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Temple Of Doom
12-06-2017, 12:35 AM
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Continued From Parts Unknown

[shadow=orange]Listen, man! I just want to know where the temple is! Soldier I don't want any trouble I have enough trouble for the both of us! Can you point me in the direction of the temple?[/shadow]

[Image: JFNeZj9.jpg]

Unknown Soldier points Robert nods unsure rushing past Soldier then sprinting, every so often looking over his shoulder. Robert blast out of the woods standing in front of the temple panting out of breath

[shadow=orange]Where in the fuck is everyone?[/shadow]

Robert hears rustling in the woods behind him, Robert braces himself for whats next but to his surprise, Jim walks out of the woods Jim appears upset as his jaw trembles as Robert notices the white streak now running through Jim's hair!

[shadow=orange]Jim are you okay? What in the hell happened? What did you find?[/shadow]


[shadow=orange]Dude why in the hell would you sneak up on us like that scaring the shit out of us?[/shadow]

Bobby, I think you and the Jiminator are overreacting a wee bit here. Why so jumpy?

[shadow=orange]How am I overreacting? The whole underworld wants the three of us dead! I’m not overreacting here![/shadow]

Jim shakes out of his apparent funk

Yo, we getting this thing done? We still have to go inside this old place and get the Devil out of Robert. You know he won’t go down without a fight! Gentlemen this could be our last ride together!

I’m not hugging either of you.

The three men ascend the temples stares gradually one at a time taking in the holy site! As Robert observes the temple for the first time he acknowledges that this establishment has been deserted for decades. The fragrance of incense was abundant and the sound of chimes could be heard off in the distance. This spiritual journey for Robert was about to commence, Robert all of a sudden drops to one knee. He looks up towards the top of the temple, as he slowly perceives a dark presence! Robert begins experiencing his old consciousness retreating into the abyss of his subconscious mind. Robert started to see memories from his past. Everything Robert could see all around him was very real, so factual, so substantial yet impenetrable. The atmosphere all around Robert was now becoming dense and unwieldy. Jim stops reaching out for Robert’s hand as does the masked limo driver. Robert tries shaking the malevolent being as they pull him to his feet.

Robert are you okay?

[shadow=orange]He’s here![/shadow]

Bobby were here. It’s almost over! Sweet 8 pound 10 ounce Jesus who is that up there?

That him man! That’s the Devil himself!

The Devil stands at the top of the staircase mocking they three men with a nefariously wicked smirk. The two help Robert up the stairs when Robert crumbles from his feet, screaming out!

[shadow=orange]Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! He’s in my head![/shadow]

Fight him! You can do this!

[shadow=orange]He’s stronger now! Or has he been tricking me this whole time? Making ahhh….. Uh…. Making me think I could fight him![/shadow]

Robert were almost to the top. Put on your big boy pants, you’ve got to stay with us!

As the three reach the top Robert leans up against one of the two stone Foo Dog statues! The masked limo driver begins pacing back and forth rolling his shoulders staring at the Foo Dogs.

[Image: INdkZHf.jpg]

What in the flying fuck are these dog looking things! They look like a Picasso on acid.

[shadow=orange]They are shí shī. It literally means stone lion! They protect places like this from evil spirits! Guys go ahead I’ll be fine right here! I need a few moments to myself before this all goes down![/shadow]

You sure bother?

[shadow=orange]Yes, go ahead! Get everything ready. All of the monk's things are inside![/shadow]

Until Unknown Soldier drug him off and murdered our monk in the woods! He was a good man! A little weird. Didn't talk much. But a good man. How’s about a moment of silence for the poor baster?

WAIT HOLD UP! You two ran into Unknown Soldier in the woods, and he murdered our monk that was going to help us? Why in the hell do I miss all of the good shit? So what in the fuck we going to do without a monk?

YouTube Jimster!

[shadow=orange]Guys go ahead! Okay? I’ve got some things to say! To Danny, before this, all goes down![/shadow]

Jimm AAAAAAAAAAA! Let's go in there and try to get something figured out. Maybe on the way in you could I don’t know shoot some prayers up to big guns upstairs and see what he can do for us because I have no clue how to do this. I mean I’ve killed vampires and all but idea. We could drive a stake into Robert’s Hart and see what happens!

Were not driving a stake through Robert’s Hart! Or anyone else’s!

