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SAVAGE 3/10/18
03-11-2018, 02:35 AM
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X-Treme Wrestling Federation Presents:





- vs -
X-Treme Rules!

Standard Savage Match - 3 RP limit/2500 word cap!

- vs -
Super Savage Rules!
3 RP limit - NO Word Cap

- vs -
Standard Savage Match - 3 RP limit/2500 word cap!

- vs -
Standard Savage Match - 3 RP limit/2500 word cap!

- vs -

Standard Rules!

The camera pans around the arena. There are signs all over in the crowd.





Welcome everyone to SAVAGE SATURDAY NIGHT! The first Savage since Turning Point, and what a Pay Per View Savage was!

Yes and we have big changes in the company right now! Including a few new champions!

Yes! All titles but one changed hands at TP, including one that directly affects us.......

The lights go off, smoke billows at the entrance.

Speak of the devil.

Devil is right!

The words "FOLLOW ME" show up on the X-Tron screen as smoke billows at the entrance. Blue and white lights flicker. At the 10 second mark, he steps through the smoke wearing a tee shirt, the TV title belt over his shoulder. He has on a pair of sunglasses, with jeans and Puma tennis shoes.

[Image: 8tWBXEw.jpg]

Tig O' Bitties: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the ring, your NEW XWF Television Champion, CHRIS CHAOS!

He grins a little, moving his head side to side in a smug manner.

Chris walked into the ring, title still over his shoulder and takes the mic from Tigs. He brings it to his mouth as the crowd begins chanting.





He brings the mic down and grins again, soaking in the attention, both positive and negative.

The chanting continues for a few moments until it tapers off and he brings the mic back to his mouth.

"Just when you thought you had gotten rid of me, huh?!"

Half the crowd boos, half the crowd cheers.

"It was over a year ago that I was in the Television Title ranks, a new guy here, battling to prove myself on the extra talented XWF roster. This title eluded me, as Isabella Ravenwolf used some magic or some shit to shift dimensions. I woke up in a white room with no knowledge of what happened. So Izzy and I were both added to a TV Title match and Kitt Kennedy and I fell on each other, both shoulders down, double pin. I put this belt and this division behind me as I rose to new heights. I went on, only two months later, to win the most coveted prize in this game, the Universal Title. I became a Top 50 superstar, I racked up accolade after accolade and I left this division in the past and focused on being better.

I saw some solid XWF talent hold this strap. In fact, Dolly Waters, the fiesty little sexpot she was, won the match I just mentioned. She held it for less than a month. Names like McBride have had this strap, Thomas Nixon, The Monster of the Htaed......but there have been some good competitors who have held it too....."

Oh come on!

What a burn!

Not fair to those he mentioned, they aren't even here to defend themselves!

"Jack Cain, Neville Sinclair, Erik Black.........Jim Caedus....."

He pauses after Caedus and the crowd boos a little.

"......they have all held this strap, but nobody really made an impact with it. Other than Neville holding it from July until Novemeber, a record here, there really hasn't been the TV ranks. People have forgotten about this belt, even though it is the Main Event of this show every week. There was no excitement, no passion. So I decided to add another notch to the belt, another trophy to the case, and I decided to give you people a reason to bother watching Savage again........that is, besides Jenny....."

Ugh. He is joking, he has to be.

People watch this show!

He just keeps digging deeper.

Shhh, I'm listening.

".....and I am going to be the best damn Television Champion in history. You see......people have written me off. People think Chaos has lost a step. Don't get me wrong, I am still eyeing the Uni title, but I am going to let that murky situation play itself out. Right now I ma all in and focused on being the best TV Champion in history and giving all of you every week who used the last of your government assitance to buy tickets the best damn show I can!"

Well that's good!

I shutter to think what the hell he means by that. This guy is unpredictable and dangerous.

But also very talented.

One could argue that, yes.

"......So, when it is all said and done, I am going to push this title up the rankings. I am going to make people pay attention to this title again. I am going to make people care about it. Bring honor to it like it had in the days of Elisha, Theo Pryce, Gator, Steve Davids. I am going to bring this strap back to relevance. Believe me if you want, or don't, but I am the best in the world at what I do. Winning this title was all part of the plan, and now, I stand here before you on Savage as YOUR champion. You're welcome. And to whoever wins this little beat the clock challenge......enjoy it, because next week you step into the ring with a wrestling god."

Is he finally done?

Chris hands the mic back to Tigs.

Guess so.

Thank god.

Chris Chaos rolls out of the ring and heads towards the announce table.

Oh god, is he coming over here?

Looks like it.

Chris sits down and puts on a headset. He sets the belt up, propped on one of the monitors, facing towards the ring.

"Ma'm, goes it?"

"What are you doing over here?"

"Well, if this little beat the clock challenge is going to happen, figured I would get an up close look at who I am going to defeat next week."

He's confident, I like that. We need that in a champion.

Damn right.

"Don't you realize, this entire show is based around me tonight? Why wouldn't I be out here?"

