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Act XII: A Fresh Face (Part 2)
02-12-2018, 02:31 PM
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"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."

~ Albert Einstein

1 February 2018
Le Madison
Tunis, Tunisia

[shadow=purple]"So, why the hell did you ask to see me so urgently?"[/shadow] Finn Kühn laid back in his chair, crossing his arms and putting up his feet on the table as he talked to his best friend, Jon Williams. Jon continued to rub his temples and tried blocking out the music; he can already hear it pounding in his head and causing a headache. Downing his water, he spoke.

"I got a text from some girl."

[shadow=purple]"Oh?"[/shadow] Finn raised an eyebrow. [shadow=purple]"Jon, if you were getting laid finally, you knew you could have just texted me, right?"[/shadow] Finn was hardly able to sustain holding his laughs, a huge grin on his face. Jon rolled his eyes, but with a smile as well, as he was glad to see Finn finally unwinding a bit.

"Yeah, yeah, I wish. Nah, this is for you."

[shadow=purple]"Oh, oh, oh? What happened now?"[/shadow]

Jon quickly pulled out his phone, and after pressing a few buttons, slid it over to Finn.

[shadow=purple]"Hmmm... I can't help but feel like this name seems familiar. Isabel Mercier..."[/shadow] As Jon furrowed his own eyebrows, Finn pulled out his own phone and went into the messages section, only to find...

[shadow=purple]"Ah crap, this is the same chick I blocked yesterday!"[/shadow]

Jon went wide-eyed as he couldn't believe what the fuck he was hearing. "You're shitting me..." he muttered, almost a faint whisper when compared to the pounding music in the background. Finn however shook his head.

[shadow=purple]"I shit you not."[/shadow]

"Un-fucking-believable." Jon began massaging his temples harder, still in disbelief.

[shadow=purple]"You mind if I respond to this chick on your phone?"[/shadow] As soon as Jon managed to get out a faint "Yes," Finn immediately started texting.

Jon: Listen up, bitch: this is Finn Kühn speaking. I'm only granting you this meeting out of annoyance since you tracked down both mine AND my friend's phone numbers. If you miss this meeting, I guarantee you will sorely regret it.

A quick Google search later, and Finn started texting again.

Jon: Royal Restaurant. Tripoli, Libya. February 10th. 8 PM. Reservation is under 'Kühn.' Meet me there or I guarantee this will be your only opportunity.

As Finn slid the phone back to Jon, he said, [shadow=purple]"I'll be in the bathroom. When I'm done, let's get out of here, yeah?"[/shadow]

"Yeah..." Jon said as he picked up his phone.

Finn forced himself out of his seat - his injured leg from his Chris Chaos match still hurt like a motherfucker - and started limping to the bathrooms, weaving in and out of the people scattered throughout dancing to the music, drinking, et cetera.

Sliding into the bathroom, he noted the entire area was entirely empty... except for one open stall. Walking up to it, there was a figure facing the toilet in there... a woman perhaps? Had Finn went into the wrong bathroom by accident?

Quickly stepping out of the bathroom and peeking at the sign on the door, Finn found this was indeed the men's bathroom. Stepping back inside and going back to the stall, the woman was still standing towards the toilet, not moving.

Finn slowly tip-toed forward, a lump growing in his throat. He couldn't pinpoint the feeling, but something felt fucking off here. As Finn slowly tapped the woman's shoulder, he said, [shadow=purple]"Excuse me, ma'am, but this is the men's--"[/shadow]

The woman immediately turned around, drawing a sword and pressed it against Finn's throat. Immediately, Finn felt his senses go on high alert... as time began to slow to a crawl. Finn had only felt that with one man before, and this most certainly shouldn't be happening in this environment.

[shadow=purple]"Who are you?!"[/shadow] Finn gasped out.

To his surprise, the woman didn't respond in English, but rather in fluent German. "Nicht sprechen." (Do not speak.)

Finn's pupils dilated out of pure shock. What the fuck was going on? He could feel the blood seeping out of the small wound in his neck from the sword pressing there. His limbs felt like they were glued to the floor. He could feel his heart racing, his heart palpitating, but somehow he managed to stay silent as the girl continued to speak.

"Wenn Sie Antworten wollen, ist es Zeit, nach Hause zu gehen, Kaiser." (If you want answers, it is time to go home, Kaiser.)

