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Caught in the Crossfire
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03-13-2018 05:11 PM

It was time to train with the new recruits again. As soon as I laid eyes on the same girl who had her doubts about me I knew she knew more than anyone else in the group. She locked eyes with me, anger in them with every word I spoke. I tried to get the rest of the group to understand a war was going to happen. Nero tried to explain things better than I, honestly I was worried about the one who didn't trust me more than the rest of the group. It wasn't until she spoke up in the middle of Nero speaking that I realized just how deep this had gotten and just how much she knew.


Her words rang out and everyone turned their attention to her. She slowly walked forward before stopping in front of the group.

This war is because of her!

She pointed at me directly and everyone's eyes made their way to me.

This is all her doing! This war is going to be because of her and the lies she continues to tell everyone here! You are all blindly following her when she knows exactly what she is doing. Why do you think she's here and not in a court meeting?!

The group began to whisper amongst themselves. Nero looked over at me, worried. I nodded before taking a step closer to the girl.

I'm trying to make sure you all are ready when-

When you lead us into a battle that will no doubt kill us? We aren't all going to make it out and you know it, none of us might make it out. We are only kids and you are using us for your game. You can't fool me.

We can talk about this-

Now! We can talk about this now! It's her dad we are fighting! The girl who is supposed to help her train us is supposed to be dead and could have been the reason we all died. Start telling us the truth, you don't deserve to lead us!

I opened my mouth to speak but no words made their way out before the girl attacked. She darted for me, slamming my body into the ground in front of everyone. Nero lunged at her to pull her off but before she could a dagger as plunged into my side and pulled away with the girl. Some of the recruits held her back while she continued to scream at me. Nero bent down and held my wound frantic.

Are you healing?

I'm fine...

You won't make it out of this war and your name won't be one we learn about anymore! You are nothing but a liar! Hunt the bird!

That's enough! She’s the reason you are all still here, she didn’t have to risk her life for any of you and this is how you treat her? She protected you! She still continues to protect you and will continue to protect you even if you hate her, even if you don’t agree with her! She has gone out of her way, risked her life, bled herself and you want to disrespect her like this? Training dismissed, get the hell out of here.

Nero turned her attention back to me as I sat up off the ground. I watched the recruits leaving while they talked to each other. I wasn't expecting what came next though.

Nero walked me back to my room before leaving to report what happened to Serena. When she returned, she was wearing worry like a new coat.

We have a problem.

I looked up at her, my ass staying on the ground in front of the door.

Some of the recruits, and adults, have decided that they don't see you fit to lead. They went to Serena and they refuse to fight with you. Serena told them they had no choice and without you we wouldn't stand a chance...Mandii...They are going to seek out Ashba to join him and try to kill you.

He'll use them then kill them...

They don't care, they see death either way. They are turning against us Mandii...

I felt numb, all of this was my fault. If it wasn't for my lies and protection of Nero none of this would have happened. If I didn't fight Ashba would have taken me over and killed everyone, I would have had no control over that. Maybe that was the right way to handle things, maybe if I didn't fight and was the actual reason for all the death that was going to happen...Maybe I wouldn't have to feel this deep pitted anger and sorrow.

What do we do?

I looked up at Nero. She was holding onto her side as though she was in pain.

What's wrong with you?

Doesn't matter, what do we do about the recruits?

I stood up and forced Nero's shirt up. There was a large black and purple like bruise on her ribs. I looked at Nero and she wouldn't look me in the eyes.

What is this?

I- I'm rotting.

I lowered her shirt and turned away from her.

Ever since you purged my mine I've been rotting from the inside out. Ashba was keeping my body alive...

Damn it.

My words were barely a whisper and I turned back around to Nero before grabbing her by the hand and pulling her into my embrace. I whispered into her ear.

You won't die, they won't die, I promise...Ashba will die and pay for everything he has done. I won't let my mistakes cost this family.

I took a step back before walking past Nero and out of my room. I walked to the library where I knew I could find Amaryllis. She was sitting reading and writing down words on a nearby notebook. I pulled a chair up and sat in front of her.

What do you have for me?

She looked up, no emotion toward me.

I have to report to Serena first.

No, you can report to me now. What do you have?

After today I don't think it is a good idea for me to tell you until after I talk to Serena.

I'm not saying don't tell her, I'm saying tell me while I am here.

She sighed and slid the notebook over to me.

Based on what Teakin told me and what I know from what you told me there is a bond between Ashba and Blair. The reason she's gone probably has to do with the fact they are bound together. If she dies, he dies. I don't know what he gave her for the trade so there might be another vessel.

So he's going to use Blair to fight?

No, at least if he's smart he won't use her as his absolute vessel. There is a way to unbind the two of them but I don't know if he knows this or not. If he can take over her mind and body he can use it to jump back into his own body as long as he has his body.

So if we find his body we can stop all of this?

Well yes, but there is no record of his body anywhere. I talked to my mother and she said his body disappears when he died, like ash. The difference between you and Nero and Blair is he can't keep control over Blair for to long. I think he is the reason she left and no one knows where she is.

