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The Purebred Underachievers
01-11-2018, 02:02 AM
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:::: 4 Hours After War Games ::::

Robert nonchalantly steps into the shower of Drew's hospital room, his toes flinching for a short-lived moment as they touched the chilled ceramic shower floor. Roberts mind was in shreds; Fragmented in ways he could not explain, he was more concerned with Drew's current medical situation beyond anything else. Robert approaches the shower head turning the dial, he fumbles around with the water temperature for a few seconds before the ancient, broken down shower head, after a few gurgles the shower head decides to finally release thousands of lukewarm drops, darkening Robert's dirty blond hair and trickled down his back. His eyes fell closed locked in place as he places one arm upon the shower wall standing still like a statue letting the water fall over him. abruptly War Games begins to play over and over in Robert's mind, each time showing him images like fresh photographs

Often in life pain can be invisible to the naked eye, subjective and open to dispute unless it is one's own anguish. Aches seem inferior, always looked at in a way as someone whining. Agony or even discomfort is seen but often doubted, with the possibility of the sufferer magnifying their physical suffering. Sometimes Robert thinks the reaction a person has to another's pain tells more about that person than they'd like.

The water pours down, dripping by Robert's sides, as his mind fades into a dullness as everything slowly becomes a foggy illusion. The sensation of the steamy water calms him; taking his mind off of everything for a few brief moments. His mind swirls about like the water going down the drain. For a moment it's like Robert is standing under an everlasting waterfall. Beautiful, in every way! Without warning, Robert opens his eyes and begins to cough! Dark red blood makes its way out of Robert's mouth mixing with the water and quickly vanishing down the drain. Robert can't help but concentrate on the bloody water flowing down the drain. He spits shaking his head staring at the shower wall.

Battered, they called it. Such a simple word for a simple idea. But this was not a simple situation. His sense of self, immense and honorable, destined for greatness! Robert turns the shower off after washing his hair, face and body. He glances around the bathroom grabbing a towel, Robert gingerly dries his body stopping in front of the mirror. Robert wipes the mirror with his hand noticing the dried blood on his lips. He slowly wipes away the dried blood staring into his own empty eyes. His skin has ruptured above the growing purple blooms. Every movement seems to hurt more than the last. In the past, Robert would have healed from stubborn willfulness alone, a determination to survive. This time though was distinctively strange! As he stretches forward, he tries to imagine a future but can see nothing at all. Robert should be elated in this moment but isn't! Winning War Games is a crowning achievement in his career, along with Drew and Jim!

Purple welts were scattered across Robert's abdomen like a disease. It hurt to breathe and he wondered at times if some of his ribs were cracked. The bruise that had begun as a purple stain above his right eyebrow had sunk into the socket, leaving behind a black eye. Robert winced as he put on his fresh clothes, he opens the bathroom door leaning against the door frame watching the nurse work on Drew! She moved her stethoscope over Drew's chest listening intently. Robert was no doctor and had no idea when she was listening for! He could only speculate, punctured lung, maybe broken ribs! There were pronounced crackles in the right and left lower lungs, his oxygen sats were barely keeping above ninety percent. Robert noticed all of the tubes coming from Drew's arms like spaghetti. Drew's face was battered and bruised, stitches above his left eyebrow, fresh blood dripping from his nose. The nurse turns around smiling in Robert's direction while writing notes on her clipboard!

[shadow=orange]Do you speak English?[/shadow]

Robert blurted out aggressively as the nurse nods

[shadow=orange]How is he? Why is he sedated?[/shadow]

Were not sure just yet! There are several more tests we need to do on Mr. Archyle! He took a nasty fall, going through that cage hitting the hard floor! We'll no more when we do more test Mr. Main! He's heavily sedated because he is in a lot of pain! We're trying to keep him pain-free and comfortable while we perform these tests!

Robert rubs his eyes

He is in the best of care here! We will take care of him! I know you're concerned, is he a close friend?

Robert leers at the nurse, then smiles

[shadow=orange]No mam! He's my brother![/shadow]

The nurse smiles leaving the room, Robert lets out a massive sigh taking a seat at the foot of the bed! He watches Drew for a few moments before placing his eyes on the Hart Championship draped over the foot of the bed, Robert stares as the gold shines brightly entrancing him! Jim walks into the hospital room looking towards Drew then towards Robert who is still staring.


