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Mercy is for the weak
02-28-2018, 02:56 PM
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ooc: I wanted to try something different but i felt I fucked this whole story up. But enjoy anyways.

It is a sunny day in the city of Tripoli, Libya as we open the scene at the airport in the great city. We see planes taking off and departing to their respective destinations as people come in and out of the terminals. It's pretty packed on this day as a few flights were delayed due to engine trouble or stupid assholes making idiots out of themselves. Fuckin' tourists.

Coming into the airport is the devilish trio of Maria Brink, Peter's mentor and friend Max Masterson and then the man himself, every girls fantasy come true, the one and only GOD of Xtreme, Peter "YOU BETTER SUCK HIS FUCKIN' DICK" Gilmour. The camera shows Maria in a long white dress with a black hat covering her long blonde hair. Max is in a black shirt and tan pants as his grey hair flows down the side of his face. And not to be left out, Peter is in a black shirt with "SUCK MY DICK" on the front and his name on the back. His hair is once again spiked perfectly.

They continue through the airport with their duffel bags as people look at them in awe. We even hear a few "GILLY! GILLY! chants break out from the fans. Peter waves to his adoring fans as he walks through the airport. Yup, Peter is loved even in Africa! Beat that James Raven! But we digress.

The trio head over to terminal 5 and then into the luggage area so they can be scanned. Maria goes first and all goes well. The same goes for Max. Peter is next up. He walks through the metal detectors and we hear a "BEEP" sound.

Agent: Sir, please step back and empty your pockets.

Peter backs up and empties his pockets which only has his cell phone and wallet. What could of triggered the sensors? The agent motions for Peter to pass through and once again the sensor goes off. Peter seems upset and he backs away. The agent motions again for Peter to go though and once more it beeps. What the fuck?! Peter seems really upset. He backs away and looks at the machine.


Peter walks through and we don't hear the sensor. Peter must have magic powers or the machine was being a dumbass. But we digress. The trio pick up their bags and head into the waiting area. They all sit down and wait for their flight to Cairo. But it seems one of them won't be making the trip.

Peter: Man, I can't wait to get to Egypt so I can train for TURNING POINT. Me and Muddy Waters are going to destroy Caddy and that fake Peter Gilmour wannabe aka Michael Graves. But it really sucks you won't be there my love.

Peter looks at his hot ass wife and frowns. Maria is going back to LA to prepare herself and her band for the next leg of their tour which begins after TURNING POINT. But she still will accompany Peter to the ring while the XWF is in the South Pacific.

Maria: I know my love. I'll miss you terribly. But I got to do rehearsals for the Australian and Japanese tour coming up. I'll only be gone for 2 weeks. I'll be with you for the next WARFARE show. I just hope you behave yourself.

Peter: When haven't I behaved myself? I mean those Egyptian girls will be all over me. But I'll try to keep my super dick in my pants just for you and save it for Australia. Tell the boys I say hello and hope to see them soon.

Maria nods her head as Max leans over to Peter.

Max: Peter-san, no time for horsing around. We go train for big match coming up.

Peter: I know Max, I know. We got to go to that karate school to teach them how we do things. Should be "fun".

Peter rolls his eyes as Max doesn't look happy.

Max: Peter-san, don't take this match too lightly. Lose focus, means lose match. You must keep your mind open and your dick in your pants.

Peter: Heh, come on Max. Live a little. I bet those hot ass Belly Dancers will be all over you at the bazaars and strip clubs.

Max rolls his eyes, though his old ass could use a lapdance or two. Then again, he could get his longtime girlfiend Rachel Adams to come to Egypt. Who knows.

Peter: Hey Max, how's Rachel doing? Been a while since I've seen her.

Max: Ahh, Rachel. My love. She is doing good and misses you and Maria-san as well. Soon we will all be together.

Peter: Yeah, I hope so too my friend. I just wish this damn World Tour would end soon. Hopefully after this South Pacific tour, we'll be back in the states. I miss my mansion and cars very badly. I just hope Vincent isn't trying to steal them or I'll have his neck.

Max just looks at Peter as he grinds his teeth. A few minutes pass and we see Maria reading a book, as does Max, and Peter playing on his cell phone. Probably looking at porn or the XWF website or maybe checking his Twitter page which has over 21 thousand followers. A few people come up to them and ask for autographs and pictures. Peter and Maria oblige though nobody wants to take a picture with Max. His demeanor must frighten them. Well, if you saw an old man from Japan wouldn't you be scared? We digress.

After they are done, we hear a voice come over the PA.

Voice: Flight 609 to Los Angeles now boarding at gate 4. Now boarding at gate 4.
Maria: That's my flight. Care to walk me to my plane my love?

[i] Peter nods his head as he grabs his bride's hand in his and walks her over to where she has to board. There is a long line so it'll be a while before she boards. The demonic couple share a very romantic kiss as people look at them with a few disgusted faces. Jealous pricks. They break their embrace as the line begins to get shorter.

