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02-11-2018 09:47 PM



X-Treme Wrestling Federation Presents:

- vs -
X-Treme Rules!
Standard Savage Match - 3 RP limit/2500 word cap!

- vs -
- vs -
Super Savage Rules!
3 RP limit - NO Word Cap


- vs -

Standard Rules!

The XWF Official Theme Song starts playing as the fans look around the arena unsure of what that signifies when XWF GM Dr. Milton Matthews comes out from the back. He walks down to the ring exchanging a few hand shakes with some of the fans lined up along the entry ramp. Once in the ring Matthews grabs a mic from the ring announcer.

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Saturday Night Savage. I know you are all excited about the show tonight so I will keep this brief.

Finn Kuhn congratulations you have been chosen as the XWF January Superstar of the Month. You should soon receive a substantial deposit of XBUX into your account. Congratulations again and good luck in your match on Wednesday night against Jim Caedus.

Matthews hands the microphone back off to the ring announcer and heads to the back as the show goes to a quick commercial.

Savage camera cut the the back, where XWF staff is scrambling and EMT's are pushing their way through. Everyone is yelling.

Neville is seen ushering them on, his hands run through his hair.

"Who did this! Bloody hell, I am going to find the wanker that did this!"

Cameras get a view into Taylor Mayde's office. It looks dissheveled and like a storm went through it. On the floor behind her desk is Taylor, a cut on her forehead bleeding and her body limp. Her eyes are open and she looks concussed.

The EMT's come in and begin to work on Taylor, bringing in a gurney.

Neville is outside the office and Jenny Myst comes walking in, he pink suitcase trailing behind her on wheels.


"Umm excuse me?"

"You did this! You attacked Taylor, I know it was you!"

Jenny looks at him like he has two heads.

"Listen you whack British turd, I just walked into the building. There is no way I could have done this. Now, if you'd excuse me, I have a match to prepare for."

"You got Chaos to do it!"

"Sure I did"

She pats Neville on the shoulder.

"Go back to being a wrestler and stop being Taylor's whipping boy. Its not good for your health. Oh look, a grey!"

She pulls a strand off his head. His face is red with anger.

She smiles and walks away as they load Taylor on the gurney. He huffs then turns back towards his new boss.

What the hell was that?!

I don't know, but I have a feeling this story is just beginning!

- vs -
X-Treme Rules!

Tig O' Bitties: This match is set for one fall and is the opening match of the evening. Introducing first, from Cincinnati, Ohio, Jessalyn Hart!

So, Ezariaha got some hair dye at Walgreens and invested in some back alley tattoo place and now we are supposed to take her seriously?

Oh stop, can't you ever be positive?

I'm a realist, Aud.

You're an oversized Luca.

We should all be so lucky!

She stands to wait for the music to start.ON the second drop Pyro goes off and she screams to the crowd.She walks down to the ring and climbs the ropes and yells your END IS NIGH! while pointing at her opponent.(if she is the second out otherwise the just screams it at the crowd.

Introducing next, her opponent, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, John Holliday!

Talk about a fall from grave, Aud. This guy was TV champ the blink of an eye ago, now he is opening against Jessalyn Hart.

God you're negative.

Realist. There is a difference.

You're a dick. Hows that for real?

The Trooper By Iron Maiden hit over the speaker in the arena, John walks out from the backstage. In his hand is a long hunting knife that he twirls between his fingers. He gets to right outside the ring, before driving the blade down into the ground infront of him. It punctures through the padded material, before he hopes onto the skirt and lets himself into the ring.

No Barney Green tonight.

Maybe he had a heart attack finally?


Ding Ding Ding

Here we go. Another Savage is underway. We started off with a bang, both positive and negative with the SOTM award and the attack on Taylor.

And now we have a match that should be good, further proving why we are the better show than Warfare.

The flagship?

At least we're in 'Merica.

Jessalyn and Holliday lock up, as the new look Ezariaha looks more technically sound than before. She gets the upper hand on John, and knees him in the gut. He bends down and she locks him in DDT position, brining a series of knees up to his face. When she lets go he wobbles back, and she comes off the ropes with a massive clothesline. Quickly back on the offense again she picks John up and flips him over her shoulder for a suplex. She bridges into the pin.



