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Savage 1-6-18
01-08-2018, 07:52 AM
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[Image: lfFZc5z.jpg]


X-Treme Wrestling Federation Presents:

[Image: Ux7iHbU.png]

The Savage Pyro goes off as the video engulfs the screen with shots of LA from the XWF blimb. The shot then shows the crowd and their signs.

Audrey Dinklage and Brent Feetman here at ringside as we bring you another action packed Savage Saturday Night! Some big matches this week with a lot riding on them as we move forward towards the next Pay Per View!

Damn right Audrey, and this show could have major ramifications going forward as well. There has been a lot of hostility floating around and it all may come to a head tonight!

The scene cuts to show Taylor Mayde entering the building with a team of doctors and attorney's. She isn't smiling.

Oh boy Brent, this could get ugly.

Or it couldn't.

Fair enough.

Back in the ring, Tig O' Bigtties is standing with a microphone.

Tommy Wish
- vs -
Davis Starfire

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Savage Saturday Night! This is the first match of the evening and is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Los Angeles California, Davis Starfire!

Hometown kid! Listen to this crowd!

Getting our first real look at this kid, but Tommy Wish is no easy task. This should be a good test.

"Wild Thing" by X starts to play throughout the arena as some fans start to cheer him. Out walks Davis Starfire, dressed in a black cape with Starfire written on the back in orange lettering with orange stars surrounding it and black trunks with orange stars on them and black boots with orange kneepads. He walks down to the ring high-fiving a few fans. He enters the ring and does one last taunt and waits in the corner as his music fades.

And his opponent, the XWF Heavymetalweight Champion, Tommmmyyy Wisssshhh!

The lights goes off in the arena, and starts to flicker as his theme plays on the X-Tron.

Then the lights turns white, and Tommy comes down to the ring with giving high fives to the fans. Then he rolls into the ring, and stand in the ring.

Good way to kick off Savage here! Excited for these two rising stars!



Wish and Starfire circle each other, feeling each other out before locking up.

Starfire slips behind and locks the waist, going for an early suplex, but Wish counters and slips behind Starfire, doing the same. He lifts Starfire, who counters, and slides behind Wish, locking in a sleeper. Wish quickly gets some elbows to the stomach of Starfire, backing him off, before flipping him onto his ass with an arm drag. A kick to the back gets an OHHHHHH from the crowd.

Grabbing Starfire by the back of the head, he slams him head first into the mat.

Aggression early here from Wish. A lot of pent up rage.

This guy scares me, quite frankly.

Wish picks up Starfire by the head and spits in his face. He then kicks him in the gut and nails a huge implaler DDT.





Winner: Tommy Wish

Well, that was quick.

Tommy Wish made light work of the newcomer.

Tig O' Bitties: Here is your winner........Tommy Wish!

After the bell had rung, we see the lights flicker out. The Arena was in pitch darkness, until the lights came back on and we see Tommy holding a chair. He then waits for Starfire to get on his feet, and smacks the chair over his head as the chair dented. Tommy then turns him on his belly and locks in the Disjointed Arms, Starfire is struggling to break the hold, until Tommy was enforced by the ref to break it off.

Someone get him off!

This guy has totally snapped!

Tommy then gets to his feet and forcibly takes the mic from the outside, and we hears the fans booing him down as Tommy smiles at the carnage he's done as he speaks....

Tommy: Starfire is the on list of people who I killed off... he was nothing more than a pretty boy who couldn't hang with me. Evey single one of the people who roam in this fed... this my warning to you. YOU will end up down on this mat with pain and misery.... i'm done.

Tommy then stomps on Starfire until he was escorted off by the security team as the Savage cameras cut to the back.

Taylor Mayde is seen in her office, on the phone.

Taylor: Yes...yes it is good to be back here in the states. I finally got the smell of urine out of my blouse, after four washings! That chick as some potent piss! Like a goshdarn animal! Anyways......yes, I will be there tonight and I will make sure all goes well. No more shenanigans. You've got it.



