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The Rebith of Impact (pt. 1)
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03-13-2018 09:09 AM

The scene opens with a man standing outside on a dreary night. There’s a light drizzle, and a bite in the slight breeze. The man is walking down a quiet street, wearing a leather trench coat, the collar flipped up to block the breeze from his face, hands in his pockets. He walks slowly, but purposely. There’s a ring from inside his pocket. He stops and pulls a cell phone from his pocket. He hits the answer button and puts the phone to his ear.

“Dixon here, talk to me Brian.” Says Jeremiah.

From the phone we can hear a faint voice speaking, “Mr. Dixon, I have confirmation that Ms. Gloss and Mr. Roberts have left the house with their belongings. I have the divorce papers filed, so whenever you would like, you may return to your home and your life.”

“I’m not even sure I want to return to the home that those two repulsive humans desecrated. Just the thought of what happened there, the memories that I have there... The whole idea makes me want to stay away.” Said a cautious Jeremiah.

“I understand Mr. Dixon, but there is just one problem... We will have a very difficult time attempting to sell your property.” Stated the voice from the phone.

“What the hell are you talking about? My house is perfect!” A very irritated Jeremiah proclaimed.

“Perfect for you Mr. Dixon. It’s not easy to find anyone who will drop over 5 Million dollars on a property with a 1500 square foot gym and training facility in the basement, as well as an 800 square foot library wrapped floor to ceiling with books, and a state of the art gourmet kitchen.” Explained the person on the line.

“I’ll be at your office in the morning. We will go over my options.” Orders Jeremiah.

“Very well Mr. Dixon. See you in the morning.” We hear a click on the phone and Jeremiah stuffs it back into his pocket and continues his walk a few more feet and he comes upon a small makeshift shelter of cardboard with an old homeless man sitting inside, looking almost dead. Jeremiah stops and pulls a brown paper bag from his other coat pocket, catching the attention of the vagrant. He unscrews a cap from a bottle inside the bag and takes a small swig, he then returns the cap and hands the bag to the vagrant, who greets the gesture with a huge smile.

“Enjoy, I have to get back to work.” Says Jeremiah as he turns and walks away. The scene fades on a giggling vagrant with his new gift.

Scene 2: The office of Brian E. Philiburt III

The next morning we see Jeremiah sitting at a large, nice mahogany conference table by himself. He’s dressed casually in jeans and a t shirt, with sunglasses resting atop his head. He looks impatiently at his watch as the door flies open and in scrambles a legal looking fellow with a briefcase in hand. He quickly crosses the room and sets the briefcase across from Jeremiah and plops down in a big leather chair.

“Sorry I’m late. Courthouse is understaffed and has no idea how to locate blueprints for your home in public records.” The man sighs as he opens his briefcase.

“What the hell do we need blueprints for Brian?” A confused Jeremiah questions.

“I scheduled an interior decorator/designer to meet us here this morning. She’s the best in the West, and has an office right here in Venice Beach.” Proudly proclaims Brian.

“Brian, when I hired you to take care of legal issues, that was pretty much making sure you would erase Alicia from my life, not redecorate my house.” Jeremiah said very skeptically.

“Trust me Mr. Dixon. I was an agent for awhile before I passed the bar. I got her out of your life physically, but mentally is gonna take a little more work. Erase the memories, build new ones. Ms. Wynfield will be perfect for that...” Just as Brian utters those words, a telephone on the table crackles and a secretaries voice comes through the speaker...

“Mr. Philiburt, a Ms. Wynfield is here to see you...”

Before he can even answer to send her in, the door flies open again. In walks a very stunning, shapely, young woman, she has long red hair tied into a bun, blue eyes, wearing a woman’s suit with a short skirt that shows off her long legs. She has a small clutch in one hand, and sunglasses in the other. Brian stands and shuffles quickly around the table to greet her, almost falling over himself. Jeremiah doesn’t even turn to acknowledge her.

“Ms. Wynfield, it’s my pleasure to...”Brian gets cut off

“Make this quick, I have other clients.” She snaps at him.

“Meet my client, Jeremiah Dixon." He announces and steps aside.

Jeremiah, obviously annoyed, gets up and turns to greet her. He holds out his hand and she looks up, down, and back up at him. She is locked onto his eyes and doesn’t even notice his hand out. He looks at Brian confused, and she shakes her head.

“Soooo sorry Mr. uh, Dixon...” She takes his hand and shakes it slowly, never taking her eyes away from his.