Holliday kicks out.

Wow. Is this the same girl?! Impressive start for Jessalyn with the quick pin.

Its her, she's doing that End is Nigh crap.

She stomps away at Holliday, who is trying to use the ropes to get up. She pulls him off the ropes and whips him into the corner. Running with a flying elbow, she crashes into Holliday. Setting him up on the second rope, she begins to chop at him with a set of massive chops. There is an intensity in her eyes that we haven't seen from her before. She sits him up on the top now. Holliday now realizes his perdicament and begins to try to fight out of it, returning punches. Jessalyn and him are battling on the top rope. She locks the arm and the two go flying back.

OH MY! A top rope suplex!!

They crash in the center of the ring, Holliday is flat on his back and Jessalyn is stirring. She pumps a fist, knowing she has him where she wants him. She gets to her feet and comes off the ropes, dropping a flying knee. She covers.



3----Holliday gets a shoulder up at the last minute. She grins, knowing now she gets to inflict more abuse.

She gets to her feet and picks Holliday up, but the fighting nature that he has he begins to battle out of it and shoves her towards the corner. He begins to shoulder block her in the abdomin area. She brings a club down on his upper back and shoulders, but he drives into her midsection again. He goes to whip her into the other corner but she blocks it. She brings a knee to his mid section and it bends him over. She comes off the ropes and hits a sissors kick! Holliday is down.

Jessalyn slides out of the ring and goes under it. She pulls out a tool box.

What does she have in mind right now?

Bad intentions here Aud.

She throws a stop sign into the ring. Setting the tool box on the steps she opens it. Holliday is getting to his feet in the ring. She has a hammer in hand. He picks up the stop sign. She steps into the ring.

She charges with the hammer and Holliday bends the stop sign over her head.


Jessalyn goes down. The crowd reacts. She drops the hammer and he is still getting his bearings. He sees the tool box, and grins. Rolling out of the ring he grabs it, pulling out various tools. He throws a bunch of things like a wrench, another hammer, some rope, and a staple gun into the ring. Jessalyn is stirring. Holliday grabs the staple gun. He bends down and staples Jessalyn's hand to the mat!



She screams out as she can't move her hand. He has put like 5 or 6 staples in it. She tries pulling her hand up but its stuck. He begins to stomp on her. He gets down on one knee and grabs her by the hair and begins to fire shots to her face. She does have a hand free though so she fights back. John grabs the staple gun and is about to staple her other hand. She is fighting it but he brings the gun to her other hand. He brings a leg up.


John drops the staple gun. He grabs his junk. He goes down on his knees holding his man meat. She reaches out and grabs the gun. With her free hand she brings it hard across his face, knocking him cold.

Now looking down at her own hand, she knows this is going to suck. She uses her good arm to pull the other one as the staples begin to loosen from the ring. She cries out as the blood begins to flow from the entry wounds in her hand.

She gets her hand up, and he hand is bleeding badly as the staples still hang from her flesh. She walks over and grabs the hammer off the mat. Holliday is still down. She goes to the top rope while he stirs.

What is this?!

She waits for him to get up, yelling NIGH!!!!

Holliday gets up and she leaps off the top rope, bringing the hammer down on his face!!!!!!!

OOOOOOOHHHHHHH from the crowd.

She rolls into the cover.




She did it!

New look, new intensity. She showed she can get down and dirty here Aud.

See, you can be positive.

Once per show.

Jenny Myst fights next.

Okay, twice.

Tig O' Bitties: Here is your winner, Jessalyn Hart!

She rolls out of the ring, panting as she walks up the ramp way. She licks her bloody hand with a grin then throws the bloody fist in the air as Savage goes to commercial.

Winner: Jessalyn Hart

- vs -
- vs -
Super Savage Rules!
3 RP limit - NO Word Cap

This should be a good one, Aud!

Welcome back everyone. We have already had an action packed and controversial night and this match should further that!

Random steps out from behind the curtain dressed as a hooker, with a fistnet top and Daisy dukes.

Okay now I've seen it all.

This is a triple threat match, set for one fall. Introducing first, Random!

Random saunters to the ring, blowing kisses to the crowd and showing off his twerking skills.