She hangs up the phone with a grin.

My god! What could she possibly be talking about?!

Are we going to see Jenny pee again?!

We are back here on Savage. Still wondering what the hell Taylor could be talking about?! What plans does she have for Jenny tonight?!

Who knows. But on the card now we have an I Quit match between Kitt Kennedy and Cadryn, and did I mention Alex Mason? How hot is she?

Are you never not horny?


Kitt Kennedy
- vs -
Cadryn Tiberius
I Quit Match

Tig O' Bitties: This match is and I Quit match. The first person to say they quit, in any capacity, will lose this match! Introducing first, from St. Louis Missouri, Kitt Kennedy!

As Last In Line by Dio blasts over the PA system Kitt and Alex Mason step out onto the ramp way. Slowly through rising through the stage appears a silhouette of a man with his arms stretched out straight and as he has completely risen through the stage you can see that his back is to the ring and he remains motionless. As the lyrics begin the figure whips around and the spotlights stop on the man to reveal Kitt Kennedy standing at the top of the ramp in a long black leather trench coat, top hat and plague mask. Kitt slowly makes his way down the aisle-way, sliding into the ring, the spotlight cuts off of him and four new spotlights flash on, one on each side of the ring. Alex remains outside by the apron. As the lyrics "We'll know for the first time...." hit, the four spot lights begin to circle around the ring, slowly becoming faster and they make their way to the center of the ring. As the lyrics "We're the last in line!" blasts over the P.A. the spot lights merge into one light it focused on Kennedy who is standing in the middle of the ring, now with the hat and mask removed, his head back and arms raised, soaking in the reaction from the crowd.

And his opponent, from Morgantown, West Virginia, Cadryn Tiberius!

The overhead lights in the arena go dim as strobe lights begin to flash in rhythm to the sound of thunder crashing in the distance. The crowd goes wild as the fog rolls thickly from the top of the ramp as Cadryn Tiberius slowly makes his way out of the back. He stands tall in the midst of the fog as a storm rumbles behind him. Cadryn begins walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on the way down. Cadryn climbs the apron and enters the ring, pausing for a moment in the middle before tossing his white Stetson cowboy hat into the crowd.

Alex Mason is now on the apron.

Cadryn turns towards Alex Mason and blows a kiss, giving the hump motion with his hips. Alex looks disgusted. The ref is busy checking the tights of Kitt Kennedy and doesn't see this interaction. Alex hauls off and slaps Cadryn.


My gosh what a slap!

Cadryn stumbles back as the bell rings and Kitt, using his stellar awareness to roll up Cadryn.

This gives Alex just enough time to hit a button on a switch she pulls from her pocket. Cadryn's voice echoes over the loudspeaker.


What the hell?!

Kitt did it! He outsmarted the Jester!!!!!!!!!

Cadryn throws his arms up as he pops out of the roll up, saying he never said he quit. But it is too late, the ref has already rang the bell. He pops up looking shocked.

Winner: Kitt Kennedy

Tig O' Bitties: Here is your winner, Kitt Kennedy!

Cadryn slaps the turnbuckle, obviously frustrated.

Not a good return for the former Jester to The Kings™ member!

Not at all, but a good win for Kitt over a prominent name on this roster!

Kitt and Alex back up the ramp, both with a grin as they throw their arms up, laughing at Cadryn's plight.

How the hell did they get an audio of Cadryn saying that?! Didn't he not promo this week?!

I don't know. Maybe they did some digging! Either way, they pulled one over on the former king! We have to go to commercial! My god what a strange night this has been!

Erik Black
- vs -
Michael McBride
Last Man Standing - The person who does not answer the 10 count is the loser

Winner: Erik Black

Bearded War Pig
- vs -
Jim Caedus
Xtreme Rules

Winner: Jim Caedus

Taylor Mayde's music hits as she walks to the ring, by herself this time, and takes a seat next to Tig's chair.

Looks like we are going to have a guest out here!

She wants a ringside seat to watch the Queen!

