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You Got Mail
01-05-2018, 05:41 PM
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(Ari is seen working in the mail room, the Heavy Metalweight championship over his shoulder and he is admiring it. He turns to get hit full force in the face with a bag of mail. Kitt and Alex stand over him looking down on him.)

Kitt: Well, well, well. Lookie here Alex, it's our resident college boy, pretending to be an actual wrestler. Isn't that funny? I mean, one day he's in here sorting mail, certified letters and what not, handling all the packages, big and small, then he gets the idea he wants to mess with me...mess with the villain...

(Kitt steps over and puts his boot in the center of Ari's chest.)

Kitt: You delfinately should have kept your uneducated ass in the mail room because you got yourself in a situation you should have sat out of. But I'm not all a matter of fact, allow me to educate you a bit and cover a few of your mistakes for future reference.

1. Only a complete idiot would be flaunting around with my title in the exact place anyone would look for you first. Never in a million years would they thing to look in the mail room. Everyone knows where to find you, switch it up.

2. There are several other titles out there for the taking, but yet you chose to mess with mine. Was that really the smartest choice? Only you wouldn't know the old saying, don't hunt what you can't kill.

3. Titles are for the real men, not night school flunkies like yourself. Holding this title, you have to be crafty and on your toes. Ready for anything that comes your way cause they will come out of the wood work to take you down. Everyone. Everyday...24/7....

So I...will relieve you of this burden now. I hope you realize that you are just a prawn in this whole chess game and I...I am the king...

(Kitt looks down at Ari as a sadistic smile crosses his face. He quickly lifts his boot and smashes it down into Ari's face, leaving him cold to the world. Kitt places his foot again on Ari's chest and signals the ref.)




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01-07-2018, 01:01 PM
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Finally that little dude went back to work.

Winner and NEW Heavy Metal Wight Champion - Kitt Kennedy!

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