[shadow=purple]"Sie wissen, wer ich bi--" (You know who I a--)[/shadow]

"Ich sagte SCHWEIGAN!" (I said SILENCE!) The woman said as she pressed the sword deeper into Finn's neck. Finn gulped-- he knew that if she pressed even the slightest bit harder, he'd be ending up in an early grave. "Es ist Zeit nach Hause zu gehen. Sie müssen etwas über Ihre Wurzeln lernen. Wenn Sie wirklich als der Kaiser gesehen werden möchten, müssen Sie etwas, das Ihrer Familie lieb ist, für sich beanspruchen." (It is time to go home. You must learn about your roots. If you truly wish to be seen as the Kaiser, you must claim something dear to your family.)

[shadow=purple]"Wa- wann?" (Wh- when?)[/shadow]

"Nach dem Krieg," (After Warfare.) the woman said, finally sheathing her sword as Finn pressed his hand to the sword wound. The sheer length of the sword caused it to slash one of the stall walls, Finn's blood giving it a fresh coat of paint as he gulped audibly. Shoulder bumping Finn as she walked past and back into the nightclub, Finn could feel himself on spaghetti legs. Quickly using his hand to rinse the wound from the sword, he could feel his goosebumps stand on edge.

Who the hell was that lady? And what was Finn going to claim? Pondering on it too hard was giving Finn a headache, so for now he tried blocking it out.

As Finn hobbled his way out of the bathroom, Gerald took notice as Finn was using his hand to cover his wound. Even in the murky lighting, Gerald noticed the tinge of red making itself known. Perhaps there was a blood stain in the bathroom Gerald could use...?

Checking around him to make sure the coast was clear with no Finn or Jon, Gerald quietly snuck into the bathroom, checking above his shoulder every so often to ensure that neither of the two men had found their way inside again. Checking the open stall first, Gerald was rewarded... with noticing the sword slash and blood stain in the stall walls.

"My lord... what happened here?" Gerald exclaimed. Groaning slightly as he forced his weary bones to kneel, he took out a cotton swab as he stared at the gash in the wall with complete disbelief. "Unbelievable... did Finn do this?" Running the cotton swab against the blood, Gerald quickly placed it into a plastic bag so as to not contaminate the DNA sample... or at least, any more than it already has by being on a filthy bathroom stall wall.

Of course, there could always be the possibility that this wasn't from Finn. Africa wasn't exactly known as a safe place. For all Gerald knew, there could have been a killing between gangs in the stall. Of course, it was unlikely, but Gerald couldn't rule out any possibility. After reminding himself to call Maverick on his phone later, Gerald knew he had to collect more of Finn's DNA.

10 February 2018
Independence St.
Tripoli, Libya

[shadow=purple]"For fuck's saaaaaake!"[/shadow] Finn Kühn yelled as he honked his car's horn. [shadow=purple]"Why is it that TODAY of all days that Tripoli decides to be packed to the brim?!"[/shadow]

Indeed, the entire streets were packed full of people and cars. XWF fans and wrestling fans in general from around the world were pouring into see perhaps one of the biggest Warfares in recent memory. Not only was the Engineer defending the coveted Xtreme Championship against Danny Imperial in the main event in the Universal Tournament Semi-Finals, in addition to James Raven making a rare appearance at the squared circle and facing off against Michael Graves to see whether or not Raven would get his desired match against Vinnie Lane at Turning Point, but Finn Kühn was facing off against Jim Caedus in the other Universal Tournament Semi-Finals, in addition to the action-packed Hart title match as well as the undercard matches, such as Chris Chaos and Jenny Myst facing off against Robbie Bourbon and a RETURNING Mandii Rider in a star-studded mixed tag team match. Indeed, the past and the present were set to converge in the final Warfare before Turning Point.

Which again, fans were flooding the street in an attempt to get hotel rooms for the upcoming Warfare. Which led to Finn being late for his reservation with Isabel Mercier... the same person he warned to not be late. Sometimes, whatever deity that did exist decided to go out of his way to screw Finn over.

Turning an eye to the camera that was filming both him and Jon, Finn sighed. [shadow=purple]"Fuck it, I got shit to say anyway,"[/shadow] Finn decided. [shadow=purple]"Jim Caedus, I can't help but feel fucking disappointed by you. Dude, you're still silent this entire time? What the fuck! I called you out, I discredited you, I basically called you a bitch!"

