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In-Ring Name: Joachim Bright

Wrestler's Real Name: Joachim Bright, friends call him "Jo" or "Jo-Jo"

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: It's a me, ENGY!

Wrestler Date of Birth: February 14, 1998

Height: 5'9''

Weight:168 lbs

Hometown: Jo has lived a nomadic existence most of his life, and hails from no place in particular. Right now he lives with Dexter Bright (aka The Engineer) and his manager Madison Dyson.

Personality: Joachim is the embodiment of the term "wearing your heart on your sleeve". Good natured, honest to a fault, passionate, and empathetic, he represents all of the traits his father lacks but claims he is trying to learn. Joachim is reportedly the result of a one time sexual encounter Dexter Bright had while he was a teenager, though the circumstances of this encounter are up for dispute (and may involve pagan death rituals, yes really), Joachim doesn't seem overly bothered by it and seems to live his life by his own terms rather than be chained to his murky origins. It is rumored that Joachim spent much of his early years in foster care before setting out on his own, riding the rails and falling in with a nomadic group of young wanderers who traveled about the country. Joachim has maintained contact with these friends, and often sends money back to them. Joachim has also been known to stand up for causes he believes in, and is openly gay.

Looks Description: Jo's a lanky good looking young man who looks to be of mixed heritage. He's slim, but not particularly "cut" and has more of a dancer's physique.

Ethnicity: Mixed heritage, specifics are unknown

Pic Base, if any: Luke Pasqualino

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSZOJ9c5yRKBEk723LUeBp...Mv2pOSAdbg]

1) Insanely fast and dexterous-He's a talented dancer and incorporates that base in his fighting style
2) Size-He's small, and seems to have a knack for getting out of holds and restraints
3) Very likeable, and will often have the support of the crowd.

1) Not physically strong-will lose to pretty much anyone on the roster when it comes to grapple based strategies
2) Inexperienced-He's prone to getting suckered by savvy veterans
3) Passionate, which can quickly lead to frustration if things aren't going his way

Entrance Theme Music:

Special Entrance (if any): As the opening instrumental to "Words as Weapons" by Seether kicks in, Joachim appears at the top of the ramp. His entrance has little in the way of frills, but he'll clap hands with people who reach out to him. He'll climb up the ring steps and vault over the top rope, rolling to his feet and backing into a corner where he sits on the top turnbuckle while waiting for the match to start.

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves:
1) Running Double Knees to the Face
2) Drop Sault
3) Various running and top rope senton splashes
4) Chops
5) A variety of different kicks/dropkicks/etc....
6) Shining Wizard
7) Running face wash
8)Rising knee lift (like Kenny Omega's V-Trigger)
9) Top and middle rope moonsaults
10) Hurricanrana

Jo is also really adept at dodging and avoiding attacks. He has a tendency to avoid impacts at the last second, and in particular likes to throw opponent's off by doing "Matrix move" type dodges under big strikes (like Trish Stratus used to do), or baseball sliding underneath or around an appointment, only to kip up and rock them with a surprise strike

Trademark Move(s):1)"Razor's Edge", 2) "Ode to Joy"
1) Jo will tightrope walk along the top rope at an incredibly fast pace, gaining momentum to propel himself into a Dragonrana pin
2) Shooting Star Senton Splash

Finishing Move(s): 1) "Lightbringer"

1) Double Moonsault (Ricochet's version)

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots:Jo avoids these spots, both due to his nature and because, when weapons start getting involved, he'll probably lose
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