Then why am I even here?

The two men enter the temple as Robert peers towards the camera

[shadow=orange]Danny you butter faced cock monster, I didn’t come at you with any bull shit about line by lining me! I said what you did, we all know it! Hell kid is that the way you oppose my actions? Wait for the other guy to take the first crack and then try and battle out of the hole? You’re already dead and in the ground we just haven’t covered you up with dirt yet! Keep this shit up and XWF management will be wishing you luck in all your future endeavors! Whatever happened to coming out “cold” huh? It would seem that never materialized on your end! Getting in the first knocks, getting out ahead in the rhetorical warfare? I did what I always do Danny I get in the first buckshot to the brain, and from there on I keep on clubbing you until you plummet breaking down sitting in a gigantic pool of humiliation or give the hell up altogether. Just visual examine your promos. They have become increasingly shorter with no substance, you continuously put your guard up against my words, all the while reducing your own! Yet I am supposed to be shaken to my very foundation with this shit! The only bull shit I see is Danny Imperial cutting a promo stating he is this new breed of monster that I should be terrified of! Tell me what I should be so afraid of? Being bored to death, and you are correct I haven’t taken the time to sit and watch any Danny Imperial promos up to this point because I haven’t needed to. Everything that I have articulated about you is the utter truth! No bull shit, no bait and switch! I see you come on any television within seeing or hearing distance, I’m asking for the remote and changing the channel to anything other than you, and trust me when I say this! Everyone else watching turns the channel also! What a pompous crotch jockey you’ve become! Do you presume I need a transcript like you do? I’m sure you print out every single word said in my promos and try dissecting them. You’ve tried, I think three times now to turn my words on me? Has it worked? Have you made one valid point? No and no! You meager pocket-sized insecure turd pirate!

Danny, you are nothing more than a white trash crotch captain begging for annihilation! There is nothing worse than a tone-deaf sphincter hound like yourself! Danny, you claim I stirred up a considerable shit-storm, now you are attempting to gracefully clean it up. That isn’t it at all Danny, you are running from behind! You wanted this fight with me and now that I am taking it to you even before we get into the ring you have no idea what to even think about doing! You were the one starving for attention, you needed something more. You were going to chew through the locker room upon your return! What locker room where you referring to? The women’s, half of the women in the XWF would stomp a mud hole in your ass! All I have seen you do is bomb time and time again, nose-diving right into the ground! You’ve overplayed you hard Danny! I thought I heard you mention something about fake news! Now I could be mistaken but as far as I am concerned Danny Imperial is the one spreading it! What have I said that is not reality? What have I done that is counterfeit! Nothing! Never have! I guarantee you this Danny no one is paying attention to you! So you have wrestled more than I have over the past few weeks. Would you like me to say good job, Danny? You shout out boisterously, with that oversized loud mouth! I’ve wrestled week in and week out unsuccessful match after match after match. You lost in LOF, you lost in DOC’S rumble! You beat an abysmal Cadryn, You beat Chris Chaos and Jim! So you beat those two and really lost three counting your title win! Because if you count that as a win you are a bold faced liar! To me, it looks like you have been burning the candle at both ends, Danny! BLOWING YOUR ONLY WAD against Chaos and Jim, you slimy cock goblin you!

Then to put the icing on the desperate cake! Danny, you decide to come at me saying everything that I have out is scripted. Jimmy did most of my work for me! Are you trying to hoodwinking me, or everyone else watching? Day in and day out you have come at me with nothing more than buffoonery, you try this slapstick absurdity, thinking everyone will fall in love! Danny Imperial, the world loathes the ground you walk on! I genuinely cannot believe you went there! Nice low blow, but I’d expect nothing less from a man getting mashed up and pounded under the weight of the Omega! It all seems somewhat out of character for a gristly guy like Danny Imperial! Nothing like kicking a man when you think he’s down! Let me let you in on some classified information you idiot no one has or ever will do one bit of work for me! Everything that I have accomplished here is because I have been better than the men I am facing in the ring! I strive for perfection! You want to pepper me with something like that, because of what? The quality of my promos hurricanes right over yours? Or maybe because you can’t come up with anything other than a rebuttal to mine! Hey, maybe you can do things the lazy way and hop on YouTube from now on! I’m sorry there isn’t a creative bone in your limp dicked body Danny. I truly am! But pulling that card is bull shit! You should stop now before you hurt yourself even more by trying to come up with one fucking original thought! You’ve become a man clinging to anything he can because he knows he is losing! Your butthurt because I am ripping you to shreds and there isn’t a damn thing that you can do about it, other than bend over and take it like the bitch you are! Just like last time around Danny! I kicked your teeth down your throat! This time is no different! What’s next? All you’re doing is hoping someone will bail you out of the shit you begged for? What about my friend the limo driver? What an ass hat!