Is it weird I am feeling tingly?


He gets into the ring and adjusts his "tits", waiting for his opponents.

Introducing next, he is one half of Dem Niggaz, Louis Maxwell Pryce!

Maxwell walks to the ring.

Introducing last, their opponent, from Las Vegas Nevada, she is the Diva of the Damned...........Jenny Myst!

The lights go dim and pink and white strobes go off. Smoke billow at the entrance. Jenny enters the arena when the Drums hit for the first time in her entrance music, Around the 20 second mark. She is usually taunting the fans or pretending to give high fives and the pulling away at the last moment with a sarcastic smirk and an eye roll.

[Image: HXuoOOs.gif]

Notice anything about this entrance?

Jenny looks pissed!

She doesn't have the belt around her waist.

Oh yeah, rub it in Aud.

Just saying.

And she's been accused of something tonight AGAIN by the Mayde camp. They cost her that belt last week, I'd be pissed too!

The bell rings.

Jenny rolls out of the ring as Louis charges Random. He turns random inside out with a clothesline then turns his attention to the blonde. She gives him the fuck this hand wave and walks around the apron. Louis is mad and picks up Random by the head. He tells Jenny to watch this as he picks up Random into a pump handle slam. He drops Random to the mat and goes stares at her. She yells "go ahead, pin him. I knew it". Louis slides out of the ring to go after her.

Mind games here from Myst

They're working.

Jenny speeds up and slides into the ring. Maxwell follows her and she immediately begins stomping on him as he slides in. The much bigger man is still able to get to his feet, He shoves him towards the corner but he reverses and throws her into the corner. He goes for the club, she ducks, she hammers away at him in the corner with chops and punches, yelling at him the entire time.

I didn't know Jenny was so well versed in strong style.

Psycho style.

Random is up. He grabs Jenny by the hair from behind and bends her back, going for a neck breacker but she flips over the stop, shoving him from the back into Louis who clotheslines him out of the corner. Jenny runs, stepping on Random to propel herself into the corner but Maxwell catches her in mid air!

Uh oh.

He walks her out to the middle of the ring. She is punching at his head and face to try to break the hold. But she can't.


He grins a big nigga grin.

Hooks the leg.



3----Jenny gets a shoulder up.

Maxwell picks her up by the hair and stands her up, but Random is back up and flys at them. Jenny is able to duck, and roll, and Random slams into Maxwell, who catches him in the air also and hits another scoop slam. Jenny is using the ropes to keep her balance. Pryce walks over to her and greabs her, scoop slamming her then coming off the ropes with a big leg drop.

Pryce is starting to use his size here to take control.

Those steroids are really working now Aud!

Louis goes bounces off the ropes, going for another leg drop but Jenny gets the knees up so he stops, then drops the knee down to her face. Jenny rolls out of the ring holding her face as Random comes off the ropes.

Louis catches him.


Louis is dominating this match!

My god, he looks superhuman!

He covers Random.



JENNY COMES OFF THE TOP ROPE to break up the count!

Louis rolls over and Jenny, still a little woozy from the knee to the face, comes off the ropes just as Louis is getting up and hits him with a big cross body, taking him down, then jumping off the middle rope on the other side and hitting a moonsault. She throws her arms up then goes off the ropes on the other side and cartwheels into another moonsault.

Great athleticism shown here by Myst!

Well yeah, just cuz she is a bitch doesn't mean shes not a good athlete!

She picks up Maxwell and hits a standing drop kick.

Random is back in the ring, on the top rope. He flies off the top but Jenny moves, and he lands on top of Maxwell. Jenny comes off the ropes and elbow drops Random on top of Maxwell. He rolls off holding his head as Jenny throws her arms up, signaling for the finisher. She picks up Maxwell but Random is back in it, grabbing her by the hair but she reverses, locks him in a head lock and runs off the ropes................


In the blink of an eye, the gold digger bulldog!

Its over!

Jenny looks at Maxwell.......then covers Random.




Maxwell breaks up the cover but its too late, as Jenny rolls out of the ring with a big grin and Louis Maxwell punches the turnbuckle in digust!

Tig O' Bitties: Here is your winner, Jenny Myst!

