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Staring up from the bottom at You
02-12-2018, 03:16 PM
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Robert, you think stating the obvious is going to some how hurt my feelings, I have to have some in the first place.The truth is that the fact I can't seem to win is nothing more than opportunities.The chance to learn, to grow and to see where I really stand.That is the important part, where i stand currently is at the bottom, the thing about the bottom is you can only go up. I have nothing but respect for you and what you have done. I have nothing but respect for Apex and what they have done. Its like Ax3 all over again.

I mean you guys were the top dogs in this company.Hell, you took over Savage one night. You had all the power in the world.But like every thing in life all good things mus t come to an end. Whether is was you constant in-fighting or the fact that the Kingsā„¢ tore you down brick by brick.They even took almost everyone of your championships. Leaving you with what friendships, friends wont get you to win titles, hell they wont even give you a chance to better yourself.You see I don't need friends.If I win I win on my on, If I ail I fail on my own. I don't need someone to come running down the ramp to save my ass.I don't need a fall guy to blame when I get my ass kicked. That's pretty much what Chaos and Graves were to the group.Which is what I really think is what in the end ended the group.

I do have a question though, What happens when Jim wins the Universal title?
What happens when you want a shot at that title?Do you think Jim is gonna lay down and take one for the team cause your such good friends? No , Jim is gonna fight and he is gonna give you the fight of your life.Also what happens when Drew wants a Hart title shot? Will you give it to him? If you do ,don't you think Drew won't come at you full tilt? Fuck No, he will hunt you and that title down like the rabid dog his is. I don't believe blood id thicker than water. I do believe however Championships are more important than friendships.

Oh by the way I noticed something while I was looking up some things on you.How does it feel to be the only member of Ax3 not on the XWF top 50 of all time?Jim, Chris and Graves are all in the Top50. I mean you have been with the company longer than Jim ( by 5 days), and they consider one of the best of all time in the new era.In your promo you spoke abut how it feels to be a champion and how i will never know what it is like. I wanna know how it feels to be regulated to the mid card. Yes, the Hart Championship is the top title on warfare,unless there is a Universal title match or an Extreme title match. Hell, Our match isnt even the main event of Warfare, we get the mid card treatment.

Quite honestly everyone around you has been given better opportunities and the have been given the acknowledgement of being the best. Is that why you clutch on to that Hart title so badly? Because you are afraid of what you'll be seen as without it?I mean what happened to you when Cadryn beat you? I honestly don't know that is why I am asking.

Having the nickname is Omega is fitting in my eyes. Its fitting because your entire career you have been surrounded by Alphas.Whether it was in Ax3, or in Apex or even when compared to the upper echelon of the Xwf roster.I have no doubt that you will give me 110% at Warfare during our match. But what you lack is a health fear of failure.What you also lack is the ability to break me. because no matter how much you bend my body you will never, ever break my will. I accept the fate given to me at the end of the day, no matter the result.

I promise that when I put you in the Leviathan Lock you will understand failure and you will gain the health fear of it.You will know what it is like to be the loser. Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet, and at Warfare you it will be the last time you will ever hold the Hart Championship.

The Apocalypse is Now ....Your End Is Nigh!!!!

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