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One Less Bitch To Worry About.
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02-12-2018 04:44 PM

[Tommy is inside his apartment in apartment, he lays there naked in the covers with his new spicy Latina chick, Trinity. It was about 12 in the morning, and we see Trinity snuggling under his arms, as Tommy looks onto the celling. Trinity then starts kissing on his body.]

Trinity: Tommy, let’s go for round two papi.

Tommy: I am tired, you I am an old bastard right?

Trinity: I have dealt with men like you before.

[Tommy looks at her with an expression of shock.]

Tommy: How old ar---

[Trinity then starts sucking on Tommy’s pecker, she sucked on it until he shot some in her face. Trinity motions to lick his taint, but Tommy quickly grabs her hair off of him.]

Tommy: JEEEZUSS… you didn’t need to do all that FUCK!... Like I said, how old are you?

[Trinity then gets on top of Tommy; she starts kissing him on his throat. She then stops midway through.]

Trinity: Tommy, age is nothing but a number. If you want to know, take a fucking guess.

Tommy: Alright, you look 21… I am just nervous that I would get charged for some bullshit in the #metoo movement. But here is something I want you do for me.

Trinity: Whatever you want papi…

Tommy: Let me suck on your toes… I promise it won’t hurt you.

[Trinity gives him a look of disgust for that request, and she rolls off of him. Tommy then tries to figure what is up with her.]

Tommy: Is that too much to fucking ask?... I thought you would do anything for me!

Trinity: Feet are gross, I rather let you eat my pussy out…

[Tommy then gets up from bed, naked, opens his door and signals her ass outside of his room. Trinity then refuses to leave his bed.]

Tommy: Why aren’t you leaving?

Trinity: You paying for this pussy, boy… you made an agreement that you pay me five hundred dollars for this session.

[Tommy then goes into his closet, and finds a box of money he saved up in. He hands her the money, and she counts it slowly to the annoyance of Tommy. He grabs her by her hair and simply tosses her out of his room, with her skirt and tank top. But, the scene fades where he started to jerk off to her dirty flats.]

[Image: static.gif]

You know, since I took some time off the road, it got me thinking. It got me, in the mood of the idea of me still trying to take up space inside the ring. I mean, my one night stand with Trinity was the moment I realize that I am DYING to put my hands on someone. I been on that win streak so to speak, but I don't expect to keep up on that.

I mean, took out most of the people who wouldn't even see the light of day. Hell, I still have Talia's rotten body inside my locker room, STILLLLL waiting for me to suck her maggot infested toes... nah, I'm just fuckin around.

What I am not fucking around is the former Bombshell Champion, Myst.

What's up princess, where's your mans who can protect you from me. Because, I don't play fair with anyone in the ring. I have one thing to admit that I need to bring up to your attention...

YOU HAVE SOME NICE PAIR OF TITS AND ASS.... if I had my way within your body, i'd wreck your cervix in the middle of the ring. As you bleed, and bleed, AND bleed all over your caked face.

Myst, you aren't dealing with a man who isn't afraid to do damage on you. I will make sure you turn up missing like Talia when that bell rings.

Even if I don't secure a victory over you...

Just remember one thing...

I will have so much fun inflicting on your petit body of yours this Saturday Night.

This I promise you....
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