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Gilly.. the African Dream
12-31-2017, 07:22 PM
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We open the scene a few days after WORLD WAR X took place. It was another EPIC event which saw the devastating WAR GAMES double cage match pitting two members of APEX against Danny Imperial, Jenny Myst, Neville Sinclair and the man himself PETER DICK PUNCH OF DOOM GILMOUR! It was a heated battle which saw Peter's team fight with and against him and all out chaos erupt in the double cage. In the end, Robert Main got the win for APEX on Peter Gilmour. Peter fought valiantly but was let down by one of his teammates. Where does Peter go from here? We shall find out soon enough.

The scene switches to the open road as we see a long black limo driving down the road. The windows are tinted so we can't look inside. But somehow there is a camera in the limo which now shows Peter Gilmour, his lovely wife Maria Brink and Peter's best friend and mentor Max Masterson sitting next to each other as they are going to the airport to travel to Africa for the next leg of the WARFARE WORLD TOUR which kicks off this Wednesday night to usher in 2018.

We see Peter dressed in a black shirt and pants while Max is in an all black suit and pants and Maria is in a nice pink dress showing off some cleavage as her tatoos can be seen on her neck and hands. Everything seems quite as they head to the airport but then Peter breaks the ice.

Peter: Great show wasn't it?

Maria: Indeed it was. Sucks you lost in the WARGAMES main event to Robert Main.

Peter: Bah, least I was in the main event. My team just bailed on me. That fuckin cunt Jenny Myst screwed me over and not in a good way. But I'll get my revenge on her soon enough.

Maria: Sucks I couldn't be out there with you so I can slap the shit out of her for ya.

Peter: It's ok babe. I know you'll eventually get your hands on her someday. But it was best you stayed in the back. I don't need you getting hurt as we usher in 2018 with the band's tour starting up again. But hey, least I had a great birthday here in Japan.

Peter winks sadistically as Maria blushes. Guess he got some birthday sex which is the best sex of them all. But we digress.

Peter: By the way, have you guys seen Doc D'Ville? I haven't heard from him since I super dicked punched him out of the arena. That's what he gets for ripping my ear off. Fuckin prick he is. I did hear from a reliable source that Doc will be at WARFARE on Wednesday night. I bet he'll try to screw me in my match. But I'll be ready for him and if he tries to attack me, I'll give him another dick punch of doom and send him to the moon. He'll never come back after that. But I digress. It was a fun night and a great birthday weekend right babe?

Peter winks sadistically as Maria blushes. He must of got some birthday sex which is the best sex of them all. But we digress. Max just looks at the road as the car continues down the highway at a reasonable pace.

Maria: Oh, before I forget I just want to thank you for training me over the past week master.

Max: It was my pleasure Maria-san. I knew you were a bit skeptical about my training but you got through it. I know it was hard for you to fight Peter but you got to come to realize the fears you have. We all have fear deep inside Maria-san. But we got to overcome it and face it head on. Peter was one of your fears. Almost dying is another. But you must stay strong and take all that pain and fear inside of you and let it out. Unleash the fury inside of you. Only then will you achieve success. Understand?

Maria: Yes master.

Max: No need to be formal milady. You can call me Max.

Maria: Oh, sorry Max. So babe, where are we off to next?

Peter: We're off to Morocco for the African part of the World Tour. Should be "exciting."

Peter rolls his eyes as it seems he doesn't really want to go to Africa.

Maria: Come on babe, we can go on a safari again.

Peter: Remember what happened last time?

Maria thinks for a second then her eyes bulge open.

Maria: Oh right. But that was what a year or so ago? Come on babe, just one more time. I promise not to ask you again.

Peter thinks for a moment. Can he survive another boring safari? He then rolls his eyes and lets out a deep breath.

Peter: Fine, whatever you want babe. Just remember I won't be held responsible for what I do.

Maria nods her head. Max just looks on.

Max: So what's next for you?

Peter: Well, I got a message earlier about that. Seems I'm getting some luck again. I go into Africa with a chance to gain a title shot against the tag champions. I face BWP and FORMER tag champion after Engy used his briefcase to beat him, Chris Chaos. This could be a win-win situation. If I win, I can choose any partner I want. I could choose the nefarious Brother McBride or someone else. As much as I respect Mr. McBride, I might go out of the box and pick someone nobody thought I could team with like Doc D'Ville or even Vinnie Lane. But I'll make that choice when I win the match, which won't be an easy win let me add. Both are worthy competitors. But boy do I really want to beat the shit out of Chris Chaos for stealing my Universal Title a while back.

Chris, what happened there buddy? You got beat in your 4 on 4 match, then Engy swooped in and beat the shit out of you. Now you don't have a belt which makes me laugh. Let's be honest here Christopher. You and Jim Cadeus weren't exactly the perfect team and you're not the greatest partner ever so even if you had the belt, you and Jim would've lost them anyways. So now ENGY and JC are the champs. Well, my work is cut out for me now ain't it? If I win the match, I have to pick the best partner to go up against them and who knows if they'll even co-exist. It's going to be tough to beat them, but I have faith I'll find the best partner I can find, assuming people want to tag with me, besides McBride of course. But Engy, shine up those belts for me because when I beat Chris and BWP, I'm coming to collect and me and my mystery partner will defeat you both and I'll become a 5 time Tag Champ.

But back to you Christopher. Like I said, you had a rough night didn't you? I had one too but I was in the main event and not you. I'm the top dog in this company and Wednesday night I'm going to take a bite out of you and make sure you don't get that title shot. I hope Jenny comes to the ring with you because I'm going to pimp smack that bitch for what she did to me inside that double cage. But then again, I can have my wife do the dirty work for me.

Chris, I know you'll bring your best but it won't do you any good after I drop you on your head with the GILMOUR CUTTER and put you out of your misery as I go on to become a 5 time Tag Champ. Get ready to lose Chris because even Jenny won't be able to save you.

And then I get to you Piggy. We meet again don't we. Remember when we were last in the ring? My mind is a little foggy since I was dropped on my head the other night. But I do remember beating the shit out of you. We had a great battle a while back and I showed you what I can do. But this time the stakes are higher. One of us will go onto face Engy and Jim for those tag belts. And you already know who my partner could be. It may be Brother McBride or somebody else. You never know with me, the GOD of Xtreme Peter Gilmour. But IF I decide to team back up with Brother McBride, the KILLERS want their gold back and when I beat you and Chris, me and Brother McBride will beat Jim Cadeus and ENGY to become the 2 time Tag Team Champs and hold it for a long time because nobody can go toe to toe with us. I really wanted Doc and whomever the KINGS put in, but Doc D'Ville was too much of a pussy to give the KILLERS a shot knowing full well we deserved it when we got screwed in the tag tournament thanks to that faggot James Raven. But on Wednesday night, I will earn my title shot and me and McBride will go on to win back those titles that are rightfully ours.

Piggy, I know you'll bring it as well so I got my work cut out for me. But I will fight with everything I got and I will shock the world once again by beating both of you and going on to get my shot at those tag belts. I hope you and Chris are ready to get taken to the Xtreme, because I am ready to give you guys the fight of your lives.

So this Wednesday night, we all do battle in that ring. But one of us will walk out with a shot at the tag titles. I anticipate a epic match but when all is said and done, the GOD of Xtreme Peter F'n Gilmour will walk out of Morocco the winner while you two lay down on your backs counting the lights as I get my hand raised. Wednesday night, you both will be DELETED!

Peter laughs wickedly as we end the scene with a shot of the limo getting off the highway and entering the airport. The scene then begins to FADE TO BLACK!


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