling of breaths hit the PA Speaker, this signals the entrance of the most deprived and nastiest men too step up too the plate today. Out from the back comes Chris Valley, too the old familar sound of hate towards him. No smile on his face, no swagger too his step, just a crack of the knuckles and the neck as he walks down the entrance ramp. In his hand is a bag of his signature thumbtacks, and as he makes his way down the apron of the ring, he sets them into the corner, hops up and into the ring, and spreads his arms too shout: "MAD, DOG, VALLEY." The fans boo even louder, and he only brushes his arms off and backs into the corner, brushing his hair out of his face as he waits for the bell to sound.


Both men stand across from each other in the center of the ring, slowly circling as they go over strategy in their heads, studying the others movements. Shooting in first, Vendetti lunges for Valley with both arms extended. Side stepping Vendetti, Valley grabs ahold of his shoulder, spinning him around to face him. Valley kicks Vendetti in the side of the knee, he forces Vendetti’s leg to give out from under him. Valley then wraps Vendetti’s head up and goes for a snap DDT, but hits the canvas empty handed as Vendetti jerks his head free.

Benny Vendetti was ready for that and he said “NOT TODAY”!

Valley then rushes to push himself up, but before he does, Vendetti steps in and plants a foot across his face.

”And no respect coming from Vendtti’s end!”

Valley falls back down to the mat and begins dragging himself backwards away from Vendetti. Rushing in behind him, Vendetti reaches down to grab ahold of him but instead receives a boot to the stomach. Popping back to his feet, Valley then pushes Vendetti a few steps back. With Vendetti still recovering from the foot to the gut, Valley moves in quickly and hits him across the face with a big boot, dropping Vendetti to the mat.

”It didn’t take long for Chris Valley to turn things around!”

Vendetti rolls to his side, pushing himself up while holding his head. Valley grabs ahold of Vendetti’s arm and lifts Vendetti to his feet before whipping him to the far ropes across the ring. As Vendetti hits the ropes and bounces off, Valley charges straight for him. Leaping forwards into the air, he wipes Vendetti out with a big spear. Valley hops back to his feet and paces the ring momentarily with Vendetti still down on the mat.

”Chris Valley is fired up and ready to end this thing!”

Valley stomps on Vendetti’s chest over and over before jumping straight up and coming down with an elbow drop to the same area. He rolls Vendetti over to his back and sits over him, grabbing a single leg and going for a single leg Boston Crab. Before he can finally get it locked in and settled, Vendetti kicks his leg straight, throwing Valley off of him.

”Vendetti was quick to get Chris Valley off of him there!”

”Ya know, I wouldn’t think Benny Vendetti would mind a guy manhandling him like that!”

The two race to their feet, Vendetti standing first. Charging Valley, Vendetti then throws a straight punch, but Valley ducks the blow and hits the ropes, rebounding back with a running lariat of his own that send Vendetti back to the mat! Valley stomps on his chest then bends over and grabs a handful of hair, pulling him back to his feet. Vendetti swings his arms up, breaking his grip on him and fires back with three big punches that stagger Valley back towards the corner. Vendetti pushes forward with a stiff back elbow that causes Valley to fall into the corner. Vendetti turns and taunts the fans at ringside before turning his attention back to Valley. Valley springs out of the corner and catches Vendetti off guard by spitting a blinding red mist into his eyes! Vendetti staggers back, frantically rubbing his eyes.

”He calls that one Fog in the Valley!’

”What do you think that stuff is made of?”

”No idea, but whatever it is, it’s blinded Benny Vendetti!”

Valley moves in and scoops Vendetti up across his shoulders and begins spinning around before crashing to the mat with a cutter!

”Death in The Valley!!!”

”Chris Valley hooks the leg!”




Winner - Chris Valley!

Sebasstian Dyke and Bilbo Baggins
- vs -
Pestalance and Wraith
Standard Match

”The following contest is a tag team match! Introducing first, the team of Bilbo Baggins and Sebasstain Dyke, collectivly known as BEEEEEEEEEE EXXXXXXXXXXXXXX THREEEEEEEE!!!”

Bilbo rolls out onto the stage with Sebass riding bitch and sulking like a little girl. Bilbo slaps his balls on the side as he wheels down the ring in his chair, trying to make sure the beast stays awake. At ringside, Sebass lifts Bilbo and chair into the ring and climbs over the top rope. Bilbo begins softly stroking his erection as Sebass pacing the ring.

”And their opponents, coming down first, from Plainfield, New Jersey… PEEESTALANCE!!!”

As Black Jesus begins to play throughout the arena the lights slowly switch between white and red with the same slow cadence of the first sixteen second of the song. Once the beat hits the lights turn red and a white spotlight hits arena entrance as Pestalence makes his way to the ramp. The spotlight follows Pest to the ring as he switches between rapping along with the song and talking smack into the camera. Once Pest enters the ring he heads to a corner and hops on his toes waiting for the match to begin.

”And his partner, from Parts Unknown…. WRAAAAITH!”

Wraith walks down to the ring and slides in.

”The competitors are now all in the ring and the action is about to pick up!”

”Don’t kid yourself Pip!”


”It looks like Wraith and Sebasstain Dyke are going to start things off.”

Both wrestlers shoot out of their corners before coming face to face in the center of the ring and circling one anothim. Shooting in, Wraith wraps up Dyke’s leg, lifting him into the air and slamming him down to him back. Crawling over him and mounting himself on top, Wraith grabs ahold of Dyke’s arm and attempts to apply an arm-bar of sorts. Ripping his arm away from him, Dyke pushes Wraith over to the side before dragging himself backwards and moving away.

Both wrestlers rush to their feet, standing up at the same time. Locking up with one anothim, Wraith grabs Dyke’s arm before maneuvering himself behind him and holding his arm behind his back. Reaching up with his othim arm, Dyke wraps it around Wraith’s head before dropping down and pulling him over his back, throwing him to the mat with a snapmare.

As Wraith rises, he shoots in towards Dyke, going for his waist but misses as he side steps him and pushes Wraith in the direction of the ropes. Coming back on the rebound, Wraith runs into Dyke’s arms. Lifting Wraith off his feet, Dyke turns around one-eighty and plants him into the canvas with a spinning spinebuster. Hooking Wraith’s leg, Dyke rolls across his body and makes the pin.



”A quick kickout by Wraith!”

”Sebasstain isn’t wasting any time tonight is he?”

”He’s tasted victory a couple of time hime lately, and it’s obvious that he’s looking for more!”

Wraith and Dyke both jump back to their feet. Dyke rushes in to lock up, but Dyke leaves his midsection open and Wraith seizes the opportunity, kicking him right in the gut, forcing him to buckle over.

Swinging upward, Dyke hits Wraith with an uppercut, standing him straight up. He then grabs onto his head with both hands and drops down to his knees. Pulling Dyke’s chin down onto the top of his head, he nails him with a jawbreaker that sends him flying backwards through the air and crashing to the mat.

