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A Night Out
12-29-2017, 12:09 AM
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May 8, 1945

[Image: mw170501.jpg]

They had heard the eruption from people glued to their radios as the announcement was made. The war was over. The allies were victorious! Seeing people celebrating in the streets was an incredible thing for the two young women.

The scene that was being described was one of thousands of people celebrating cause and country.

Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret had found themselves enraptured by what was happening. English people everywhere were proud of their soldiers, they were happy to have to have won their freedom.

I do so wish we could be out there celebrating

Elizabeth had always found herself a bit of a free spirit. She was next in line to the throne, she could do what she wanted. Being stuck inside on a day like today felt like a jail, it was as if her duty to her family bound her to a different kind of war. She felt bound by responsibility yet desired one night of freedom.

Maybe we can

Princess Margaret was much different than the future queen. There was an heir of danger about her. Even at 16, there were stories of her with boys going around. She was the prettier one, the one who men fell at their feet for.

Elizabeth had always envied Margaret for two reasons. First, she envied the way she was able to live her life, a royal, yet not always watched. Margaret could flirt and get away with it. Elizabeth would say hi to someone and be scolded by her family and all the royal aides. Second, because of this, Margaret had experiences Elizabeth had wished for. She had kissed a boy. She had gone on dates. She had everything she wanted other than the one day promise of control.

When Churchill had made his announcement, the two young women had glued themselves to the radio. What was said next sealed the deal.

Throngs of young men have folded into the streets. People are embracing each other in an air of victory….

The two young women looked at each other. If there was a day they could sneak out. This would be it. But what would people think seeing them out. Were they in danger by being out? How much trouble would they get in coming back?

They slipped into the bathroom together and came up with a plan. If this was ever going to happen, it had to be today. This was probably the safest they would ever be.

Coming out together they were immediately ushered onto the balcony to wave at the crowds in a royal moment. Glaring outside, they were sure that tonight was the night. They would be photographed here and then leave at their convenience.

Tonight was the night they could feel normal. Tonight was the night they felt a part of things. Freedom was at hand.

Dec. 28, 2017

[Image: 055_BRI_0212.gif]

Neville walked the streets in the West End of London. He had found that every time he did this, more and more people were starting to recognize who he was. Contrary to what people said, there was an heir of notoriety about Neville. Fame had gone to his head at previous times in his life, but now he desired to keep his head down and think about life.

As much as Neville was now being noticed for how great he was, he still felt a certain kind of emptiness about things. Last week, hanging out with Jenny had been really fun. Neville had always been lone wolf, and having her turn on him and the team really had hurt. Of all the people in the XWF, Jenny was the one he had liked most. Maybe she did it because she wanted the title shot this week. Maybe she was just a crazy bitch that can’t be trusted. Either way, he felt betrayed, and needed some time to walk off his feelings.

A group of women stopped to take pictures with him. He always marvelled at wrestling fans. They were known in many groups to be anti-social, nerdy people. These were attractive women. Neville smiled at the best looking one and took her phone from her after the picture. He added his phone number and watched as she blushed and freaked out once he started to walk away. Maybe he just needed to get laid.

Either way, Neville was tired of doing this lone wolf. Perhaps now was the time he started to look for people to win with. Being part of a team was actually kind of fun, but he would have a hard time admitting that.

I don’t really know what to say about War Games. I mean the frustrating part to me, was that we had it. We very well could have won that match. I really am frustrated with what happened, and Jenny, if you think I’m going to come at you spitting vitriol and calling you every expletive I can think of, you’re wrong. I just want to know why?

I mean think of how great it would have been to raise our arms together, you, me and Peter, knowing that we’d overcome the odds to win a major event. Giving a big “fuck you” to those who didn’t pick us and making a statement. But we lost, in what I can only imagine was an attack against Peter. And I still have no reason to understand why this happened.

Neville knew he was coming off as too emotional during this promo. He thought of the promo he had watched Jenny cut on him and the pissed off Neville took his place.

So right… Jenny, I hope you actually do hear what I have to say here. Please know that you really do need some time to think through the logic of what you’ve done. You’ve cost me a match one day, and I’m damn well not going to let you cost me a championship so quickly.

Lesson #1 – Understand the Importance of Logic

Jenny, I’ve always been one who has stuck up for you when it comes to championships. I actually remember the respect I showed for you the first time we fought. It was me, you and Jack Cain fighting for the title. Where Cain constantly called you out for being a girl, I looked past that tried to figure you out as a person. Then, weeks later, I actually cut a promo calling you out for overcoming what most in this federation had pegged you as. I have been a champion and admirer of Jenny Myst for a long time. It doesn't make any sense. We were the underdogs, the ones that weren’t supposed to win. The best from a newer generation of wrestler who doesn’t get the same title shots as the “boys club” here at the top, and we finally were able to ascend to the place where had a chance to do something… and you fuck it all up. I mean really, what you did made no sense for your own career.

In that same bad logic, I then see you cut a promo calling me out. Saying that for one night we are enemies and totally belittling everything I’ve accomplished in this federation. And why? I don’t fucking know. Nothing makes any sense when it comes to you.

