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10 Things I Hate About You - Chris Chaos Edition
12-05-2017, 06:54 AM
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1.You're a closeted homosexual.
2. You have a small penis.
3. You have no testicles.
4. And because of that your rather insignificant penis looks bigger than it really is.
5. But it still looks really small.
6. You had a good run here a while back but then actual talent showed up and now you suck.
7. You only have these titles because of Jim Caedus and you know it.
8. You are the absolute best.
9. At making Peter Gilmour's trash talk seem coherent.
10. You can't wrestle for shit. Just saying.

Bonus round:

11. When you and Jenny were on the outs she blew me.
12. And let me hit it.
13. She let me nut all over her chesticles.
14. She said my dong is way bigger than yours.
15. Also she swallows

And you know what they say, pics or it didn't happen...

Spoiler :

[Image: alexa_bliss1.jpg]

[Image: alexa_bliss7.jpg]

[Image: alexa_bliss2.jpg]

[Image: AoQnIJt.jpg]

[Image: JlTCiVS.jpg]

Forever Federweight Champ
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