Dyke pushes himself up to his feet as Wraith rushes in. Dyke knocks him flat on his back with a running shoulder block. Dyke hits the ropes and on the rebound he jumps through the air and comes down with a double axe handle but hits nothing but canvas as Wraith rolls out of the way. Racing to their feet, Wraith stands first and kicks a right foot for Dyke’s stomach. Catching his foot, Dyke then spins him around but as Wraith turns to face him, he knocks Dyke clear off his feet with a spinning axe kick.

”We’ve heard that this man has some lethal feet and now we’re seeing them in action!

”Really? Nobody would have guessed it based on that ninja onesie he wears in the ring huh?

Dyke pushes himself up, but Wraith connects with a shining wizard knocking him back to the mat! Wraith stands up and hits a standing moonsault, landing for the pin!




”Sebasstain kicked out!”

”Miracles are real, just ask BX3!”

Wraith pulls Sebasstain to his feet, but he fires a right hand into the midsection of Wraith. Wraith answers the shot with a knee to the temple of Dyke that causes his legs to wobble. Wraith pulls Dyke into the corner and tags in Pestilance.

”There’s the tag!”

”Awwwwww yeah boi, Pestilance is about to drop these fools!”

Wraith tosses Dyke into the corner as Pestilance steps through the ropes. Wraith exits to the apron as Pestilance grabs Dyke by the hair and hits two quick shots to the head. Pestilance then turns around to face Bilbo on the opposite side of the ring. Pestilance begins to talk some trash as he takes a long slow stride towards him. With the official focusing his attention on Pestilance, Wraith wraps his arm around the neck of Dyke and unleashes a quick flurry of punches to his head. Pestilance is now just inches away from Bilbo, both men running their mouths to the other. Bilbo grabs his junk and screams at the top of his lungs.


Pestilance looks away and takes a deep breath as Bilbo begins laughing from the apron. Suddenly Pestilance steps in and grabs Bilbo by the head with both hands, pulling him over the top rope and slamming him into the ring. Pestiance points and laughs at Bilbo before quickly turning his attention back to Dyke. He rushes in and connects with a big uppercut just as Wraith lets go of Dyke!

”Fuck’em Uppercut!”

”Oh shit, this thing over now!”

Pestilance lifts Dyke up onto the turnbuckle. He follows him up, standing on the second rope. He wraps his arm around the head of Dyke and points out to the crowd before snapping back and connecting with an impale DDT!


Pestilance rolls to his feet and points to Wraith, motioning for him to come into the ring. Wraith steps though the center rope as Pestilance points down to Bilbo and barks orders. Wraith and Pestilance both get to work. Pestilance wrapping Dyke in the Gangsta Stretch as Wraith locks in the Straightjacket crossface on Bilbo at the same time. Both men tap as soon as the holds are locked in and the ref calls for the bell!

Winners - Pestilance and Wraith!

Pestilance and Wraith hold the submissions for a few seconds after the bell. Finally they release the holds and climb to their feet. The official raises their hands in victory. Pestilance then offers his hand to Wraith, but Wraith seems to ignore the gesture. Pestilance shrugs it off and exits the ring.

Wraith rolls out of the ring and grabs his sword. He holds it out in front of him, seemingly mesmerized by it for a moment. Wraith slowly turns his attention to the two men still in the ring, Bilbo Blumpkinz and Sebasstain Dyke.

”Uh oh, Wraith promised to soak the canvas with the blood of his enemies tonight. We might want to get security down to the ring STAT!”

”I say let the man take care of his business Pip!”

Wraith rolls into the ring, sword in hand. Bilbo begins to frantically crawl away in an effort to escape the ring. Wraith stabs his sword down, pinning Bilbo’s leg to the mat.

”Oh shit son, you know that gotta hurt!”

”I’m pretty sure he doesn’t actually have feeling in his legs Luca.Even still, can we get some security out here already!?”

Dyke is back to his feet and rushes Wraith from behind. Wraith seems to sense impending danger and rolls out of the way as Sebass whifs nothing but air with a clothesline attempt. Before Dyke can regain his balance, Wraith levels him with a big roundhouse kick that sends him flying through the ropes.Back to his feet, Wraith kneels down in front of Bilbo. Drawing a knife from his boot, Wraith grabs Bilbo by the hair and begins to carve into the flesh on his forehead.

”It’s about time!”

Four members of security hit the ring and go straight for Wraith, pulling him off of Bilbo, with three of them backing Wraith into the corner as the fourth checks on Bilbo who lies pinned to the mat and bleeding like a stuffed pig.

”Oh shit, Sebass is back in the ring!”

With a running start, Dyke leaps over top of the security team and begins hammering away at Wraith. Wraith is fighting back punch for punch even as security tries to get the situation under control. Two security guys pull Dyke back, but Wraith blast the single officer trying to hold him with a stiff right hand and dumps him through the ropes before rushing Dyke. The two men are once again trading shots in the center of the ring. Security tries to pull them apart again, but this time Dyke and Wraith simultaneously lay out the two officers before returning shots to one another.

”This is out of control!”

Dyke manages to take control and whips Wraith to the ropes. On the rebound, the last standing security guard spears Wraith to the ground and struggles to hold him down. Dyke turns his attention to Bilbo, who is still pinned to the mat with Wraiths sword. Dyke yanks the sword out of Bilbo's leg without caution and tosses it to the side. He then scoops up his little buddy and exits the ring. Leaving up the ramp with haste.

”Looks like BX3 has had enough of this shiz”

Meanwhile in the ring, Wraith wrestles his way free. He tucks and rolls, grabbing his sword and landing in a crouching position. The security guard storms up behind him, but without otherwise moving, Wraith flicks the edge of the sword behind him, nicking the neck of the guard.

”What the fuck! Who hired this lunatic!?”

The slice doesn’t seem deep enough to be fatal, but the security officer backs off quickly and exits the ring. Wraith stands up and flicks his blade downwards as blood splashes onto the mat. He then sheaths his sword as he turns to the entrance and drops to his knees. He looks to the entrance way as he brings his arms up in a welcoming manner.

”What is he doing now?”

”He’s calling for his master idiot… Pay attention!”

”Well I don’t think anyone is coming out…”

Mandii Rider makes her entrance and walks down the ramp to the sounds of a confused crowd.

"It's Mandii Rider!"

"I wonder what it's like for those two outside of the ring."

Mandii enters the ring through the middle rope and walks over to Wraith still down on his knees. He drops his arms down to his sides and lowers his head out of respect as Mandii touches his shoulder. Wraith then looks up to meet Mandii's gaze as her lips motion "You can stand." Wraith rises to his feet towering over Mandii.

"She's the mastermind behind Wraith?!"

"If you were paying attention like I said to you wouldn't be lost on something this simple!"

Wraith starts to remove his mask but before he is able Mandii puts her hands on his wrists to lower his hands. She shakes her head and her lips motion "Not yet." She gives a half smirk before gripping his hand and holding it in the air.

"Wait, who's under that mask!?"

After a few moments of having both their hands raised in the air Mandii walks over to the ropes but waits for Wraith to pull open the ropes. Once exiting the ring Wraith seems to be slightly agitated but is quickly calmed down by Mandii putting her hand on his shoulder and whispering something.

