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Fuck virgil.....and other things (RP 1)
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01-08-2018 06:42 PM

[The scene opens up to Tommy inside the Baltimore harbor, he is inside a convention center for some appreances. He gets greeted by one five year old who was happy to see the man.]

The kid: I am such a huge fan of yours, when I grow up I want to be like you. I want to beat people up, and win a belt like you!

Tommy: Look kid, you don’t want to turn into a loser like me. Also, this belt is a replica from the original title. But do you want to take a photo with me, free of charge.

[The kid hands him a 8x10 of himself in his earlier run in xwf. He singed his sig on it , and the kids mom takes the photo of them. Then the mom takes another photo with her son with his title.]

The kid: Thank you man

Tommy: No problem kid….stay in school, and learn your abcs to your 123s.

[The kid and the mother leaves his booth. About a few hours had past in the booth, and suddenly, a “lonely” Virgil stormed into his booth to confront him.]

Virgil: Do you know who I am?

Tommy: A man who was “enslaved” by million dollar man…to being the foil to the nWo?

Virgil: you got that right bitch, you interfering my fuck money venture!

Tommy: What are you talking about man?

Virgil: Im the man who runs these booth streets...not you!

[Tommy calmly gets out of his seat, and looks at Virgil eye to eye. Virgil was tempting him to sock him in the mouth, but Tommy simply walks out of his way.]

Virgil: You punk bitch ass wierdo! I’ve seen your matches... they all fukin suck!

[Tommy turns around and punches Virgil in the mouth out of anger. Tommy then stomps him on the floor until the security had to escort him off the premises...then...

[Image: 8e8db7b50327db918d234bd7e657a08e8e649f59_00.gif]

Fuck Virgil Shane curly bill.... he’s better off sucking the million dollar mans dick..

But anyways, I was happy when I seen that kid.. the kids is why do this wrestling shit...

I could retire right now... and never look back...but i cant do that.

That squash match i had with Starfire was a calling call for me to continue in this savage brand. I am savage...I am truly a savage by definition...although I couldn’t be the tv champion...

It doesn’t mean I won’t stop beating everyone left and right...whether I get the win or not... just want the kids to know you can be savage like, I am excited for a match.

A foot fetish match against Talia...that thought makes me fuckin hard!

Talia....I hope that shoulder is healed, because you will end up getting cum on your tootsies after i am finished with you. I will gain my pleasure of humiliating you in a stip that’s in my favor.

If I had broke the word cap...

I don’t give a shit...

Talia, better get yourself a freshest pedicure...I better be sucking and cumin off a rainbow Pedi after I slaughter you in that ring Talia.

So prey to the lord that I cant hold my erection up post match, because the more I think about it…. The more it gets to Pinocchio status passing time, so in short….

Get ready to rumble with a freak like me babygirl.

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