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The Long Road Back...
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01-11-2018 09:29 PM

(The scene opens to a flashback that shows a black screen that says “NOVEMBER 2016” and as the text fades out a scene of Kitt Kennedy and Alex Mason sitting in a doctor’s office flashes forward. Kitt’s left arm is in a sling and both lean in to listen to the doctor that is seated in front of them, giving Kitt the diagnosis of the injury to his shoulder. Kitt’s head drops and Alex turns to him, putting her arms around him to comfort a clearly upset Kennedy.)

(Voiceover) Earth shattering news can come in the blink of an eye. Everything can be perfectly normal on second…and the world can be turned upside down the next. A promising career…put in jeopardy when the body gives out at the most inopportune times…pushing the limits to please the millions of fans that pay to see the greatest athletes perform on the greatest stages of all. The same fans that pay their hard-earned money on the tickets…concessions…merchandise…the same fans that cheer on their favorite wrestler as they do everything within their power to win championships…make memories…give them the greatest show they have ever seen because that’s what they do, day in and day out, 7 days a week, 365 days a year….

(The scene changes to Kitt Kennedy sitting in a leather recliner, arm still in the sling and glass of whiskey by his side, watching XWF programming, disgusted that he wasn’t performing. Disgusted that he wasn’t there winning championships…disgusted that he wasn’t the main event attraction. Alex walks up behind him, leaning over the chair she places her arms around his neck and leans in to snuggle close to him and Kitt shys away, disappointed that he feels like a failure to her. Alex pushes forward and lightly kisses Kitt on the cheek and nuzzles her head against his.)

Disappointment…everyone that had been there for me since day one I had let down. I wasn’t the XWF Television champion…no…instead I was laid up on the shelf because I got wreckless…I put everything on the line and I got myself injured…I let down myself…I let down Alex…I let down the fans…

(The scene quickly flashes quickly through a time-lapse of Kitt watching the XWF shows on television, some scenes show him drinking his whiskey and he is slowly developing a beard as the lapse continues. It stops suddenly, six months after the injury and Kitt no longer is wearing the sling, the surgery was successful and his rotator cuff has healed where he has full range of motion and strength. Kitt stares at the television as Alex walks in, standing next to the chair watching the match on the screen.)

The fans….yes, let’s talk about the fans. Each week I sat on the shelf, I had to endure seeing myself being erased from their memories. Yeah, the first couple weeks were the “WE WANT KITT” and “GET WELL SOON, KENNEDY” signs being waved around in the crowd, “Highlight of the Night” shirts still selling like there was no tomorrow. Then slowly…a few more signs started disappearing….the shirt sales dwindled…and finally there was no mention of Kennedy anywhere….no signs….no sales…its as though I never even existed. (laughs) Amazing how quickly you can be forgotten, hm? Amazing how no one gave two shits about the man that gave them everything he had to please them…to entertain them…to put his own well being on the line but yet they move along to the next “big thing”…people are only as loyal as their options…it’s a simple fact of life with the world today. But there are exceptions to this rule….

(The scene changes to show a visibly angry and shaken Kitt Kennedy leaning forward in his leather recliner and Alex kneeling in front of him, cradling his head in her chest and stroking his hair, whispering to him that it will all be okay. Kitt reaches forward, clutching Alex’s sides and pulling her in closer to him. She closes her eyes and a smile crosses her face as she feels his warm embrace.)

…Alex. The one person that has always been there for me. My driving force…the reason I ever considered a return in the first place…so much unfinished business…so many loose ends that had yet to be tidied up. I never needed the fans…I never needed anyone but Alex…she is the one that never left my side, no matter how hard things got. She was instrumental to my transformation…getting me back on track…unleashing the villain within….

(The scene begins with intermittent static that clears up after a few seconds to reveal a pitch black room.)


(The light illuminates the figure of Kitt Kennedy who’s hand is still on the chain of the single light that hangs in the middle of the darkened room he is standing in, the single chair seen previously is directly behind him. Kitt is dressed in his usual street gear and his trademark mirrored aviators shine, reflecting the light from above as a smile that would make the Cheshire cat proud crosses his face.)

Hello Neville. Cat got your tongue? Did you suddenly go mute on me? You know…I’m starting to get concerned with you and your fellow wrestlers that have come around since I was here last…I’m beginning to think that I need to send a search party out and check to see if you are lost…are you still alive…or just simply hiding…hiding from the fate that you are about to suffer?

(Kitt releases the chain and begins to pace and begins to talk and use his hands to talk in a ‘matter of fact’ fashion as he continues.)

Really there is no reason to hide. I mean, it’s inevitable and I believe you got a good view of that last week on Savage when I took care of Cadryn Tiberius with relative ease and then you seen the match ups this week and seen that you were going to have to defend you precious XWF Television championship against none other than… (chuckles) …me. I was due this match, Neville, after coming so close to winning that title before my untimely injury. I was due this match, after the way that I was shunned….ignored…mistreated by the fans…the XWF roster….the XWF management. I was due this match because I am ready to take my rightful place as the face of the Savage brand. I’m a main event mainstay….“The Highlight of the Night”…and you are simply a place holder. In reality, you have two women to blame for the predicament you are in right now….for the beatdown you are about to receive…

(The scene changes as Kitt is seated backwards in the chair directly under the single light in the dark room. Kitt stares into the camera, his eyes hidden by his aviators, the camera lens reflected back into itself to show an eerie effect of dilated pupils staring back at the camera.)