I mean think about it. You claim that I’m going to come at you and attack you saying that you have no competition for your title. I won’t do that. You’ve fought hard for that and as a champion elsewhere I respect that. So why can’t you show me the same respect? Why do you then use my title reign as an excuse to call me out for being cocky, and claim that I’m not that great. I’m in the very same boat as you, they can’t think of people to give title shots to anymore because I’ve cleaned the division out. Why is that strength for you and weakness for me? I mean, I did go off for an injury for awhile and come back and win it in my very first match.

You see Jenny, you’re certifiably cockier than any of us. You like to make a show of things. Whether it’s your ring romance, or whatever the hell that thing is. Or your actions in PPV events, sacrificing your own chance at wins to make “statements”.

You’re someone who always has to make a show of things. You’re like a little girl who’s just been given a microphone. Loud, but not very good. Just remember that in my “clearing out” of tv title contenders, you were one of the first victims, and now you have the chance to relive that again. Am I cocky about it? Sure. That’s the only part of your entire promo you’ve gotten right.

Neville sees a text from the girl, clicks a selfie and waits for her response. He would invite her to get drinks tonight and see where things go. Anything to not have to spend the night alone.

Lesson #2 – Understand the Importance of a Name

Probably the most disappointing part of watching your entire promo was your need to bring that annoying as hell movie “The Rocketeer” into things. Ever since it’s come out, people have been making fun of me for it since the thing came out and now I see it’s followed me here as well. Yes I know my name was taken by a Timothy Dalton played villain, and yes I’m aware the movie isn’t very good. Did you really sit down and watch that shit in an effort to try and make fun of me? That’s how far you’ve gotten into this thing? You act like it’s an enlightened thing you’ve done, but really, just google my name and it comes up. All you’ve proven to this entire federation is that you have a deep and undying affection for Disney movies. It could be why your outfit looks like a Disney character, or why you’re able to pull up such deep Disney cuts. For your next promo, are we going to be treated to you watching Condorman? Maybe That Darn Cat! Hell, any Hayley Mills movie should do. Either way, it says nothing about my wrestling ability, I’m not like the character in that. But let me use it to show you the importance of a name.

The Sinclair family was first found in France during 1000 AD before many moved over the England. From there they were well-known during the Norman period of English history. Most of them were simple farmers, but many of them became clergymen as well. It’s one of the larger families in England, and we do have our own family crest.

[Image: Sinclair-Scotland.jpg]

The Neville surname came from the same Norman time, but they were richer and acted as noblemen during the same Norman period. One of my ancestors fell in love with a farmer. Her family hated her for it, they saw it as marrying beneath them, but she did it for love. When their firstborn came, knowing that Sinclair would be the surname, they gave the child Neville as a middle name. It was their way of showing that they had some tie to noble blood as commoners. The tradition has stuck until this day. Now, I won’t tell you what my real first name is, I deserve some privacy but Neville Sinclair is my middle and surname. And I’m damn proud of it.

[Image: neville_large.gif]

Tell me where you got your name Jenny? What is the great history found in the “Myst” family? Last week, you took me to a strip club, is that where your name comes from? My name tells me where I come from, it attaches me to history and I take great offense when that is called into question. It sure as hell doesn’t come from a fucking Timothy Dalton Disney movie that was made after I was born. So fuck you for that.

Lesson #3 – Understand the Importance of a Championship

Why do I feel like the only reason you even want this damn championship is because you want something you’ve been denied? Like a spoiled brat child told he can’t have his candy, now you’re making a scene demanding something you don’t have and stirring up shit that deserves to stay down.

I take great pride in being the TV Champion, it’s not that there’s any sort of special power held in the belt, it’s that I know it’s my role right now in the XWF and I plan on giving my best week in and week out until I can either fight in a bigger capacity, or am given something else to do.

I know that I’m not going to be the TV Champ forever. WarGames was fun because it allowed me to see that I could hold my won amongst others I’ve never fought before. But you went and fucked that all up didn’t you Jenny?

So I ask you this: Why this championship? Is it simply to get something you don’t have? Are you treating the belts like jewelry trying to amass as many as you can have? Or is there some reason you’re actually trying to fight here? I have yet to hear a good reason, I have yet to believe you’ll actually fight hard for this best.
But you can be damn sure that I’ll be working my ass off to keep you from getting this belt. This is mine, and you’re going to have to pin my lifeless body to take it away. I’ll fight until I have no more strength left to make sure I come home with this belt. That’s not cockiness, that’s not arrogance. Championships aren’t something to collect Jenny, so other than collecting, what the fuck is your motivation?

Neville’s phone buzzes and he sees its from the girl he’s just given his number to. She wants to meet him in a pub only blocks away. He reaches into his pocket and makes sure he has protection. He does. He pulls out a flask and takes a shot of Scotch. Nothing like a pre-drink before the main event. This would give him something to celebrate this holiday season. He had spent the time alone. He didn’t want to be alone anymore, but he did still enjoy being single.

Educating the XWF since 06/08/17
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