"I don't think this is about respect Pip. I think that we are seeing the beginning of something here. Something that we don't yet fully understand."

We cut backstage and see Steve Sayors standing outside of a locker room marked "Jackie Peppers".

Hi, I'm here to get an exclusive interview with Jackie Peppers before his big debut match-up.

Sayors knocks on the door. It opens, and Jackie Peppers peers out. Bug-eyed and looking neurotic as all hell, Jackie looks at Steve.


Jackie, tonight is your debut against Muddy Waters. Do you have anything you'd like to say before you walk out in front of an XWF crowd for the first time?


Jackie swings the door wide open, and we see he's holding a suitcase and looking past Steve Sayors.

I'm getting out of here. That crazy redneck digs up dead bodies and pushed his little girl into this insane world.

Jackie steps past Steve, and as he does, we see Black Angus step out of the locker room, holding a half empty bottle of whiskey.

Wher d'ya think yer goin?

Jackie goes to run, darting down the hallway as Black Angus gives chase.

Git bahk here ya lil' divil, ye got a match!

Jackie turns a corner into a dead end, not knowing the layout of the Perth Arena. He turns and sees the drunken Black Angus and the curious Steve Sayors.

I don't wanna! Let me go home!

I gut yer passport, lad. Ye can't git too fur widdout!

He in fact would not get too far without it. Swimming back to Missouri from Australia is pretty hard.


Jackie starts to weep as his shoulders slump, realizing that he's locked into competing tonight. He shambles back to his locker room along with Black Angus, who offers him a sip of the Johnny Walker he is holding in preparation of the Drunken Monkey match. Steve Sayors tries to walk along.

Jackie? Can I get a word?

I wanna go home!

Jackie Peppers
- vs -
Muddy Waters
Drunken Monkey Brawl!

Both men will have to imbibe to the point of drunkenness prior to the match!

Well this next one should be one for the record books, even here...the Drunken Monkey Brawl between newcomer Jackie Peppers and XWF's favorite resident redneck Muddy Waters.

Both these guys are drunk as SHIT and ready to fight.

Yes, both men had to submit to breathalyzer tests to ensure their drunkenness just now. And yes, that was an actual thing I just said.

The following contest is set for one fall and is a DRUNKEN MONKEY BRAWL! Introducing first, from Pikesville, Kentucky and currently maintaining a Blood Alcohol Content of .21....MUDDY WATERS!

Muddy stumbles out of the back, holding a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand!

He's still drinking!

Muddy almost loses his footing as he walks down the ramp, yelling and cussing out the fans at ringside. After a few near falls, he finally gets to the ring apron and starts trying to roll in, but that too takes him a couple tries.

I gotta say, I have to give the advantage to Muddy here. Good God that poor bastard's liver must be shot.

And his opponent, he is accompanied to the ring by Black Angus, and he currently has a Blood Alcohol Content of .19....JACKIE PEPPERS!

The opening drum beat of Arrows in the Dark erupts throughout the arena as spews of flames shoot from the sides of the ramp, which scares the shit out of a very, very drunk Jackie as he somehow finds his way out to the ramp. Angus urges him on and Jackie, looking pretty worse for the wear, stumbles down to the ring. Angus helpfully boosts Jackie into the ring.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Muddy is blatantly staring at Tig's titties. She makes a disgusted face and backs out of the ring. Muddy yells something that sounds like “whuuuzzzaaamuttuh uuuuu to guhdfomuddeee”.

Hoooo boy, let's get thing thing over with.

The bell rings and the match is....underway?

Jackie is propping himself up in the corner while Muddy is having himself one last sip from his bottle. Then, he suddenly throws the bottle at Jackie! Jackie ducks and the bottle lands somewhere in the crowd, followed by a scream from the unlucky member of the audience it hit. Muddy lurches towards Jackie and throws a lazy punch at him, which connects and knocks Jackie off his feet.

Yikes, this is painful.

Jackie is slowly crawling up to his feet,using the ropes as Muddy looks around for the bottle of booze he just threw into the crowd. Angus gets up on the ring apron and pulls a flask out from underneath his kilt, offering it to Jackie. Jackie looks like he's gonna hurl and shakes his head “no”.

Both men barely get to their feet ad start stumbling towards each other into a clumsy lock-up, which basically looks like a hug.

Is Muddy falling asleep?!

Indeed, Muddy's eyes are starting to flutter and he's rest his head on Jackie's shoulder, but Jackie wakes him up real quick by picking him up and scoop slamming him! Of course, this also sends Jackie falling to the mat as well.

My God a wrestling move!

This is already surpassing my expectations. Which were incredibly, incredibly low, so that's not saying much.

Muddy gets knocked back into reality real quick by that move! Jackie is still down on the mat and Muddy crawls on him for a pin!



3..NO! Jackie kicks out by pushing up on Muddy's face.

Jackie slides out and away from Muddy, giving him a swift kick to the face for good measure. Jackie slowly rights himself, looking pretty wobbly as he does so. Muddy also struggles to his feet. Jackie starts to advance on Muddy, and Muddy socks him with a punch to the stomach! Jackie doesn't look so good!!

Oh no....oh no! He's gonna....HE'S GONNA....



A couple fans in the front row can be seen puking in response. Angus holds out the flask to Jackie, encouraging him have some “hair of the dog” but Jackie's not even paying attention. Muddy takes advantage of the situation by rocking Jackie with a right hand that drops him down on his own vomit.

Muddy stumbles into the ring ropes, trying to refocus his attention. Jackie tries to get him, but he's sliding in his own barf. Finally, he does it and he advanced on Muddy again, rearing a hand back and punching him in the face, but this causes puke chunks to fly everywhere.

Oh Jesus, right in my latte too!

Jackie somehow manages to land a neckbreaker on Muddy now, and the puke splashes some more, getting all over both men! Jackie goes to cover Muddy!




But Jackie forces his shoulder back down to cover again!



3..NO! Muddy throws Jackie off of him!

Muddy starts to scramble up and when he does, he nails Jackie with a stiff short armed clothesline, but once again both men fall to the canvas! They both lie there for a good 30 seconds before Muddy starts to stir. He grabs hold of Jackie's hair and nails him with a headbutt from the canvas. Muddy gets vertical, followed slowly thereafter by Jackie. They run at each other and knock each other down with a double clothesline!

Could we at least get a mercy hosedown of the ring, it's smells terrible!

More moments pass and Jackie crawls to Angus' corner. He sits back against the turnbuckle. Seeing Jackie's mouth open, Angus dumps the contents of the flask past the gums! Jackie starts, looking back at Angus at frustration and Angus just gives him a thumbs up before dropping back down to ringside. Muddy is now on his feet too and he eyes Jackie as he's puling himself up in the corner only to leap into a big splash that engulfs the newcomer! Muddy rides Jackie down and nabs him with a schoolboy roll-up.



3....NO! Jackie barely kicks out!

Muddy, looking frustrated now, scoops up a handful of Jackie's puke and throws it in his eyes!