Peter: I'll miss you my love. Please call me once you land in LA.

Maria: I will my love. Be careful. I love you so much.

Stewardess: Tickets please!

Maria turns around and smiles at the stewardess. She gives her ticket to her and begins to head onto the plane. She turns back to wave at her man as Peter waves back and begins to cry. He really misses his wife and we don't know how he'll cope without her by his side. We then see the plane take off as Peter watches on with tears still coming down his face. He wipes them away as he heads back to the waiting area.

An hour passes and Peter is seen looking out the window still tearing up. He really misses his wife Maria right about now. Max notices this and puts an arm around his friend.

Max: She will be ok Peter-san. You must now focus on the task at hand.

Peter: I know my friend. I know. I got to get my head back into the game. TURNING POINT is coming up this weekend and I need to be at my best. I can't worry about my wife not being by my side. I got to go out there and give it my very best. I know Muddy Waters wil bring it. I watched his promo while we were waiting and it was pure awesomeness. He sounds like he's ready to go and I feel bad for Graves and Caddy. They are not ready for what we got for them.

Max nods his head as they sit back in their seats as the plane begins to take off.

A few hours later we see the plane arrive in Cairo. Peter and Max get off and go right to their waiting car outside the terminal. They get inside and the car drives off. More time passes and they get off at the hotel. They go inside, check in and go up to their respective hotel rooms. They put their bags down on their beds and then head back out of the hotel and into the car.

The car travels for a while and then stops off at a local karate school. Yeah, there's karate schools in Egypt. Look it up losers! Peter and Max get off, still wearing the same clothes they were wearing. It is around 4pm local time as we go inside the dojo and see young kids doing various martial arts and sparring each other. Peter and Max look on and seem impressed. Some of the kids stop what they're doing to look at Peter and Max. The sensei, a white male, possibly from America comes up to them. He bows his head and begins to talk to them.

Sensei: Hello there. You must be Peter Gilmour. So glad to have you here today. I've told the kids so much about you and they are thrilled to finally meet you. Come.. this way.

Peter looks at Max and shrugs his shoulders. He wonders what the sensei said about him to the students. They go to where the kids are still sparring and the sensei gives Peter a white gi and black belt. Peter is of course a 5th dan in karate and has experience in judo and tae-kwon do since learning from his master Max Masterson all those years while he was in Japan.

Peter goes in and takes off his clothes. He puts on the gi and ties the black belt tight around his waist. He comes out and the kids see him and begin to laugh. His robust stature must give them a chuckle. Peter rolls his eyes.

Sensei: Oy! On your feet. Today, we are gracious to have with us Peter Gilmour from the XWF. Please give him a round of applause.

[i[ The students give him a nice ovation. Peter waves his hand and then bows. He steps foward as the students form a circle around him. Peter begins to speak to them. [/i]

Peter: Thank you sensei. Hello students. As you know my name is Peter Gilmour. I'm here today to tell you about my time in Japan and how karate can help you become a better person. Now, I started practicing martial arts way back when I was a kid. I went to a local school, just like this one and was taught the ways of Karate. I went for about 2 years and got up to yellow belt. I stopped for a while to focus on school which you all should do as well. But still keep practicing here.

While I was in school, I got back into taking up karate and trained with the same sensei I had before as a kid. I trained with him for about 3 years and got up to orange belt. I wanted to continue to possibly getting a black belt, but I wanted to finish high school and go on to college. After I graduated college, I went to Japan to begin my wrestling career. It was there I met my mentor and now friend Max who is right next to me. Max trained me in karate and other martial arts. It was very grueling and took a toll on my body. But I practiced every day and now I stand before you a 5th dan black belt. I know karate, judo and tae-kwon do.
While I was in Japan, I performed and was in a few tourmanents. I did not win them but I gave it my best which you all should do as you continue to train here. Never give up! Now.. any questions for me?

A student raises his hand. Peter points to him.

Student: Did you ever get hurt while fighting in the tournamnets?

Peter chuckles to himself as the other students do the same. A small smile forms on his face. Max even breaks a smile.

Peter: Like I said, I gave it my best shot. I took a few good shots back in my day, but you should see the other guys faces after I kicked their asses and broke their jaws. But good question. Any more?

None of the students ask Peter questions. A few minutes pass and the sensei steps up and motions for the sutdents to get up.

Sensei: So Peter, care to show the kids a little bit of your moves?

Peter: Sure, why not.

Peter gets into a fighting stance and does a few roundhouse kicks. He does a few more strikes then he goes over and takes a katana off the wall. He walks up to the students and then bends his knees. We then hear a rip coming from the gi.

[Image: giphy.gif]

Peter has an embarrassed look on his face as the students laugh their asses off. Peter regains his composure.

Peter: HA! HA! SHUT IT! Now show me what you guys can do.