Jim pauses for a second before raising his voice


Robert takes his eyes from the Hart Championship looking now in Jim's direction. Jim lays his half of the Tag Team Championships over the foot of the bed next to the Hart Championship handing Robert a large coffee.

How's Drew?

[shadow=orange]No idea yet, they have to do more testing! He's one tough son of a bitch, he'll be fine![/shadow]

Hospitals! What a joke man! It doesn't help things much either being outside the states! How are you holding up? You look like shit!

[shadow=orange]Thanks, Jimmy, you don't look much better! Man, we just went through hell! I'll be honest with you brother. I'm in pain, I hurt all over! But I've survived worse! We damn near ran through half of the roster![/shadow]

But we won! That right there is what matters! We also painted a massive target on our backs! But let's be honest, who out there can beat us?

[shadow=orange]I'm sure they will come out of the woodwork eventually, which is fine! I say let them come! Management can line um up and we'll knock um down! There isn't a unit out there that can get one over on us! Tonight Jim, we raised the bar! We showed the wrestling world what a true unit can do! We are the standard now! We are the glass ceiling![/shadow]

That right there is why we're brothers R! We've gotta get Drew better and keep the APEX train rolling!

Robert and Jim notice Drew beginning to move. They watch on as Drew movements become more violent, Drew begins thrashing around his bed knocking the Hart Championship and the Tag Team Championship onto the floor.

What the fuck is going on man?

Jim says concerned to Robert

[shadow=orange]Jim I'm not sure! Oh shit, get a fucking nurse or someone this could get ugly![/shadow]

Jim rushes to the doorway screaming down the hallway and motioning for a nurse. Robert moves quickly trying to prevent Drew from hurting himself.

[shadow=orange]Drew, it's me, Robert! You need to calm down! Drew! DREW![/shadow]


They've got a few people coming now! Robert, we've got to hold him down! He's going to rip those iv's out!

I won't let you take me! NO!

What is he talking about! Do you have any clue?

[shadow=orange]It could be anything! They need to get in here now! Drew is drugged up beyond belief! DREW!!!! Oh shit![/shadow]

Drew rips the iv's from his arm leaping from his hospital bed. Robert tries holding Drew in place but is pushed back into the wall. Jim quickly grabs Drew pulling him away from Robert back towards his bed. Robert and Jim lock Drew in place as the nurses rush in with needles in hand! One nurse sticks Drew in the neck pushing the plunger down quickly filling Drew with more medication!


::::Flash Back::::

Drew!! Drew hunny it's time for dinner!! The unfamiliar voice of a woman that appears to be in her late 20's, early 30's yells from the front steps of her home.

About 20 feet away are three young children. Two boys and a girl. The girl seemingly a few years younger than her male counterparts.

But mom we are just getting to the good part. Luke Skywalker is about to blow up the Deathstar! The shorter of the two boys respond.

The Deathstar will be there after dinner. Now come inside and eat. You know how your father gets when his dinner gets cold!

Can Robert come too? And Kayla?

Sure they can.

What are you having? The other boy responds as he glances over towards the young girl.

What are we having mom?

Hamburger helper hun. Now come inside before your dad gets angry.


What about you Kayla? Drew asks, his eyes almost star-crossed.

We are having filet for dinner. I think she'll pass too!

Drew!! The boy's mother yells from the steps.

Better get going bro before you get in trouble again!

Fine! See you in a little while, Rob. You too Kayla!

Drew stands up and quickly runs into his house slamming the door behind him while Robert and Kayla start walking down the street towards their home.

:::: Back to the future - present ::::


[shadow=orange]Drew! Drew you ok?[/shadow]

What the hell is wrong with him? Why aren't they doing anything?

[shadow=orange]Drew can you hear me! It's Robert! Jim is here! We are at the hospital in Tokyo! We won bro! Apex won War Games! We couldn't have done it without you! We need to get you better man! You and I got a match with Michael McBride and Peter Gilmour coming up! The Hart Championship is up for grabs too![/shadow]

GILMOUR!!!! Drew screams as he lunges forward in his bed with both of his arms extended before falling back down to his bed as if someone hit the "off switch".

What the fuck was that?