And here I thought we couldn't hit a new low!

Have you SEEN this show?

Jackie cries out as his own barf burns his eyes. He rolls away from Muddy and Muddy starts to rise, only to slip in the barf and fall back down to the canvas!

It's....**sigh**.......anyone's ballgame here....

Angus gets back up on the ring apron and starts calling out to Muddy trying to distract him so Jackie can recover. Angus turns around and lifts up his kilt, flashing his ass at Muddy! Muddy is instantly enraged, convinced this is an invitation for GAY SEX! He rushes at Angus, shoving him off the ring apron and to the floor. But it has the desired effect as Jackie looks like he has recovered!

Jackie Peppers rising back to his feet and starts slowly stroking his throat with his right hand just as Muddy Waters turns around to face him. With his free hand Jackie grabs Muddy by the back of the head and pulls him in close and then smiles.






A bright red mist explodes out of Jackie's mouth instantly covering Muddy's face. Muddy screams out in pain and immediately starts clawing at his eyes as Jackie levels his opponent with a devastating roundhouse kick that he calls appropriately enough The Devastator.

Red faced Muddy goes spinning in the area in a tornado like motion before crashing down to the ring.

Peppers with the cover.




Winner - Jackie Peppers

As Jackie Peppers and Muddy Waters stagger their way to the back, drunken to the point of almost exhaustion, a familiar song plays on the PA system.

"Oh SHIT, Pip! Micheal Graves is here!"

"We heard earlier from him that he planned to make a statement to Peter Gilmour regarding their situation over the tag team titles and Michael Graves' injured knee! This could be interesting, Luca!"

A thick fog rolls onto the entrance ramp as the opening riff of Unholy blares throughout the arena. Suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes the stage and in the flash Micheal Graves appears seemingly out of thin air. Graves hobbles down to the ring on his crutches to a generally positive reaction. At the bottom of the ramp he slides under the bottom rope into the ring. Graves stands up and raises his free arm out to his side like a cross. He slowly lifts his head up, looking to the sky as the lights fade in.

"I wonder what he's got to say..."

"Peter Gilmour!"

"Well that didn't take long..."

"I've been keeping a close eye on your progress, and I'm not happy with what I'm seeing! Where's that drive you had? You have to show me you WANT this! You have a match against Mezian next, and if you can't even get past the likes of him..."

Graves shakes his head in disgust.

"...then you can kiss that Tag Team title shot goodbye, as I'll refuse to team up with you! You can rot with it for all I care, but if you refuse to give me even a modicum of effort, we'd get eaten alive by the Engineer and whoever he chooses as his partner!"

It's at this moment that members of the crowd can see a certain figure hop over the barricade, and some boos become heard. Graves raises his eyebrow, but attributes it to the crowd being dickholes and starts pacing while talking.

"I know I already told you, but Gilmour, I never saw that spark that so many others claimed you had at one point. Whether you're claiming or reclaiming it, I want to see some signs of it there when my knee hea--"


Micheal Graves falls to the ground like a bad habit, clutching his knee and groaning in pain... the form of the Kaiser himself, Finn Kühn can be seen, holding a lead pipe and standing over Graves' body after attacking the injured limb.

"That's Finn Kühn, Luca!"

"No shit that's Finn, Pip!"

"But... but why? What did Graves do to Finn?"

"Well, they exchanged some words earlier this week. Maybe this is meant to be some sort of message? To Chaos? To the Engineer?"

Graves tries hobbling back to his feet to face Finn as he laughs in response, grabbing Graves' face and yelling, "HOW'S THIS FOR PROVING I'M BETTER THAN YOU, OLD MAN?!"

Graves is laughing in response-- AND HE FLIPS FINN OFF AND SPITS IN HIS FACE!

Finn goes bright red in anger, kicking Graves in the gut-- LION'S DEN POSITION!

[Image: vYtEWge.gif]



Graves is out! His unconscious form is spread across the mat as Finn extends his arms out and starts laughing. Referees are swarming the ring to get the Kaiser away from Graves, but the damage has been done...

- vs -
Peter F'n Gilmour BAYBAY
X-Treme Rules!

"The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! And it is an XTRRRRRREME RULES MATCH! Introducing first, from Cincinnati, Ohio, standing in at 6'3 and weighing in at 230 lbs., MEZZZZIAN!"

Flashing lights begin to pulsate throughout the arena. Dim blue smoke starts becoming visible. Mezian can be seen as he walks down to the ring for his match with Peter Gilmour.

"Holy fuck, Mez is gonna get rekt."

"I wouldn't say that, Luca, Gilly hasn't had the hottest luck lately, and he'll be the first to tell you that."

"Yeah, Pip? Gilly may suck, but he doesn't suck this bad."

Mezian rolls into the ring and awaits his opponent.

The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then hear the eerie sounds of a bell being tolled and then an explosion of fire emitting from the entrance ramp. The beginning of DADDYS FALLEN ANGEL by IN THIS MOMENT begins as the heavy guitar riffs kick in and red strobes dance around the stage. As soon as the verse kicks in, we see Peter Gilmour and his wife Maria Brink come out to the ramp. They smile at each other before going down the ramp hand in hand. Peter bobs his head to the song. They get in the ring together and Peter gets on the turnbuckle and throws up an "X" sign as pyro goes off above the ring. Peter hops down and kisses Maria as they wait his next victim.

"Peter looks raring to go, I must say!"

"No shit, Pip! Hell, I could beat Mezian in my sleep! If Gilly can't even do this, then how the hell can he expect to team up with Michael Graves and win those Tag Team titles?"

Referee Lawanda Sass signals for the bell to ring, and this Xtreme Rules match is underway!

Mezian looks raring to go, fists raised, but Gilly is out of there immediately as the fans boo. Gilly flips them off and tells them to suck his dick as Mezian looks slightly pissed off. Maria is cheering Gilly on as he walks around ringside, scratching his chin and wondering what to do... hopping under the ring, he grabs a kendo stick!

"Not even two minutes into this match and Peter is already bringing a weapon into this match!"

"Gilly just wants to bring a little color into this match! Can't say I blame him, honestly..."

Gilly looks to hop back off the apron-- BUT HE GETS DROPKICKED OFF BY MEZIAN! Gilly hits the barricade back first as the fans pop hard. Mezian sizes up Gilly as he runs off the ropes-- SUICIDE DIVE ONTO MEZIAN! Both Mezian and the Xtrrrrreeeeeeeme Icon get wiped out! Lawanda Sass - and the crowd - are in shock!

Mezian gets back onto his feet, shaking out the cobwebs as Gilly is staggering back onto his knees. Mezian looks to follow up with a hard elbow into Gilly's cranium, but Gilly catches it! Big body blow to Mezian, who's forced to step back, doubling over. Gilly gets back onto his feet and starts eyeing up the kendo stick from before. Knee to Mezian's skull sends him back onto the ground. Gilly picks up the kendo stick and twirls it around while mouthing off to the crowd, who are only too eager to boo in response.