I think she wants to get in Jenny's head!

- vs -
- vs -

Tig O Bittes: This Triple Threat match is set for one fall... it is for the BOMBSHELL CHAMPIONSHIP!.... Making her way to the ring, she currently hold the BOMBSHELL Championship, who weighs in at 100 kilos... JENNY MYST!

Jenny enters the arena when the Drums hit for the first time in her entrance music, Around the 20 second mark. She is usually taunting the fans or pretending to give high fives and the pulling away at the last moment with a sarcastic smirk and an eye roll.

Tig O Bittes:The second opponent in this match, who hails from Mexico City.... TALIA AREANO!

"Till The World Ends" by Britney Spears is heard on the sound system. Talia comes out from behind the curtain. When she gets to the ramp, shower fireworks reign down on her. She walks down the ramp with her hips moving back and forth and she is swinging her arms. She gets on the apron and enters the ring between the ropes. After that she walks over to the ropes on the right side and stands on the first rope. She then bends over and looks at the fans with a smile on her face. She then gets off the ropes and walks to one side of the ring and waits for the officials to start the match.

Tig O Bittes:The third opponent who hails from Cincinnati, Ohio... EZARIAHA!

She stands to wait for the music to start.ON the second drop Pyro goes off and she screams to the crowd.He walks down to the ring and climbs the ropes and yells your END IS NIGH! while pointing at them(if she is the second out otherwise the just screams it at the crowd.


We see all three females circling around one another, and we see Jenny and Ezariaha ganging up on Talia. Ezariaha then locks in a full nelson, and Jenny hits the Talia in the midsection with a punch. Then both of them double Irish Whip Talia to the ropes, and connect with a double team Suplex on Talia. Then both of them double stomp the shit out of Talia, then suddenly, Ezariaha slaps Jenny in the face. Jenny then pulls her hair that transitions to a snapmare, and quickly pins her…

Man the bell just rung, and Jenny is trying her damnedest to end this title defense early.

Hey I mean, if I was here, I'd be doing the exactly the same sequences like she would.


Ezariaha immediately kickout, while Jenny then complains to the ref for the count. Once she turned to Ezariaha, she hits a dropkick that causes her to stumble on the ropes. She Irish Whip her, and hits a mean high kick to her head that knocks her out on the mat. Talia then headlocks Ezariaha, that transitions to a hammerlock with a double leg takedown. Talia then taunts to the audiences, but gets cut off with Jenny hitting a running Butt splash which she turns into a pin…

Ezariaha is trying to outwrestle these girls, but isn't getting the job done with Jenny in the picture.

If this was a singles match, there wouldn't be any need to keep a look out on who trying to take advantage on whom in this ring tonight.


Talia kicksout with full force, and rolls to the outside. Then Ezariaha does a flurry of High Kicks, but Jenny blocks it and hits a Dragon Screw leg whip on the right and hits it again until she transitions it into a Single Leg Lock. Jenny holds the leg in, and Ezariaha reaches for the ropes, but Jenny won’t let go off the hold….

Man this match is completely crazy with these ladies, I never knew that they had it in them to go all out for this company.

These ladies can fare against anyone they face, its just fourtane enough that these three women can inspire these fans to do what they want to do.

You got that right Audrey

Before the ref counted to five, Talia breaks off Jenny’s hold and she punches her stiffly in the face. Then she Irish Whips her to the ropes and hits a mean roundhouse kick. As Jenny was on the mat, she goes to the outside and climbs on the top rope. Once Jenny was on her feet, Talia hits a flying Hurricarana. Then she hits a standing 450 Splash into pinning position…



That was close call for Jenny.

That it was, Talia ALMOST came with the victory for the Bombshell Title here tonight.

Jenny barely manages to kickout at 2 ½ and rolls out to the ring. Talia then attempted to hit a Tope to the outside, but Ezariaha hits a fatal Can You Hear It? On Talia and covers her…



Ezariaha is on a roll for being out of the company for awhile. Lets hope she can keep it up, or else something bad might happen..