[shadow=orange]I don't know Jim. It's almost like he was triggered by the name Gilmour![/shadow]

GILMOUR!!! Drew eyes open wide as the yanks the breathing tube out of his mouth. Peter Gilmour. The man. The myth. The mistake. Did you guys know that Peter Gilmour's birth certificate is basically an apology letter from the condom factory? And Michael McBride? Is there a less intimidating person on the roster than Michael McBride? I'm not trying to be funny here fellas I'm honestly asking is there? These guys won the tag team titles. I can barely comprehend that. But then I remember seeing that Scully was one of the guys Peter beat for the titles. The same guy he later beat to win the Universal Title. I guess that answers my question from a second ago. Scully is the only person on the roster less intimidating than Michael McBride.

The Purebred Killers. What exactly have these guys killed besides chicken parm sandwiches and ratings? Robert, I have to be honest with you man. I'm not sure if I can make the match. Look at me. I got tubes attached to me everywhere. I'm pretty sure one is jammed up my pee-hole but I'm too afraid to look. Can you look for me?

[shadow=orange]You want me to look at your penis?[/shadow]

Now is no time to be shy Robert! A real friend would look and tell me if I had a tube coming out of my penis.


Robert lifts the end of Drew's hospital gown up and looks down under.

[shadow=orange]Ugh gross![/shadow]

So that's a yes?

Robert nods politely while trying to force the vomit back down his throat.

You know Robert you could have just looked to see if there was a bag filled with yellow piss attached to the bed somewhere. But you wanted to see my dick. I get it. It's a meaty triumphant motherfucker. Basically Peter Gilmour except for the triumphant part. Anyway like I was saying, I don't think I can make the match. That's the bad news. But the good news is I am pretty sure that you can beat both of those walking pro-abortion advertisements without me. Here is the key to winning this match though...come close, I don't want you to miss this...

Robert leans forward but it's too

[shadow=orange]Drew!! Drew!![/shadow]


[shadow=orange]No... He passed out! What the fuck is going on with him.[/shadow]

Jim looks to Floyd motioning for him to cut the camera, Robert speaks up instantly

[shadow=orange]No keep the camera rolling![/shadow]

Robert, are you sure about this? I mean look at Drew!

[shadow=orange]They wanted APEX all access and god damn it that's what we will give them! This right here comes with the territory! We are wrestlers, we get hurt, we go to the hospital! People need to see behind the scenes, Jim![/shadow]

I agree man! Floyd keep rolling!

Floyd nods as Robert rips the Hart and Tag Team Championships off of the hospital floor. Robert slaps the Hart Championship over his shoulder and tosses Jim his half of the Tag Team Championships! Robert's attitude turns on a dime to anger!

Drew was Robert's breaking point, his patience wore thin. At that very moment in time, Robert was blinded by a four-course serving of hell-bent rage that tasted bitter, yet surprisingly gratifying. Everything sunk deep into Robert's mind and added an angelic spice that completed the confounded dish he was just served.

Robert are you, alright man? You seemed pissed off?

[shadow=orange]I'm fine Jim! It's just time to get back to work![/shadow]

Jim smiles

You going to cut one now?

[shadow=orange]Damn right![/shadow]

Jim again smiles knowing whats next. Robert takes a few moments before clearing his voice.

[shadow=orange]The Purebred Killers. Peter Gilmour & Michael McBride![/shadow]

Robert laughs, smiling looking down at the floor for a moment

[shadow=orange]One would expect, a team with such a name would be annihilators in and out of the ring! Slayers, first in line for the Tag Team Championships that Jimmy right here behind me holds one half of! But are The Purebred Killers first in line? No! Not even close! APEX is first in line! You see boys we are now the gold standard around this place! We are the top dogs! Were the new Kings! If you want anything at all around here, you'll now have to go through us! But back to The Purebred Killers! The want to be executioners of the Tag Team division! Tell me this gentlemen when was the last time you two did anything of relevance in the Tag Team Division? It's an easy answer! You haven't! You see us APEX were iconoclasts, just look at War Games! We decimated nearly half of the fucking roster! We as one unit eradicated The Mother Fuckers! In the finals, Peter in which you took part in! We vandalized each and every person locked inside that cage before I dropped you off the top rope onto your head Peter! In this Tag Team match not only will we wreck you two, we'll execute you right in front of the world![/shadow]

Robert slaps the Hart Championship sitting over his right shoulder.