Mezian is back onto his knees, and dazed after that big knee. His eyes look glassy as Gilly gets right in his face and starts mouthing off to Mezian too! Mezian swings for Gilly, but Gilly is just able to get away-- AND SWINGS RIGHT FOR MEZIAN'S HEAD WITH THE KENDO STICK!


Mezian is out as Gilly laughs! Tossing the kendo stick and the battered Mezian inside, Maria cheers some more as Gilly goes for the cover.



KICK-OUT! Mezian is still in this!

"Looks like this match is going fast and furious, just how I like it!"

"I just hope none of these competitors will be walking out of here tonight with a serious injury."

"...shut up, Pip. These guys knew what they signed up for."

Peter calls for the assist from Maria, who is only happy to oblige, tossing in two chairs, a table and a trash can, all while cackling alongside Gilly. Gilly takes the table, and starts setting it up in the corner, making sure the table fit snugly as Mezian is starting to stagger back to his feet. Maria is trying to warn Gilly, but all the chanting from the crowd makes it hard to hear!

Gilly turns around-- SPEAR BY MEZIAN!


It takes all of Mezian's will to stop himself from crashing through the table, his shoulder coming within fingertips of touching the hard wood. Mezian turns back around to face Gilly-- GILLY WITH HIS OWN SPEAR!







Mezian, perhaps almost of of instinct, slowly adjusts his battered body into a pinning position on top of Gilmour as Lawanda Sass goes in for the count.




Maria is slapping on the apron, begging for Gilly to get up. Slowly, both warriors are crawling their way to their feet, trying to see whatever it takes to put the other down for the three count. Gilly grabs one of the chairs as Mezian grabs the trash can lid. Both Gilly and Mezian stagger towards each other, table pieces still falling off of them--


Gilly doubles over, sucks in his breath... and gets back to his feet--


Mezian staggers back three or four steps, trying to rub out the pain in his ribs as he gets back into a standing position--

K/align] [align=right]K

Both the steel chair and the lid collide with their opponents' heads! Gilly and Mezian both fall to the ground like a sack of bricks as the crowd are loving every second of it!

"Eight minutes and thirty-seven seconds. We are only eight minutes and thirty-seven seconds into this match, and the amount of carnage these two have put each other through is unbelievable."

"Mezian might have been able to keep up with Gilly up to this point, but you have to believe the gap is going to start widening."

Maria is in the ring now! Lawanda Sass is getting in her face, trying to throw her out-- MARIA SLAPS LAWANDA! Lawanda gets dropped as Maria goes to Gilly's aid!

"HOLY SHIT, PIP! Did you hear that?! HAHA!"

"I do hope Lawanda Sass is alri--"

"Oh, give it a rest, Pip! These guys knew what they were signing up for! Competitors and referee both!"

Maria shakes up the fallen Gilmour, as Gilly slowly gets his way back to his feet. Once Maria alerts Gilly to the fallen Mezian. Gilly laughs, picking Mezian up by his hair as Maria attempts to revive Lawanda Sass.

Gilly yells right in Mezian's face as he's struggling to come to! Gilly gets him in position over the trash can! GILMOUR CUTTER--


NO! MEZIAN PUSHES GILLY INTO MARIA! Maria falls over as Gilmour looks devastated! Lawanda Sass is starting to come to as Gilly turns around...



The trash can is dead. Gilmour might be dead. But he's immortal with a super dick of wonder so probably not. Finn makes the cover...




Winner - Mezian

Cut to the backstage area where we find Finn Kühn walking down the hall seeming very proud of himself. As he continues down the hall we see a female backstage worker. Finn leans in close to her with a smug look on his face.

"Did you see what I did to Micheal Graves?”

The woman leans away from Finn and looks around nervously for help. Finn pulls away from her, still looking as smug as before.

”I told everyone that Graves was nothing more than a relic, and now he sits at home nursing his little boo boo while The Kaiser continues to ascend the ranks of the XWF!”

Finn laughs as the woman slips by him and hurriedly walks in the opposite direction. Finn ignores her and smiles, continuing down the hall. Soon, he comes upon Steve Sayors, who seems to be going over some papers. Maybe preparing himself for an interview later tonight? Finn walks up to Steve with that same smug aura he’s had this entire time. Sayors looks up to Finn with a look of worry and caution.

”Sayors! You wouldn't have happened to catch what I did to Graves earlier?”

”Um… Y.. yeah I saw it?’

Finn chuckles at the thought.

”I taught that geezer a lesson that he’s not soon to forget! Micheal Graves had his time in the XWF, it’s now the era of the Kaiser!”

Sayors doesn’t say a word in responce. Like the woman before, he tries to slip past Finn, but Finn slaps his palm into Sayors chest, blocking his exit.

”Steve, where do you think you’re going?

”I… I need to go… Um... I need to go prepare for my next interview.”

Finn smirks as he shakes his head no.

"Nonsense, you have your next interview right here. How about we talk about how Micheal Graves never should have allowed my name to exit his mouth? Or better yet, let’s talk about how with each passing day, it becomes more clear that I, The Kaiser, am the new face of the XWF?”

Finn leans in close to Steve Sayors and speaks softly into his ear.

"You know, it’s only a matter of time before I run Chris Chaos out of this federation and capture the Universal Championship, right?”

Without either Finn or Sayors noticing, a dark figure walks out of one of the locker rooms down the hall behind Finn and Steve.

”Um… Oh, yeah totally. I think that you can take Chaos and Engy anyday!”

Finn becomes unnecessarily angry with Steve Sayors phrasing and grabs him up by his collar.

”Think?... THINK!?!”

The figure behind of them draws a sword from his back…

”Wait a minute… Is that Wraith? What’s he doing back there!?!”

”Looks like my ninja is about to make a Finn-kabob!”

"Are you daft? Have you been missing that surge of viewers that change the channel to here everytime I make my presence known? There’s absolutely NO DOUBT that I can and WILL defeat The Engineer the very SECOND that I’m awarded the opportunity to face h…”

Finn Kuhn is suddenly interrupted by the sound of Wraiths sword grinding against the cement wall as he slowly walks towards them. Finn tilts his head slightly, trying to Identify the scraping noise. He loosened his grip on Steve Sayors, allowing him to escape. Finn slowly turns around to as Wraith halts and draws his sword, ready to attack. Finn, upon seeing this, sneers at Wraith as he contemplates his options.

"If I were you, I'd think to myself if I really wanted to go through with this. Because trust me, you don't want to face me."

Wraith is as still as a stone and doesn’t fall for Finn's bluff as the Kaiser further contemplates the situation. Realizing there’s no way out of this, he tries to control the situation.

"Fine, I see you're dead set on this. How about you put the toy down and fight me like a man?"

Wraith stands still for a moment before cautiously lowering his weapon. The sword clangs as it hits the ground and Wraith and Finn Kühn rush towards each other.

”Oh shit, is this really happening!?”

The two men collide with a flurry of punches, neither of them willing to back down. Finn seems to get the advantage and drops Wraith down to a knee, but before he can capitalize, Wraith hits a palm strike to the midsection that knocks the air out of Finn. Wraith quickly jumps back to his feet and pushes Finn back with a series of strikes to the head and body, and kicks to the legs.