Clearly she knows how to break that ring rust of hers here with that maneuver. But wasn't enough to bring home the Bombshell Title.

Talia kickouts at one, and Ezariaha lifts her up to her feet. She then kicks her mid-section in was about to hit C.F.S, but Talia then reverses with a back body drop. Ezariaha quickly got up, but Talia spears her and covers her…


Talia losing no steps in her stride with that spear, but not enough to lay out the competition.

Let's face it, all of these women are vying to be the dominate queens of the XWF.

Jenny comes in to break the pinfall. Then Jenny starts to confront Talia, they have a shoving match until Jenny gets her into the corner. She then does some Knife Edge Chops on Talia. Then she grabs her by her head, and runs into the top rope and hits a GOLD DIGGER on Talia. Jenny was blowing kisses to the crowds, and they booed as humanly possible...

Uh oh, Myst is not getting the support she needs.

Ezariaha then hits a Schoolboy pin with Jenny’s tights pulled down for extra leverage as the ref counted it..




Man that was a close call once again.

Then Ezariaha argues with the ref about the pin, until Talia slowly gets to her feet and she grapples her back. She motions for a Belly To Back Suplex, but she gets thrusted off into the corner. Ezariaha then gets reversed into the corner by Talia, as she was about to hit SLICE OF HEAVEN…but she gets tossed into the outside of the ring with a sicking thud!

Oh man I think Talia is going to have to be placed on a stretcher for that sicking fall she took.

This is why people shouldn't try this stuff at home.

Jenny then sees an oppounity to kick Ezariaha in the mid section and blows a kiss to the fans one last time…





Tig O' Bitties: Here is your winner, Jenny Myst!

Winner and STILL XWF Bombshell Champion, Jenny Myst!

Jenny survives!

What a match by the Bombshell Champion, who lives to reign another day!

Taylor gets up and claps as Jenny grabs her belt from Tigs, panting, as she holds her belt up, staring at Taylor with a scowl.

The tension in here can be cut with a knife! This is far from over between these two!

Doesn't she have an investigation she could be doing?!

Savage cuts back to the ring where Mezian is standing, waiting for Neville.

- vs -

TV Title Rules!

Tig O' Bitties: The following match is tonight's main event, and it is for the XWF Television Championship!

Here we go! This is going to be the highlight of this crazy night!

Really? This is probably going to be the fastest match of the night!

Tig O' Bitties: This match is set for one fall with a 15 minute time limit! Introducing first, the challenger, from Cincinnati, Ohio, Mezian!

Mezian throws his arms up and yells "NIGH!"

Tig O' Bitties: And his opponent, from he is the XWF Television Champion, Neville Sinclair!

Neville walks to the ring with his belt around his waist, sipping a glass of scotch.



Mezian and Neville circle each other, feeling each other out. Finally they lock up, and Neville gets the quick upper hand, shoving Mez into the corner. He begins to go to work like the technition he is, hammering Mezian with a series of rights and lefts and chops. Grabbing the challenger by the arm he whips him into the other corner. Running and crashing into the returning veteran with a forearm, Neville then does his best Ric Flair impression, reddening Mez's chest with chops. 2, 3, 4, 5. Each one accompied with an OHHH by the Los Angeles crowd.

Neville showing that pronounced mean streak we have become accustomed to.

He is taking Mezian to school early here.

Mezian stumbles out of the corner and Neville scoops him up, spinning him around and dropping his back over his knee. Neville applies the pressure, bending Mezian almost in half as the ref counts to five. He finally releases the hold. Neville is grinning a sick grin as Mez holds his back and rolls off. Mez crawls towards the ropes as Neville puts a boot down on his back, flattening him to the mat. Mez rolls out of the ring, and onto the mat. Neville stays on the offense.


Picking Mez up he goes to whip him into the ropes but Mez gets a thumb to the eye, creating just enough space to shove Neville back first into the ring post. Mez then rolls into the ring.