The students get up and begin to surround Peter and begin kicking him in the leg. Peter cringes in pain as the students begin to beat the crap out of him. The sensei laughs as Max shakes his head. Peter then pushes the students away as they all scatter and look scared. Peter grabs the katana and almost beheads one of the students with it. WHAT THE FUCK?! The senei steps in between them. He looks up at Peter wondering what the hell is his problem. Peter looks at the sensei, then at Max, then at the student who is seen crying. Peter laughs wickedly as he pulls back.

Peter: Heh. Sorry about that. Got carried away there. But remember this one fact, "MERCY IS FOR THE WEAK!" Now let me hear you!

The students let out a big yell as we hear clapping in the background. We see a tall man with blonde hair walk in. HOLY SHIT! ITS JOHN LAWRENCE FROM KARATE KID/COBRA KAI!

[Image: billy_zabka.jpg]

Johnny Lawrence: BRAVO, Peter. BRAVO! You know, I knew somebody who used to say that to me. I think you might know who he is.

How the hell did he get here? And why is he even here? The students all back away as we see Peter and Johnny face off. Max seems concerned.
Johnny: I hear you're a 5th dan heh. Let's see what you can do.

Peter and Johnny get into defensive poses and Johnny throws a stiff kick to Peter's hamstrings. Peter limps a bit.

Peter: Heh, lucky shot Johnny. How bout I crane kick you into oblivion.

Peter does his best Daniel Larusso impression as he does the pose.

Johnny is not impressed. He lunges and Peter jumps to kick Johnny in the face, but he slips and falls right on his ass. Johnny laughs hysterically. Peter gets right back up but runs into a superkick. Blood comes from Peter's mouth.

Max: Focus Peter-san. He is much stronger than you.

Peter: No shit Sherlock!

Johnny: How can a fat fuck like you be a 5th dan? I'm just a movie star and I'm better than you.

Peter lunges for Johnny again but Johnny "SWEEPS THE LEG" and Peter falls back on his ass. Johnny then locks in a Fujiwar Armbar and pulls back hard. Peter screams in pain but then has to tap out for fear he may be injured going into Turning Point. Johnny let's go as Peter slowly gets up.

Peter: You're lucky you're a movie star or I'd break your neck like I do in the ring.

Johnny: Stick to that my friend. There's no way you could be a ninja or do anything in martial arts. You certainly couldn't beat me. What makes you think you can beat a 100 ninjas? Or anyone else for that matter?

Voice: Heh, I beat others than I beat you.

ITS RALPH MACCIO! What is he doing here. Peter looks stunned as he goes over to Max. The two movie icons look at each other and have an epic staredown.

[Image: nintchdbpict000321295165.jpg?strip=all&w=639]

Peter: Oh, this should be good.

Johnny and Ralph look at each other. It's Karate Kid all over again. They stare at each other and flinch like they're about to fight. Then suddenly, they begin to laugh and then hug each other. Peter looks on like what the fuck is going on?
Peter: Ok, what the hell is this? You guys hated each other in the film and now you're all buddy buddy? What gives?

Johnny: We may have been rivals on screen but off screen we're the best of friends. Right Ralphie boy?

Ralph nods as the students come back and look at what is happening. Peter puts his head down.

Peter: I'm so sorry to embarass you guys.

Johnny: You didn't embarass me Peter. You just need a bit more practice. And lose a few pounds.

Peter: Heh, speak for yourself. Anyways, kids just remember "MERCY IS FOR THE WEAK". Never let your opponent see your weaknesses. Be strong and fight back. But as always, use karate only when you see danger.

The kids cheer as the sensei begins to clap and we see Peter hug Ralph and Johnny (his real name is Billy)

Peter: So glad to finally meet you guys. I was a big fan of the movie back in the 80s. Glad it's coming back even though its on Youtube. Wish it was in theaters.

Ralph: Me too.

Johnny: Likewise. So Peter, what's your next destination?

Peter: TURNING POINT this weekend. I got a fight with a guy who thinks he's me and a court jester. I think me and my partner will defeat them. By the way, how did you know my name.

Johnny: Ask your friend there.

Peter looks over at Max who has a smile a mile long. He planned this?

Peter: You planned this?

Max: Yes, Peter-san. Johnny used to be student of mine before I met you.

Peter looks shocked then smiles and nods his head. He goes over to Johnny and Ralph and shares a hug and handshake. He then goes to get his cell phone and they pose for a nice picture which Max takes.

Johnny: Well, we got to go do more press for the movie. Take care Peter and good luck at Turning Point.

Peter: Thanks guys.

Peter bows as they do the same. Peter then bows to the sensei and the students as he goes over to the dressing room to change back into his clothes. The sensei goes back to leading the kids into more sparring. Max and Peter look on and smile.

Peter: That was.. exciting. Huh Max?

Max nods as they continue to watch on. They then begin to leave the dojo and head out on the streets of Cairo as the scene slowly begins to FADE TO BLACK and "GLORY OF LOVE" from Karate Kid 2 begins to play in the background.


[Image: h7hb52C.png]

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