So first thing is first we need to find Blair.


I looked over my shoulder to see Serena...Her hand on Sage’s shoulder

To Be Continued.


Jenny still doesn't pay attention. Jenny is still a hypocrite. Jenny is still a dumb blonde walking around pretending she knows people when she can't even get her facts right. Jenny, I've been yelling at you since the Bombshell Championship match. I know it's hard to listen to something other than your own voice now and then but maybe you should start listening to someone who knows what they are talking about. If anyone has gotten under anyone's skin it's me under yours. Why? Because the promo before this last one all you had on my was my past, something I've moved on from. I can't change it, I can't go back and keep anyone around and that's why I am currently by myself. Truth be told, I kind of like it it way since I don't have to be under anyone's shadow any longer. Just because you've never been loved, just because Chris doesn't love you now, doesn't mean I'm weak for having people in my life who want to have my back. Pep talks? Jenny, maybe if you got a pep talk once in your life you'd stop being a pathetic whore who is only worth her vagina. Maybe if someone told you they loved you, you wouldn't try to find love in sex and only sex. Maybe if someone told you they were there for you, you wouldn't be with someone who only uses you when it suits his need...Guess you really are Harley and Joker. You're smarted thank him and could beat "the bat" but Chris holds you down because he wants to be the big bad. I wonder when he is going to toss your ass out of a window and leaving you saying "It's my fault, I didn't get the joke." Even when I don't have anyone, even when I don't have "pep talks", I can still survive and thrive. Speaking of the promo before last, didn't you scream at me that I was right? Didn't you yell to the top of your lungs that you were no good for this division or even this career? Go back and watch Jenny because apparently you only listen to the sound of your own voice instead of the words you speak.

I have nothing new and creative? You've already said this Jenny. You already told me from day one how all I have to come at you with is the same thing every other women you have faced as come at you with. I repeat myself? Yes I do because you are the one who is stuck running circles around the same shit you've said in the past. Face it Jenny, neither one of us has anything new to say and why? Because we've said it all already AGAIN. I talk about how incapable you are in the ring and you bring my past up because the only other thing you have to bring up is the fact that I was gone two years. You call me out on being just like the rest of the women you have face but you are like all the bitches who could never one up me. In fact, if I were like all the other women you have faced why didn't I quit? I am I still here holding the Bombshell Championship? Oh, that's right, I'm not like the other women you've faced, I'm your fucking nightmare Jenny. I'm the thing you can't kill, can't destroy, and that frightens you. You can't talk about in ring ability and skills so you go into someone's past expecting it to sting. Again I will say that yes I had a very abusive past, yes I was a druggie, and yes I became self destructive. You want to know what I did after? Overcame the hurt and pain and used it until it was all out. I used it to push me and now I don't need it to keep me going. I don't need the hurt from the past to win matches or keep going when I want to give up. Jeremy, he's been gone for years now probably still watching over Kera Wilson. Jason, he's dead buried in flames and isn't coming back. Who else did I have Jenny? Zak? Zak tucked his tail and ran back to the asylum because he couldn't handle this business or me. Who else do I have Jenny? Noone? And I still beat you? I still hold the Bombshell Championship? Ya, those pep talks really were the only thing that kept me going.

The fact these women are currently willing to sign says something Jenny. Will they stay? Maybe, maybe not but I'm still going to keep my eye on them because I am a champion and I need to know who is coming into my division, not yours, so I know if I should watch my back. Instead of destroying the thing I say I love because Im scared I am going to watch my back and when someone comes to dethrone me I'll show them just as I've shown you that I'm not someone to fuck with. You went about things all wrong because you were scared, it's why you are still going about things wrong...You are scared you will never win this championship back and scared you will never amount to me. You can lie through your teeth, you've been doing it all along, but what matters is the truth and baby cakes I just gave you a good dose of it to your toxic ass. Yes I pinned Hart, but so did you. The only difference is I stopped you because if I hadn't you would be singing a different tune. See, I wanted this championship so bad that I stopped you. I poured my sweat into this championship knowing there would be a very high possibility of losing it because you pinned a nobody again in your career. I didn't give up though and I knocked you off Hart and took my place on top because I wanted it that bad. You didn't want it that bad since it was so easy for me to get rid of you and pin Hart. You didn't stop me and because you didn't you lost. It's more of a challenge when you have a pile of skin that isn't worth shit, because they didn't even care about the match enough to speak on it, getting her ass beat until one of us pinned her. It was more of a challenge because it proved who really wanted the gold because they were willing to constantly break pins. You came up short Jenny, but then again I guess to someone who even lies to themselves it doesn't matter if I give you the truth. You wouldn't listen anyway because it isn't your voice talking and it's not something you want to hear.

