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Community Cleanup Part 1
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03-12-2018 07:14 PM

[Image: Barry_Allen_Grant_Gustin_14.jpg]

”My life has been a series of defining choices. Choices that have impacted my life as well as the lives of my closest friends. The mistakes that I have made, the lives that I have changed are irreversible. Guilt and suffering I must continue to live with for the rest of my life. I strive for redemption as the days pass, though I shall never feel truly redeemed. My battles have taught me that through adversity comes prosperity, but not without tragedy and loss. Now, as I find myself longing for the past, the present becomes increasingly relentless. A breach opened in Central City a day ago. As I raced towards the breach, my chance to return to my Earth, a chance to be with Iris, Joe, Caitlin, and the rest of my team, I was blindsided by a feeling of unease. A feeling that I've felt many times before. As time stood still I found myself unable to enter the breach, though it stood directly before me, I just couldn't do it. As the breach began to close, I had but one thought. The thought that I was needed here on Earth 2.

I never knew how much that thought would begin to ring true just a day later…”

[Image: The_Flash_2x05_05.jpg]

Central City 2018
Star Labs

Inside the cortex Dr. Wells can be seen working from behind his computer. Barry can also be seen, looking into a monitor that displays the pictures of 3 individuals. A conversation can be heard between the two.

[Image: Barry_Allen_Grant_Gustin_14.jpg]

”Dr. Wells, if the Particle Accelerator never exploded then why are there metas on Earth 2?”

[Image: harrison_wells_825x580.jpg]

”Earth 2 has become the focal point of criminal activity due to its lack of metahumans. Mr. Allen, much like your world, there are those that seek to do harm to the innocent in an attempt to gain precedence in their own selfish accord.”

Barry looks to the monitor once more.

[Image: Barry_Allen_Grant_Gustin_14.jpg]

”And these three are the most recent to breach this Earth?”

[Image: harrison_wells_825x580.jpg]

”That is correct, Mr. Allen. These three will be your first challenge here on Earth 2. They have established themselves quickly, and though they are no team, it looks as though it may be 3 against 1 at any given point.”

These are the photographs displayed on the monitor before Barry.

[Image: profilepic_1727.png?dateline=1473728361]
Muddy Waters
Born: July 9th, 1988
Height: 6’2
Weight: 225 lbs
Hometown: Pikeville, KY
Meta Powers: N/A

[Image: avatar_2104.jpeg?dateline=1520429671]
Jeremiah Dixon
Born: July 7th, 1992
Height: 6’1
Weight: 240 lbs
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Meta Powers: N/A

[Image: warrior__square.jpg]
Erik Black
Born: June 6th, 1983
Height: 6’1
Weight: 220lbs
Hometown: Compton, CA
Meta Powers: N/A

Barry looks at Dr. Wells with a look of confusion.

[Image: Barry_Allen_Grant_Gustin_14.jpg]

”Dr. Wells, their files indicate that they have no meta powers. Aren’t these guys better suited for the Central City Police Department?”

[Image: harrison_wells_825x580.jpg]

”Mr. Allen, I have been advised that these 3 individuals were looking for you personally. They seem to have some form of information about your arrival to Earth 2.

Barry shrugs his shoulders.

[Image: Barry_Allen_Grant_Gustin_14.jpg]

”Dr. Wells, I’ve never seen these men before. Of all of time and space that I have traveled, these men I’ve never encountered.”

[Image: harrison_wells_825x580.jpg]

”I implore you to do your research about these men. We should never take an enemy too lightly, meta human or not..”

[Image: Barry_Allen_Grant_Gustin_14.jpg]

”You’ve got it, Dr. Wells!”

Barry sits down behind a computer terminal and begins researching the three men that he must face in the near future.

[Image: Barry_Allen_Grant_Gustin_14.jpg]

”Muddy Waters. Well, he definitely has a ridiculous name. But that’s not the point. Murder, drugs, alcohol, you name it. This guy is the poster boy for criminal. It says here that he has a daughter, Dolly Waters. It also states that Muddy Waters was MIA for quite a while in the year 2017. Consequently around the same time that his daughter was being bullied and potentially molested by someone named “Michael Graves”.

“Next we have Jeremiah Dixon. There are so many factors in his file from his childhood alone, it’s no wonder he’s a criminal. Talk about bad luck, sheesh. As for his adult life, there isn’t much to go on.”

“Last we have a man named Erik Black. And much like the other two, he admits to being a criminal! Even bragging about making his fortune on unlawful practices!”

Suddenly the Meta Alert App alarm begins to sound as Barry quickly stands up and turns to Dr. Wells.

[Image: harrison_wells_825x580.jpg]

”There is a robbery in progress at the corner of 1st and Main. CCPD is on their way, but they’ll never get there in time.”

[Image: Barry_Allen_Grant_Gustin_14.jpg]

”Is that so? Well let’s see if I can!”

And with a flash of red and yellow, Velocity is gone, making his way towards the robbery!

Dr. Wells stands up and begins to exit the room. Walking slowly down the hall of S.T.A.R Labs. He comes to a stop in the middle of the hallway, turning to face the wall in front of him. As he places his hand on the wall itself, the wall begins to separate, revealing a hidden room within the walls of the building itself! Dr. Wells walks into the secret room.

[Image: tumblr_o4u4cxK5fO1qgw158o1_500.gif]

”There is a reason we don’t have metas on this Earth, Barry. Not because there was no explosion, but because I’ve managed to kill them all..”

Dr. Wells smiles an evil grin before removing a small object from his pocket. With the press of a button a portion of the ceiling begins to split as a large object begins lowering down to the ground in front of Dr. Wells..

”Well, all but one, Mr. Allen. But don’t fret, your time is coming soon enough..”

[Image: DH5GSLa.gif]

As the camera pans out, we are left watching Dr. Wells step inside of a large suit, as it reassembles itself around him, the camera quickly moves to the front..

[Image: Savitar.jpg]

To be continued..

[Image: f8ed7e815cabcaad3a3804ae7075bd53.jpg]
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