[Image: OMYhlu0.jpg]

Is he contributing too much into our conversations too? I’m sorry I know people. I sorry you don’t have any other friends, other than the paid actors in your promos doing what you asked them. I just don’t know how a broke fucking loser like yourself can afford them! You are a boring loser. How does it feel getting murdered? Oh, and the whole Devil popping into the limo thing. No, I didn’t write the script he just showed up like he always does Danny! He is supreme evil after all he can do some extraordinary things! He popped up in the bar too! Or did you not catch that? Or were you too busy on the streets choking the life out of people? Everything that you saw happening, was real life, Danny! There were no scripts, no paid actors! You cannot just hire The Devil and a few demons to try and kill you! You act like Jim had such a heavy hand in my promo, yet my brother can’t even speak the language over here! Jim spoke for what may be five minutes? Our limo driver friend killed three demons in the street with a limo! Did you not see Jim and I tripping out? No one is speaking for, the Omega but the Omega! I’m sorry that Jim thinks so little of you! But hey everything that he said was the truth! I think that is what is sticking in your craw! Clearly, Danny, you are so far moved from reality you are hearing things that are not there! Seeing what you want to see! You are legitimately coming undone mentally! You are suffering from hallucinations! Your problem is there is nothing more to say! You cant fight back! You have lost your will to even try. I will crack your skull like an egg, putting The Hart Championship back where it belongs! In the hands of a deserving champion!

Funny how a monster among men like yourself Danny was never once asked by the Devil himself about a deal. Do you know why? It’s simple you could never keep up on your end! I’m sure Unknown Soldier wrote his part as well, right? He killed a fucking monk man! He took another man’s life! He watched the life leave that man’s body! Let Unknown Soldier hear you so much as speak his name! He’ll find you and slit that throat showing you what a real murder looks like! You fucking fraud! Have you heard yourself? Do you even know what in the hell you are talking about because everything that you have said! Every single promo has been Danny Imperial talking out of his ass! This game we play week to week on live television is a pay to play situation, and you Danny Imperial will pay me in ten pounds of gold! On this night there will be a trail of glory blazed, and there is nothing at all you can do to stop it! I know you are all scramble brained and all but maybe when reading my promos over and over and over you should really think about the point I am trying to drive home in them! It’s clear as day you are a few bricks short of a full load! I must ask you though Danny how has it felt over the past few days? How have you liked getting taken to the verbal woodshed by the Omega? It’s clear to me, you are looking for a way out of this mess you have got yourself into! You shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house, Danny! You wanted this! You begged for it! Now that it is here you see your championship run slipping through your fingers! Hell, I thought Robbie Bourbon was a paper champion but you might just take it to another level! You’ve written a check that your ass cannot cash and the bank is going to come calling at Warfare! The difference between you and I Danny is when I do fall in shit I don’t get any on me![/shadow]

Hey man I think we are ready!

[shadow=orange]God, I hope this works![/shadow]

Robert and Jim enter the temple where the masked limo driver is sitting on a stone podium flipping through one of the monks many books

Okay……. Bobby lay down on this podium. Uh….. I got youtube fired up, which is amazing btw cause I barely have any bars out here. TMobile for the win.…..This….. Uh….. Book has a lot of great information in it. Anyone read Latin? From what I can understand, which is basically nothing, this podium can draw evil spirits out of someone. I would assume that rings true for the Devil also?

Robert treads over to the podium ling down skeptical of what is about to happen!

What ya waitin for? Do you need ta read that book or what?

Hey Jim Beam how about a little less arm chair quarterbacking and a lot more stopping the Devil walking towards us right now!. Que pasa mufasa? Oh, and my phone has no service now. Fucking TMobile. Shoulda went with Sprint!

Keep doin whatever needs ta be done I’ll stop this fuckin mess!

Uh… Right Robert…. Uh… Shit…. I got nothing.

