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Portrait of a Champion
12-04-2017, 11:41 PM
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Dec. 4, 1780

[Image: s-l1000.jpg]

Your highness, King George III

Thomas Gainsborough watched as the Royal entered the room. There was an air about him that seemed different than most. Gainsborough could only imagine what it must be like. He held himself differently, he knew his own worth.

I wonder what that’s like

Gainsborough had been born to a respectable, but poor family. His father was a weaver, but they had recognized his artistic talent early. Because of his passion to art, his father had poured everything the family had into allowing him to see this passion through. They took him to galleries when they could, they bought him books of art he could study. His parents even struggled with the decision of whether to send him away to school to pursue his passion.

But this was all worth it. Thomas Gainsborough now stood before the King.

Your Royal Highness

Gainsborough bowed and kept his head down, he wanted to show nothing but respect for his King. He stayed down until King George touched his hand and raised him to his feet. But he said nothing. Gainsborough waited in awkward silence.

I have seen your work previously

Thomas couldn’t imagine that the son of a weaver would have his artwork seen by kings, he knew that this would be a defining moment in his life.

I should like it if you would paint my portrait much like that Blue Boy

A year earlier, Gainsborough had painted the portrait of the son of a merchant he knew. He had made it somewhat of an homage, hastening back to the paintings of Anthony van Dyck that he had studied as a child. Even though it sat in private residency, the King had sought it out and seen it.

Yes, your highness.

Thomas knew that his interactions with the King needed to be limited, but he knew there were some questions he needed to ask.

Would you like anything special with this portrait?

The King smiled. He probably wasn’t used to people asking questions of him, but this was the right kind of question.

I should like to look proud. Something the Americans can see.

As these two men sat, the American Revolution waged on overseas. It was incredible to Gainsborough, that not only was he painting a portrait of the King, he was painting something that could be used to change the world. The pressure was immense. He would paint him upright, showing his proud chin and his regal stance. This would send a message to those wanting to leave British rule. He should paint this traditionally, there was no room for personal interpretation.

As he positioned King George III, Gainsborough knew that his own work of art needed to be a statement. If he could both impress the royal family and send a message to the rebels, his art could inspire the world.

A thin bead of sweat trickled down Gainsborough’s brow.

No pressure.

Dec. 4, 2017

[Image: Gainsb15.jpg]

Neville limped briefly though Gainsborough’s house. This was the place in Suffolk that the famous portrait artist had grown up.

Did you miss me?

Neville smiled as he looked at the camera. It had been so long since he’d done this. A few weeks back in a match against Bearded War Pig, his leg had given out. He had tried to fight through things, but he felt his knee buckle and knew he was going to lose that match.

After losing his title, Neville went away to recover. He wasn’t going to make a show of things. Like a wounded animal, Neville just needed to disappear and recover. He spent much of his time watching matches and catching up on his reading. It was so relaxing just to sit down and read, but that had gotten old after about two weeks.

The doctors had told Neville that the recovery might take close to 6 months, but after two weeks he had begun training again. He pushed and pushed until he was able to walk after a month, and then he started to run. He still did everything with a slight limp, and doctors hadn’t given him the ok to continue fighting. But on seeing where the XWF was at, especially what Savage had turned into without him,

Neville did what he could to make his return

You haven’t heard a lot from me these last few weeks, but I’ve been watching everything going on and been incredibly disappointed with what this group has done. I’ve seen some of the least-inspired, boring promos leading to average matches. People have stopped having bad blood together, and XWF simply seems to exist. Why would anyone watch this shit?

So I’m rushing back, not because I want to attack people, it’s not even to win my title back. I’m coming back to the XWF early to save it from itself. The Universal title has turned into a laughing stock on Robbie Bourbon. Engy’s been simply “ok” as X-Treme Champion. Hell, even Danny Imperial is holding a belt these days, which tells you all you need to know. To prove further that hell has frozen over, Caedus and Chaos are tag team champions, together!

What the fuck has happened to this place?

Neville shakes his head in disgust. When he left, things were in good shape. And now look at it…

I don’t even fucking know anything about the guy holding the TV title right now. Erik Black? The only thing even remotely interesting about that piece of shit is that he doesn’t spell his first name with a c. You see, I’m sitting here looking at Gainsborough, understanding what art used to look like. Art that made a difference in the world. Art that spoke to kings and subjects. Art that people could relate to.

Our matches and our promos can be an art form. They can make people like or hate us. They can speak to great men and the simple minded. We can put forward something that says something and means something.

Neville looks at a few of Gainsborough’s paintings on the wall. Even though they were simple in structure, they were complex in what was going on.

But, I watch an Erik Black promo and what do I see? I see Mr. Black copying every straight-to-video action movie ever and then walking into a room to talk to me. Excuse me while I wake up. Congratulations Mr. Black on finding a toe in a box. I was so intrigued by the “crazy” act, that it took me awhile to figure out what the fuck was happening there. Believe me, I want nothing more than to teach you a few lessons, so sit down, shut the fuck up and listen.