Lets just get this over with.

- vs -
X-Treme Rules!

"PHIFER" appears on the screen to the viewer at home. Yellow strobe lights trail up the XWF set. Lightening suddenly strikes the stage! Standing in the clearing is Patrick. He smiles still flexing in pose. Slowly making his way to the ring apron. Full of joy in his exploits with the audience. He slides in. Turnbuckle to turnbuckle he launches across like... a bolt of lightening. Then calms to a serene gameface.

Music plays Dyke walks down to the ring flipping off various fans. At one point he rips a baseball cap off of a fans hat, puts it down his pants and then wipes his ass with it before putting it back on the kids head inside out.

Dyke slides into the ring and before the bell even rings kicks Patrick Phife in the dick as hard as he possible can. The ref seems completely unfazed and signals for the bell.


Dyke spins Pfife around and yanks his opponents pants down and then yanks his own pants down. He pulls his massive black member, that's right Dyke's dick is black and he rams it into Pfife bung hole raw. Pfife lets out a loud scream as tears come streaming down his eyes. Dyke keeps plugging away while the ref tries to pick some left over dinner out from between his teeth.

At some point Pfife starts tapping in submission but the ref doesn't seem to care at all as Dyke is also doing some serious tapping... of dat ass! He keeps ramming his unwashed asshole until finally he climaxes!!! Dyke releases his opponent who falls to the floor lifeless having been literally fucked to death. The bell sounds and the ref raises Dyke's hand in victory.

Winner - Sebasstian Dyke - (Time - 14 minutes and 59 seconds)(yes Dyke was raping Pfife for that long)

I have just gotten word that newly crowned Universal Champion The Engineer is on his way out right now!

The entire arena is washed in sterile white light as the following words are spoken through the sound system:

Is Dexter ill? Is Dexter ill? Is Dexter ill Is Dexter ill today?

On the main screen is a grainy image of an old television test screen. After the initial dialogue the sound slips into “Insect” by Die Warzau and his 'tron. The arena is still bathed in sterile white lights which are now accompanied by small red lights panning all over the arena that look like droplets of blood in contrasts with the white lights.

The Engineer appears at the top of the ramp, Universal Championship hung over his shoulder. He's wearing all black, a black suit, with a black undershirt and black tie, overall looking more poised and put together than he usually does. He walks into the ring, requesting a mic immediately and getting one in short order. He pauses for a moment, looking out at the people. His expression is somewhat inscrutable, but finally he speaks.

There are matters that need to be addressed.

He lets that hang in the air for a moment before continuing.

Number one, there are some people who don't think I should have this championship. Now, I guess that's always the case in some form or fashion....everybody wants to be at the top. But it ain't just that. There are people who think I haven't EARNED this. A select few who think I went at my match at Turning Point the wrong way. Who have accused me of politicking, doin' Caedus dirty, gaslighting him, and just generally being a dickbag. I've even gotten some anonymous...anonymous!...hate mail over this from guys in the back. So I got something to say to those select few folks.

Do something.

You think this shit's misplaced? Sign your name to it and come at me. I don't give a fuck who you are, or where you stand in the card, or how much heat you have. I WANT YOU TO COME AT ME. Management won't let you? Holler at me and I'll sneak you in the back. I want you. I will defend this against you. I WILL MAKE YOU EAT THE WORDS YOU WOULDN'T PUT A NAME TO. Or maybe you got a problem with this and you ain't said ANYTHING about it. You're welcome too.

You think I'm playing? Motherfuckers I ain't even been here a year and I'm already King of the Ring, one of if not THE longest reigning Xtreme champion in history, and now I'm the Universal champion. I haven't lost a match since JULY! I did half a that during a period where I couldn't tie my own shoes. “Haven't earned it.” No, you fucking PRICKS YOU EARN THIS! You step your ass between those ropes and YOU EARN THIS SHIT! I'm DONE defending myself. I'm done defending my record against manbabies who can't get over the fact that they themselves haven't done shit and wont be shit, so they gotta tear down actual success wherever they see it.

Tell me you want me. Tell me you wanna challenge me. I'll advocate for you to get let in so I can eat you alive and send you back out in pieces.

Engy's getting some serious pops now. His expression is grave, but fierce. He takes another pause before proceeding.

Jim Caedus.

Even the name draws a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Heh, am I allowed to talk about him? Fuck it. The man I faced at Turning Point wasn't Jim Caedus. Don't get me wrong, it was his body. But the mind was gone. The soul was gone. Some people are saying that's my fault.

You know, when I set out to show Jim Caedus that I actually liked him, hoping that Jim would see we didn't have to come out of Turning Point hating each other, I severely miscalculated something. I grossly underestimated just how sick he was. I didn't foresee that by not giving him a reason to hate me, he would just start making reasons up. Jim just...Jesus, he lost it....I don't know how else to say it. The guy broke. KINDNESS made that man break. You have to believe me that I never wanted that match to go down like that. I wanted it to be a WAR, but with both of us coming out of it with a friendship intact. Sometimes stress makes the mind shatter though. Nobody knows that like I do.