First, you can partially thank Dolly Waters for the predicament that you find yourself facing. You may be asking yourself, ‘What the hell does Dolly have to do with all of this?’. Well, it’s really quite simple. She’s the one that pulled that championship away from me when I had it so close to my grasp and around my waist….she was the one that caused my injury that put me on the shelf…but…she’s also that catalyst that ignited my rebirth….my return…my vengeance. I couldn’t let her believe that she had ended me…no…I’m far from being ended….retired…done….I came back because I want to make sure to end her career once and for all and I believed that I could have killed two birds with one stone by destroying her and taking away the Television title at the same time. Unfortunately for you, she no longer has that title that currently sits around your waist and I haven’t seen so much as a glimpse of Dolly since I got back so that leads me to you. You have the other piece of the puzzle that I want right now so I take what I want, when I want it.

(The scene changes once again and shows Kitt slowly walking in under the light, looking at the floor. He stops under light and looks up into the camera.)

The other woman you can thank for the current state you are in is none other than…

(Intermittent static takes over before clearing to reveal a scene opens to a flashback that shows Kitt sitting, with his head down, in the large walk in shower of his bathroom in the Kennedy Mansion, the water is flowing full blast and steam fills the room. Kitt’s longer hair is soaked and hangs down to hide his eyes and his beard now hangs low from being waterlogged. The bathroom door opens and Alex walks in and stands next to the shower, looking at Kitt through the glass doors of the shower. She reaches up and wipes the fog off of the glass but Kitt doesn’t react that he even notices that she is in the room. Alex flings the shower door open and walks in to the shower fully clothed but doesn’t care as she kneels in front of Kitt and reaches out, placing both her hands on the sides of Kitt’s face and pushing it up to look him in the eyes. Kitt’s eyes look empty, as though the lights are on but no one is home. Alex’s face becomes stern as she tries to reach the man inside of this shell she holds in her hands.)

Babe…you have to snap out of this…I need you…I need you back here. This….this is not healthy….this is not you and you are scaring me! I understand this has been very traumatic to you, I get it but you can’t let ungrateful, unappreciative people destroy who you are! Who cares what they think? I don’t…you shouldn’t either. Kitt… (shakes his face) Kitt! Please….please come back to me….

(The scene shows a time-lapse of scene of Kitt sitting in his leather recliner, again watching XWF programming, just a shell of his former self, not caring about his appearance, dead to the world. The scenes stop and the words “October 2017” fade in under the view of Kitt laid back in his chair, empty whiskey bottles on the end table next to him. Alex walks in and straddles him in his chair, running her fingers into his hair and lightly grasping it, looking deep into his eyes with tears welling up in hers.)

Kitt…I love you more than anything…I am begging you, please snap out of this. This is not you and it has been months of this. You don’t leave the house, you…you…you AREN’T YOU! I know that you are in there and I know that you know that deep down inside you are still the best at what you do. But baby, you have to snap out of this, get back in that ring and show the world that you are the best that the XWF has ever had lace up their boots. Do it for all the fans that want to see you come back…

(Kitt rolls his eyes focuses back on Alex’s.)

Really? The fans that want to see me come back…I think we both see where their loyalties are. Fuck the fans…I don’t owe them shit…

(Alex closes her eyes and a tear drops from her eye and lands on Kitt’s chest. He looks confused, he has been so wrapped up in self-pity that he didn’t realize the pain and suffering he had been putting on the one person that stood by him…believed in him…loved him. Kitt opens his mouth to say something but the words caught in his throat.)

Then fuck the fans….do it for me…do it for you, Kitt…

(Kitt stares at his girlfriend and watches the tears roll down her cheeks, her eyes still closed. Kitt looks around and realizes how bad it has gotten…how far he has let himself go…how far he had fallen. Kitt looks back at Alex who has not opened her eyes. Kitt reaches up and touches Alex’s cheek and it shocks her to feel his touch, her eyes springing open. Tears still flow from her blue eyes as Kitt kisses her.)

I am so sorry baby…for everything…

(Alex reaches up and places her hand on his by her cheek.)

Don’t be sorry…get back out there and prove…them…wrong….

(Kitt and Alex smiles and Alex begins giggling in relief, the first time she has been able to show joy in what seems like forever. The scene changes to show various scenes of Kitt in the gym, working harder than he had before he was injured, Alex coaching him, counting reps, cheering him on the entire way. The scene stops to show Alex sitting on a weight bench in the gym, dressed in shite sneakers, short blue jean shorts, a tight black “Highlight of the Night” shirt and her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, waiting for Kitt to come out of the locker room. She looks up as the doors are shoved open and a figure walks out. Kitt stands before Alex but his appearance and demeanor has changed. Kitt is no longer wearing his custom suits but rather now replaced with his black steel toed boots, blue jeans, black “Highlight of the Night” shirt and he pulls his leather jacket tight. Kitt reaches into his jacket and pulls out his mirrored aviators and slides them onto his face.)

Oh baby…you are ready.

Let’s do this…

(Intermittent static crackles thought the scene and stops to reveal Kitt looking off to his left and reaches his arm out and Alex Mason makes her way under the light and wraps her arms around his waist as Kitt places his arm around her shoulder, pulling her in tight. She squeezes him tight and then looks up to see Kitt looking down at her with a smile on his face. Alex stands on her tiptoes and kisses Kitt before they both look into the camera.)

…Alex Mason. You see…if it wasn’t for her…I…I wouldn’t be right here….right now. She is the reason I came back…she showed me the real reason why I came here in the first place. She showed me the real reason why I couldn’t sit back and watch my dreams…my future…my destiny….just pass me by while I sat on the sidelines. She made me realize that I have to reach up and grab that brass ring…don’t wait for opportunity to knock…no…kick the door in and take what I want…you have to grab life by the throat and make it give you what you want…I’m coming Neville…I’m taking your title…Prove…me…WRONG!!!

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