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Can I Come Back?
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Mixed reactions

(cheered heavily at home; hated by some; dips between clean/dirty)

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03-12-2018 12:44 PM

Kimberly is seen wandering around the back stage area looking for Mr. Lane to ask if she would be allowed to return to the XWF after being away the last few months. She slowly walks into his office

Hello, Mr. Lane you in here?

Kimberly finds Vincent sleeping on a couch in his office with the X-Treme title laying on the floor beside him.

Why not

Kimberly lays on top of Vincent pinning him to the couch for a quick and easy pin


[Image: dENqNHk.jpg]
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Vincent Lane

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03-12-2018 03:51 PM

As usually happens when Vinnie sleeps, especially when it's been more than 48 hours since he and Roxy have gotten any time together, Vin's man business begins to stiffen up while he dreams.

"Hmmm... boobies... butts..."

He mumbles to himself as his slumber continues.

"Making Ghost Tank cry... photoshopping pics of Jenny Myst... more butts..."

But when his surging sexparts encounter resistance from someone lying on top of him, things start to kink up. His blunderbuss sends panic messages up to his unconscious brain, and in his dreams he interprets learning of the danger oddly.

"What's that, Penis? Timmy's fallen in a well? We've got to rescue him!"

The lucid dreaming leads to his awakening! Unfortunately for everyonee involved, in his half asleep state he only sees Kim's cleavage to start with.

"Uh oh."

Aaaaaand a forceful seminal emission follows. Vinnie's loose-fitting Drezdin pajamas are suddenly moistened through and glued to his carefully manscaped thighs and crotchal region. Kim tries to flee, but she's stuck!

Then he sees her face.



Kim Anderson is sent onto the floor where she lands with her head hitting the X-Treme Title, knocking hr unconscious. The force from the fall also knocks one pale milk wagon loose from its entanglments, and it flops out of her shirt, jiggling like a lime jello mold.

Vinnie makes sure no one is looking, then takes out his cell and snaps a few pics of Kim's boob. He seems very pleased with himself.
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