But do you know what the really insane part is? That no matter how far gone Jim got at the end there, no matter how much he ended up hating me, dragging my name, and not trusting me. No matter how lost in his own madness he became, if that man were to march out here RIGHT FUCKING NOW and extend a hand and say “I'm sorry” I would take back that man's friendship without hesitation.

This draws some serious pops from the crowd.

Now maybe that makes ME the idiot. I know there's still plenty of people now who think Jim's more trouble than he's worth. But people said the same thing about me for years. I don't care. The man was difficult, he was crazy....but when he was LUCID he was the most genuine person I'd ever met and honestly, I don't think I ever quite deserved that good treatment from somebody like him.

I'm rambling....I'm rambling. But I'd take Caedus back. Yeah I would. No question.

But I won't get that chance now, will I?

Engy looks up at the camera and his eyes are suddenly black as pitch.

Because that chance was taken. By Chris Chaos. Jenny Myst. And Erik Black. Corpses. One and all.

Caedus didn't deserve that. I don't care how gone he was at the end, he didn't deserve that. You took any possible shot at redemption that man had and burned it all away.

You think I'm weak? That my kindness towards Jim, even now, makes me prey?

You cannot even FATHOM how much evil I still have in me left to share. And for you....Chris....Jenny.....Erik.....I'm going to let that part out. But just for you. This isn't about wrestling. Or titles.

Death is not the final accounting.

Abyssus abyssum invocat.

A thin trickle of black ichor escapes from his left nostril.

vOx AetErnA.

He drops the mic and walks out of the ring. His music starts to play but he makes a dismissive waving motion with his hand, indicating he wants it cut. There is a hush in the stands as he walks back up the ramp in silence.

Wow. What was that at the end there....? I'm not sure I would want to be those three. We'll be back shortly with more action.

Chris stares straight ahead, not saying a word.

- vs -
Super Savage Rules!
3 RP limit - NO Word Cap

”The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is part of the “Beat the Clock Challenge”! Introducing first, coming to us from way of Essex England… MS. HYYYYYYYDE!”

Mz. Hyde by Halestorm blares over the sound system while white and pink flashes light up the darkened arena. Ms. Hyde makes her entrance with the relighting of the arena. She skips down the ramp waving to fans on either side and flashing a large smile. Once reaching the ring and rolling in under the bottom rope the bubbly emotion of Ms.Hyde is replaced with a darker eerie vibe. Ms. Hyde pulls herself up from the mat using the ropes before pulling on the ropes and taunting the fans. Once getting her fill of the boos she walks to the corner of the ring and lays on the top turnbuckle with her elbow propping up her head.

”And her opponent, hailing from Parts Unknown… TOMMY WIIIIIISH!!!”

The lights goes off in the arena, and starts to flicker as his theme plays on the X-Tron. Then the lights turns white, and Tommy comes down to the ring with giving high fives to the fans. Then he rolls into the ring, and stand in the ring.

”Tommy Wish vs Ms. Hyde in a beat the clock challenge. Can one of them beat the current winning time of 14 minutes and 59 seconds...........let that soak in, and earn a shot at Chris Chaos’s Television Title next week?

”We’re about to find out!”

That we are. Will either of these two have the honor of facing me?


Ms. Hyde launches out of her corner and collides with Tommy Wish two-thirds of the way across the ring. The XWF newcomer hits a series of rapid-fire forearm shots that slowly push her opponent back into the turnbuckles. Ms. Hyde then throws up a leg and puts her boot across Tommy's throat for a corner foot choke! Ms. Hyde grabs the ropes for extra leverage as she grinds the choke in while Wish drives his elbow down into the side Ms. Hyde’s knee repeatedly to try to break free.

Ms. Hyde releases the choke and backs up to the center of the ring while Tommy catches her breath. Ms. Hyde sprints forward for a big running forearm smash and goes right back into another barrage of rapid forearms. After a handful of wild shots, Ms. Hyde grabs Wish by the shoulders, spinning her out of the corner and trading places in the process. Ms. Hyde jumps up onto the top rope and flies off with a twisting crossbody that takes Them both to the canvas.

Ms. Hyde is first to her feet and steps back all the way to the ropes. She gets a running start, looking for a vicious kick to the head. Before the shot can land Wish whips around on the canvas and kicks Ms. Hyde’s legs out from under her! Ms. Hyde hits the canvas and Tommy uses the momentum to grab her arm and throw his legs over Ms. Hyde’s body, locking in a seated armbar!

Tommy cranks in the submission with one arm, and with the other he reaches back and locks up Ms. Hyde’s free arm so that she can’t tap out even if she wants to! Ms. Hyde’s feet pound against the canvas in pain as she struggles to break free. Meanwhile, Wish leans even further back, adding more and more pressure to Ms. Hyde’s shoulder.

