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PlaceMarker With a Vengeance: Try Hard p.3
12-28-2017, 12:46 PM
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"With a Vengeance: Try Hard p.3"



Is this it, Main inquires of Colton, sat in the back seat beside him with Jim's shotty threateningly aimed point blank at his face?


Jim rolls the car silently to a stop at the far front corner of the property's fence, having already cut the engine a good fifty feet back. He sets the car into park. In the pitch black Phelan night, yellowish illumination radiates weakly from each visible window of the target house.

Drew stares at the closest window from the front passenger seat while Jim's emotionless gaze meets Colton's expression of weary acceptance in the rearview. He'd spent approaching 48 hours an Apex captive to ensure he wouldn't warn who he'd dimed out, a Rueben Velasquez and a Carlos Gonzalez, and now assumed, whichever way this went, he was going to die. He shies away from Jim's cold eyes to face Main and the sawn-off shotgun barrel.

How many in there right now?

"How the fuck should I know?"

Jim presses the trunk release, quietly opens the drivers side door and steps out heading for the rear of the rental. Colton watches him fearfully through the side windows until Main presses the barrel to Colton's head, snatching back his attention.

No lies. How many?

"I told you I don't know! Rueben and Carlos for sure, maybe a couple more! I'm not over here all the time, man," Colton whispers desperately!

Jim slowly closes the trunk and uses his weight to secure it as silently as possible before returning to the open drivers side door and sitting back down, arms full.

Are you SURE?


"S'ok bros...he's coming with."


CUT TO the nigh indistinguishable silhouettes of Drew and Main as they duck through a newly wirecut "doorway" in the front corner section of chain link fence, Jim bringing up the rear with Colton, ordering him through as well.

CUT TO the quartet crossing the distance between makeshift entrance and house, Main and Drew splitting off around the back.

(mood music)

Jim doesn't expect Colton to man up now of all times, the latter taking him by surprise and suddenly making a break for it, dead run, to the front door.


Jim takes off after him, stifling shouting out or worse, pulling the trigger and dropping Colton. Possible scenarios of a clusterfuck flash before his mind's eye and he begins to panic as Colton reaches the front door, twists the knob and flings the door open.


Jim screeches to a halt as Colton is literally lifted off his feet backward into the air, tagged by assault rifle fire from within. He lands on his back in the dirt, squirms for a second or two then lies still.

Jim doesn't recognize the Sureños affiliate visage that now fills the doorway but he does recognize the shape of the assault rifle held in the man's hands...and the turn of his head in Jim's direction.

Time slows as the Sureños affiliate begins raising his weapon up to take a shot, Jim frantically does the same with his shotty, snapping it up to midsection level and pulling the trigger.

The blast peppers the lower area surrounding the doorway, the target suddenly crumbling to his side with a pained bellow.


Jim spies multiple buckshot wounds to the man's legs as he makes haste up to the door, stooping to grab the rifle and fling it off into the darkness before kicking the man unconscious and entering to an empty and bare front room.

From inside the house Jim hears the shatter of glass, the belch of a second shotgun, hopefully either Main or Drew's. A third shotgun blast retorts.

From hallway entrance to the left of the front room...none other than Carlos comes dashing out with a pistol in his right hand. He falls back as he stops, seeing Jim, dropping to his ass before raising his sidearm.

Jim takes a quick shot, spattering Carlos's right side with buckshot. He screams, lying back, dropping his pistol. Jim moves to pump-

A thump to Jim's right. Jim's head whips around, his body follows.

Rueben emerges from right side hallway, second assault rifle already up and trained on Jim.

"Fuck you holmes!"


Rueben falls backward as his knees explode from behind, his screams of agony joining Carlos and the third Sureńos affiliate lying in the front doorway.

Cautiously, Robert Main exits the hallway behind Rueben, pumping his shotgun and expelling an empty shell. Drew emerges from the left side hallway, clutching the third shotgun.

"AAAAAAH! FUCK...FUCK DO YOU WANT," Rueben demands from the trio.

Main and Drew remain grimly silent as Jim stalks up to Rueben, kicking away his rifle.

"Justice......with a side o' vengeance."


The sun still hasn't risen by the time three responding San Bernardino County Sheriff SUVs pull up to the property, lights illuminating the night with the sporadic flash of red and blue.

The Apex rental is nowhere to be seen.

Deputies make their way cautiously, weapons drawn, through the front gate and approach the front of the house, a pair of them flanking off to circle around the back as Apex had done.

Moments later they make their incursion... find 3 Sureños affiliates moaning in pain, close to death though stubbornly clinging to life, in a mass of bodies tied together in a seated position on the front room floor.

A scribbled note lies in a pool of blood before them and it reads:

We robbed the Fishes, now feed us to them :)


::FADE TO BLACK on the quizzical expressions of the deputies::

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