"When Engy told me that you were the meanest motherfucker here in the XWF, with only a sense of decency holding you back, although I already had my mind made up on you, I thought for a second, maybe-- MAYBE-- maybe Engy was right. Maybe I was setting myself up for a verbal evisceration. Maybe I was going to look up at the lights. But seeing you, now, not even bothering to respond to me..."

"Fuck you. You're garbage. You attacked my dedication and noted that I wasn't making much of an effort in terms of hype work. But what the fuck have you done for this? Cut one promo, spew some easily refutable garbage, attack my speech despite having shown that again, English wasn't my first language and you'd only be wasting your time?"

"Guess what, Jim?"

"You're not the Apex anymore. Your little rag-tag group isn't the Apex anymore. The Apex is supposed to be the very top in terms of quality. In our case, the Ace, if you will. Our Apex is supposed to show the most advanced we have in terms of intelligence, ring work, mic work, not being a fucking moron..."
Finn shakes his head.

[shadow=purple]"But you fail in all four of those, and your lack of effort here proves it. You claim you're taking me seriously? No, no you're not Jim. You think you're going to coast on by with a win, head on over to Turning Point and coast your way to the Universal title because 'you don't go by Apex for nothing.'"[/shadow] Finn scoffs in disgust; he was getting fed up by now.

[shadow=purple]"Fuck you, Jim. You're not the half the man you once were. You are not, and most certainly WILL NEVER be the Apex again at this rate."[/shadow] Finn is silent for a second, his rage beginning to come to a boil. He can feel his grip tightening on the steering wheel tightening more and more and more; Jon, who was sitting quietly while Finn was cutting his promo in awe, is now suddenly wide-eyed in shock.

"Dude, maybe you should calm do-"

[shadow=purple]"No, Jon. I'm not taking a back seat anymore. I'm not running from what I need to say. I'm done playing second fiddle. This needs to be said."

"Jim. You're not the Apex."

"I'm the fucking Apex."

"I'm the one busting his ass right now to prove myself to has-beens like you. I'm the one proving day in and day out now that I'm the superior worker in this federation. I'm the one who just got declared the fucking Star of the Month for all the XWF fans who are keeping up with both Savage and this promo. I'm the one who wanted to face competition in this federation and got met with THIS FUCKING EFFORT."

"I'm not pathetic, Jim."

"You are."

After saying that and seeming satisfied, the traffic still seems as dense as ever. Finn sighed forlornly. [shadow=purple]"I take it you don't have a way to make all these fuckers go away?"[/shadow] Finn asked his friend desperately.

"Hmmmm..." Jon scratched his chin as he quickly took out his phone and punched in a quick Google search. After a few seconds, he rolled down his window, and yelled, "HEY EVERYBODY! IS THAT JAMES RAVEN'S CAR TURNING ONTO MIZRAN STREET?"

Everyone's attention turned to the street in question, which indeed saw a black car quickly turn onto Mizran Street. And everybody went fucking electric. Cars and people alike turned onto Mizran, chasing after the black car in hopes of meeting their idol.

[shadow=purple]"Holy shit..."[/shadow] Finn stammered.

"Have to say, I kinda feel bad for that poor guy, and maybe a bit for the fans too when they discover that isn't James Raven..." Jon shrugged, "But on the bright side, now we have a free path to the Royal Restaurant."

A free path indeed. Finn booked it down Independence Street and forced his car to go as fast as it can without dragging any potential law enforcement into the issue. The last thing he needed now was to get detained. Regardless, Finn managed to pull into the Royal Restaurant in about a minute flat.

[shadow=purple]"We're here,"[/shadow] Finn breathed in relief, [shadow=purple]"Let's get moving."[/shadow]


The two friends quickly got out of their car, slamming the doors shut and walked briskly to the Royal Restaurant. The white palace looked down upon the two specks as they impatiently hustled inside.

[Image: AF1QipMbYlLzhgerf7vLUUpPHrosetQV0gAMiEnFh0rS=s1600-w400]

[shadow=purple]"Reservation is under Kühn,"[/shadow] Finn said before the host was able to speak a word. Blinking and consulting his reservations map, he quickly said, "Right this way, gentlemen..." and proceeded to lead the two through the gigantic restaurant.

After cutting past the hordes of tables and ravenous people digging into food, Finn saw her. There, with her arms crossed and a smile on her face as she sat at the table.

Isabel Mercier.


January 2018 Star of the Month
x1 Heavymetalweight Champion

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