Lesson #1 – Sometimes you take the Matches you don’t want

Don’t think for a second I want this match with you. I was looking forward to avenging my defeat to Bearded War Pig, when all of a sudden you won the title out of nowhere. Believe me, no one was more surprised than me at seeing you win my title. I think I spat out a good two shots of Scotch when they announced you as winner. No wonder they wanted that match in a closed stadium with no one watching, the amount of boos and confusion the fans would have given had they been allowed in there would have been too much to recover from. Erik Black barely deserves to be a blip on the title picture let alone the champion of anything.

But I always take the matches management gives me, because they always provide me with opportunities. And I’m actually excited about the opportunity this week gives me. When I win my title back, and please believe me, after seeing your first promo, it’s a when not an if. I have the chance to make Erik Black nothing but a fancy trivia answer some day. You’ll be forever remembered as the guy who Neville Sinclair beat to get his title back in his return. Nothing more. You’re as instantly forgettable as your name, and I just can’t wait to pin your unconscious body and know that the title is coming home.

You see Erik, I’ve already carved out my legacy here. I’m the longest holding TV title champion ever, other than that insane fuck who changed personas every few weeks. I could have already fought for the Universal Championship. I’m a known commodity making his emotional comeback at a time when this federation needs a champion to step up. You’re a guy who’s won one big match in his entire lifetime.

Good luck on Saturday!

[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

Neville moves inside the house, now a Thomas Gainsborough museum. He takes a look at one of his earlier paintings “A Gentleman with a Dog in a Wood”. Neville stops and appreciates the way Gainsborough could draw physical features, especially on the face. Physical was important, but it meant nothing if there was no soul to the painting.

Lesson #2 – It’s not simply about the Physical

As I watched your last promo, there was one thing I had to stop and laugh at. Your overinsistence at the value of the physical. You stated, and I quote verbatim, “This business is about getting physical.” Then you proceeded to tell me I’m out of place. It was at this point that I had to pause things to keep from hysterically laughing. Prostitution and bodybuilding are the only two jobs concerned with only the physical. And looking at you, I don’t think you’d ever be able to take part in either.

You see, where I come from, a man and what he does is made up from a number of different things. I may not be the biggest physical specimen in this company, but I can work with what I’m given. I can compliment my trained physique with my brains and throw in a great personality to boot. Even people that hate me enjoy watching me because they always know that I’ll put on a show.

This is the problem with meatheads like you. You’ve spent all your time training in one thing and you live or die by one aspect about you. Imagine if you were smarter, you certainly wouldn’t be spending your time with guys like Rex, sitting in dangerous situations like that. So this is what kills me, people that train in fighting styles as I have are always defined by their discipline. They discipline their bodies, minds and souls in order to not stand in the way of their physical prowess. I would think a “trained” guy such as yourself would know that. So how does putting yourself in situations with guys that say ridiculous things like “shit on a biscuit” show you’re a disciplined man?

Like you, I’ve trained in a number of different areas. Mastered things that most men would dream of. But look at me now. You don’t see me in dumb-as-fuck action movie situations. I continue to discipline my mind. I continue to discipline my body. And that’s why I’ll forever be remembered as the greatest TV Champ of all time. You, at the rate you’re going, will be dead by 35.

It had been awhile since Neville had drank Scotch in his Promos. He’d been saving some good stuff for his return. Neville took out his 1980 Bunnahabhain Canasta Cask. At almost 2 grand, this was celebration Scotch. He took two swigs and exhaled deeply.

It was good to be him right now.

Lesson #3 – Always make the place you’re in the best you can

One of the most telling things to me while I was gone was how bad Savage has gotten. I mean, do you realize it’s almost unwatchable these days? Think of last week. Erik fucking Black beat Bearded War Pig in a stadium with no one in it. How exciting! The only reason I can think they would possibly make that a main event is because they know the fan backlash from such a shitty match would be overwhelming. You see, this was the point I knew I needed to come back. The reason I educate is to make this federation a better place. And schooling assholes like yourself comes easy.

Bearded War Pig was a joke of a champ. Everything I had accomplished months prior, he undid with his title reign. The TV title has become a joke again because guys like Erik Black can win it. The day I return, the card magically gets better. Do you think that’s an accident?

This Saturday, we will aim to get Savage to a different level. We will aim to make things watchable again, and it starts with removing it’s joke of a champion.
Black, you’ve had a few days now to reign and what have you accomplished? A whole lot of nothing. Maybe a match against me will prove what you’re made of. Or maybe it will show you to be the imposter champion that I think you are.

Neville looks at a picture of Gainsborough and his wife. She was a nice looking thing. He definitely needed to keep her satisfied, she could go out and get what she wanted

So Saturday we’ll fight over the belt. She left me because I made some mistakes and couldn’t take care of her, but we all know who’s waist she belongs around. She’ll come home to the man she loves and stop choking on your sweaty steroid-shrunken pencil dick. Last Saturday’s Savage stated that a “new era has begun”, but we all know that everyone secretly wants things to go back to the way things were. Back when XWF was thriving and champions mattered. Consider me your “attitude-era” bitches, and it’s time to go back.

Neville sits in a chair by the visitor’s table to rest his knee. He glares at the camera.

Ah fuck, I’ll even beat you with only one leg.

Educating the XWF since 06/08/17
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