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03-09-2018, 04:11 PM
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Hello roster of the XWF. I am Darius Xavier a new General Manager here at the XWF. I don't have a flashy title like Director of Drug Testing and Analysis or Warfare GM & XWF Business/Financial Supt. I'm just Darius or DX for short. My roles and responsibilities are still a work in progress at this current time but mostly I just want to help this fed continue to be one of the most successful feds on the internet. I have been involved in feds since the mid to late 90's and I have been a General Manager in several of them. So this job is not completely foreign to me even if the XWF is. I look forward to interacting with each and everyone of you.
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03-09-2018, 04:57 PM
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"Muh Nigga! Bout time we got some color up in this joint! Now that a brother runnin' things, expect to see Dem Niggaz finally start to get theirs!

Just gotta find another nigga first doh..."

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