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Don't Be A Hero....
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01-09-2018 09:42 PM

(The scene bursts to life with intermittent static and after a few seconds it lines out to reveal Kitt Kennedy sitting in a dark room, alone, with a single light shining from its cord directly above where he is seated backwards on a wooden kitchen chair. Kitt is dressed in his normal attire, leather jacket, black “Highlight of the Night” t-shirt, blue jeans, black steel toed boots and his mirrored aviators, with his XWF Heavy Metalweight Championship strapped around his waist, covered by his leather jacket. Kitt is staring off to the camera’s right as the camera slowly begins to zoom in on him. Kitt begins to speak as the camera continues to zoom in.)

I told you…I told each…and…every one of you. Tiberius…please…that was a joke. I want real competition. I want a challenge…some one that can give me a run for my money. I was disappointed twice since I came back by everyone in the back, mainly the XWF management officials that tried to play me like a fool. I come back…no one batted an eye…acted like I didn’t matter…like they had forgotten me…strike number one. Then, they put me in a match with Cadryn Tiberius…a matter of seconds and I walk out with another win under my belt without even breaking a sweat…. (Kitt turns to look at the camera that has now stopped zooming in) …without a drop of sweat at all. You see, that must have got someone’s attention in the back because I see now…that they noticed that I didn’t miss a step…they notice that I am the real deal, not some washed up ham and egger that needed to come back because I couldn’t make ends meet….oh no….far from it. I must have gotten someone’s attention because now I…I am back in the main event of Savage. I am getting the opportunity to take my spot at the top of the Savage mountain that I got ripped away from me after I was injured in the Hell in a Cell match with Dolly Waters. It doesn’t matter the face that holds the title right now, the only thing that matters in the man that has come back with a vengeance to claim the title that slipped just beyond his grasp just over a year ago and never got the opportunity to redeem himself. Did I have to wait in line? No! I am going right to the front of the line for my opportunity…my main even moment…and why shouldn’t I? I was back her less than forty eight hours and I had (Kitt slips off his title from around his waist and holds it up) MY XWF Heavy Metalweight title back around my waist and I am now a six time champion…

(The scene fades to black and fades back in to reveal Kitt still sitting in the chair but now is facing the camera head on, his title lying face up neatly on the floor in front of him.)

Neville….Sinclair. The Educator of the XWF! Mr. Brainiac himself…. (chuckles) ….all those brains….how are you going to figure out how to keep me from taking that XWF Television championship from you come Saturday? Hmm? Will all of your fancy education be able to help you from getting a thrashing fit for a king? A British beatdown? An English eradication? (laughs) The answer to that question Mr. Sinclair….no….no it won’t. I won’t take it easy, hell, I plan on enjoying every minute of the 14 minutes and 57 seconds I have to beat you pillar to post as the last three seconds will be you staring at the ceiling and hearing the referee’s hand slap the mat for the third time to crown me as the new Television champion and the new face of Saturday nights. When I get done with you, you will scream “God, save the queen”….I say….God…save….Neville….
You see Neville…I think you are too clean cut to be the bad guy…the villain of the story so to speak….the villain like myself…
(the scene cuts to a slow motion capture of a huge smile on Kitt’s face, laughing mockingly before cutting back to the previous scene as Kitt continues) …you seem more the hero of this story. The well-educated man that the flocks of fans want to come and see as you prance around with your snooty looks and that shiny gold belt over your shoulder….they love you….that’s not me. I gave my time to trying to please these people….these ungrateful…unappreciative…unworthy people that will get all the gratification they possibly can from you with nothing in return. I gave them everything I had…I gave them everything my body could take….pushing well beyond my limits to give them what they wanted…a show they would never forget…and for what? I injured myself to please them…they walked away like I never existed. That’s when I realized…why try to save the world when once you have saved it…it proves that it wasn’t worth saving after all. That’s when I began to change, Neville. That’s when I decided that it wasn’t worth being the hero anymore….the hero is expected to always be there….always there in the nick of time to save those that would rather spit in your face than look at you….they had developed a mentality of expectation. It wasn’t appreciation for everything that you did night after night, show after show…no…it was expected that you were going to continue to give them bigger and better…they were only as loyal as their options…once you are on the shelf you become old news…
Sometimes….the world doesn’t need another hero….but rather a monster. As I sat and watched the XWF continue on with me laid up at home, my shirts disappeared from the crowd…there were no more Kitt Kennedy signs waving around…every one moved on in a short time like my chapter was finished and the story had been written. Day by day, the anger….the hurt…the fire, grew in me and I slowly became the monster….the villain of the story. That brings us around to you and I. The story continues on now with you playing the role of the “hero”, going up against the “villain” to keep me from instituting my reign of terror down upon the Savage programming. Everyone in that crowd is going to expect you to vanquish the bad guy, save the world and ride off into the sunset, ensuring once again that the world is right….ah, in a perfect world….

(The scene fades to black and fades back in with Kitt standing in the darkened room, his glasses now removed and staring directly into the camera with intensity burning in his eyes.)

….but the world isn’t perfect….this story doesn’t end well for our so called hero…no…because in this story….the hero is vanquished and the villain rules supreme, taking his rightful place as the king of the mountain of the Savage brand. Heed my advice Neville…there is no shame in saving yourself and avoiding the inevitable. Save yourself and circumvent the beating of a lifetime, lay down and relinquish the title to me quietly. Don’t try to be the hero you aren’t….because if you do…a little spoiler alert for the ending of the story…the hero….gets eaten…by the monster….PROVE…ME…WRONG….

(Kitt face is set with a focused gaze into the camera as it slowly fades out to black.)

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