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02-13-2018, 09:28 AM
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"Why doesn't anyone ever try to pin you, Engineer? You eat crayons for breakfast and have the IQ of a wobbly table leg. Here. kiss my brand new title belt."

Puddles clobbers Engy with the HMW title and crawls on top of him like Panzer humping a trash bag.



............. ????

[Image: c_puddles_pity_party_h_0315_02.3dc43790d...f7d6a5.jpg]
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02-13-2018, 02:46 PM
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Boy are you behind the times. I'm not retarded anymore. I'm running this ambiguous machiavellian violent lunatic gimmick now. It's pretty cool. Also, people don't try to pin me because they're bitches. Like you.

Engy stomps on Puddle's big stupid red shoe, and then honks his big stupid red nose, and then hooks a finger in his stupid frowny clown mouth so he can pull his skull into a nearby wall, no doubt causing some serious intercranial injury.

Fuckin' clowns, man....

[Image: 9QBn3eQ.jpg]

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