“Please to make your acquaintance ma’am.” Jeremy politely responds.

“Felicity, please, call me Felicity.” She stumbles. “Do you need some decorating ideas?” She inquires, still locked onto his eyes and holding his hand.

Brian answers as Jeremiah wrestles his hand back. “Jeremiah owns that new house on Lincoln. His divorce was just finalized, and he needs it redecorated to remove past memories.”

“Oh I can certainly help you forget about your x wife...” Felicity says audibly.

“The house...” Insists Jeremiah.

“What?” She asks, slightly confused.

“The house...” He repeats.

“Oh, yeah, right, the house, of course.” She laughs off the mistake.

He looks at Brian trying to ignore the uncomfortable advances from Felicity. “I gotta go.”

Brian looks confused, “What could you possibly have to do?”

“Remember Shane Carver, from my past employers list?” Jeremiah asks. Brian nods and he continues, “I found his number in my phone and called him up. He is involved with a different company now and is looking for talent. It’s kinda ironic that I’m back where I started, for my restart. I’ve already been booked in a match for Saturday.”

Brian smiles ear to ear, “Your wrestling again! That’s outstanding!”

“Your a wrestler? That’s really interesting...” Felicity gets stopped short by Jeremiah’s finger over her lips. He looks at her and hushes her.

“So, I need to go get to a gym.” He stands and turns back to Brian, and pulls his wallet out. He then fingers through the cards and pulls an old business card out and hands it to Brian. “This is Shane’s contact info. Please contact him and inform him I’m headed to that private gym down the street, he needs to send a camera over there. I have some things to get off my chest.”

“I...” Felicity doesn’t get a second word out before Jeremiah’s finger returns to her lips, instantly stopping her. She redirects her attention to her clutch and pulls her own business card and a pen and starts jotting on it.

“You stay here and talk with her about the house, I need to get focused.” He turns and almost bumps into Felicity.

“Here is my contact info... I wrote my personal cell phone number on the back...” She quietly says as she hands her card to him.

Jeremiah glances at the card, front, and back, and hands it to Brian. Felicity drops her jaw and snatches the card back as Jeremiah strolls out of the room and the scene ends.

Scene 3: Outside Gold’s Gym on the corner of Sunset and Hamilton

Jeremiah is standing in front of the gym as the XWF camera starts rolling.

“Muddy Waters, Velocity VII, Erik Black, sounds like ingredients. How to make a loser, hahah! Fatal 4 way for my return to the ring, why the hell not? Not like I’ve never been there, done that. Hell I’ve done, it, all. I’ve held Titles up and down every company I’ve ever stepped foot in, this company is no different. I’ve been through triple threats, fatal 4 ways, even battle royals. XWF can’t throw anything at me that hasn’t been thrown at me already.

So there’s a dirty hillbilly, Muddy Waters. What exactly have you done around here? From what I can see, not a whole lot. For as long as you’ve been here, you have nothing to show for it. All you’ve accomplished is an alarming odor, repulsive image, and butchery of the English language. Congratulations, your about to be remembered for something special. Your about to be remembered for being one of the first victims on my rise back to the top. Only fitting that the road to gold starts out in Muddy Waters.

Next, Erik Black... Your much of the same. Another unknown face in the crowd. Hell you’ve done less than Muddy. You say your a God in the ring, well I don’t believe in fairy tales, and I’m going to end your fairy tale. You may not have heard of me, but that’s because while you were busy being a nobody, I was busy winning gold and taking over companies. Now it’s the XWF’s turn. Erik, after Saturday, your loss column gains a friend, sorry buddy, but I’ve already made a successful living at this, nothing personal, just business.

Velocity VII, VIII, whatever, you can be Velocity XX for all I care. You just another victim when you get inside that ring with me. You think your some super hero, well this can also be your wake-up call. Maybe after the match you can swing by a McDonald’s and get your meal super-sized so you can begin to understand what super actually means. This is not a comic book, not a movie, this is the XWF, and I am the next big thing. Get used to it.

All three of you have one thing in common, you all have gotten quite a run of bad luck. Drawing Impact Dixon for his first match after 5 years of hate and anger building up. 5 years of rage and fire. 5 years of hunger. I’m back, and you three have to be the sacrificial lambs. If you aren’t scared, you really should be. You need to prepare yourself for the Impact. In three seconds, your hopes and dreams get crushed by a single solitary Impact Driver.”

Jeremiah stares deep and intensely into the camera, then turns and walks through the gym doors as the scene fades.

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