Smart move there by Mezian to buy himself some time.

Veteran move.

Neville rolls into the ring as Mez jumps on top of him, raining shots down. Neville is on his back but returning fire as the two roll around for a moment before Neville gets the upper hand, grabbing the ropes as he puts a knee down onto the neck of Mezian. The ref again counts all the way to 5 before Neville breaks the hold. Mez is choking a bit, as he uses the ropes to lift himself up. Neville waits until he is fully up on his feet before clotheslining Mez over the ropes, sending him tumbling down to the mat below.

Neville seems to have the ring fully in his control right now. He is showing us why he is the TV champion and has been for so long.

I wouldn't count Mez out yet, he could just be playing possum.

Neville waits for the ref to count as Mez uses the ring apron to lift himself up. He goes to roll into the ring and Neville runs from the corner, sliding into a baseball slide and sending Mezian back into the announce table.



Neville is outside the ring now too as he takes Mezian by the head and walks him around the outside of the ring, bouncing his head off various objects all over the outside. When the refs count gets to 8, he rolls the long haired returnee into the ring.

Neville goes for a quick cover.



Mezian gets a shoulder up.

Neville grins. He now gets to torture him more.


Mezian, however, gets a little offense going by hitting a standing dropkick to Neville, stumbling him back into the corner. Mezian yells "NIGH!" as he runs and splashes Neville, who duck walks out to the middle of the ring before Mezian levels him with a clothesline.

A lot of heart being shown here by Mezian. He has taken a beating but he is still going.

We know he has a strong motor, but Neville has a tendency to wear opponents down. He is a master as the war of attrition strategy!

Mezian bounces off the ropes and goes for a moonsault but Neville gets the knees up. Mezian is out of breath as Neville rolls onto his hands and knees. Neville pulls himself up with the ropes just as Mez does the same. The two meet in the middle and exhange blows as Neville gets the upperhand, finally knocking Mezian to one knee after a huge European uppercut!

Neville then takes Mez's head and drops him with a huge brainbuster!




Mezian gets a shoulder up!

Neville almost had him there!

Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, Audrey!

Neville slaps his hands together, frustrated that he couldn't put Mezian away.


The clock is ticking here, and we are under 10 minutes!

Mezian is back up and Neville knees him in the gut. A massive DDT from Neville lays him out flat. Neville decides not to go for the cover this time, however, but rather for a different strategy. He climbs the ropes.

Neville is gonna fly here!

Neville gets to the top rope and makes a belt logo around his waist as he flys off the top with a huge elbow drop!

WHAT IMPACT! The ENTIRE ring shook!

Neville hooks the leg.



3----Mezian gets a shoulder up!

Neville slaps the mat.

What is it going to take to put Mezian away here!


Neville gets to his feet and yells, signaling for Mezian to get up!

Neville finally stumbles to his feet.

Kick to the gut.


That's it!

The clock moves under 6 minutes.


Neville goes for the cover.




Neville got him!

Neville rolls off Mezian and puts his arm up as he hears his music play.

[pin]Tig O' Bitties: Here is your winner, and STILL XWF Television Champion, NEVILLE SINCLAIR![/pink]


Neville rips his belt away from the time keeper and throws it over his shoulder, walking up the ramp.

Neville just beat Mezian, and he is on a path of destruction. Jenny couldn't get it done last week and now Mezian felt the education! Can anyone take this belt from the Englishman?!

Apparently War Pig can!

My goodness what a show! From Los Angeles, good night everybody!

I apologize for the lateness of this show. The show was held up due to a number of issues, one of which was someone not writing a match they selected and the other was a lack of people picking up matches. Neither of those are things we'd like to see. I apologize to those who roleplayed and do not get the benefit of seeing their hard work translated into a match. It is not what we want here but as Vinnie has said before, we need the rosters help to write matches so please if any of you have the time or desire to match write please let us know.

"Mens et Manus" - "Mind and Hand"

XWF Director Of Information Technology and Cyber Security
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