”Tommy Wish is trying to break her arm!”

Wish showing some tenacity here. A mean streak.......I like it.

“Tommy is obviously looking to cause pain here by preventing Ms. Hyde from tapping out, but this is a beat the clock challenge, so it doesn’t really make sense.”

“It makes sense if his goal is to break her arm!”

Thank you Audrey. Brent, you should listen to Audrey more.

After a few more seconds of the submission hold, Wish lets go of both of Ms. Hyde’s arms and gets to his feet. Ms. Hyde rolls across the mat to create some space between them before sitting up. Tommy capitalizes on the space, dropping back into the ropes for extra momentum before hiding a sliding clothesline to the grounded Ms. Hyde!

After the shot connects, Wish rolls right out of the ring. He grabs Ms. Hyde by the hair and drags her out to the apron so that her head hangs over the edge. Ms. Hyde shakes her head, trying to clear out the cobwebs as Wish backs up all the way to the ringside barricade. Ms. Hyde starts to regain her bearings… but not in time to avoid a running high knee from Tommy!

The impact echoes through the arena and Ms. Hyde rolls back across the ring, holding her face. The ref steps over to check on Ms. Hyde, who shoves him away, while Wish paces back and forth outside the ring, taunting his opponent and shouting for Ms. Hyde to get up. Ms. Hyde uses the ropes and drags herself to her feet. Ms. Hyde sprints across the ring. Outside Wish prepares for an incoming suicide dive. But Ms. Hyde goes for a baseball slide instead, transitioning right into a headscissors that slings Tommy to the concrete floor outside the ring! Without wasting a second, Ms. Hyde rolls to her feet and lands a double stomp right to Wish’s chest! Tommy rolls onto his knees, clutching his chest with one hand and struggling to breathe. He starts to pull himself up using the ring steps, but sags back down to a sitting position against them. Ms. Hyde is already running, nailing a dropkick that crushes Wish into the steel stairs! Ms. Hyde grabs Tommy and tosses him into the ring before going for the pin!




Wish gets the shoulder up well before the three and throws an elbow into Ms. Hyde’s face in the process, knocking Ms. Hyde off of him. Tommy surges forward and throws himself on top of Ms. Hyde, raining down a series of elbow strikes. After the last shot Wish pulls Ms. Hyde up by the hair and delivers a vicious belly to back suplex! Ms. Hyde recoils from the blow, tumbling backward over one shoulder into a heap.

“Ms. Hyde looks like a broken mess after getting dumped on her head!”

She always looks like that.

Tommy stalks after her, grabbing a fistful of hair and yanking her up to her feet. Ms. Hyde breaks free with a few knife edge chops and then throws an arm around Wish, hitting a reverse STO! Ms. Hyde is quick to shove Wish over onto his back and go for the pin again!




Ms. Hyde sits up to her knees and lets out a shriek of frustration. She pulls Tommy to his feet, but he breaks free with a few well placed punches to the head. Ms. Hyde staggers back against the ropes. Suddenly she bounces back and charges at Tommy Wish missing a clothesline as he ducks under. Ms. Hyde turns clumsily turns around and is met with a quick kick to the gut followed by an Implant DDT!

”HideYaFace from Wish!”

Weak sauce


Wish throws an arm across Ms. Hyde and goes for the pin.




Ms. Hyde gets the shoulder up just in time! Wish slaps the mat in frustration before climbing to his feet. He backs into the corner and props himself up against the ropes, planning his next move. This gives Ms. Hyde the opportunity to get back to her feet as well. Now with both competitors on their feet, Ms. Hyde races in, but Wish springs out of the corner and catches her and uses the momentum to throw her into the corner. The impact takes her breath away and she stumbles back gripping her chest and gasping for air.

What a match this has been, but they are taking up an awful lot of time here!

Tommy Wish quickly moves in for the kill but Hyde side steps him at the last second and with her left hand guide's Wish's head face first into the top turnbuckle. Wish stumbles out of the corner a little dazed and confused and with what little strength Hyde has left she pounces on her opponent and takes him down with the Topsy Turbulence(Reverse Frankensteiner).

Hyde falls on top of Tommy Wish for the cover...




Winner - Ms. Hyde (Time - 8:05)

After the bell rings, the lights goes out, and the people see on the X-Tron with John Black’s mask on the screen. Then the ring is filled with smoke as the light slowly turns back on.

While Hyde is on her feet trying to figure it out what is going on, Tommy rolls back inside the ring wearing the mask with a chair in hand.

She turns around, and she gets clocked over the head with it. Then he starts to stomp her to bit, then he stops as the ref pulls him apart, he then tosses him outside the ring.

As the fans are booing Tommy, he gets a mic from the outside and speaks to the audiences who are in disbelief on what Tommy did.

Tommy: Let me be honest with you fans, I knew she was going to beat me to the punch. She’s not a person to mess with in the ring, but at this point… it’s not like i’ll be worth a damn in this company. I could say fuck this brand, fuck this show, and fuck the television championship.

