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12-02-2017, 11:23 PM
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"Sup yall? Oh that's right, believe yo eyes, Calypso is back and he has a surprise!"

Calypso moonwalks over to Big Rick and Mike.

"And what would the former FIVE-time XWF Federweight Champion have up his sleeve on this fabulous evening? Well, if you haven't guessed, it's to check-in, wipe some ass, and check-out with my long-lost title."

"Not that I miss it or anything. Not like I don't have anything else going on. I just feel naked without it, na'I'm sayin? It shouldn't be Feder's face tramp stamped on the face of the title no mo', it should be the best champion it's ever had!"

"Which let's just address the elephant in the room here, it ain't Big RIck. Dude, I gotta ask, what's with the gecko? I just don't get dudes that hang out with lizards. Except Thomas Nixon."





XWF Record and Accomplishments:
7 x XWF Federweight Champion
Won his debut match on Wednesday Night Warfare, November 19, 2014 against the gigantic hell-beast known as the Ghost Tank in a Meathook Match!
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JimCaedus (12-10-2017)
12-02-2017, 11:43 PM
Post: #2
Kick out.

"Look, man, I get it. Your life has lost all meaning since you lost this belt. You're right there on the edge of suicide, debating whether or not you should or could continue, hoping someone will finally love you. You shouldn't, you can't, and no they won't. You beat Ghost Tank, awesome, that's a win for you. But I beat you, and I've defended this belt. You couldn't last 30 seconds in a match with Drezdin as a competitor in it. Drezdin launched a better offensive than you did, and that's just fucking sad. To think, the guy who's not even won a single match here was more of a threat than you. If Drezdin is the Paul Van Dale of the XWF, what does that make you? The Tails?

Are you tails desperately trying to get your Sonic, which would make the belt Sonic, and me Amy. I don't like that, you can't be Tails. You're that weird bird thing that pops out of the robots Sonic destroys. That's better, that doesn't make me Amy, and Lord knows I don't wanna be a loser like Amy. Although, I guess being Amy is still better than being that bird thing, so either way I'm still above you. Which is all I can ask for in my life. We got a little side tracked, we were talking about your five times holding the belt, and all five times losing it. I guess that win over Ghost Tank isn't all it's cracked up to be, which makes me wonder if you holding the belt five times is actually as impressive as you're trying to boast, or if you're just really such a lame ass that you'd brag about losing something in an attempt to feel good and relevant. Wait, am I being punked?

Is that still a thing? Of course it's not, because much like the days of your title reign, the days of Ashton Kutcher being relevant have passed. Congratulations, I've figured it out, you're the Dude, where's my Car? Of the the XWF, go check your Dude and Sweet tattoo in the mirror and order some Chinese food, you and then mother fucker. We're done here."

[Image: dKqz7Pz.jpg]
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 The Engineer  (12-03-2017)
12-10-2017, 09:53 PM
Post: #3
Grande Ricardo grabs his title, kicking Calypso to the side and starts walking away when 'Jump In The Line' by Harry Belafonte begings to play.

Ricardo is looking around then turns to his right as a whoosh of fire is heard and he's looking at some dude's chest. Ricardo steps back and looks up as camera pans out revealing the former 2 Time Federweight Champion Kruzer standing in front of him.

Kruzer: How's it going Enrico Suave? Should Kruzer have played his Gerardo CD for you instead?

Ricardo actually seems beside himself seeing the Canadian Icon back. Kruzer grins wryly.

Kruzer: Oh don't worry Jive Turkey... Kruzer isn't here for you.

Kruzer glances over at Calypso still laying in a heap. Kruzer steps aside, allowing Ricardo through and gestures with his head to go. Ricardo seems surprised but walks by. Kruzer smiles, reaching into his jacket, pulling out his crowbar and nailing Ricardo in the back of the head with it.

Kruzer rolls Ricardo over to his back and sits down on his chest, pinning his arms with his knees then placing the prong of his crowbar to Ricardo's throat.

Kruzer: SURPRISE JIVE TURKEY! Kruzer could END you at any moment Savvy?! But I won't, right now... I have too much respect for THIS!

Kruzer grabs the Federweight Title belt, holding it up in front of Ricardo's face, but thrusts his body down onto Ricardo's chest, causing him to cough. Kruzer looks over at the ref.

Kruzer: Count it anyways Jive Turkey., just so he knows...

....1. ...2 ...3!

Ricardo's still gasping for breath.

Kruzer: Remember who the Canadian Icon REALLY Is Brother! ...Kruzer'z going to go beat the ever living shit out of Calypso right now... But I'll be back for THIS, Savvy?! ...That's a Kruzer Guarantee! Enjoy it while you got it eh?

Kruzer holds up the title then drops it besides Ricardo's head. He then flips his crowbar in his hand to the goose-neck side and bashes Ricardo in the throat with it. Ricardo keeps gasping for air as Kruzer stands up.

Kruzer: Welcome.... To The Psych Ward!

Kruzer gets up and turns and focuses his attention to Calypso.

Kruzer: Hey Jive Turkey... Remember me?

Rick Asltey's Never Gonna Give You Up begins to play as scene fades out.

{No pin here, obviously... Just for fun and taunting the current champ & challenger... Psych Ward/Kruzer Style. Guess who's really back!}

[Image: Kruze_Bottom1.jpg]
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