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Oh Boy Who Could it Be?
02-14-2018, 10:03 AM
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Mezian sits on his knees, hands stretched out and head leaned back. Infront of him are three candles. One black,one white and one blue.Various runes and odd shapes are written on the floor and his body. He seems to be praying in his hotel room.

He opens his eyes and faces the camera

I have searched the Veil for the life force of my next opponent. Yet, I cant find him. I don't know where you are, who you are or when you will show your face. When you do I promise to break it. I have little time or patience for cowardice.I want you to see what I have to offer. I want to to stare into your eyes and see the fear . I wanna see what makes you tick.I wanna see what makes you happy, so i can take it all away from you and leave noting but a broken shell.

After I beat Bobert Main I will be waiting to see what you have. I am waiting little one, But the question who are you really? Are you a new member of this company? Are you some returning legend trying to knock off the ring rust?Or are you that vile and venomous Jessalyn Hart. No matter who you are It will not end well for you. For I am almost at the point of full power and once I have reached that point you will have no chance. No one will, and then and only then will you see my full potential.So hide while you can little one.The shadows see your every move. The flying sparrows track you as try to hide. The sisters of fate whisper your destiny to me. The destiny of a dead man, the destiny of a fire snuffed out before it even starts to burn.

These are not the ramblings of a mad man but the truth spoken by the prophet of the fates. This all I have to say for now.....

Your End Is Nigh.....The Apocalypse Is Now!!!!

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