Fans are still booing Tommy as kneels on Hyde. He gives her a sensual kiss on the lips, as she tries to fight him off. Tommy then punches her in the head, and speaks to her.

Tommy: Demi… Zay…. you both don’t mean shit to me. I hope you enjoy your brief moment in Television title hunt. Ms Hyde….

Tommy then drops the mic in the ring, and leaves the ring with a smile on his face as the next segment happens.

- vs -
Standard Savage Match - 3 RP limit/2500 word cap!

Here we go, another beat the clock challenge! Ms. Hyde had a very good time, and perhaps the time to beat, with 8:05.

Yes, an impressive showing from her, but I have a feeling this is the match where we will find Chaos's next opponent.

Brent, Aud, the TV title matches are 15 minutes. Hyde took half of that to beat Tommy Wish. I am not worried.

Tig O' Bitties: This match is set for one fall and is our third beat the clock challenge of the evening. Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, Anthony "Knuckles" Scalici!

The arena lights flicker and then they go out and a dim spotlight comes on as Anthony Knucks waks out dressed in all black with his hood up. As Forgive me Father plays Knucks walks to the ring and he seems very focused as he enters the ring he drops the hood and is ready to fight.

Dude doesn't showboat much, does he?

He is all about business in that ring.

That isn't very TV friendly.

I think you're the only one who cares about that.

Tig O Bitties: Introducing next, his opponent, from Plainfield, New Jersey, Pestalance!

As Black Jesus begins to play throughout the arena the lights slowly switch between white and red with the same slow cadence of the first sixteen second of the song. Once the beat hits the lights turn red and a white spotlight hits arena entrance as Pestalance makes his way to the ramp. The spotlight follows Pest to the ring as he switches between rapping along with the song and talking smack into the camera. Once Pest enters the ring he heads to a corner and hops on his toes waiting for the match to begin.

Now there is an entrance! This dude is an entertainer!

He is a tough competitor too, and he may very well be your opponent next week!

Sure, Aud.

Audrey, have a little respect for our champion, for god sakes!



The time to beat flashes on the X-Tron as the two men circle. Pestalance gets the early advantage in the lock up, walking knuckles back to the corner. He is trying to over power Scalici early, and begins to hit his opponent with a series of chops in the corner. He then whips Knuckles into the far turnbuckle and runs at him, connecting with a clotheslines. Scalici stumbles into the middle of the ring where Pestalance grabs him around the waist and hits a big German suplex. Keeping the hands locked, he hits another, then another.

Pestalance trying to end this early.

Do you blame him?

Relax, guys, lets not get too worked up.

The confidence of a champion!


After the 4th German, Pestalance lets go. Scalici is down in the center of the ring and Pestalance comes off the ropes with a leg drop.




Scalici kicks out.

Pestalance looks up at the clock which now reads 6 minutes.

He picks up Scalici by the head, but the gutsy rookie fires a few body shots onto Pestalance and backs him off, left hook, right hook, then coming off the ropes for a clothesline, but Pestalance ducks. Coming back off the ropes on the other side Pest puts the boot up but Scalici slides under, rolling him into a small package pin.



Pestalance kicks out.

Scalici tried to steal one there.

Almost worked.


Pestalance gets up quickly, as does Scalici.

The two circle again as the clock ticks.


They lock up again and Scalici slides behind and locks the arms, and he goes for a suplex but Pestalance pushes his hands down, reverses and slides behind, but Scalici counters again, sliding behind and clubbing Pest in the back of the head. Pestalance stumbles and Knuckles grabs his head, running him over to the corner and bouncing his face off the turnbuckle.

Then again.

And again.

And again.

Pestalance stumbles back to the center of the ring when Scalici hits a brain buster. Pestalance is down and Scalici slides into a cover.

Pestalance kicks out at 1.

Scalici slaps the matt as he picks up Pestalance by the head. Standing him up he kicks him in the gut and goes for an impaler DDT, but Pestalance shoves him off and into the ropes. Scalici bounces off and Pestalance hits a swinging neck breaker!

Desperation move there by Pestalance to buy himself some time!

He doesn't have a lot of time to buy, look at the clock Aud!


Pestalance goes to the corner, panting, trying to get his bearings. Scalici is stirring already. Scalici gets to his feet and Pestalance hits him with some standing strikes, elbows, leg kicks, clubbing forearms. Scalici backs into the corner where Pestlance chops him three times. He goes to whip him into the corner but pulls him back into a huge spinebuster!

Impressive move there from Pestalance!


Now he just needs to cover and he will shatter Hyde's time!

But he doesn't cover. Pestalance, feeling it now, yells at Scalici to get up. He begins to stir a bit. Scalici is showing a lot of heart by not staying down.