[shadow=orange]Listen, man, you have to believe what is in that book to be able to read it! Or nothing will appear! We’re running out of time![/shadow]

Oh. I didn't realize this was like the Polar Express. That would explain the blank pages!

[shadow=orange]I thought you said you couldn't read the language![/shadow]

Calm down Bobby I didn’t want to freak you out!

The Devil marches into the sanctuary raising his arms igniting each torch that lined the temple walls. Jim rambles towards the Devil as the two stand face to face! The Devil leers into Jim's eyes before delivering his final message!

[shadow=red]Do you believe you can salvage what’s left of your friend’s soul? Jim Caedus? I’ll give you one more opportunity to join me! Or you will suffer the same consequence as your friend! Join me! Make the deal! For if you do not! You’ll not even have a fighting chance! I will massacre the three of you one by one! Join me Jim Caedus, stop these shenanigans at once![/shadow]

Answers, NO!

The Devil chuckles instantaneously gripping Jim by his throat boosting him high into the air, Jim rains down a few hard shots but the Devil glances at Jim for a moment unconcerned slamming Jim into the stone floor. He once-overs Jim with evil eyes before stepping over his lifeless body advancing in the direction of the podium.

Bob…. I need some R-Kelly! I believe I can Fly or something! This shit ain't working!

[shadow=orange]You have to hurry up! Like right now![/shadow]

The Devil pounces plucking Robert off of the podium

I can see it hang in there Bobby! I believe! Lord, have mercy! Christ, have mercy! Lord, have mercy! Christ, hear us! God, the Father in heaven! God, the Son, Redeemer of the world! God, the Holy Spirit! Holy Trinity, one God! HEAR US or some shit!

[shadow=red]I don’t think so![/shadow]

The Devil snaps his fingers suddenly the men are no longer in the temple

[Image: giphy.gif]

Uh….. Boys were not in Kansas anymore. Not that I've ever been to Kansas but still. I’ve do have a question there Mr. Devil man? Is this hell? I figured there would be more ya know hellfire and brimstone and possibly gayness. That's what South Park led me to believe.

Robert glimpses around for a moment noticing they are in a white room! There is nothing in this room but Robert, Jim and The masked limo driver! The Devil walks towards the defeated three men when Robert notices something odd off in the distance. He looks closer noticing a man dressed in all black sitting at a table, his hair was mid length with a chestnut color, and he had a short goatee. The man was debating his next move taping his temple with his index finger he was playing chess with another man who’ back was turned to them! Without warning, this man turns around Robert notices the man’s face!

[Image: giphy.gif]

Doctor Louis D'Ville

Doc gestures to the man he’s playing chess with he needs to pause for a moment.

Excuse me, my friend! It appears I have some uninvited guest! I assure you this will only take a few moments away from our game of GOOD -- vs -- EVIL!

Doc crosses one leg over his other placing his hands on his knee watching from a distance intrigued!

[shadow=orange]That’s DOC![/shadow]

At least I’m around for the cool shit this time!

The Devil swiftly appears behind the three men snatching Robert first hurling him to the ground! Jim and the masked limo driver both begin whaling away as the Devil grabs them both by the throats squeezing with all his evil might. He lifts the two high into the air as Robert spears the Devil down to the white floor. All three men put the boots to the Devil for a few moments before the Devil grabs Jim’s foot, the Devil twist hard breaking Jim's leg! Jim immediately falls to the floor clenching his leg shrieking out in agony!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Robert and his masked friend repeatedly continue throwing heavy shots, discharge their fists. They both land knees, kicks and punches but the Devil still manages to get to his feet. Swatting the two men away! Robert squeezes the Devil from behind the Devil briskly smashes Robert’s nose with his head plummeting Robert to one keen blood now dribbling all over the white floor! The masked man blankets the Devil with punches, the Devil quickly grabs the hand breaking the masked man wrist, then arm, then his leg!

