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The Machine
01-08-2018, 12:48 PM
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"Where am I?"

The words of Current Era Graves, who will from now on be referred as CEG, had been spoken, and echoed in this place.... for he stood inside the pure white pocket dimension of the Clown God Deity Thing known as Phantom Panzer. Next to him, stood the Old Era Graves, who will now be referred to as OEG, and the two began to size one another up.

"So, you're the version of me that I replaced at War Games?"

"And I died for this?! This fucker?! WHERE ARE YOU, CLOWN!?"

Phantom Panzer soon appeared between the two of them, in a shower of bloodied and cum covered confetti, splattering all over their faces and body.

"I'm here, motherfucker! I'm, if you believe hard enough, always deep inside your heart as well. I'll always be with you in spirit."

Both Graves decked him right in the face, opposite cheeks. It only caused him to laugh maniacally

"See, boys, so long as I'm out of a match, I'm exactly what I say, a FUCKING. GOD!"

He let out a loud growl before yelling out loudly, his voice booming inside their ears, grasping at the flesh there, cupping them, as if trying to deafen the sound somewhat


They didn't even have a choice in the matter, as they were both forced to their knees unceremoniously. The veins in their bodies struggling as they both fought to try and stand back up, but his force kept them down upon the figurative ground. They seemed to both be in massive amounts of pain, gritting their teeth in anger, frustration. Their bodies straining so hard that some spittle flies from between their teeth. Panzer looks at CEG and grumbles, as he moves to walk around them both slowly, as if examining both Gravy babies, but for now, his focus being on just him.

"I don't know what the fuck Doc was going to do, by trying to bring you back. I don't know what powers he's beginning to wield, but your soul belongs to me for right now. DO YOU FUCKING READ ME!?

He moved to stand then crouch before CEG and slams his forehead into Graves' own, with his clown nose smashing into Graves nose. He lessened his power over them both, just a bit, and he'd hear CEG speak.

"Clown, I understand you. I also don't give a fuck. You had no right to kill me! YOU HAVE NO FUCKING RIGH-"

CEG soon explodes into a crimson shower, but next to OEG is now a cream pie, but covered in Current Era Graves blood.

"Now, you have a fucking choice, Old But Somehow New Graves. You can either stay here, or you can go back to your past. What's your choice, fucko?"

OEG began to contemplate his existence, he looked at the pie next to him. then to Panzer.

"I want to stay. I want to try and work on erasing the bad things my current self did. I want to redeem myself, because of my future self."

Panzer crouched down, looking into his eyes

"Will you help me do that?

Panzer grinned, then stood up, walking a few steps away from Graves as he releases his hold upon him. He snaps around, facing Graves and laughed heartily

"Are you fucking serious?! No, I won't. You fucking failed your task, and you failed MY fucking team. WE LOST because of YOU! You were supposed to fight fucking harder. I brought you into this fucking era because YOU were supposed to help us win! Our fucking secret goddamn weapon! But nah, you decided to fuck us. You should've EASILY taken out two of their teammates, but you fucking decided to be nothing more than 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag."

He walked back, picked up the bloodied pie, and looked at Graves,

"You're going back to your time. You're also never going to remember any of the events that have transpired. Just so you can make the same fucked up life decisions that brought you here, to where I killed your current self to bring you here, just so you can be shit on a stick and have this happen all over again. So, here's some leftover Graves for the road!"

Panzer slammed OEG so hard in the face with the cream pie, he might have broken his nose, but it would end up not being the case, but boy howdy, did it seem like he absolutely...

Creamed him...

[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=5645546]

OEG would be back in his own time, with no recollection of the events that unfolded, nor would he remember anything about the future or his future self's deeds. Panzer floated in his dimension, sighing, wondering what to do now. He had a match against Caedus, which is supposed to be a handicap match, but what with his partner actually saying he's not going to do anything, it might as well have been a 1v1 match. For now, he plotted, and he thought, and he planned, and plotted. Trying to think of a way to beat Caedus.

"Wish I had flying monkeys. At least that would distract Caedus long enough to get us a count out win. He'd be like 'What the fuck?! Flying monkeys!? I didn't sign up for this shit!' But, meh. Not gonna waste time creating an army of them."

[Image: k3CZXNk_zpsyhiudixe.jpg]
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