Pestalance picks Scalici up, but Knuckles is living up to his name by continuing to fight. Punches and kicks. He is able to back Pest off for a moment or two, then goes for a standing drop kick but Pest moves and Scalici hits the mat, flat on his back. Pestalance drops an elbow down onto the chest/throat of Scalici. He bounces off the ropes and goes for a leg drop, but Anthony moves and Pestalance hits the matt. Scalici is back up, holding his throat. Pestalance is back to his feet quickly and Scalici hits a kick to the gut.


Its over! What a DDT from Scalici! He damn near broke Pestalance in half!

Looking over at the clock, he sees it is under 2 minutes.

But, without explaination, he doesn't go for the pin. Scalici kneels in the corner, waiting for Pestalance to get up.

What is he doing! Pin him!

This could come back to bite him!

It doesn't matter, both of these men are losing next week anyway! It doesn't matter who wins, that is the beauty of all of this!

Pestalance gets up, a big wobbly. The clock is at 1 minute.

Slaici charges and Pestalance catches him.


Both men are down, spent. The clock is ticking.


Pestalance wobbles against the ropes. There is ten seconds as Scalici gets back up, miraculously.

Running, connecting with a knee to the face.

Pestalance covers.


The ref is late getting to the count.





He did it!

The buzzer sounds.

Did he beat the time?!

Who cares?

Tig O' Bitties: And here is your winner, with an official time of 8 minutes and FOUR SECONDS, Pestalance!


Pestalance stares at Chaos as the ref raises his hand. Chaos stares a hole through him as Savage goes to commercial.

Winner - with a time of 8 Minutes and 4 seconds....PESTALANCE

- vs -
Standard Savage Match - 3 RP limit/2500 word cap!

The lights go out…the crowd screams with anticipation for who is to enter! The rhythmic drumming sounding like a battle march gets louder. The lights slowly come on turning the arena red.

Double bass starts drilling as Aeon’s - God Gives Head in Heaven roars over the loud speakers!

Mni Morbid Angel storms from the backstage area and flexes his massive arms for the crowd who screams with excitement!

Mini Morbid stomps down to the ring and steps over to the top rope and walks to the center of the ring and flexes again!

Dim Blue light with smoke and flashes that go with the music as Mezian makes his way down the ramp towards the ring before climbing inside.

Mini Morbid and Mezian stand in the ring ready to go as the bell sounds! The time starts now in this beat the clock challenge!

The time to beat shows up on the X-Tron and begins to tick.


They circle around the ring before locking up in the center! Only Mezian is having to lean down to reach the arms of Mini Morbid. Mezian lifts up Morbid and slings him across the ring! His large head smashes into the mat before rolling up to his feet. Mezian charges him with a…


Huge move that floors Mini Morbid!

The little man is struggling here as Mezian is putting on a beating! Mezian grabs up Mini up and sends him into the ropes! Mini bounces off the bottom rope only to rebound right towards Mezian!


Mezian catches the running Mini Morbid with a huge C4! Mezian goes for the cover!




Mezian looks up at the screen to see the clock tick up to 2:32! He pulls Mini Morbid up to his feet just as Mini Morbid rolls him up!



Mezian kicks out!

Morbid putting up a fight here!

He's got heart!

Mezian gets to his knees just as Mini Morbid collides into him with a clothesline from hell that takes himself down and into a roll! Mini Morbid beckons him to get to his feet and just as he does, Morbid PUNCHES Mezian right in the knee! Mezian bends down just as Mini springs off the second rope to land on the neck of Mezian! He hooks the arms of Mezian, springs off the ground only to come down with a pedigree!

Mini Morbid hooks the leg of Mezian as he tries for another cover!




Mini almost had him.

Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, Brent!

Stupid phrase, that is a stupid phrase you just said.

Mini Morbid climbs to the top rope as Mezian begins to get his bearings in the ring. He staggers to his feet just as Mini Morbid leaps from the top rope… LEAPING SPEAR!


Mezian catches him with a cutter! Mini Morbid is laid out, but Mezian looks up at the clock to see the clock tick to 4:07! He shakes his head as he knows he has to end this soon to try and keep the time low! He pulls Mini Morbid up and just as he does…






Too close.


Mezian gets back to his feet and blasts Mini Morbid with a huge belly-to-belly suplex! He grabs Mini Morbid up by his mask and takes a swift punch that floors the luchador. He reaches over and hooks the arm of Mini Morbid before wrenching back on the hold!

ARMBAR! Mini Morbid is struggling now! He’s reaching out frantically!

Mezian wrenches back on the hold as Mini Morbid manages to roll and…


Mini got lucky there, Mezian had him dead to rights!

Audrey, he has the shortest arms on the roster, and you let him get to the ropes? Mezian should be ashamed!

The referee begins the count, but Mezian relinquishes the hold before four.

They both get to their feet as they both look at the clock again to see 1:58. Mezian turns back to Mini Morbid, but the little guy is charging him! In his hand is a rotting cock! He flails it out around above his head before springing off the second rope!