She did it Audrey! She pinned Random and won this triple threat!

Didn't she bitch about Maxwell trying the same?

She out smarted him! Chris has taught her well!


Winner - Jenny Myst


- vs -

The next match is our Main Event, and is set for one fall with a 15 minute time limit! It is for the XWF Television Championship!

Here we go! This should be a hell of a fight! These two tough S.O.B's are among the toughest we have on this roster. This should be a back and forth contest to say the least!

Apex vs. the Black Empire! What a way to end an already great show!

Introducing first, he is the challenger, from Compton, California, Erik Black!

Run this town begins to play. Erik walks out with a towel on his head. He ignores the crowd and casually walks to the ring.

The hometown kid. I guess hospitality isn't his strong suit.

He is here to fight, not to be a pop culture Icon!

And introducing next, his opponent, he is the XWF Television Champion and a member of Apex............Drew Archyle!

His song plays. Drew walks down to the ring and begins to F.S.U.


The bell rings and Black explodes out of the gate. He begins to hammer away at Archyle, who stumbles back, but the Apex member returns fire as the two battle for the coveted title in the middle of the ring.

Archyle gets the upper hand and fires a few hard shots, but on his fifth blow Black ducks, lifting Archyle into an atomic drop onto his knee. Bending down he takes Drew by the head and runs him head first into the turnbukcle in the far corner. Archyle stumbles out of the corner woozy and Black drops him with a huge right hand.

Black showing his fighting roots here.

He's one baaaaaad dude.

Lifting Archyle by the back of the legs he drops him face down for an inverted body drop. Drew lands face first and Black immediately jumps up. He makes the title symbol around his waist. He grabs the leg of Drew and lifts it high. Slamming it down on the canvas, once, twice, three, four times he has a brutal look in his eye. Locking Drew into the ankle lock, he begins to twist. The TV champ reaches for the ropes.


Archyle reaches for the ropes but he is dead in the middle of the ring. Black is foaming at the mouth like a madman, the look on his face intense. "TAP! TAPPPP!" Black is yelling.

Erik trying for a quick ending to this one! This could be the quickest TV title match we have ever had if Drew taps here!

Drew looks like he might, but is able to finally roll onto his back, using his other leg to shove Black off. Erik slides off and grabs the ropes. Turning back towards Archyle, who is using the ropes on the other side to lift himself up. Black runs with a knee, connecting to the side of the face of Drew and propelling him through the ropes and to the outside. Drew tumbles to the mat, and Black steps out onto the apron. He makes the title symbol again before jumping and clubbing Archyle on the top of the head. Picking him up, he whips him back first into the steps.

The TV champ is in survival mode here! Erik Black is like a caged animal who finally got freed!

His loss to Chaos lit a fire under his ass!

He runs at Archyle, who is sitting against the steps. He goes for a running knee but Drew moves at the last moment and Black tumbles over the steps, holding his knee.


The ref is counting now. Archyle uses the apron to pick himself up, his hair all matted and scruffy he puffs out a few times before rolling into the ring. At the 9 count, a gimpy rolls in. Archyle stomps at him a few times, but like a cannon Black explodes out, lifting him up and spinning him into a spinebuster. Archyle is flat on his back and Black holds his knee for a moment or two, wincing. He limps over to Archyle. He picks him up by the hair, Archyle gets a few body shots in as Black lifts him over his head. He hits a back body drop, bridging into a pin.



Archyle gets a shoulder up.

Black slaps the mat, but rolls over and gets to his leg, still limping a tad. He picks up Archyle and goes for a huge haymaker, but Drew ducks and shoves Black into the corner. Erik explodes out of the corner and goes for a clothesline, but Archyle ducks again and on the way back hits a standing drop kick. Black goes down. Archyle makes his way over to the turnbuckle and takes the padding off.

He is exposing the turnbuckle.

Not good.

Black is back up. He charges again like a bull and Archyle moves, but Black catches him throwing him back in a German Suplex, his head bouncing off the exposed turn buckle.

OOOOOH from the crowd. Archyle slumps in the corner as Black runs from the other corner and crashes into Archyle's face with a knee.

