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Something Wicked Comes This Way...
03-11-2018, 03:41 AM
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Once the Savage Program closed, static reemerges, and it shifts to JB in the backstage area. He carries with a baseball bat in hand, he then smiles at the camera as he speaks.

"You people kntow who I am, so no need for me to introduce myself. You all seen the program when Tommy slaughtered the shit out of Ms Hyde. Now, I don't approve of domestic abuse on television... but I couldn't help but laugh at what he done to her.

Pretty much I will put it like this...

I don't plan on being in the ring anytime soon, because I have no purpose for that any more. Hell, even Madison wanted me to team up with him, and simply turned that idea down in the gutter.

But one thing I promised him, was this proposition to work with Tommy himself as I plan things out in the cut elsewhere. My plan is to form my own alliance with Tommy and Madison...

Thinking about calling it.... that isn't important right now.

The only thing I can say is that, XWF, get ready for my squad to wreck shit up in here... "

Then the scene fades back into static.

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