Mezian manages to dodge out of the way of it before kicking the hand of Mini Morbid as the cock flies through the air and lands on the outside of the ring! Mini Morbid gasps as he moves towards the ropes where it landed. Mezian stalks him from behind before hitting the ropes and colliding into Mini with a clothesline to the back of the head! Morbid slams into the second rope, throat-first!

He falls to the mat clutching his throat as Mezian looks up at the clock which says 1:22! He quickly pulls Mini Morbid to his feet…


Its over here!

Poor little guy!


Mini Morbid is knocked the fuck out as Mezian leaps into a pin!






Mezian won, but not in enough time!

Really? There is a minute and fifteen left. It took him this long to beat a midget in a mask? He doesn't deserve it anyway.

I think we know now who Chaos is gonna face!

Tig O' Bitties: Here is your winner, Mezian. However, he did not beat the time and therefore will not be participating in the title match next week!

Mezian sits in the corner panting but with a frustrated hand on his forehead.

Tig O' Bitties: The winner of the beat the clock challenge, winning their match in the quickest time and moving on to face Chris Chaos for the Television Title next week..............Pestalance!

So it is set! Pestalance and Chaos in next weeks main event!

Won his first match this week.....impressive. Now he gets to lose his first.

We shall see.....but we have a very high intensity main event coming up.

I'll stay out here with you, if you don't mind.

You don't have----

Sure champ!


- vs -
Standard Rules!

Tig O'Bitties: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, from Pikeville, Kentucky! Standing in at 6'2 and weighing in at 225 lbs., REVEREND MUDDY WATERS!

Muddy walks out, looking quite haggard, with his long hair sticking to his face.

Brent Feetman: Look at him! Muddy looks so fucking filthy! How can anyone expect him to win here?

Audrey Dinklage: Well Brent, I have to say, Muddy looks particularly determined tonight! He has the chance to pull off a MAJOR upset against our new Universal Champion!

Brent Feetman: Yeah, and what's next? Drezdin actually win a match? HA!

Muddy rolls into the ring, and waits for his opponent.

The entire arena is washed in sterile white light as the following words are spoken through the sound system:

Is Dexter ill? Is Dexter ill? Is Dexter ill Is Dexter ill today?

On the main screen is a grainy image of an old television test screen. After the initial dialogue the sound slips into “Insect” by Die Warzau and his 'tron. The arena is still bathed in sterile white lights which are now accompanied by small red lights panning all over the arena that look like droplets of blood in contrasts with the white lights.

Tig O'Bitties: Introducing his opponent! From Parts Unknown, standing in at 5'10, weighing in at 204 lbs., and he is the NEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW! UNIVERSAL CHAMPION! THE ENGINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR!

The Engineer steps to the top of the ramp, and he takes in the crowd, the ring, everything. Slowly an unsettling smile bisects his face, and some black tar like liquid will spill from his mouth. He'll run his sleeve over it before stalking to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He then picks himself up in a neutral corner, remaining there with a dead eyed stare until the match begins.

Brent Feetman: Now, here's someone who deserves their spot at the top of the card.

Audrey Dinklage: The Engineer may just damn well be the best talent in the XWF today, but he cannot overlook Muddy Waters. Jim Caedus made the mistake of overlooking the Engineer, and what happened to him! He got ousted as a sham, and he was killed in cold blood by Chris Chaos' group! Engy has to be sure not to fall into that same pitfall!


The two go in the center of the ring, and Muddy wastes no time, laying into the Engineer with a VICIOUS forearm! Engy wobbles back a step, checking the damage with his hand, but Muddy refuses to let up! Forearm after forearm drives Engy to the corner of the ring, however Madison's yelling manages to get Engy to reverse, and drive Muddy back into the corner as Engy lays into Muddy with body shots! Muddy is covering up, but the shots are dealing a ton of damage! Referee Chaz Bobo gets in between and separates the two, grins starting to be able to be seen on both of their faces.

Audrey Dinklage: This is going to be a big brawl, Brent. I can feel it.

Brent Feetman: What I'm seeing is good so far, Aud, but I gotta see more before I can start judging.

Audrey Dinklage: What do you mean?! You judge our competitors and matches constantly, and don't even care at all!

Brent Feetman: This is different though. I gotta analyze this seriously.

The two opt to again start trading blows, this time Engy starting with a quick snap jab to Muddy. Muddy responds in kind with a hard leg kick, Engy trying to grit his teeth to stifle the pain as he launches a forearm to Muddy's cranium. Muddy wobbles back a step before giving Engy a HARD European Uppercut! And then the two keep! Giving! Each! Other! Forearms!

The crowd are coming alive with each forearm shot! They're on their feet as Muddy and Engy refuse to stop fighting! Madison is at ringside telling Engy to get his shit together! Muddy and Engy wobble back to the ropes, but they lunge at each other-- DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Both Muddy and Engy fall to the mat as they try and shake out the cobwebs. Madison is slapping the apron with her hands and DEMANDING that Engy get up this instant as the fans are cheering on both workers. Engy crawls to the ropes and pulls himself up, as Muddy rolls on up.