[shadow=orange]Hey you son of a bitch![/shadow]

Robert crashes his knee into the Devils midsection clubbing the Devil with hard elbows to the floor. Robert again starts stomping away at the Devil. The Devil grabs Robert by the leg pulling him to the floor mounting him, Robert takes shot after shot firing back at the Devil time and time again! Robert is now pouring blood from his nose and mouth. Both eyes swollen shut as the Devil continues his assault grabbing Robert’s throat pulling him off of the floor breaking Robert’s back over his knee. Robert crashes to the floor unable to move next to his masked friend. Jim is hopping on one leg with his fists up ready to fight. The Devil again smiles walloping Jim to the floor dislocating Jim's shoulder and breaking his right arm. The Devil plucks Jim up tossing him towards Robert and the masked man! All three men lay there bleeding out with several broken bones. The Devil approaches, as Jim reaches up still trying to fighting! The Devil kicks Jim in the face knocking out all of Jim’s front teeth! Jim spits his teeth out laughing!

[shadow=red]I told you three! Now your souls are mine! Time to end this debacle![/shadow]

Go ahead mother fucker! Kill us!

Jim again snickers vomiting up more blood

Ah…. You….. Just do it…. I’ve got nothing!

The masked man begins cracking up!

At least……I’ll die laughing!!!

[shadow=orange]Like they said… ahhhhhhhh! Kill us….. We will fight you for all eternity you evil bastard![/shadow]

Robert grins

[shadow=red]Very well.[/shadow]

Apex simultaneously flips the Devil off!

The Devil smiles raising him palms lifting the three men off of the floor as he starts to squeeze the life out of them an influential powerhouse voice can be heard!


The Devil stops immediately dumping the three men to the floor abandoning what he was about to do to them! Doc places his hand on The Devils shoulder motioning for him to leave at once! The Devil nods heeding to his pecking orders vanishing into a small puff of onyx smoke

[shadow=orange]What just happened? I can’t see anything![/shadow]

Doc Just told the Devil to bounce!

[shadow=orange]Wait I don’t understand! I thought that was The Devil! Why did you stop him?[/shadow]

Mr. Main, my friend! What do you not comprehend? You three were undoubtedly, skirmishing against The Devil as you labeled him! But he is not, The Prince Of Darkness!

[shadow=orange]So he’s not the ruler of hell? I’m lost! What about the deal I made with him?[/shadow]

Robert, he is a mere servant, second in command! Consider the arrangement you agreed upon null and void! Now if you will excuse me, gentlemen, I have a chess game to complete! He doesn’t come down here much to play!

[shadow=orange]So is that Go……[/shadow]

Doc Interrupts

Gentlemen, feel free to stop by the Good Doctors office, my door is always open!

[shadow=orange]So are you Lucif……..[/shadow]

Doc again interrupts this time smiling snapping his fingers as the three men disappear

[Image: giphy.gif]

By the way move the chess pieces back! I know you moved them!

The three men wake up in the temple inspecting their surroundings to make sure it was indeed over! Each man was now healed completely, Robert drops to his knees as his last breath pulled from his lungs murky traces of sin began to pour from his mouth as the masked limo driver and Jim look on in awe. As the darkness evaporates into thin air Robert stands up his soul now unbroken! Robert looks into the camera

[Image: giphy.gif]

[shadow=orange]Danny Imperial! It appeared to piss you off when I called you a want to be! Seems like Chris Chaos I have you pegged! You are a want to be! Nothing more! You say I’m regressing, I’m be becoming less of what I used to be. That just simply isn’t true! Since being back Danny the only thing that I have done is impress and give the highest standard of match I can give to those people that fill those seats each and every night! Do you believe for a split second, a man named Danny Imperial will give me a chance to shine in the ring? Danny everything that I touch turns to gold! I am the man around here! I win matches! I don’t need a chance to shine because I shine each and every time I enter that ring! I will walk down that steel ramp on warfare first sure, but I’ll be leaving first also and as Champion! I don’t rely on what I have done in the past by any means! Danny, I just remind you, that you are outgunned, outmatched and underwhelming! Maybe you could do us a favor cutting another promo from your bed! Seems like that’s been done a few times now! Original! I’m not afraid to crack a few eggs around here to make myself a nice omelet! Whether it’s the past present or future Robert Main will remain a top talent in this company! Warfare I beat and batter a man who believes he is something more! In this process, I will outclass and outperform you in every way! I will assassinate the man who thinks he’s a killer inside and outside the ring! Danny Imperial I will put you down, eradicating mediocrity you’ve fatally poisoned so many minds with! I will take The Hart Championship out of obscurity! Warfare The Omega will prevail![/shadow]

[Image: GRgY26J.jpg]

[Image: 1RxPPRE.jpg]

The Omega

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