”Surprisingly, Wraith is taking it to Finn Kuhn? Not bad for a rookie!”

”It’s abundantly clear that Wraith ISN’T a rookie Pip!”

Wraith grabs Finn by the tights and tosses his through a door. Wraith grabs a chair and follows with the camera just behind him. Finn is trying to get to his feet, but is rocked by a headshot with that chair! Finn crumples to the floor as Wraith sizes him up and hits another shot with that chair across the back. Wraith then tosses the chair to the floor and stands over Finn Kuhn as he moans in pain. After a moment, Wraith drops to one knee and lifts Finn Kuhn’s head up by the hair. He then points to himself with his thumb.


And then points to Finn with his index finger.


Dramatic pause…


Wraith then smashes Finn Kühns head into the floor before turning and leaving. The camera zooms in on Finn as the announce team comment on what we just saw.

”A major statement made by Wraith tonight!”

”Yeah, but why did he go after Finn Kühn? Did Mandii Rider order him to do it?”

”No idea Luca, but I’m sure we’ll find out sooner than later!”

XWF camera cut the back where a local Perth, Australia reporter is able to track down Chris Chaos and Jenny Myst in the back. Jenny is sitting down, lacing up her boots for her match and Chris is playing on his smart phone.

"Alo....Chris eh Jennay.....Me name is Jordan Katafie and I am with the local news station here a' Perth. May I ask ya a few questians?"

Chris looks up from his phone. Jenny blows him off and keeps lacing her boots up.

"Chris....both da Engineea and Finn had some strong words for yas. Finn ton'ate was in da ring, did ya happen to catch 'im?"

Chris looks at the Aussie, then at the camera.

"Oh, I heard him. But what Finn said is the least of my concerns right now. Finn Kuhn has a habit of talking out of his ass and not delivering. But....I think his words do dignify a response."

The man's eyes go wide.

"But no......not tonight, not here. You see, we will get back to Finn on our terms, our time, and when we feel like it. He is just going to have to wait. But Finn, if you are listening to this, just know, that Empire does have plans for you and they will be executed.......right now, Finn has his hands full with Wraith, and, to be honest, that is more his level anyway. He shouldn't count his chickens before they hatch......"

The man looks like he has just struck gold.

"We will be in the ring next Warfare....come find us, if you have the guts. That is when we will address you. Now, Jordan, was it? Jenny has a match to prepare for so if you would please get the fuck away from us, it would be greatly appreciated."

Mandii Rider
- vs -
Jenny Myst
Standard Match

This match is set for one fall and is our Main Event for the evening! It is a non-title match!

Here we go! The match at Turning Point was epic, this should be a hell of a fight, too!


I hate you.

Introducing first, from Las Vegas Nevada, she is the Diva of the Damned, Jennnyyyy Myssssttt

White and spink strobes go off as smoke billows at the rampway.

Jenny enters the arena when the Drums hit for the first time in her entrance music, around the 20 second mark. She is taunting the fans or pretending to give high fives and the pulling away at the last moment with a sarcastic smirk and an eye roll.

[Image: URWmzL5.gif]

Jenny is walking with a purpose here....she looks agitated!

She always looks that way, its called RBF.

Tig O'Bitties: And her opponent, from Jacksonville, Florida, she is the XWF Bombshell Champion.......Mannnndiiii Riiiiddderrrrrrr!

Mandii steps out onto the ramp, the Bombshell Title around her waist. Jenny scrunches her face and rolls her eyes as Mandii puts her arms up and poses. She walks to the ring, also meaning business, as she never takes her eyes off Jenny.

Mandii looks ready to go, also.

She should, it is not every day you get to go up against Hep C with a change to survive!

The two women stared daggers at each other from across the ring.

Can you feel this, Luca! The intensity is insane!

This is about to be a first class cat fight!

The bell rings as the two women circle. The crowd begins chanting, but it is in some weird accent and hard to pick up through the camera's mic.

Jenny then smiles, waves her hand and rolls out of the ring. The crowd boos. Mandii puts her hands on her hips. Jenny walks around the ring by the announce table.

We've seen this before, Luca, she is trying to lure Mandii out there. It is a trap.

Mandii is too smart for that.

You're actually giving someone credit on this show? This is a breakthrough.

Everybody gets one.......except Jenny....and Chaos.......fuck them.

The ref is counting and is up to 6 but Mandii hasn't moved. The Bombshell Champion leans against the ropes, fully prepared to let Jenny get herself counted out.

When the ref hits 9, a frustrated Jenny slaps the apron and rolls into the ring. That is where we see Mandii explode, and fire off a series of kicks and punches to the back of Jenny. She bends down and picks up the blonde, firing off an uppercut that backs her into the corner. Mandii goes to town on Jenny with a series of chops across the chest, each one accompanied by an "oohhhh" from the crowd. She goes to whip Jenny into the other corner but Jenny reverses, pulling Mandii into her and driving a knee into her gut, doubling Mandii over. Jenny still has her arm when she brings a knee up to the face of Mandii and locks her in position for a bulldog.

Gold digger time! She wants to end this thing early!

Jenny runs and jumps, connecting with the second rope and spinning into the strastisfactio bulldog. Mid-air Mandii shoves her off and she goes flying into the ropes. Catchning herself she turns around and Mandii hits her with a big boot to the face, flattening her. Mandii holds her gut and winces.

What a back and forth contest this has been! These women put on quite a show!

Duh, that is why its called sports entertainment.

Mandii walks over to the downed Jenny, picking her up by the hair. Jenny, though, refuses to go away and fires off a few shots to the face of Mandii to back her off. Jenny comes off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Mandii catches her in a spinning scoop slam.

The cover.



Jenny gets a shoulder up. We see Mandii mouth "okay" with a nod as she knows she has to do more to keep the scrappy blonde down.

Picking Jenny back up by the hair she fires off an uppercut, and Jenny falls back into the ropes. Mandii waits for Jenny to turn back around but the blonde knows she is there and ducks out of the ring again. This time Mandii doesn't wait for her to get counted out and runs to the other side of the ring before coming off the ropes and sliding under with a baseball slide. Jenny flies back into the barricade back first. Mandii rolls out of the ring as the crowd is loving this.

Mandii is back on top of Jenny again. Jenny continues to fight back with shots but Mandii whips her into the steel steps, making the top ones crash down and Jenny bend almost in half backwards.

Mandii is so brutal. She is quietly dominating this match but Myst is doing just enough to hang out.

I'm already looking forward to cracking a beer and watching Savage.

Mandii puts a boot to the throat/neck of Jenny while bending her back over the steps. The ref is counting the ten count so can't count the 5 count. Finally, at 9, Mandii rolls into the ring briefly to stop the count, then rolls back out. Jenny is coughing and holding her neck when Mandii goes for the boot to the throat again but Jenny ducks, grabbing the ankle and putting pressure behind the knee. She slides out from under as Mandii's leg gets slammed knee first into the ring steps! Mandii cries out and grabs her leg, as Jenny backs up towards the ramp, her hair matted now and panting hard. Jenny grabs a Mandii sign from a crowd member and rips it. Mandii is just starting to get to her feet when Jenny runs, chop blocking the same leg she just slammed into the steel. Mandii is down again.