How do you build a division of only yourself Jenny? Watch me, I'll teach you. You sure as hell don't try to scare off enemies because you are afraid of losing even a little worth. You build people up when you knock them down and push them to be better. Shit, ya I know I'm "inheriting" everything past Bombshell champions have had to deal with but the difference is I'm actually working on making things better. Will I kick ass? Yup, and I'll do it happily while defending my championship. Will I still work to keep this championship? Duh, even someone as stupid as you Jenny should know that answer. What I also will be doing is making others better so when time comes to pass my torch I can give it off to someone who has bettered themselves and is worthy of it. You're Not because even when someone says you need to change you don't listen. You act like you are perfect but if you were it would mean you would be nonexistent. I don't claim to be the best or perfect, I know I'm better than you but that's not saying much. I know I have things to work on and I will with every week. You'll never get better because you don't want to be anything more than worthless because it means you would actually have to try. Try to leave the past in the past. Try to find people who see you as more than the person to pour gas and call an uber and you know be a distraction. You would have to try to uphold a different image. You don't try Jenny, you never did because you went after a championship that was worthless at the time. You never tried because you are fine running around with a washed up "Top 50" superstar who shouldn't be ranked as such anymore but you liked to bring up the fact they used to be something. You don't try because you know you will fail.

Why are you bringing up abigaile if Michelle was the reason she left? Isn't your big victory all the people you've made leave? Well, I guess in the future you will have a taste of your own medicine when I force you back into the position of valet. I can take on my enemies, but when someone who says and proves she is toxic is in the division it's my obligation to remove the toxicity that you bring. I'm not trying to be a hero for this division, I'm not even looking for the fame of bringing it back, I just want it back because I've already seen it before. I never want women to go back to that and Jenny, you embody what it used to be about. Women sleeping around for championships. Women not being able to leave the division even when they wanted to branch out into better things. Women walking men to the ring when they wanted to be in the middle of the action. I might not be the prettiest girl in the world. I might not have every man drooling over my fake boobs and bubble ass but I do have men who respect me. I have men and women tuneing in to watch me face whoever that week. I have scars from the ring and I wear them with pride because I was one of those women who wasn't under a thumb. I'm still one of those women and I will forever be someone who fights and relies on skill rather than appearance because that's what wrestling is about.

You aren't my hero Jenny, you aren't even your own Hero. While I was using my pain from my past to push myself forward you took your past and wallowed it in. I made something of myself while you valeted until you saw the opportunity to go for a championship that wasn't worth anything. You went after the championship knowing you would win and then clinging to life with it. You found solace in this championship that you admit wasn't worth anything because you knew you were no better than a championship that was lost. You matched yourself with this championship, you even found similarities in it. Then what did you do? Scared people off so you could keep it? You really are a statistic. You were made to feel like you were not worth anything at a younger age and you took that feeling into adulthood. You latched onto this championship not for glory or honor apparently but for the fact that you could say you did something with your life even if what you did was win a championship no one really wanted. Well, until I came here. When I came back I made this championship mean something and this division not by bringing people in but by making you fight for your worthlessness. The moment I had the championship I took your worthlessness away and made it into something and now you know you aren't worth it. I made something that was looked down on into something people want, something you couldn't even do with yourself Jenny.I made this division better just by making you work for something, I made you better Jenny. If I hadn't come back, if I stayed gone, sure you probably would have had the championship until XWF closed it doors or until you were shitting in your granny panties. The reason you would be the champion is because no one would have been willing to do what I am doing. No one wants to fix someone's mess but I am willing to. Then again you said you liked the division to be as useless as you are. You liked being the placeholder until someone better came along. I can't even fathom how someone could hate themselves so much Jenny that they would need to find similarities in a piece of, at the time, scrap metal. You have some serious psychological issues. But since you want to make low jabs I guess I could make one. You know how it felt to be raped? To have everything taken away with you because someone overpowered you? Get ready to feel that again. Get ready to feel the fear, the pain, the feeling of being helpless because I'm going to make you feel that when I take the championship away from you and you will never be able to reach it. I guess in s since, Jenny, get ready to be "raped" of something other than your virginity or whatever. I mean, you were just asking for this with me....Maybe you were asking for it then too?

Like I've said before, you know in my pep talk, I'm not going anywhere. I have a shit ton of work to do here and I won't stop until my body drops. This division is the first thing. If it wasn't for me pushing Jenny we wouldn't make it to main events. I want to see this division grow and I will be the reason it does. From there, who knows? I'll probably work my way up the championships while Jenny doesn't improve, while Jenny stays content right where she is. I'm working my way up to be the Uni Champion and my name will make its way on the top 50 all time. Why? Because I will work through my pain, emotional and physical. I will better myself and with every loss I will question what I can do better instead of claiming nothing is wrong with me or finding excuses for my loss. I'm not trying to be the person everyone loves, that comes with how I hold myself. Matter of fact, I've had people turn against me and hate me because I speak my mind and do what I want. The reason no one likes you Jenny is because they see you lying to yourself. They see you whoring yourself out and hope for someone to bite on. They see you never improving. That is why people hate you, and don't hate me. I couldn't care either way, but apparently, you do care because you protest too much. I mean, I know why you can't have everyone hate you, you would be out of the second job...Being a prostitute. Here's some advice to help with that, keep your mouth close unless there is a dick in it.

(Since 2018 Return)
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