[shadow=orange]Not only is this on the line but so is our number one spot in the Tag Team Division! The ante has been raised, but that is what we here in APEX do! We raise the stakes, we put it all on the line and dare anyone with a set of testicles to come and try to take it from us! The question is will you two raise your game and compete with the top dogs in wrestling? Or will you get terminated! You have seen what we can do as a unit? We just won arguably the biggest event of the year! What have either of you done? The two of you don't even deserve this opportunity but here you are! Peter, you have had more chances at greatness than anyone else on the fucking roster! You have had Championship matches fall into your lap week in and week out! Yet have you won one? No! Not even close! You squandered them away just like you always seem to do! You might get the big matches, but when the pressure builds there is never a diamond formed! You crack underneath the pressure! Now you and I will come eye to eye in yet another Championship opportunity! Now before you even get the chance to bring up our Lion's Den match, I want to talk about it as well. Now I know what you are going to come out and say, Peter! You pushed The Omega to his very limit!

You gave the world a match that they will never ever forget! Am I right so far? Somewhere in that demented mind you actually believe the things that you say! There is no filter on your mouth and it gets you into trouble every single time! If you actually think you gave me a run for my money you are sadly mistaken, and to be blunt, wrong! The only thing that you gave me in this match was another win in the record books! Where you fail to shine Peter I prevail! Then you come off and will say but you "ALMOST" beat me! You know my dear old granny, god rest her soul used to tell me almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades! If "ALMOST" is what you are in this game for you might want to think about retiring! If you can look at yourself and say that "ALMOST" is good enough that's fine! But that right there is something I could never do! I need to win, I crave it. Winning runs in my blood. It's ingrained in my bones! You, on the other hand, are fine with "ALMOST"! Peter, "ALMOST" will never beat me in the ring! Coming in with that mindset, and you'll lose every time! You don't have what it takes to beat Robert Main, Drew or Jim! Hell Floyd, our cameraman could kick your ass with one hand tied behind his back and not break a fucking sweat! The fact of the matter is this!

Your washed up! Your once amazing career no more! You cannot cut it in the ring against the top talent in the world. I'm putting it all out there on the line! I'm dangling the carrot all I'm asking, is you come and try to take it away from me and Drew! But we all know what we are going to get with you, Peter! The same dog and pony show! How you are this self-proclaimed wrestling God yet have done nothing at all over the past few months, besides getting pinned to the canvas! Two of those times by yours truly! We will hear how you are a changed man and you are going to give it you're all. You are going to push Drew and me to out limit and win the Hart Championship once more! We will hear about how great this Tag Team is! Peter, you are pathetic, egotistical and blinded by stupidity! You only care about one thing, yourself! You might be asking, what do I mean by that? Well, it's not that hard Peter. If anyone anywhere is getting any sort of praise for anything they did, Peter Gilmour steps onto the scene making it all about himself. Hijacking others spotlight, trying to claim it for himself! Peter if you did anything worth praise maybe you would not have to be so shallow! But I am talking about a man who calls himself a god! Your pity is your wealth! Since coming back Peter I've found my way! When I left I didn't know who I was anymore! Some things can be lost at times, but now I have found my way through it! Now I am rolling with my brothers, draped in gold, winning the biggest matches and claiming all the accolades![/shadow]

Robert grins wincing from his black eye

[shadow=orange]Like I said before you want this belt come get take it from my cold dead fucking hands because it's not going anywhere! Especially by the likes of you two walking around astounded! In this business that I love and break bread in, there are two types of people Peter! There are Champions and Ex-champions. There are winners and losers. There is no in-between, no grey area! Can you guess which one you are? You're the lemon, the inadequacy! We are going to pulverize you, Peter Gilmour and Michael McBride, oh and don't you think for a second that Drew won't be there! Because he will be there to help me squish The Purebred Killers under the boot of APEX! This is an opportunity for the two of you, sadly it's going to go over like a lead balloon! Another catastrophe breakdown, yet another misstep and letdown of epic proportions! Come Warfare the world will witness the epic collapse and utter annihilation of The Purebred Killers! With it all on the line the two of you will implode leaving the ring in disappointment! The two of you are deadbeat, good for nothing moochers! Born losers! The two of you are made for one another, two bankrupt nonperforming incompetent underachievers will lose to APEX every time! Checkmate bitches![/shadow]

Robert fist bumps Jim flipping off the camera!

[Image: 1RxPPRE.jpg]

The Omega

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