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December 2017 OTM Recipients
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JimCaedus Offline
Can't. Kill. Me.

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Some of everyone

(cheered; very rarely plays dirty but isn't lame either; many likable qualities)

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02-01-2018 09:36 PM

Well, I've been waiting for the BDubsters to be here to see it but I can't hold off any longer...

Super Gilliam, congratulations on a well deserved QOTM my dude! Honestly, who EVER gets to say they punched THE Doc D'Ville with his dick in a match? Short answer: just you, if we're talking legit cred. In all honesty Gilly I can't imagine this fed without you. Don't ever lose heart, my bro. Ever.

BDubbers, I miss you man. I'm sure plenty handlers here can say the same because your very unique IC writer's voice and your ooc personality are another thing that make XWF the XWF. A massive Motherfucking congratulations on the RPOTM, you need to know how original and kickass an idea that was, personally I was jealous af I didn't think of it. I hope to see you back soon my friend, XWF needs the War Pig.

Robert, my brother, the SOTM has been a long time coming for you. You consistently impress me with your skills for one thing. For another, you bring true heat and pressure to your matches, you seriously amp that shit the fuck up, and you've been kicking major ass forever. For another another, you've been my friend for a year now, always had my back and that means a lot to me. Congratulations on December Star of the Month, you fucking earned that shit, brother!

[Image: YSqFoQ7.jpg]
[Image: oqNqgFo.jpg]
Shout out to Gravy for these kick ass banners

~XWF TAG TEAM CHAMPION w/Engy, w/APEX - 2x (current)
~XWF 24/7 Briefcase - 2x
~XWF Trio Tag Champion w/Ax3 - 1x
~XWF Television Champion - 1x (undefeated)
~XWF Federweight Champion - 2x
~XWF Triple Title Holder - 1x (TV, Federweight & 24/7 case)
~XWF Double Title Holder - 3x (TV/Feder, Uni/Trio & Tag/24/7 case)
~XWF 2017 Lethal Lottery IV Tournament winner!!
~XWF 2017 Leap of Faith Rafter Match winner!!
~XWF 2017 2nd Annual Doc D'Ville Hosted Shove-It Rumble Co-Winner w/Chaos!!
~XWF 2017 War Games Co-Winner with Robert Main and Drew Archyle as APEX!!
~XWF Feb. 2017 J. Carver Federweight Scramble Winner!!
~XWF January 2017 RP of the Month!! - "Like a Moth to the Flame"
~XWF February 2017 Star of the Month!!
~XWF March 2017 3-Way Star of the Month!!
~XWF September 2017 RP of the Month!! - "Lions and Tigers and Caedus, Oh Shit"
~Proud final opponent of XWF Legend Barney Green for one of his retirements

---Love Me, Like Me, Hate Me. No Worries---
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 Robert "The Omega" Main  Offline
Universal & Tag Team Champion

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Hardcore, psycho fans

(cheered for breaking rules and bones; excessively violent; creative with weapons)

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02-01-2018 10:39 PM

Thanks Jim!! Now maybe top 50?

[Image: 6x9xFnQ.png]

Current: W- Drew Archyle & James Raven as- APEX
[Image: fMJwa5h.png]

Former & Longest Reigning: In XWF history x-2
[Image: nLYNvyj.png]

Trio's Champion W- AX3
Winning Team War Games 2017 W-APEX
Leap Of Faith Winner 2018
Mr. 24/7
July 2018 Superstar Of The Month
December 2018 Superstar Of The Month
December 2017 Superstar Of The Month
Roleplay of the Month February 2019 "Junkyard Dog"
Winning Team War Games 2019 W- APEX PROPHECY
[Image: 3D6E24m.png]
[Image: AoAXJF0.jpg]
[Image: QVgWrYA.png]
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Peter Fn Gilmour Offline

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Post: #3
02-02-2018 08:35 AM

Thanks jimbo

[Image: uUIaYG6.png]


3X Star of the Month
Former 3x Hart Champion
Former 13X Xtreme Champion
Former 5X Tag Champion
Former 2X Trios Champion
Former 2x Heavy Metal Weight Champion
Former Universal Champion
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JimCaedus (02-02-2018)
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