She learned this from Chris. It was a strategy he used against Finn Kuhn.

How'd that work out for him?

It's a good one, taking out the base center of gravity.

It's a cheap shot, through and through.

Jenny rolls Mandii into the ring and stands her up, running and shoulder blocking the knee, causing Mandii to flip and tumble to the matt.......Mandii appears to have tears in her eyes as she holds her leg.

Jenny may have done some serious damage to the Bombshell Champion here.


Jenny is now smirking.......she pulls Mandii in and sits down into a one legged Boston Crab, pulling on that already injured leg. She then rolls into a modified figure four, locking Mandii's leg into her own.

My god! She is going to try to rip Mandii's knee out of her socket here! Someone needs to stop this she is the Bombshell Champion for god sakes!

Mandii brings her hands to face, the ref asks her if she wants to tap. Jenny has a crazed look on her face and begins yelling at Mandii to tap out. Mandii refuses.

At this point, I don't even know if Jenny wants to win this match. I think she just wants to hurt Mandii Rider.


Jenny arches her back and increases the pressure. Mandii cringes. Jenny yells again at her to tap. The ref asks Mandii again is she wants to tap. Mandii says empthatically NO!!

After another minute or so, Mandii is able to get her other leg between Jenny and the hold. She pushes her off with her good leg. Jenny rolls off after Mandii breaks the hold. Jenny is right back on her, but Mandii kicks her again and pops to her feet, not putting any pressure on the bad leg. Jenny comes back at her and Mandii flips Jenny over her back!

CRACK HEAD!!!!!!!!


But how much did that take out of the champion!

Mandii takes a step towards the downed Jenny but collapses, not able to put weight on that leg.

She is wasting too much time here.

She can't walk! Myst is out in the middle of the ring and Mandii is crawling towards her!!!!

Mandii falls on top.

But has too much time passed?



3-------------JENNY GETS A SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!!

Man! That was close! But how much more does Mandii have left in the tank on that leg?!

Mandii rolls off as the crowd starts chanting





Jenny rolls to the ropes, using them to help herself to her feet. Mandii is up and limps over towards Jenny. Jenny waits until she gets close and then lunges, taking the leg out again. Mandii flips over and immediately begins to hold her knee. She is in a good amount of pain. The ref goes down to check on her.

They might call this match here! Mandii can't continue on one leg!

The ref is trying to convince Mandii to give it up, but she is refusing. Jenny takes this time to go up on the top rope.

What does Myst have in mind here?!

Just as the ref goes over to talk to the time keeper---he is planning on calling the match---Jenny leaps off the top rope with a 450 splash!!!!!!!


Jenny hooks the leg as the ref turns around and slides into the cover.




Jenny can't believe it.

she snarls at the ref. She picks Mandii up, kicking her in the back of the leg but holding her in place so she can't drop.

PINK PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Myst with the twist of fate and she may just win this thing......

Myst covers.



3---------------MANDI GETS A LAST 1/2 SECOND SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!!

Jenny yells out and slaps the matt in frustration. "THREE! THAT WAS THREE!" she yells at the ref. She gets up in his face and begins to yell at him as Mandii, half conscious, rolls her into a small package pin.



Jenny pops out. Rolling in a summersault away she pops up. Mandii is getting to her feet as Jenny charges, going for the running knee to the face but Mandii catches her. BACK BODY DROP! But Jenny got just enough of the knee to the face..........

Both women are down in the center of the ring and the crowd is chanting again!

Both women use the ropes to get to their feet......Mandii a bit more gingerly than Myst. The two of them stare at each other for a moment, neither one willing to give an inch or show pain at all. Both trying to keep a straight face. Mandii limps out to the center of the ring and gives the "bring it on" hand gesture to Myst. Jenny grins, looking out at the crowd, then back at Mandii before charging. The two meet in the center of the ring and go nose to nose. They exhange some words, but the mic doesn't pick up what they say. Mandii then shoves Jenny, who takes a step back then comes back and shoves Mandii. They soon come to blows as Jenny backs Mandii into the corner. They are fighting, punching, slapping, hair pulling, when Mandii picks up Jenny and sits her on the top rope. Mandii, still wobbly and wincing about her leg, gets up to the middle rope. She fires a few more shots to Myst, who punches back. Mandii loses her balance and falls off the ropes. Jenny goes for a splash but in mid air Mandii catches her!



Mandii falls into the cover.




Mandii did it! It was a hell of a battle, a top notch, upper echelon battle but in the end the champion comes away victorious! She just had one more trick up her sleeve and it paid off!

Jenny rolls over, holding her head as Mandii rolls out of the ring, grabbing her title. She limps towards the ramp as the two exhange glances and Jenny narrows her eyes

Winner - Mandii Rider

Wait a minute, what the hell is that?!

The match has just ended, and the camera closes in on what looks a rather large knife cutting through the mat in the ring!

Oh snap, I think it's.......!

With a sizeable hole torn through the mat now, and still no one aware of what is transpiring, THE ENGINEER STARTS TO PULL HIMSELF UP OUT OF THE HOLE!

Oh god, he's gotta be here for Jenny Myst! He vowed to destroy Empire! And Jenny is not the wiser!

The fans start to pop, and Jenny shoots them a quizzical look. Engy, his eyes black through and through, is literally salivating, waiting for Jenny to turn around! Jenny, looking pensive, almost expectant, wheels around and ENGY STABS THE KNIFE THROUGH HER FOOT!

He got her!

Jenny looks down and screams as a thin trickle of blood escapes from her boot. She tries to withdraw her foot, but she's pinned to the canvas. Engy finishes puling himself out of the hole, looking down at her boot and laughing. Jenny, despite the pain in her foot, lashes out at Engy, trying to punch him, but he dodges away from her, and then lunges suddenly! He laces both hands on her head and starts pushing his thumbs into her eyes.



....this is a bad thing?

He's our Universal Champion!

Jenny screams and tries to get her arms up to push Engy away, but he keeps pressing his thumbs into her sockets. Just then, Chris Chaos bolts down the ramp! He slides to his feet into the ring and spears the shit out of Engy! The crowd pops huge as they roll out of the ring, tearing and clawing at each other! The official starts to tend to Jenny Myst as more officials and security spill out of the back. A "Let them fight!" chant breaks out in the crowd as they rush in to separate the Universal and Television champions!

Both men are out of their minds with rage!

Engy breaks away from the men who were holding him back, jumping up and over the guys holding Chaos! Engy starts laying into Chris with some vicious right hands before he's pulled off again!

I think, by the time this is all said and done, somebody is actually gonna die.

Like we need more of that!

Think of the ratings fam, think of the ratings!

By now, there must be 30 something guys surrounding the ring, keeping them apart, but both Chaos and Engy aren't letting up, screaming and tearing and trying to get at each other.