Muddy tries lunging at Engy again, but Engy is well aware now, and hits Muddy with a quick and sloppy hip toss! Muddy bounces back up, but Engy is on top of him, trying to bite his forehead!

Audrey Dinklage: JESUS! The Engineer is crazed!

Brent Feetman: It took you this long to realize this, Aud?

Madison is clapping in satisfaction as Muddy is struggling to push the Universal Champion off of him. Chaz Bobo gets in between the two again and practically has to throw Engy off of Muddy, however the damage can clearly be seen. A deep gash is visible on Muddy's forehead with black ichor slowly oozing down as well. Some of Muddy's blood seen around Engy's mouth, and as Engy licks his lips, savoring the metallic taste, Muddy crawls to a turnbuckle and sits while grabbing the ropes as Bobo is seen reprimanding Engy, who merely holds his hands up and smiles in response. As Bobo is checking on Muddy's gash, he can see Engy out of the corner of his eye, and as Engy moves his tongue, his sadistic grin only getting wider, Muddy sees it-- a razor blade hidden underneath Engy's tongue.

After checking to see if Muddy is still good to go, Chaz Bobo has the match continue, with Engy waiting as Muddy pulls himself out of his corner. Muddy looks very wary now, and is trying not to be too overzealous, lest he get bitten again. Engy steps forward, however Muddy backs off immediately, giving Engy another quick leg kick for his troubles. Engy tries moving forward again, but yet again Muddy ducks out of the way and gives Engy another quick leg kick, this time harder. Gingerly moving his leg for a bit to test it, Engy moves forward once more, however rinse and repeat, Muddy moves aside and kicks Engy once more in his knee area.

Brent Feetman: This is fucking boring.

Madison is agreeing with Brent at ringside, and is yelling at Engy to do something. Gritting his teeth, Engy lunges at Muddy AGAIN-- this time too quick for Muddy to respond. A takedown sends the Reverend to the mat as Engy mounts him, looking for ground and pound action. Heavy hammerfists rain down as Muddy is forced to cover up, Chaz Bobo forced AGAIN to break things up between the two.

Engy snarled at the referee, dragging Muddy up by the hair... BUT MUDDY PLANTS ENGY WITH A JAWBREAKER!

Engy falls down, only for Muddy to pick him back up and hit the PIKE COUNTY PLUNGE! Engy's eyes glaze over as Muddy goes for the pin! Madison looks beside herself!



Kick-out! Engy is still in this!

Muddy slaps the mat, however he grits his teeth and gets on with the match, pulling himself up as his gash continues to keep flowing blood. Muddy gets himself up to the top turnbuckle, and is ready to hit the Mud Stomp!

But Madison is there! She gets up on the apron, ignoring Chaz Bobo's orders to get off and starts yelling at Muddy with the force of a banshee wail! Muddy mouths off to her and waves her away-- ENGINEER HOPS UP TO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE WITH MUDDY! ENGY LOCKS IN A BOY NAMED IT ON THE TOP ROPE!

Brent Feetman: This is it, Aud. This is the move that choked out Chris Chaos. Muddy is surely done once they hit the mat.

Muddy however is hooking onto the ropes with his legs, refusing to let himself fall! Madison is slapping the apron and practically begging Engy to finish this!

But wait...

Audrey Dinklage: Oh my God.

Muddy is... somehow standing up...

Brent Feetman: Is this Muddy's retard strength on display?

Muddy is reversing the Gogoplata into a Powerbomb!

Brent Feetman and Audrey Dinklage: HOLY SHIT!

Engy's eyes go wide as he gets desperate-- AND HE BITES MUDDY AGAIN!


Both competitors fall from the top rope! Neither man is moving! Madison is covering her mouth in shock!

Engy is able to back Muddy off with the bite, and the second it takes when he lets go, even briefly, Engy--quick as a cat despite the beating he has taken--is able to land the Heart Punch, which shoves Muddy back, then a kick to the gut.....

Delirium Tremens


That it is, sir!

There is static on the airwaves.

Engy covers Muddy.




Winner - ENGY

Engy unhooks the leg just as Chris is seen standing at Ringside. He and Engy exchange an intense stare.

Engy had some intense words for Chaos and Empire earlier in the show. This could explode here!

Chris doesn't have empire with him! He is a lone wolf tonight!

Tig O' Bitties: Here is your winner by pinfall, The Engineer!

Engy and Chris continue to stare at each other. Engy is handed his Universal Title, and he holds it up over his head with a smirk, staring at Chris.

He is taunting the TV Champion!

Oh and Chaos wouldn't do the same?! This is FAR, FAR FROM OVER! Tune in next week as Chaos has to defend his title against Pestalance! Man, this is intense!

Chris and Engy continue to stare at each other as Savage goes off the air and fades to black.

[Image: IJkS6WM.jpg]

"It's Better To Be Pissed Off, Than Pissed On"
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