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12-19-2017 11:17 AM

Drezdin:okie dokie xwf universe I need your help on something that is sssooo baffling that for the first since I've signed my xwf contract that I Boris johan valentenko better know as Drezdin is asking for your help.

What I need your help on that I myself can't figure out is this.
Let's go all the way back to last weeks Wednesday night warfare show...shall we?

A good three freakin days waaay before the Wednesday warfare show had EEEVVVEEERRR had a chance to air, the xwf war games car was announced, not only that the card was announced so we're the war game matches for the war games paper view.

Hell if that wasn't a qinky dink for ya enough, here's more for ya to digest, check this shit out.

A day fucking later, there were those who were both on the war games card and schedule to wrestle on the Wednesday night warfare were AAALLLLLL READY promoing for the next show/ paperview.....or what ever in the hell you call it.

Now where you the xwf universe comes in to help me is this, one..why in the hell would someone promo for a match that has such magnitude like war games when the person, weather if it's a she or a he, is all ready schedule to wrestle in a show?

Why? Why in the hell on earth would someone do that kinda of bull crap to ones self?

I myself self don't particularly get it.

I mean don't get wrong or anything I got nothing against promoing for a show/ ppv, it's just that I don't mind when a card for a ppv like war games, as a major ppv as it is, is posted, it's just that it drives the fuck me crazy when two god damn freakin days WWWWWAAAAAYYYYY BEFORE the show that they are scheduled to appear in are promoing for the next paper view instead of focusing on what is at had.......THE FUCKING MATCH THAT THEY WERE PREVIOUSLY SCHEDULED TO BE IN!

That's not all xwf universe, here's even more to munch one.

The second thing that I don't even get that you can help me figure out is this, when ones self is scheduled to be in a match like Wednesday night warfare, and is scheduled for another match like in a major ppv like war games, shouldn't that one particular person be focusing on that one show that they are in instead of both the ppv and the show?

I mean for me I honestly if I was that one person...I would much rather focus on the match that I WAS FIRST to be scheduled in at hand instead in this case the war games paper view and the show itself all at once so it won't be a distraction and if I was that person whom ever she or he maybe, i would wait a day or two then focus on the next match, so on and so on.

That's just me.........I'm just one man.

But none the less, in speaking of war games, in a week and a half from now I will be in a four on four elimination war games match.

Team x-treme:Peter gilmour, Neville Sinclair, Jenny myst, and Drezdin vs team panzer dragoons:panzer, Michael graves, Finn kiln, and doctors Louis d'ville.

I hate to admit this muchless say this
but uuumm
this match is a no brain.

For the love of god look at it!, i mean we have a xwf extremist original in Peter Gilmour, the best young talent period in the xwf in Neville Sinclair, the goddess of perfection herself in the reigning bomb shell champion Jenny myst, and there's me the most dominant giant in xwf history me Drezdin the name saids..against a bunch of gra"goons".

As they say it's nothing but a four gon conclusion with a ddddduuuuuhhhhh of a no brained all wrapped into one.

Xwf universe I not only promise you this, I guarantdamntee you that this match, specifically speaking this war games match between team xtreme versus team panzer dragoons will have TEAM XTREME DOMINATING TEAM PANZER DRAGOONS, we WILL WITH OUT ANY PROBLEM CLEAN SWEEPING THEM.

If that wasn't enough for ya, later on in the paper view, when the main event comes, it doesn't mater if it's one two or even three team xtreme will win that to as well.
As a matter of now that I think of doesn't matter what member(s) of team xtreme it is, it doesn't matter who it is, we or whom ever will run rampant or rough shot we will or whom ever it is go through that one person as well.

I've said once and I'll say till it comes true.......your teams time is up team xtremes time is now.

Prepare to get dominated from the start to the end.

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