He spits blood, which runs down his shirt, and Black lifts him up. Slamming Archyle's head off the exposed steel probably ten times, Archyle is out on his feet, standing in the middle of the ring with a woozy wobble. Black charges and takes a page out of Chaos's playbook with a spear. He hooks the leg..




My god, he just doesn't quit!

An inch away from a new TV champ and black can't believe it!


Black picks Archyle back up, standing him up, and shakes his head. He fires a hard shot to the face of Archyle, which drops him. Black wants to try to put it away. He is yelling at Archyle to get up.

Drew finally does.


But Drew ducks the kick, grabbing the legs of Black and sitting down into a power bomb!

Where did that come from!

Archyle is a scrapper! He refuses to give up!

Archyle falls back, panting. Black is stirring, as his damage isn't nearly as much. The clock is ticking in big bold numbers on the X-Tron.


Archyle gets to his feet at the same time as black. The two trade blows in the center of the ring until Black gets a knee to the gut, and locks Archyle in for a DDT. He plants him with a DDT.

Black doesn't go for the pin this time. He makes the belt symbol around the waist for a third time and picks up Archyle and plants him with a spike DDT this time. Drew is flat on his back and seemingly out. The clock is under 4 minutes.

Black again doesn't go for the cover. This time he picks up Drew.....he is determined to put him away for good. He goes for the big kick again but Archyle, out of nowhere, drops down and grabs the legs, making Black trip and go to one knee. Archyle grabs Black by the head and slams his head off the canvas. Archyle rolls away. When Black gets up, Archyle comes off the ropes and jumps, going for a flying cross body but Black catches him, spinning him into a scoop slam. Just then, he locks in the Coquina Clutch! Archyle is waving his arms, trying to get his feet to the ropes. Black puts a leg between. He looks at the clock.


Archyle is still wrestling it. Black is again yelling at Archyle to tap. Drews face is red as Black pulls harder, and his eyes buldge. He makes one last effort to get out of it. The clock is at 40.

Black might run out of time!

NO! Not like this!

The clock is ticking! Archyle is trying to hold on. He pulls the hold tighter and Drew fades.


The ref comes to check. Drew mutters something, he's not out! Black yells and pulls again!



Finally, Archyle is out. The red checks again. As the ref stands up to ring the bell.



The buzzer sounds just as the ref calls for the bell.

The ref shurgs his shoulders as Black yells at him.

Checking with the time keeper table, the ref whispers to Tigs.

Tig O' Bitties: According to the official, the buzzer ran out before he waved for the submission, therefore time expired and the winner of the match........and STILL XWF Television Champion, Drew Archyle!


Oh my god!

Drew survived! He didn't quit, he out lasted Black!

Erik Black slides out of the ring and gets in the face of the ref, who tells him there is nothing he can do. He shoves the ref who falls back on his ass.

Come on! That is not right!

Black then shoves the time keeper off his chair and grabs it, folding it. He begins to smack the ring post. He bends the chair, then takes all of the people around the ring and flips them out of their chairs. He takes the top off the announce table and begins to pull the monitors out. He rips one from the table, creating sparks and throws it against the barricade.

Erik Black is ripping apart the ringside area! Someone get out here!

He rips out another monitor before flipping the entire announce table. It is now a mess of wires and particle board.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this has been a great show! We will see you next-----

Audrey's words are cut off as Black rips the wire out that controls the mics as he throws the control box againt the ring post. It shatters and the cameras then go black.

[Image: IJkS6WM.jpg]

"It's Better To Be Pissed Off, Than Pissed On"
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Finn Kühn

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02-12-2018 07:33 AM

[shadow=purple]"Why golly gee, would you look at that? Star of the Month. That's one achievement off of my bucket list."[/shadow]

Finn chuckles to himself.

[shadow=purple]"Now, it's about time I finished off that overrated hack Caedus and punch my ticket to Turning Point..."[/shadow]
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Jessalyn Hart

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02-12-2018 08:29 AM

John, Great job, you almost got me. Now if you will excuse me I need to get my hand looked at by the medics.
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02-12-2018 08:59 AM

Damn Louis, you got got son! At least you ain't as bad as Random. That nigga didn't get one single offensive move in! Hahahahaha!

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