Hopefully we get this insanity settled by next week, thanks as always for watching. For myself and Luca, goodnight!
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The next thing Finn could remember after getting laid out by Wraith was waking up in that same hallway, a pool of sweat brimming on his forehead. Groaning, he sits up, his vision slowly coming back into focus.


The memories of what happened during the show came flooding back. Calling out Chris Chaos, attacking Michael Graves... getting attacked by Wraith...

Anger replaced shock as Finn pulled himself up, gritting his teeth.

"Time to prove I'm a challenger of... Universal proportions."

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03-14-2018, 03:57 PM
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AWWWEEE, Poor little Petey couldn't get it done. Maria met you at the airport as a loser and she is leaving with you as a loser. Just retire already stop trying to make yourself out to be something you're not.

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Oh shit! Hater alert! The following 1 user Hates Mezian's post!
Peter Fn Gilmour (03-16-2018)
03-14-2018, 05:00 PM
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(03-14-2018 03:23 PM)Finn Kühn Said:  The next thing Finn could remember after getting laid out by Wraith was waking up in that same hallway, a pool of sweat brimming on his forehead. Groaning, he sits up, his vision slowly coming back into focus.


The memories of what happened during the show came flooding back. Calling out Chris Chaos, attacking Michael Graves... getting attacked by Wraith...

Anger replaced shock as Finn pulled himself up, gritting his teeth.

"Time to prove I'm a challenger of... Universal proportions."

Hey kiddo, how 'bout you stick those Reichsmarks where your mouth is and sign up for Madison's Shove-It. Check out what the grand prize is.

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03-14-2018, 05:06 PM
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(03-14-2018 03:23 PM)Finn Kühn Said:  The next thing Finn could remember after getting laid out by Wraith was waking up in that same hallway, a pool of sweat brimming on his forehead. Groaning, he sits up, his vision slowly coming back into focus.


The memories of what happened during the show came flooding back. Calling out Chris Chaos,
attacking Michael Graves... getting attacked by Wraith...

Anger replaced shock as Finn pulled himself up, gritting his teeth.

"Time to prove I'm a challenger of... Universal proportions."

"Not your smartest move kid, and that's saying something."

Spoiler :


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Other Feds

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03-14-2018, 05:11 PM
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Oh, and Empire?

Gonna systematically ruin each of your lives until you beg for death. I hope Jenny gets Tetanus. That was a pretty rusty knife. Maybe she'll get lock jaw and lose out on a major source of income!

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Mandii Rider (03-14-2018)
03-14-2018, 05:16 PM
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(03-14-2018 05:00 PM)The Engineer Said:  
(03-14-2018 03:23 PM)Finn Kühn Said:  The next thing Finn could remember after getting laid out by Wraith was waking up in that same hallway, a pool of sweat brimming on his forehead. Groaning, he sits up, his vision slowly coming back into focus.


The memories of what happened during the show came flooding back. Calling out Chris Chaos, attacking Michael Graves... getting attacked by Wraith...

Anger replaced shock as Finn pulled himself up, gritting his teeth.

"Time to prove I'm a challenger of... Universal proportions."

Hey kiddo, how 'bout you stick those Reichsmarks where your mouth is and sign up for Madison's Shove-It. Check out what the grand prize is.

"And how else do you expect me to prove it?"

January 2018 Star of the Month
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03-14-2018, 05:20 PM
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(03-14-2018 05:16 PM)Finn Kühn Said:  
(03-14-2018 05:00 PM)The Engineer Said:  
(03-14-2018 03:23 PM)Finn Kühn Said:  The next thing Finn could remember after getting laid out by Wraith was waking up in that same hallway, a pool of sweat brimming on his forehead. Groaning, he sits up, his vision slowly coming back into focus.


The memories of what happened during the show came flooding back. Calling out Chris Chaos, attacking Michael Graves... getting attacked by Wraith...

Anger replaced shock as Finn pulled himself up, gritting his teeth.

"Time to prove I'm a challenger of... Universal proportions."

Hey kiddo, how 'bout you stick those Reichsmarks where your mouth is and sign up for Madison's Shove-It. Check out what the grand prize is.

"[i]And how else do you expect me to prove it?"

Carve my name into your flesh. I'd be cool with that too.

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03-14-2018, 06:20 PM
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Just a friendly reminder, Jenny, I beat you twice now. Just thought I would let you know you aren't shit because obviously I keep my promises.

(Since 2018 Return)
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03-14-2018, 06:31 PM
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Did Mandii request that I attack Finn Kuhn? Or do I have my own motivations for said attack?

It matters not.

What does matter is that Finn Kuhn believes himself to be the future of the XWF. A thought process that I intend on challenging, and ultimately crushing!
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Finn Kühn (03-14-2018)
03-14-2018, 06:55 PM
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"First match, and I already showed the roster that I ain't afraid to bend the rules to get the job done. This ain't no game to me, I told the world that when I'm out there, and that's no ring to me, Nah-Nah-Nah, that's my courtyard, and anyone that's pickin' a fight with me is gonna get a lot more than what that Benny kid got tonight.'"

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03-14-2018, 08:50 PM
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Empire! I'm not sure if I need to get in line or get a ticket!

Robert takes a second to collect himself

For those of you who might believe APEX is dead, I've got some news for you! At the moment I am the last man standing in a battle Empire started! Sure you fired the first shots, but what did you get out of it all? A stolen Television Championship! A loss to Mandii, twice now! I beat the breaks of of Erik Black! You might have won the first battle, we will win the War!

Robert grabs the camera

The battle lines have been drawn in the sand, I say to everyone choose your side! WAR STARTS NOW!The Omega is going hunting!

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The Omega

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03-16-2018, 03:56 AM
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Another bullshit loss when I totally earned the win via my 2 epic rps. Smdfh. Y do I bother now

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03-16-2018, 05:49 AM
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(03-14-2018 03:57 PM)Mezian Said:  AWWWEEE, Poor little Petey couldn't get it done. Maria met you at the airport as a loser and she is leaving with you as a loser. Just retire already stop trying to make yourself out to be something you're not.

enjoy your fluke win

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3X Star of the Month
Former 3x Hart Champion
Former 13X Xtreme Champion
Former 5X Tag Champion
Former 2X Trios Champion
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03-16-2018, 06:05 AM
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(03-16-2018 03:56 AM)Peter Fn Gilmour Said:  Another bullshit loss when I totally earned the win via my 2 epic rps. Smdfh. Y do I bother now

OOC: Not sure if OOC...? You could always ask for feedback Pete. People, including myself, are happy to help.

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Peter Fn Gilmour (03-16-2018)
03-16-2018, 06:07 AM
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Yes feedback engy..

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Former 3x Hart Champion
Former 13X Xtreme Champion
Former 5X Tag Champion
Former 2X Trios Champion
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03-16-2018, 06:10 AM
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(03-16-2018 06:07 AM)Peter Fn Gilmour Said:  Yes feedback engy..

I can, but it may not be till tomorrow, today's one of my long days at work. Do me a favor and shoot me a PM as a reminder and I will get to it.

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